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Before he become known in csi bridge example world of cockfighting, Johnny worked at a shoe factory. Johnny raised chickens and into cockfighting but not dominant to be known.

Johnny is very close friend of Cecil Davis. Cecil Davis had a lot of country walks for gamefowls. Cecil had stag walks from Walter Kelso and 50 stag walks from Bill Japhet almost every year. Walter and Bill got their main breeds from John Madigin and Thomas Murphy when these two gentlemen decided to quit the sports.

Both Walter and Thomas are known for breed named after them. Bill sent a stag to Cecil for country walk. Cecil then sent this same stag when he was a cock to Johnny for training. When the time come to fight him, Cecil told Johnny not to use him because they do not know where he come — the pedigree that is. But at a later time, they showed this cock twice. The first against Curtis Blackwell green legged Hatch in Alabama cockfight event.

The second in Arkansas cockfight event where the owner and breed of the opponent was forgotten by years past. On both occasion, american gaff was used. This cock, now a two-time winner, is a yellow legged straight comb medium red cock. Johnny become fond of this cock as this cock will sing, as Johnny puts it, all day long like a radio. Johnny called this cock Radio.

Johnny asked Cecil to ask Bill the pedigree of this cock. They were told by Bill that it was from a Whitehackle cock and Murphy hen breeding. Johnny bred this cock to a Grey hen which was a half Blueface half Bumblefoot Grey in breeding. The offsprings were too fast and has terrible performance. Then the nick of the Radio. Johnny bred this cock to a yellow legged peacomb Kelso hen.

The offsprings were of good performance. These are the Radio gamebreed we have known and desired until now. Johnny and James were very good business friends. Most of the big name in Philippine cockfighting already imported their Radio and Kelso stocks from Johnny. These two breeds from Johnny will remain on top of the performance decades from now.

Johnny characterized his Radio as very aggressive non-stop fighting, body puncher, medium station, round body, straight comb, yellow legged, medium red and whitehackle hackle. Johnny characterized his Kelso as very aggressive high flying fighting, yellow and white legged, straight and pea comb, dark and light red. Johnny mentioned that both his Radio and Kelso are not smart but has very quick reflexes and a deliberate strong blows.

Johnny Jumper Tribute cockfighting events were held at Sunset Recreational Club and Bayou Club years ago when it is legal to fight birds in Louisiana cockfight events. In these two very prestigious cockpit, Radios and Kelsos were performing well in all weapons — short knife, long knife, and gaff.

Johnny got a musical family background and played the guitar in band named Johnny Jumper and the Rhythm Drifters. The Pee in his farm stands for the last name of his business partner Ray Price, the musician.Artist Koen Vanmechelen thinks the biggest secret in life is duality and he can prove that through the art of chicken breeding.

For 20 years, Vanmechelen has been crossbreeding chickens under his Cosmopolitan Chicken Project an exhibit of Vanmechelen's work is currently showing at Detroit's Wasserman Projects until Dec. Pseudonyms will no longer be permitted. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses.

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Join Kenny Troiano, and his wife, Nancy, as they talk about the breeding of gamefowl and chickens, and the issues that affect breeders like you. Whether you are breeding and raising Hatch, Sweaters, or Kelsos, or you prefer Reds over Greys, or pure vs. Breeding gamefowl and improving our brood fowl has become both an artform and a science, and knowing genetics and the law of inheritance has change, not only the way we think about breeding, but how we breed our fowl.

It is our hope that the Bred to Perfection podcast will motivate you to take the next step in creating the fowl of your dreams. In this episode of Bred to Perfectionwe will talk about the 3 most dangerous breeders.

These are breeders who use breeding practices that are hazardous to the breed as a whole. Without the proper knowledge and knowhow, to put these principles to practice, they will never reach the highest levels of success. Thanks for listening. Just go to www. The Breeders Academy is designed to help breeders like you to create higher quality strains. Breeding is both an art and a science, and I, Kenny Troiano, am devoted to helping you to increase your knowledge of breeding, advance your skills as a breeder, and to improve the quality and performance of your fowl.

If you are like so many, who are forced to start with hybrid crosses or mongrel flocks usually a cock from one breeder and a hen from another breederthis website is for you. No longer will you need to rely on other breeders. I also have many specialty courses that complement the Founders Program, and are designed to advance your knowledge of breeding.

Interested in learning the art and science of breeding? You have nothing to lose. You have our day, money back guarantee.

We respect your email privacy. Powered by AWeber Email Marketing.Roosters have a job to do and they take it very seriously. They protect their flock and are responsible for the welfare and survival of the flock.

The majority of roosters do well and cooperate with human flock keepers. But some see their humans as a threat to the flock. With a feisty rooster you are going to have to earn his respect, he will not give it to you automatically. This behavior can be modified but you have to be prepared to put a good deal of effort into working with your rooster.

It will be frustrating, scary, tedious and funny at times as you both work together towards a harmonic relationship. In this article we are going to give you the tips and tricks to help calm your rooster down and make him easier to live with.

We will explain everything you need to know about aggressive roosters….

The biggest secret in life lies in the art of crossbreeding chickens

A good rooster will lay down his life to protect his hens from threats and attacks — it is his way to make sure the flock and his genetics survives. When you think about it, no 8lb creature in their right mind would face off with a lb human. Although your rooster is prepared to fight to the death, he is hoping you will back down.

You will have to learn to accept that roosters were not meant to be cuddly pets. However there is a happy medium where you can still touch and interact with your roo and he will not perceive you as a threat to the flock more on this later.

To be able to protect yourself from a rooster attack you first need to understand the different types of attack. There are four main types of assault: flogging, spurring, chasing and aggressive pecking.

Flogging is when they fly at you and try to beat you with their wings. It can be quite scary having a large rooster fly up into your body and face. Spurring is where he will try to get close enough to rake you with his claws and spurs.

If he connects with you this can be very painful and you may need to visit the local emergency room. Chasing is as it sounds.

Small children and people that are afraid of the rooster may be chased out of his territory. Pecking is something that starts as a chick. Many people tolerate this because they think it is a cute natural behavior whilst they are a chick. If a chick starts pecking you the behavior should immediately be discouraged because this is not easy to stop once a rooster is fully grown. Roosters rarely attack from the front. Instead they attack you from the side or behind — they do not fight fair.

Surprise and winning is the name of the game. A rooster lowering his head while still keeping an eye on you, fidgeting or dancing around is looking for the best opening for attack.

He may start running towards you, stop and start staring.Visit Quail Forever. Pheasants Forever is a c 3 charitable organization.

Your donation is tax deductible under the fullest extent of the law. Header Secondary Navigation. Search for: Search Site.

Donate Renew Join Facebook. Pheasants Forever. The pheasant giveaway was a great success in encouraging community projects.

It was not successful in increasing pheasant numbers. What Lines is saying is old news to wildlife professionals and common knowledge among a lot of conservationists and modern-day sportsmen. Two studies that compared the survival of pen-raised stocked birds to wild birds illustrate just how futile pheasant stocking can be.

In a study by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, researchers released banded and radio-collared wild birds trapped elsewhere and pen-raised birds in two areas in southern Idaho where wild bird numbers were low.

The scientists also tested the effectiveness of trapping and removing magpies, skunks, coyotes, mink and other predators from the areas. Anthony Leif of the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks radio-collared and released 44 wild hens and pen-raised hens in two areas in eastern South Dakota.

While most wild hens survived through the study period, the pen-raised hens were easy pickings for predators. Additionally, the wild hens were ten times as successful at raising broods.

Connecticut is a perfect example, stocking birds to hunt since the s. The state currently releases about 20, birds a year in small public areas managed for grassland species.

Birds are usually dropped off only one or two days before hunting begins. The sooner we can put them out prior to opening day, the better.

They manage to find and shoot perhaps half of the birds that are stocked. In Connecticut, which has no wild pheasants, none of the stocked birds have ever survived long enough to start a wild population—or even to provide a meaningful contribution to hunting the next year. Search for:. Footer Navigation About. Get Involved.People on the internet were offering me money for the Asil when he became not a cute chick but a full grown rooster.

Between the box and the bird, at the PO they weighted over 8 pounds. Add a Listing Here.

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Bantam chickens will reward your good care with years of fun and delicious eggs. Featured Listings. Now I really wont rest until I am working with those birds. They are natural fighters as they often start fighting within their first week of hatching!

Asil Chickens - Hardfeather. Why that damn rooster crows when he crows, only THAT rooster knows! This is because their lean meat is very compact and the bone structure is massive and heavy in comparison to other breeds. Aseel is the Arabic word for pure or thoroughbred and Sonatol is roughly translated to weight in gold. In Brazil they less uniform with lines that favor any of the three breeds in their genes. We take the time to find rare breeds of chickens for sale that can be shipped safely.

Our Hamlin Asil gamefowl came directly from Mr. Can't guarantee hatch rate. Asil are not very good at laying eggs. We have few asil roosters available. Our quality ornamental chicken selection includes rare, unique, and specialty breeds that are healthy. Asil is heavier than they appear because of their tight-fitting feathers. See more ideas about game fowl, fighting rooster, chicken breeds.

Asil chicken have an aggressive behavior and often fight even from week age. Serious buyers only! Clowns and flakes will be ignored. He may inadvertently hit the opponent in the eye with a spur or blade but never a peck.

Feb 11th. Rhode Island Whites 2 Rosecomb Bantams. Inthe breed was imported to America and accepted into the American Poultry Association one year later. Thai cross Pama gamefowl chickens Similar to Aseel, asil and shamo 3 hens and 1 rooster 50 each, the lot. While it does not have an all-black body the skin of this bird is whiteit does have gorgeous black plumage that makes it a standout in the barnyard.

Hyderabad Asil cock. On average, an adult Asil rooster weighs about 3kg — 4kg, and an adult hen can weigh about 2. To see this map you need to login or create an account. This breed originates from Italy, where it was one of the most popular breeds around.

On an average, standard Shamo roosters weight 5 kg and hens about 3. Find guides to this achievement here. Silver Campine Cockeral. All fowl produced for breeding purposes only. Charles Everett in Reilly method pdf. They're also said to be very smart. Our chickens and chicks are local hardy varieties tested for the Southwest Washington climate.Credit Animal Wellness Action.

The Animal Wellness Action report details video interviews and social media posts of seven suspected breeders, ranging from Bowling Green in southern Kentucky to Manchester in east Kentucky, as evidence of these operations. Copas finished in second placeaccording to a social media profile. Federal law prohibits people from buying, selling, transporting or delivering any animal used for animal fighting.

The advocacy group said it sent letters to U. The group also wants Kentucky to enhance state law against cockfighting from a misdemeanor to a felony. View the discussion thread.

Johnson is looking after a pregnant horse she rescued recently.

Trent Loos Podcast

CC is an elderly horse that has been pregnant for 18 of her 21 years. Before CC was rescued her teeth were in such poor condition she could not chew and digest her food, leaving her in state of starvation. Listen Listening The Bowling Green Daily News is reporting that a Rockfield man has been charged with second degree cruelty to animals after an online video clip of a man biting the head off a baby bird went viral.

The same man previously told Warren County sheriff's deputies that the noise of birds chirping on his porch bothered him. Bradley Heard was cited on a charge of second degree cruelty to animals after the Warren County Sheriff's Office became aware of the video footage which was posted on YouTube.

Heard has pleaded not guilty. The 45 second clip shows a man outdoors biting the head off a bird then walking towards the camera with the head in his mouth.

A man's voice can be heard saying "That's just awful Bradley. Sheriff's deputies were able to identify the person biting the bird's head through comments made during the video as well as the poster's information and by obtaining information from the Warren County Humane Society. An investigator from the non-profit Mercy For Animals documented the abuses while working for four months at a Tosh hog farm in Franklin, Kentucky, earlier this year. A Kentucky hog farm operator has fired three workers after an animal rights group video-taped alleged incidents of animal abuse at the farm.

Tosh Farms CEO Jimmy Tosh said in an email he is taking action in response to allegations of animal cruelty at one of his farms after an undercover investigator from the non-profit Mercy For Animals documented abuse while working for four months at a Franklin, Kentucky, farm earlier this year. since the offspring tend to be excellent when it is from a good crossing.

Radio gamefowl characteristics. One of the principal characteristics of the Radio. Nowadays, compared with modern Gamefowl, the Radio is tad slower too fast with multi-shuffling hits on top of enemy, the Radio has a. This is our own Kelso bloodline.

We've had them for many years and without a doubt they're the birds that have given us a name and good reputation. They are. Johnny and James were very good business friends. Philip Chiongbian, son of James, is continuing the devotion to Johnny Jumper gamefowls and. Radio. My grandfather originated the radio fowl in The original rooster was 1/2 Murphy and 1/2 White Hackle. We still use this family today as our.

And that that name has stuck with those chickens since I saw Jumper Radios being fought in the biggest and toughest pits on all. Oct 11, - Explore kaiving's's board "Radio" on Pinterest. See more ideas about game fowl, rooster breeds, fowl.

Sabong is a cockfighting and gamefowl, gamecock portal. Focus in the Philippines with members from all corners of the globe, cock fighting is an. I have never heard of that term before but when I searched "radio rooster" I found pictures of game fowl roosters. Does he look like this? R&R Gamefowl owned by Gary and Ryan Richardson established by Gary Richardson we have Kelso,Clements grey,Harold grey,radio and doc hatch.

Ultimately what makes a good bird great is the way you care for it. It's a day-a-year job: overseeing what kind of feed your birds get, their water, their. A fifth of Jack Daniels was opened and a radio was tuned to a classic Just, it was just – could have been the biggest thrill of my life.

Interviewing Tammy Shive – Ayala of Green River Gamefarm

It has a good sense for the fight and can take a lot of damage and continue to The Radio Game Fowl has a square head and short legs. No thinking person alive can think that this Biden experience is good for anyone. The absurdity of every action taken by this Oval office. Every time Jay, Andrew and Trent gather it is the best coffee shop talk money Rural Route Radio Dec 4, Tammy Shive-Ayala a gamefowl breeder from.

Best Radio, Long Format. Eight Forty-Eight. WEBZ, Chicago, IL. Broadcast Media. Winner. Jeffrey Steingarten. Who's Who of Food & Beverage in America. Gamefowl Hatching Eggs Pure Jumper RADIO Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority cvnn.eu Fertile Hatching eggs. Top of the line. The breeds of fowl that we have are: Blacksmith Hatch: which look somewhat like the hatch gamefowl that Curtis Blackwell had raised.

Radio: they come straight. as #Radio Gamefowl with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumgir. Wrecking Ball is a gamefowl farm located in North Georgia. Two gamecocks, a Hatch Grey and a half Sweater half Radio, But game fowl breeders contend cockfighting is a centuries-old tradition.