Twitch subathon ideas

If you have an upcoming birthday you need to consider streaming that day. Birthday streams are amazing for the viewer and the host! There are many reasons for you to stream on your birthday because it has so many upsides.

You will see so many of your viewers come by just to say hello and wish you a happy birthday. They will most likely stay to witness the stream! If you stream on your birthday you will show your community that is a fun and great event. This also will also show them that you like to spend your valuable birthday time with them!

xQc delays his 60-day subathon with goal of beating Ludwig

They are at your birthday party, right? There are many ideas for what you can do on your birthday stream. Today is about you, play what you want and do what you want! Also, if today is your birthday, I wish you well and happy birthday!

Play games with your viewers! Jackbox party games are excellent for events like these! A lot of people on Twitch are always looking for new people to play with in that category as well! Sometimes quite literally, people can be very generous on birthdays. Having a cake on your birthday is a classic! Or have a huge fake cake and jump out of it! Make sure to put some candles on it. Plus, you get to eat a cake.

Let your friends know you are having a birthday stream and bring them on for the hype! Have them tell embarrassing or good stories about you! Bring family on and have them stories about you also! Have a collab stream with other streamers, this is a great way for exposure to new viewers from their community. Play what you want to play on your birthday.

If you normally stream Call of Duty, switch it up and play your favorite game and talk about it! Set up your OBS for your birthday! Decorate your background and make it festive! People love to see that you put in a lot of work for it and they stay! Have some custom alerts or even some new special alerts for that event! You could research some cool slides from transitions and stuff that you could add to your OBS set up!Thons are special events run by streamers susan eileen thatcher their initiative.

Thons are great ways to galvanize your community in working towards a defined set of objectives and goals. Streamloots is the best way for streamers to interact with their viewers while getting direct support to do what they love for a living. You probably have seen streamers using Streamloots packs and cards in channels doing their usual content, but did you know that Streamloots can make your Thons much easier to run and much more impactful for your channel?

We will show you how two streamers used Streamloots to run their first-ever Stream-A-Thons with incredible results for their channel. And the best part? However, with Streamloots, he had an idea: what if he used the cards and packs to add time to his stream and promoted giveaways for the additional hours he would be live? That would give viewers a solid reason to contribute to the Thon and great rewards for those actively participating.

BehavingBeardly created a unique collection for the event and made those cards the only active ones during that stream. These cards had a particular function: when viewers played them, they would add minutes to the stream. And for each extra two hours of streaming, he would add a new giveaway. As a result, BehavingBeardly ended up streaming for more than 20 hours home depot vinyl fence to viewers adding time from these cards.

In just one day, his activity earned him as much as his monthly Streamloots income and created a stream that his viewers are still talking about. He set a fixed time for his stream — 20 hours — but with goals clearly defined and shared with his community ahead of the event. Then, for every set number of Streamloots packs purchased by his viewers, he would perform the corresponding action.

Still, by making exciting and fun goals for his community, he provided a huge incentive for his users to get new packs. As a result he managed to beat his final goal of packs soldand his viewers achieved all rewards listed. There are three simple steps to organize your first Loots-a-Thon, and we have some surprises to help you get started. What objective would make a difference for your channel right now? Is it followers, viewer support, or new subs?

Decide the focus of your Thon, and from then on, you can expand the concept with the objectives your community can achieve. Do you want to make your stream last a fixed amount of time to achieve set goals like Paulie Esther? Or maybe you want the community to dictate the length of the stream like BehavingBeardly. Or why not try a mix of both? Decide on it and set the format clearly so viewers can know what to expect. The final step is simple: decide what type of interactions will be playable from your viewers for you to recreate on stream.

We want to help your Loots-a-Thons to be something you and your viewers will never forget. And we created two tools to help you. We wrote a tutorial explaining how to automatically connect your Streamloots Cards to a timer on your overlay!

You can read it here. Organizing your Thons is no small feat, so to help you with the promotion and concept of your Loots-a-Thon, we made design assets that will cover all your needs to put a special feeling in your event and describe the goals to your viewers.

So please share it on Twitter using the hashtag streamlootsathon or write us at hi streamloots. Your email address will not be published.Resident Twitch bad boy Felix " xQc " Lengyel is keen to regain his crown as the king of the streaming service, and is planning his own Twitch Subathon. Just after Ludwig " Ludwig " Ahgren broke records with his day stream and soared past Tyler " Ninja " Blevins' for most paying subs, there's already someone snapping at his heels.

Not only is xQc one of Twitch's most divisive characters, but he's also the most-watched in Ludwig rounded off with a massive final day where he donated a portion of his sub money to charity, meaning it was easy to smash Ninja's record and rise to the top of Twitch. Even though it's been done, the idea of xQc following in Ludwig's footsteps is sure to be a popular one.

In a recent stream, xQc explained why he wants to host his own Subathon and cockily said, "We'll beat the record by lunchtime".

Despite saying he's planning the Twitch Subathon, xQc warned it won't be anytime soon. Lengyel said he'll wait over a month for the Amazon Prime subscriptions to become available again and cash in on the biggest potential fan base. Basically, xQc thinks a lot of Ludwig's subs used their free Prime subscriptions to make up his numbers. Continuing about how his Subathon would be different to Ludwig, xQc added, "To try and make it an easy race, I'm going to put myself one second below his threshold, so it means more".

For anyone who didn't tune into Ludwig's epic stream, there was a counter that ticked down toward the stream ending.

Every time he had a new sub, the timer was topped up. Things got a little hairy over the course of the month, with the counter even reaching one second before a last-minute save. Also planning on throwing his money behind the idea, xQc concluded, "I'm gonna hire a couple of guys, I'm gonna prepay them.

Whenever we're running low on content, we're going to donate subs and release that fake gift cap. By the sounds of it, xQc is serious about trying to topple Ludwig. Considering he's the most-watched streamer, it's easy to imagine him smashing Ludwig's record in a fraction of the time. Lengyel is never one to hold his tongue, so a mammoth Twitch Subathon is sure to be an entertaining watch.

The question is, who's next for Twitch Subathons? Ludwig has definitely popularised the idea, but imagine even bigger streamers like xQc, Ninja, and Imane " Pokimane " Anys hosting their own.

Top 10 most watched games on Twitch in July

As Twitch clamps down on bots, xQc could do with a few followers right now - especially since he just lost over two million. Ludwig saw his followers soar to 2. Watch out Ludwig, xQc has you in his sights.

Stay up to date with all the latest esports and gaming news by checking out our social channels here: Twitter Facebook Discord.Subathon stands for Subscriber Marathon.

Most streams can last from 24 hours up to a few days. Streamers host these marathons because it is a great way to gather their community and share various contents in order to entertain the viewers, but also to gain a new audience.

Twitch streamers use different strategies to engage the audience in their live streaming. The most popular way is to extend your stream by a few seconds for each new subscriber. Other streamers fulfill challenges for viewers after they have achieved a certain goal.

In this article, we will introduce you to Subathon and ways to entertain the audience on your Twitch channel! During the day, he streamed video games, chatted, ate, and cooked food. His mods were playing the games chosen by his community, while he was sleeping, in order to keep the content on the stream always active.

He was popular even before this marathon trending started. An unofficial ranking tool on the Twitch network claimed that he held 11th place on the list. As his live stream showed no indication that it would ever end, he imposed restrictions.

The time added to the stream was reduced from 20 to 10 seconds, and he had also set a limit to 31 days, regardless of what the timer shows. To host your first live marathon you will have to do some preparation.

The sms sender github thing you need to know is the program of activities you will be having during the multi-hour marathon and how to motivate people to subscribe to your channel. A few days in advance, try to find out as much as possible about your viewers, what their interests are, what is it they enjoy watching the most, and what video games they play.

If your viewers happen to like Call of Duty, a good idea is to make a compartment between Warzone and Apex Legends. All this information will help you make a plan of activities that will have the best effect. Once you have made a plan of fun activities, you need to think carefully about the technicalities for a successful twitch subathon. This means planning how much you want the stream to extend with each new sub and what will be your priority goals.

Based on your goals, you will be giving rewards to the viewers. Also, think about the next few days of your private life, and if you want to limit your stream so that it does not interrupt your daily responsibilities.

Many Twitch streamers limit it to 24 to 36 hours, as this is an appropriate amount of time to set aside for the streaming. If you want to be more extreme, with a good organization that would not be a problem. It is important to adjust the length of the stream to the size of your audience. If your channel has over viewers then you should set it up to adding a few seconds for each new follower and extend the entire marathon to a few days.

It will surely bring you many benefits in the form of subscribers and money!Joshua C. HaynesVolunteer Writer April 22, Today, for the first time ever, we are doing an uncapped subathon. You are not alone. Ludwig came up about a year ago as a variety streamer on Twitch. His branding is sleek, his youtube highlights are entertaining, and he is just a guy who oozes confidence and charisma.

He started streaming with bigger and bigger streamers, propelling his views and sub counts skyward. This March he decided to go on a week long break and had planned on doing a 24 hour stream to get back into things. On Twitch, subscriptions cost five dollars. Half of the money goes to Twitch, and the other half goes to the streamer.

In a subathon, there is a timer that goes up by 20 seconds every time someone subcribes. When the timer eventually runs down, the stream ends. He had prepared for an overnight stream by getting a racecar bed in his size sent to his house so he could sleep on stream. Seventy-two hours in, as the timer approached 60 hours remaining, the look on his face said it all.

He was going to be there for a while. So he embraced it. He got a home gym set up and worked qd32 turbo manifold on stream; he put a bathing suit on and showered on stream.

He did take a 24 hour break at one point to spend time with his girlfriend who was going out of town for a while, but immediately came back and kept going.

And the stream kept growing. And growing. Rainboo peaked atsubscribers. A very dedicated group of statisticians kept track of the money that was coming into his stream. In total, approximately 1. All figures are rough. There was still time left on the clock and so Ludwig decided to cap the stream at 1 month and leave it there. After all of that there was still one more record to break. In April of during the peak of Fortnite, streamer Ninja played with Drake and set the all time subrecord ofsubscribers.

No one thought that anyone could ever top that without huge celebrity appearances.Rinaudo enabled a bot that let his viewers submit videos if they made a cash donation, and went to bed.

On the top right of the screen, the clips played on, while most of the display was taken up by Rinaudo resting on his back or side. The newest trend in Twitch streaming is literally sleeping. Over the past few weeks, streamers have been training their cameras on their mattresses as they doze off.

It was 6 in the morning and, for hours, she had been broadcasting herself softly scratching and whispering into her microphone for an ASMR stream with cozy piano music. She then hit Play on some ambient rain noises and went to bed. Eight hours later, Siragusa woke up, got dressed, and picked up her Twitch stream with a marble-racing game. On most sleepover streams, viewers can lucky floor number money to the streamer to have a text-to-speech bot read a message out loud.

Caviness began to snore. Although slumber streams are coming back into fashion now, perhaps the most famous instance took place in Viewers submitted donations alongside the sounds of gunshots, door-knocking, and dubstep renditions of bagpipe music.

Denino would occasionally startle awake and chuck a pillow at the camera or chew out his viewers. When asked about sleep streams becoming a trend, Wright says she feels "a bit vindicated. The lasting appeal of Twitch is its interactive element, which brings fans closer than ever—at least, digitally—to the objects of their fandom. Watching a streamer sleep, and maybe projecting themselves sleeping alongside them, makes them feel less alone.

The trend has also extended beyond Twitch; prominent TikTokers have recently embraced overnight streams as well. Last year, a Hearthstone streamer took an unplanned snooze and woke up to live viewers.

Despite the glamour that accompanies playing videogames for a living, successful Twitch streamers remain relevant and well-paid by being online as long as possible. One result of this is marathon streaminga dangerous and prevalent practice that has Twitch streamers gaming live for days straight in an effort to catch every time zone and expose themselves as much as possible. It was very easy. It was honestly a nice break from my normal routine of playing games all day.

It had taken a toll on his sleep. I am tired. I am barely here. I need a nap. So I am going to go to sleep. I had a very long day. Staff Writer Twitter.It's not uncommon for Twitch streamers to put together particularly long and extravagant streams once in a while. Extra long streams with bonus audience participation are a great way for a Twitch streamer to get their community together for some fun, no matter what kind of content the streamer likes to make.

One streamer who decided to put together such an event recently was Ludwig. On March 14, Ludwig started a "subathon" stream, where he encouraged viewers to subscribe as much as possible, since every new subscription would extend the duration of the stream. To the surprise and bewilderment of many, Ludwig's subathon is still going.

Ludwig's Unbelievable Journey

For those who don't know Ludwig, he's a fairly new content creator on Twitch and YouTube, only majorly gaining traction in and However, he's gained remarkable levels of success even in such a short time. Ludwig is known for his work as a Super Smash Bros. Melee competitor and commentator and currently has over 2 million followers on Twitch.

He's also known for his collaborations and habit of top prevision forebet games with other streamers, like Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, and many others.

Ludwig is extremely successful in his own right, but even so, nobody expected his subathon to go quite italo disco fashion this.

So long as viewers keep donating, there's no end to Ludwig's stream in sight. The rules of Ludwig's subathon are simple: every time a viewer pays for a subscription or donates at least bits, Ludwig's stream gets 10 seconds longer. At the outset of this, Ludwig was seemingly prepared to sleep on stream, and he's done so multiple times since the start of the subathon.

However, things are pretty wildly out of proportion now. Ludwig's on-screen timer shows that he consistently has more than 24 hours left of the subathon to go, and viewers are still donating and increasing the length of the stream. He's still clocking tens of thousands of viewers every day, too, so his donors aren't going anywhere. Ludwig seems to have already taken some measures to try to get the situation under control.

He has instituted a rule stating that anyone who donates over subs will be banned until the subathon is over, preventing particularly wealthy viewers from infinitely extending the stream's duration. In fact, Ludwig has already banned a major streamer for breaking the rules and making a huge donation to the subathon, including Minecraft star streamer Dream. Ludwig can't keep this up forever, so he can't be blamed for trying to prevent other streamer from suddenly adding several hours to the subathon at once.

Disrespect's Twitch Ban is as Mysterious as Ever. There is at least one feasible end in sight for Ludwig. He had a 31 day cap on this subathon, which means that ultimately his viewers' support will only make the stream last so long.

Of course, Ludwig probably hopes to end the subathon well before the 31 day mark; it's amazing that he has kept up the stream for as long as he has. Ludwig currently has the most subscribers on Twitch, an incredible record to break, and he's probably going to break plenty of other streaming records if this subathon keeps up.

He's also gotten an incredible opportunity to expand his audience, considering how much publicity he's getting thanks to his unprecedented subathon. Ludwig's current situation is baffling and the future of the subathon is uncertain, but years from now, Twitch fans may just look back on it as a remarkable moment in the platform's history—and a pretty funny one too.

Japanese Horror is a genre all its own, but what makes it stand apart from Western Horror? Share Share Tweet Email. Stan Hogeweg Articles Published. Subathon Stream Ideas · 1.

Add Extra Time. One of the most popular Subathon methods is to add time to the end of your stream. · 2. Eat Weird or. Get a tattoo on your neck. I mean you could just go google it and get ideas would be quicker. but since I'm here. sing a song, if one viewer. › subathon. 1. Extension of time.

Adding simulation time to each new sub is the most popular Twitch subathon idea. · 2. Gifts · 3. Playing games · 4. Weird spicy food. Yes I am having a #subathon starting on 1/8/ at 2pm ET over on #twitch! Lets get this rolling and see what happens on this #vtuberEN stream!

What are some fun, non food related subathon ideas you have seen or you can think You could do twitch sings like every 5 subs you bust out a hot track. Mar 4, - Giving away 14 Twitch sub goal ideas that will get you happy new subscribers and gift subs (follower and dono goals, too!). Twitch Sub Goal Ideas — Get More Subs with 14 Fun Stream Milestones · 1.

New Emotes. Emotes are first on the list since they're the most tangible. Organize a birthday stream special subathon · Play your favorite game(s) or theme game(s), even if it's different from your regular stream · Play.

We are gonna PARTY this New Years with a 12 hour Twitch stream!! so many fun things planned - live songwriting, playing thru the whole ML catalogue. So on November 12th, I got partnered on Twitch! A year has flown by already y'all I'm also traveling Nov so the subathon may start. Likes, 3 Comments - Twitch streamer (@lilolsassafrass) on Instagram: “Subathon today on stream!

Still thinking of extra ideas for sub. Coming up with good Twitch channel points ideas is hard! Read this guide for 40+ fun, cool and creative channel point reward ideas.

Twitch Sub Goal Ideas — Get More Subs with 14 Fun Stream Milestones

Upvote existing ideas, as opposed to creating multiple similar requests Make a countdown that uses hours so that you can use it for a subathon.

Design custom Twitch overlays for any gameplay or video live stream channel. It's easy thanks to Canva's fully-editable templates! Play games with your viewers! Jackbox party games are excellent for events like these! A lot of people on Twitch are. Since then, platform stars like Pestily and Athena, have all flocked to the idea. Top streamers like xQc have promised subathons of their own. Twitch streamer Ludwig's special subathon stream has spun wildly out of proportion and is now breaking all kinds of Twitch records.

In-Game Rewards · Pick the Character/Role · Pick the Character Skin/Cosmetics · 1v1 a Viewer/Duo/Join Squad · Make a Streamer Sing their Comms · Drop. Screengrab via subathon stream, other streamers have toyed with the idea of trying their hand at it themselves.