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LOS means loss of signal. Your modem which acts as a router too since internet service providers or ISPs usually give a modem-router combo device may be able to establish a local network connection for your personal devices, but it itself cannot communicate to your ISP because of signal loss.

Usually, the address is Basically, a lot of physical and logical factors work like cogs in a sophisticated wheel that is your Internet service. A problem with any of these cogs can cause a loss of signal. It may be physical damage: a loose cable, damaged cable pins, and, if you have Fiber internet, a bent optic cable. It may also be due to your ISP: scheduled maintenance and ongoing equipment upgrades. Power outage can be a cause, too. Just wait.

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Many times, the LOS problem may solve itself without your involvement. When LOS occurs, take some time to step into the bathroom or do some stretching, and perhaps by the time you return to your computer all is well again.

Check for loose cables. Something may have caused the connectors in your modem to come loose. Make sure all cables are properly attached. Do a power cycle. It may seem simplistic a solution but restarting your modem can fix common networking problems. A modem is essentially a computer that, over the course of its operations, may get bogged down by memory leaks, overheating components and other performance-related issues.

A power cycle can help return your modem return to a stable, working state. To do a power cycle, just turn off your modem, wait 10 seconds or longer, then turn your modem on. Check if your modem has an ISP-approved firmware update. If there are, download and install them. Follow the instructions carefully when installing firmware. Otherwise, you might break your modem.

You may be boiling over with frustration because of the service outage, but do your best not to vent any negativities on the customer service representative you might reach. For another, customer service representatives are humans too. Internet Service Providers in the Philippines offer several ways to provide support to their customers.

Here is a handy list of contact information you can use to report LOS and other issues. Basically, this entails more waiting and patience. ISPs may take several days to attend to your concern and a few days more to summon a technician if needed to your home.

Throughout your service request, your ISP via its customer service representative or technician will ask some information or request you to perform certain steps.You can check for coverage on our Portal Maps on our website.

Click here to go to the coverage portal. Step 1: Please register. Step 2: Click on Sign-in icon. Once you receive the Home-Connect router and the router device is connectedour accounts department will send you your invoice. These are the Home-Connect Packages. Each package category offering is different depending on the network and the charges associated. Only on our Connect and Ultimate packages. Read our Terms and Conditions here.

Log your request for change of service request on your Login profile. For any assistance logging the change of service request please contact our customer service team customerservice Home-connect. Phone line R Port your number R Different Fibre providers have different lead times for installing the Fibre.

Johannesburg same business day delivery. Cape Town next business day delivery. No router deliveries over weekends and public holidays. Router to be delivered to you. Router Guideline is in the router box for a plug and play set-up. Should you need assistance connecting your routerplease contact support at support home-connect. Depending on the nature of the query or issue the Home-Connect support engineer will trouble shoot remotely to identify where the fault lies.

Should the fault lie on the Open access provider Fibre infrastructure, Home-Connect Technical Support will deal directly with the Fibre Provider and keep you informed on status of Fibre Outage or Fibre break. Home-Connect Support team are able to assist up to the point of the Home-Connect router, anything required from an internal networking perspective you would need to arrange with a 3rd party networking company to assist.

Should you need assistance with the first time setup of the Home-Connect router, please note the call out fee is R Our payment terms for all once-off and monthly fees are in advance. Service s provided for part of a month will be charged on a pro-rata basis.

Please note that this is a month to month contract1 calendar month notice period applies for all upgrades, downgrades and cancellations Terms and conditions apply. One cannot pause services and charges will resume and be incurred for suspended accounts as well as accounts that are in arrears.Explains why Vumatel trying to bill me for installation.

Misleading advertising. Hi, Thanks for the great blog. Just a question on the port forwarding setup. You stated that you have to use Is Will be much appreciated Regards, Reinhart.

Thanks for this article. Was really informative and helped me understand what i'm about to get into! Vumatel offer 3 month and 6 month payment options. Thank you very much for such a great blog, it has certainly helped me in my evaluation of the offers from the many isp's and confusing packages that are displayed on the vumatel website. I may have missed something, if so please forgive me. I am technologically disadvantaged!

I have a Vumatel fibre cpe and router package. What I am trying to establish is, how to power up the cpe during power outages. Specifically as I cannot detect some sort of port in the cpe box from which to "plug in" my back-up power source which, by the way, I am still working on. The cpe unit seems to be a sealed unit, or is it? Do not mess with the CPE! I am using an inverter and it works fine. If you can, get a full sine wave inverter. Judging by your pics and others, a huge mess of cheap devices, excess cables and power adapters, McGyver set ups to incorporate a UIP GIZUU ,which all harks back to the stone age days of internet.

Keegan I think you are panicking for nothing. I have seen my friend's place and the Afrihost router looks fine. I guess you never had to use a 56k modem or a Sentech MyBroadband or iBurst connection? Where you were lucky if you got 64kbps instead of 10Mbps or 50Mbps. If you want to install business class routers and equipment you are welcome to spend several thousand Rand per month on a business contract and several tens of thousands of Rand on "proper" equipment you can mount in a rack, but it's complete overkill for the average household.

No one is forcing you to use "cheap" equipment that lasts for years.If you're having trouble with your broadband connection there are a few simple checks that could fix the problem straight away, saving you from having to call us. They might also help you avoid paying any unnecessary engineer call-out changes. Check all cables are firmly plugged in. Make sure the power cable is connected to your Hub and the power socket.

If the Power light is off, check that the Huawei ONT is connected correctly using the supplied power cable. The unit should be connected to a power supply and the status light on the unit should be green. The yellow optical cable should have been connected by your engineer. Do not unplug it. If it is and you're still having issues with your broadband service, please contact us.

Similarly, if the PON light is flashing, the LOS light is off and you're having issues with your broadband service, please get in touch.

After a few minutes a green light will show your Router is ready. No you don't. All residential lines get a dynamic IP address in order to support the ever growing Pre checks: Make sure you have Toggle navigation.

Fibre to the Home: Check your wiring and set-up. Step 1: Check your Router Check all cables are firmly plugged in. Is the Huawei ONT connected to the power supply? Is the optical cable plugged in? Da Nu. Toate drepturile rezervate. Lungimea Parolei.However, the downside of mobile web surfing is that it can be fairly pricey and may result in large and unexpected bills for mobile data charges.

However, FTTH requires a little more understanding of its various nuts and bolts compared to mobile web access which consists of little more than a SIM card and a device. Consumers will typically use their home fibre to enjoy wireless high-speed Internet at home. Homeowners will notice a short length of insulated fibre optic cable exposed above the ground near their property boundary or a junction box attached to a street-side wall.

We do a little fibre trenching ourselves, Vanilla. The latter i. The fibre optic cable ends in a device, typically a small white box, called an optical network terminal ONT located inside the home. It is typically fixed to the wall near a power socket and, like your alarm system, needs to be left plugged in to work properly.

What is LOS?

It converts the light used by the fibre optic cable into signals your router can understand. They will be in touch with the ISP who may then send their own installer to the home with a wireless router. Depending on the access package selected, the ISP could supply the wireless router at no charge. However, if supplied free, the device typically remains the property of the ISP and must be returned in the event of the consumer cancelling the contract.

The installer will ensure the wireless router is up and running and connected to the fibre network before leaving. The installer will usually also explain to the consumer the meaning of the approximately four indicator lights typically located on the wireless router. This will help the homeowner or tenant troubleshoot future connectivity or hardware issues.

More here. For those of us without smart TVs, an additional component to the home fibre network may be a media box or similar. This device connects to a standard flat screen TV and enables it to communicate with the wireless router so that streaming video, web browsing and other online services can be enjoyed direct from the TV. At Vanilla we test dozens of different "media boxes", we also sell at competitive prices only the selected players that we recommend AND install at clients premises, in our store.

After selecting a network operator and an appropriate connectivity package from their chosen Internet Service Provider ISPconsumers will be able to wirelessly connect everything from CCTV systems to their own mobile handsets to the supplied wireless router.

Essentially, any device that uses the Internet to function can be connected to your new home Wi-Fi network. And uncapped access means no more mobile data billing surprises at the end of the month.

Please visit www. Originally published here.Fibre-To-The-Home FTTH refers to the use of fibre-optic cables instead of traditional copper cables to connect your home to fast, uncapped and affordable internet.

DWR-956M/TK Review - Fibre & LTE Router

FTTH offers a highly stable and reliable network connection as the quality of the connection is not influenced by factors such as weather conditions, distance from data centre, electromagnetic and electrical interferences from power lines, nearby cabling, radio frequencies, and so on.

This creates a world of possibilities, providing you with access to:. Once your package has been purchased, an application for an installation will be sent to Vuma Fibre Reach by your selected ISP this only applies when you buy your first package if an installation to your property is required.

An installation appointment will be scheduled and an accredited installation partner will visit you to install fibre into your home so that you can get connected to high speed, uncapped internet. We are committed to ensuring that the work we do causes as little inconvenience as possible. Vuma is responsible for deploying the fibre network infrastructure to your neighbourhood.

There are two ways that we install the network infrastructure, depending on the type of building we will ultimately be connecting:. As with most construction activities, this can be disruptive in some way or another. The construction process may have a temporary impact on traffic, parking, and access changes, noise levels, utility damages, vibration, etc.

We apologise in advance for this and ask for your patience during this period. We will make every attempt to minimise the disruption and impact on the community and its residents. We have dedicated health and safety representatives on site to ensure the project is managed properly.

Safety barricading is erected around construction areas to prevent injury. Workers carry identification tags and sign in and out of site every day. If you are aware of any safety risks, please contact the site foreman, so we can address the concern immediately.

Service and utility damages water and electricity do unfortunately occur from time to time. We make every effort to minimise this by obtaining permissions from other services providers before construction and digging pilot holes to expose services. It is, however, possible that we may damage existing services during the construction process. We work closely together with other service providers.

Where we are unable to fix the problem ourselves, we call out the service provider to do the repairs. This is standard procedure. Construction takes place from Monday to Friday No regular work is planned after hours, on weekends or public holidays. Once your installation appointment has been scheduled, your physical installation should take between 2 to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the installation.

This will provide wireless internet access to all Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home.

How to Troubleshoot Your Fibre / Broadband Internet Connection

You may also be required to assist the installers if furniture needs to be moved out of the way.Hi Community, I am researching some potential changes to the structure of our Community and I am very interested in getting your thoughts.

I have put together a short survey so if you have a couple of minutes to spare, please complete the survey. You can read more from here, Community structure survey All community This category This board Users cancel Turn on suggestions Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Hey, If your PON light has been flashing it is losing sync with the exchange, now there are a few possible culprits for this, but what i would suggest although now working fine, is to follow through with the engineer visit, incase there is an underlying fault on the line to which case the engineer will be able to get a log of any dropping PPP sessions and check the light readings on your fibre cable are correct.

Hey Ukpcum1, What id suggest it to follow through with the engineer visit, and check the cable with the green sleeve to see if is loose or damaged within the home, Also check your external fibre cabling to see if the cover is still intact and is not open to the elements.

If the PON light is flashing, You are losing your SYNC with the exchange and if the light levels are low at your premise then this will be an on-going problem. Get an engineer out to check the splice and your light levels incase this is an underlying fault.

When the engineer fixed the break, he had to pullout the broken Fibre and re-blow back to my property, infact he had to do it for all the neighbours that were coming from that manifold as it was all a mess, unfortunately I was the un-lucky one that it impacted the most. Sign In Forum Help. Community structure survey - Your feedback wanted x. You can read more from here, Community structure survey. Turn on suggestions. Gymnastics near me helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Show only Search instead for. Did you mean:. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Message 1 of 8. Hi - looking for some guidance from some of the experts on here. Now this has happened before but resolved it itself within an hour or so, none of my neighbours have this issue also FTTPso just wondereing what the issue might be.

I was supposed to have an engineer Friday but due to the weather no-one turned up which I understand but no-one contacted me from BT or Openreach to tell me. Anyway any guidance on why the PON my be flashing in this instance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Peter. Message 2 of 8. Now randomly working again, PON solid green, blue light on router, after seemingly no intervention Luke Beginner. Message 3 of 8. Don't leave it until it goes off again.

Thanks Luke. Message 4 of 8. Message 5 of k20c2 tune. Thanks for the hints, will definitely keep the engineer visit to check what the rootcause maybe.

Starwire Recognised Expert. Fibre light (F) is sometimes orange, sometimes green.) How long did you wait for Vox to install a vumatel fiber line more or less? › coolideasserviceprovider › posts › cool-tip-vumatel. COOL TIP: Vumatel CPE BOX, Flashing Blue light? this is an issue from the Vumatel side and can be logged with [email protected] / or. VUMA fibre is x faster than today's basic broadband. Remotely control devices, lights and to “run” the fibre from the fibre box on. @vumatel. Good morning, please advise whether there are any connectivity issues Am I correct that a flashing blue light on the #FibreToTheHome box is a.

@vumatel. ·.

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Mar 4. Hi Shaun, the outage was resolved. Please log a ticket with your ISP if you are still experiencing any connectivity issues. The FX light indicates the status of your fibre connection. The FX light should be on (the FX light can be red or green). If the FX light is off. › /02/18 › vumatel-issues. If at this stage, you still cannot connect to the internet, and/or the Power and Fx lights are not stable on your white Raycore CPE device.

Check that the lights on your fibre box (ONT) show an active fibre connection: Green 'PON' light for Octotel, or Green 'Broadband' light for Frogfoot. Recently got fibre installed.

Life is Like a Box of Tomatoes Vumatel Installed a Raycore CPE, The power light is Now flashing blue. This device connects the fibre that has been wired to the outside of your house, to your modem. The ONT is a small white plastic box (mm x50mm x mm). Real-time problems and outages for Vumatel. @vumatel @CWHomeConnect hi there, my Internet is down the LOS light on the Vumatel box is flashing red.

The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) connects your router to the fibre network, bringing you those Fibre Broadband speeds! "PLEASE NOTE:Vumatel will charge you a once off fee of R for the installation of your physical fibre cable and CPE box.

Vumatel offer 3. A blue Ethernet cable. 2. Get to know your Router. Familiarise yourself with the lights on the front panel. You should see the following. For most customers, this will be a small white box attached to the wall, and you'll have a separate wireless router that plugs into the Fiber Jack via an. On the Fibre ONT (which is the box installed in your home by the Fibre Openserve - PON & LOS lights; Vumatel - FX or PON & LOS lights. Turn on the Set-Top Box and wait a About Red Battery Spectrum Light Modem Blinking hit by a foul ball in the Get high speed fibre internet with Vumatel.

As a Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) infrastructure provider, Vuma builds the fibre If the power light on the ONT is not on, try multiple different plugs as it.