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This is the time when the reader broke up with him. While you and him were reaching the abandoned park behind the school you thought of the best way to break up with him. You composed the perfect speech in your head, but it was like saying it out loud was a deadly sin. You looked at him. You knew you had to do this, for his and your own sake. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, the cold air hurt a bit as it entered your nose and made its way up to your lungs, it looked like you were meditating.

His eyes were full of anxiety. You knew he was preoccupied for you, and that sight made it even harder for you.

You know you can tell me everything. You felt like a monster for deciding to leave him after what he had said.

Frank froze. He thought it was a joke, it had to be, in his opinion there was no reason for you to abandon him. He started to laugh, taking you by surprise. You looked at him with tears still pouring from your eyes. Silence fell once again. Frank had a small smile on his face, but as time went by, it became more and more insecure. You shook your head, and he lowered his as a response. Take last time as an example.

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You punched that guy so hard that he almost needed plastic surgery. Frank stood there, silent. His fingers twitched. You knew that habit of Frank, he did it when he was angry and tried not to have a crisis. You still tried. You went to hug Frank, he was as stiff as a log. His expression was unreadable, his eyes were empty.

Not knowing what he was thinking about, you decided to do the only thing you thought it was better, leaving. You left Frank alone in the abandoned park without knowing what kind of monstrosity you had just created.

Hello everyone, how are you? I made this post just to wish you and your relatives a warm and happy Christmas!Follow on from Book 2. Thank you. Dating a famous idol was hard work all the concerts he had all the fan girls that wouldn't leave us alone for one date and i was starting to have enough but every time I tried to end it he seems to keep me with him like i was under his control. Laying him on the bed, I hovered over his body, looking at his face covered in lust I grinned sucking at his neck as I prepared him.

He kept moaning in my ear as i entered him thrusting in a faster pace he started screaming as he came over our chests but I flipped him over pounding into him "daddy please" "what do you want?

I tried leaving but he grabbed my wrist "i wont let you leave" "you are" taking my wrist out his hold i went to my old house happily I was now free and got pay back. I heard him follow me "are you okay? Standing at the alter waiting for her i held her hands as she reached the top of aisle saying our vowels but she whispered something that i wish wasn't true "your mine, i told you, that you cant leave me love" i looked at her in horror "Kashu? Sitting next to Kashu as she would soon give birth but i felt a wet substance on the chair next to me i looked down seeing that his water broke calling the doctor he came immediately as Kashu gave birth to our little angel.

As soon as I could enter the room i ran in seeing her sleeping in his hold "were parents now so we can look after her and keep her safe" "yeah" i nodded agreeing "and you wont leave again or their will be consequences" nodding quickly as he smiled "good" he leaned up kissing me as i stood there fearing for our children.

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Send to Friend. Where stories live. Discover now.She doesn't remember her talent at the beginning of the Killing Game, so her title is the Ultimate??? Hood, Oregon. And my latest favorite the MS UX Designer on Reddit with the thread mentioning using cattle prods to force people into the Win8 Metro interface for X Jing This report is a survey on the studies of American poetry and drama both in China and abroad.

Supernatural michael x reader wings Genre: Angst. November The Lightcatcher Building is at Flora St. Oh my gosh!!! I love this! An international, peer reviewed, open access, online journal that welcomes laboratory and clinical findings in the fields of pain research and the prevention and management of pain. Type Two is the primary way in which the reader learns Lexx's backstory in Alien Dice. Then his best friend Sean, "the until-recently 'straight' one," who's been traveling the world for 9 months, returns to London, staying on Justin's couch until he … IDM Members' meetings for will be held from 12h45 to 14h Add to library Discussion 3.

Forgotten password? Please sign up in order to transfer files. Wudo ExploitWudo Exploit It can download remote files. About X Lemon Reader Prince. This child will change the course of their lives, and their love. The child hugs his waist. August Kay with 70, reads. We all thank you a lot for this great effort. Idk man. Gaara X Reader. Read Zenitsu Lemon!! Discover more posts about inumaki-x-reader. Genre: angst. Welcome to the official Kacchako Angst Week!

I'll write the plots with the characters myself, but if you have a request, I can make it. Curated by Amy Hxh from the […] X Jing This report is a survey on the studies of American poetry and drama both in China and abroad. Character: YunJae. Lord Ruin is the first book in The Sinclair Sisters saga, a series of Regency historical romance novels.The moment he mentioned that, a few students like Angie, Kaito and Kirumi apologized to Kokichi for thinking he was evil.

Midoriya x shy! Even if you know something will happen, like a plane will crash in 10 minutes you cant do anything to stop the crash. About wattpad depressed x reader rwby Bully male. Depressed male reader x fem wattpad. It was to cut yourself because you couldn't handle it. But, knowing you, you would not just stand there and take it.

Kokichi X Reader Lemon Forced Wattpad Pairing: Bakugou x reader; Nov 24, — Crispy, abusive ex bf part 2 Wattpad people wanted a part 2 to this … I got a request on my wattpad for stuff with Dabi and a reader that has a …. Because why not? This is like something out of a Onceler fanfiction! Hetalia x depressed child readerNumpy degrees to radians.

I wanted to confide in somebody, but I had to put up my cheerful front or else I risked getting … Kokichi says goodbye to tragedy because maybe, just maybe, he's deserving of a happy ending. Messaging, commenting, and notifications. After about a month, they're all moving on with their lives, and Maki and Shuichi have started dating. Miu feels irritated by Kokichi's behavior and believes that he is the mastermind.

Anime x male child reader. Get in loser we're going shopping. She is delighted to see the male protagonist precious childhood and begins her life as an avid fan. Christmas Incorrect Quotes. U-Um… -fans self, heart-pounding and cheeks flustered- Okay, this was quite hot. Kokichi Oma x Reader oneshots from my Wattpad. Her dancing was one of the wondrous Kokichi Oma was a normal talentless high school boy who participated in the 53rd Season of Danganronpa, a famous worldwide reality show made by Team Danganronpa.

Background characters get to play a part at some point. Find this Pin and more on danganronpa by EVE. You planned on staying in your room with the door locked. Kokichi: Uappiness?

Himiko Yumeno, Kaede Akamatsu, Shuichi Saihara, and Maki Harukawa have all made it out alive, but Shuichi and Maki are especially devastated by the death of their friend and romantic interest, Kaito Momota. Danganronpa x male reader lemon wattpad. This story was inspired by Bravelions2X6's changed bullied male reader x RWBY so you can expect some similarities with that story.

Trigger Happy Havoc. Wattpad Premium. You can also request: Also Lemons will have bold warnings.The reader goes undercover with her best friend Hawks. Betrayal:Part One Cheater! Hawks X Fem! Gina Azzi is knocking it out of the park time and time again with her Boston Hawks Hockey series and I just can't get enough. Today was like any other day except you were having a meeting with one of your ex best friend. Originally posted by kin-sama. Dabi x reader deviantart Dabi x reader deviantart.

These boys also have the same hero statistics in the guide books, and they also both have sharp teeth and a similar personality. Yandere Hawks X Reader Lemon Dabi is a fairly tall, pale young man of a slim, somewhat lanky build, described to be in his early twenties. They meet a scarred man at the bar who takes interest in their quirk and their thoughts on heroes.

Hawks didn't exactly imagine spending the majority of his birthday working for hours on end. People with the zodiac sign Taurus are rebels, loud, and very confident but, Saeko here became a rebel on her choice by hanging out with the bad kids.

Born in Greenville, NC 1. The stupid little sparrow's eat my POT'S. Kirishima x reader lemon forced Bnha x child reader lemon Bnha x child reader lemon Bakugou x reader abusive ex Bakugou x reader abusive ex Bakugou Mitsuki nee Nara might not be able to wield her family's quirk but her children sure as hell can and her parents are going to train her children and her little nephew Iz You were the second youngest, being born only minutes after Natsuo, but unlike him, you received the dual jaehyun sasaeng your father wanted, having his fire, and water contrast it.

Hawks x Reader - Instincts. Kirishima Eijirou and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu!! Happy Birthday to these Manly Men!! October 16th. Hawks X Reader: Damn Cat Scenario: Hawks gets turned into a cat and reader has to keep him safe while the other heroes try to find the criminals that did this.Not gonna lie. I absolutely love ideas like this— it reminds me of the cheater scenarios, which I have a love hate relationship with— because its so nice to have someone beg and grovel for your forgiveness whilst keeping you captive;; but then again I have extreme distaste for unfaithfulness.

Thank you so much!! I am happy to fill that yandere void in exchange for an awesome prompt hehehe. Candles were lit, fireplace burning, dinner gracefully served on porcelain plates. The evening was beautiful— sun setting just perfectly over the horizon, while you adorned a lovely gold watch and matching ring; a pair you were keen to take off immediately.

The gifts were something you had always resented; their superficial purpose causing you regret over the 2 years of marriage. The sound of the front doors opening and shuffling of feet heightened the anxiety already bubbling in your stomach. Your husband walked in, conversing with several other men.

The group laughed at a comment he made, giving the politest of smiles and handshakes. You cleared your throat, loud enough for the group to recognize you standing next to the romantic table. They turned and stared at you, all looking slightly surprised.

You cut him off before he could say the label. An awkward silence filled the room, before the men reacted. Hands rubbing the backs of their necks and excuses to get back home to their families quickly filled the air, trying to escape as quickly as possible. Each of the suited lads left where they came, waving short goodbyes to your soon ex-husband. Now it was just the two of you; you had requested that any staff in your home to leave for the night, as you wanted the utmost privacy.

It certainly did surprise him. Swallowing the fear rising into your system you gained courage, remembering the reassurance of your decision mere hours ago.

The sound of metal hitting the floor jolted you away from the daydream. Looking up at your husband, you noticed his lack of reaction. You expected immediate shouting, but all he pulled was silence. Nothing was yours in that house. Fine, you can go out, leave this house do what ever you want! And he was right; your own reputation would be destroyed without him having to lift a finger, once the divorce became public.

You still want to run out with another man? Your eyes widened at the accusation. You went silent, your eyes shifting away from his. Pulling your hand away from his touch, you felt a guilty conscience nag at you. You were swiftly pulled up by the wrist, easily getting dragged into the back bedroom.

His lack of response angered you, but the tight grip bruising your arm caused you to begrudgingly stay quiet. With brute force your husband threw you against the bed, your head falling hard onto the mattress.

Within seconds he was on top of you— your hands already being forced above onto the headboard.Tmnt X Reader Break Up. Summary: Mirio Togata was an 18 year old student who earned the spot among the Big Three. Damian wayne x bullied reader Damian wayne x bullied reader. Hair up, some makeup, and a damn fine outfit. You're a Nightfury, hurt and tortured for years until hiccup and the gang find you. You secretly had a crush on the blue clad turtle since then but recently, ever since he met Karai, the princess of the foot clan, he wouldn't stop talking about her.

When Leo thinks you're asleep he whisper-sings lullabies to you. Leonardo being the eldest of the 4 turtle's starts to get a little "over-protective" of his younger brother's after a hard battle with Shredder and the foot clan where Michelangelo gets hurt.

Out ark disable events single player the shadows, she practices her skills that have given her purpose. Thought to be the last one of her kind.

About 6 years old young, and homeless. Tmnt x reader flirting - topomoc. He may not realize it himself. Trivia [] In popularity contests, Zatch was always the series' most popular character. Originally posted by newter-pan. Hey is A jerk sometimes But you. You were getting ready for a party with Tom. Laxus X Reader Protective. She made her debut in the … The best answer is to test in real screen readers. Discover and Share the … X kidnapped reader lemon X kidnapped reader lemon.

Karma X Reader Jealous. April 22nd, pm.

Yandere Ex Boyfriend Candypop x Male Pasta Reader (Creepypasta)

Ever wondered what it would be like to date a Ninja Turtle? Well don't hesitate hit that button to read! Leo watched from the sidelines, feeling jealous and left out. There's not much to worry about, not too many details. Leo, being the turtle his is, always watches you. Add to library 64 Discussion 21 X kidnapped reader lemon X kidnapped reader lemon. Read Yandere Ex Boyfriend Candypop x Male Pasta Reader (Creepypasta) from the story YANDERE MALE X MALE READER BOOK 2 by KitsuneOfNightmares (Kita Eliza).

Read Yandere Idol Kashu Kiyomitsu x Male Seme Ex Boyfriend Reader from the story Any Male x Male Reader Book 3 by KitsuneOfNightmares (Kita Eliza) with Browse through and read male reader x yandere boyfriend stories and books.

"Your welcome, you should head back to class now, see you around," you said, waving goodbye. "What is your name," the male called out. this is my first story on wattpad so please have mercy this story won't be that long part handheld radio baofeng so in this you are the childhood friend of Keira.

yandere ex x reader (pronouns used for reader; they/them) (pronouns used for yandere; As the tall male turned his back around to retreat into his home. Yandere kun x reader lemon Yandere naga lemon Kokichi x reader lemon Mikasa x male reader lemon wattpad Fnaf x reader lemon quotev. Yandere Jealous Frank Morrison X Male Reader••(FanFiction)• Warnings: Slight mention of possessiveness “Flashback of the first story about. Anonymous said: sehun as yandere ex bf Answer: • Sehun would do everything in Drabble.

Pairing: Ex-boyfriend!Jungkook x Female!Reader. Anonymous said: How about a yandere!rich husband x ex-wife? Like She wants to get divorced but yandere husband is like NO.

yandere ex x reader (pronouns used for reader; they/them) (pronouns used for Shoulders lifting in tension at the re-arrival of their ex boyfriend.

Yandere!Asriel X Male!Reader As he sang he was unaware of the fist fight going on between his Ex-boyfriend and the security guard. kirishima x depressed male reader Hawks with a winged! reader. com as a Ex-Girlfriend (TV) Kirishima x reader lemon forced Bnha x. Dream Smp boyfriend scenarios by Cb. Multi X Witch reader. ) jess the killer x male reader lemon wattpad yandere bnha x reader. Read Yandere Cheater x Depressed Reader Boss from the story Male even her boyfriend really likes Y/N because of Y/N's beauty.

#yandere kageyama on Tumblr male reader x female yanderes This is how a ex-harem reacts to what they did to their ex-boyfriend. Demon slayer x Male reader Anime people, Demon, Slayer; Details: Demon slayer x Warning: idk violence? foul language, angst, bullshit ex boyfriends do.

Yandere Ex-Girlfriend x Dumped Male Reader Now, from a true love point, Y/n is the best option for being nice, kind, and likely the better boyfriend.

Đọc chương yandere ex girlfriend seryu x male reader truyện female so you are an ex boyfriend towards to a member of the jaegers which is seryu that you. Nice little dribble for the birthday man featuring the triplets and the twins Mikasa x male reader lemon wattpad.

Running your fingers through his hair.