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RR/B Jaguar SU HD8, H4 Carburetor Synchronizing Kit RH8841

European Union. Continental Europe. Free international postage.But, The summary put together by Steve Byers is about the best single document specifically for HD8 carbs that I have reviewed. Byers Adjustment of the HD8 Carburetor. So, here is what I did:. As Steve indicates, the first thing to do is run the engine until it is at normal running temperature and then begin the tuning process. Of course, in my case, I am making the initial settings before actually operating the vehicle.

Following my installation in the car I will do as Steve says and get the car to operating temperature and then I will essentially repeat the tuning steps. Next I removed the dashpots from the carbs with piston and springs and carefully stored them aside to insure no damage to the needles.

At this point I have no oil in the damper tubes. I make sure that I know which assembly is for the front and for the rear carbs — they need to be returned to the proper location. I then backed off the Fast Idle Adjusting Screw for each carb to ensure that neither screw is touching its throttle shaft stop lever.

I cut a strip of paper from a note card to slide between the screw and its stop to test this and to get both the front and rear the same. I then rotated each throttle plate fully closed by turning its shaft as far as possible. Both stops should reach full travel at the same time.

I adjust mine on both carbs so that most of the clearance occurs at the top. Clearance anywhere except at the top will allow some throttle shaft rotation before the throttle plate begins to open. The SU carburetor manual specifies 0. Turn the Jet Mixture Adjusting Screw 2 counterclockwise to raise the jet leaningclockwise to lower it richening. Once the jet is flush, turn the Jet Mixture Adjusting Screw three turns clockwise rich as an initial setting. Where I depart from Steve just slightly, is that I did not worry so much about the number of turns of the jet adjusting screw.

Instead, I use a micrometer to adjust both jets the same amount —. Again for initial setting, I turned the Slow Run Valve Slow Idle Adjusting Screw for each carburetor clockwise as far as it will go until it bottoms lightly on its seat. Then, I turn it back counterclockwise two and one-half turns.

I then installed everything onto the car and assembled all of the components as described here. Once in the car, I reattached the choke cables and their mounting brackets as well as the throttle cable. The next step is to install the new fuel delivery system from the hard fuel line coming from the fuel pump up to the carburetors before I can start the car and make final carb adjustments.

Fast Idle Adjusting Screw. Jet Adjusting Screw. Jet Adjustment with Micrometer. Loading Comments Email Required Name Required Website.SU Carbs - The history Practically every Mini owner can name the brilliant engineer responsible for our obsession. Many can name the man responsible for the rubber suspension spring. A goodly number know a fair bit about the engine's heritage and the man who came up with the extremely efficient cylinder head design.

They account for the biggest chunks of the Mini's anatomy. But what about that other extremely simple yet hugely effective instrument that features so prominently when engine tuning occurs - the SU carburetter? A limited few can tell you what 'SU' stands for, extremely few have any idea of its concept and evolution. So let's put that right…. As usual in those days, the inevitable happened - Herbert followed his father into the footwear business.

This was only a day job though as his passion was really for the motorcar. Educated locally, no technical schooling was known to have occurred - it didn't stop him submitting three provisional patents for his ideas by The course seemingly set! Apparently in Herbert took a sojourn to France to learn to drive a car - bit different from belling your local BSM, eh? Skinner - born in Ealing, June and educated in Cambridge although, again, no technical instruction seemed to have taken place - and a decision was made to pool their thoughts on carburation improvements and get them into practice using a 'Star' motorcar they owner then.

The carb fitted as standard had a glass top through which the fuel flow from the jet feeding the engine was visible. Testing a quickly made prototype revealed a loss of overall performance - if the mixture was set to give best performance at high rpm, it was way out at low rpm and vice-versa.

To correct this problem, they decided a tapered needle to vary the size of the jet orifice was the way to go… 'Can ya tell what id is yit? Herbert troubleshooting scag electronic module for a full patent on this in Februarywhich was granted in January - with his occupation still being stated as 'Boot and Shoe Manufacturer'!

Carl followed Herbert into the family shoe business, but his practical engineering prowess that enabled him to put his inventive genius of a brother's ideas into reality lead him to join R P Wailes to make and fit carburetters. George Wailes sold his works and premises insubsequently Carl joined up with George's son, taking temporary premises in Euston Buildings whilst new works were being built atEuston Road.

Another of the Skinner brothers appeared on the scene around this time - John blimey, what were his parents thinking? Giving him such an ordinary name! His input is unclear other than he had become a director by about For some years, Herbert's sketches where committed to working drawings by the chief draughtsman - a Mr. J O Gardner - then manufactured and consequently fitted to a wide variety of individual cars all in the new works three-story building.

Herbert ploughed his efforts into design and development and also in patents to protect his creations - furthering the all ready granted full patent for the 'constant depression' carb idea to cover Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and the USA. Neatly nipping in the bud the countries most prolific in early car development.

A clever bunny or what? Herbert's prolific mind encompassed not only the SU carb but other inventions too - a hydraulic variable speed gear, a detachable strap for ladies court shoes and slippers eek!

A veritable explosion of new ideas. Apparently originally branded 'The Union Carburetter', it was soon re-named 'The SU carburetter', being an abbreviation of 'Skinner's Union' - the brotherhood.Just go by how it drives. The easiest way to tune it is to get a large analog shop tach, and tune for highest idle speed. Set the idle as low as possible RPMand tune carefully for highest idle speed. That will usually get you very close.

Start by setting all the jets flush with the bridge, then crank them down 2. Turn all equally, while watching the idle speed. Start by turning all three a full turn richer, then leaner, and seeing which gives better idle.

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Many people have gotten better results using either UB or UE needles, as UMs are not really ideal for unleaded gas, and tend to be much too rich at idle when tuned for proper higher-end mixture. The length of the two pushrods — the vertical one coming off the pedal arm, and the one running across the firewall — have a large impact on the throttle response.

Look at the crank arm where those two connect in front of the driver. You want the ball joint for the horizontal link to be pointing towards the passenger side of the car when the throttle is closed. That way, it will take a relatively long pedal motion to move the throttles significantly.

When you approach WOT, the ball joint should be above the crank arm pivot, if not over to the drivers side, giving a larger throttle wacom cursor offset per pedal movement. You can adjust the lengths of the two links to get it where it needs to be.

The lower you get it, the easier it will be to set mixture correctly. Keep iterating until it is no longer necessary to make any adjustments in steps While making the adjustments, change the mixture, and watch the idle speed for at least seconds. It will take a bit for the change to have maximum effect. Also, blip the throttle occasionally, taking the engine to at least RPM for a few seconds to clean it out, then wait for the idle to stabilize before continuing.

Drive the car, and see how it runs. I find mine usually ends up just very slightly lean using this method, but yours may be different. Now go back to your garage, and listen carefully to the exhaust. Now comes the real fine-tuning. First, see which pipe is popping. One pipe popping indicates either the front or rear carb is off I forget which is which, just follow the exhaust pipes up, and see which is connected to the front cylinders.

If the popping is occurring simultaneously in BOTH pipes, then the center carb is off. RSS feed for comments on this post.Original Vintage unused starts and runs it has a new carburettor the head is fcuked and the guard is missing so selling for the price of the carburettor.

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I have saved the carburators for last.

Original article in language

Although that may sound strange, the point that is trying to be made is that many folks try and place poor engine performance on the carbs when the real problem most likely lies in your ignition system. I have no direct experience with the Stromberg carbs that were used later due to increased pressure to comply with US emmisions regulations. But most of the principles described will apply to the Stromberg carb.

There are 3 SU carbs on the E-Type. Simply, this means that no matter what the throttle position, they maintain a constant value of low pressure depression in the throat area of the carb, where fuel is drawn up and into the airstream.

There are many excellent articles on the Internet describing the operation of SU carbs. Some that I would recommend are listed at the end of this article. Your carbs must be in reasonably good mechanical condition before final tuning. Good quality overhaul kits are available from Joe Curto www.

You can also send your carbs to him for overhaul. Joe is probably the most highly recommended expert on SU carbs in the US. The SU Skinners Union! There are basically 4 adjustments that can be made to the Big bear armory. They are standard idle, fast idle, fuel mixture, and synchronization.

I will start with standard idle. Looking into the opening of the carb, the throttle butterfly plate must seal well in its opening or air will leak by and elevate the idle speed. Sometimes gunk exists at the throttle plate that can be cleaned up to solve the problem. If the throttle shafts are very worn, air will leak by them and cause a fast idle. If this is the case, the fitting of new throttle shafts and seals will be required. The idle speed screw may be worn or leaking.

Finally, the linkage may artificially hold the throttle open. I like to get the engine up to operating temperature and then loosen the throttle linkage at each carb.

This way, you can check each carb independantly to get the lowest possible idle. Once the 3 carbs are each set such that a low idle speed is achieved, carefully reconnect the throttle linkage. Next I like to check the synchronization. You will need a Uni-Syn tool or similar, which is an airflow gauge that fits over the opening of the carb. It is assumed that the air filter assembly is off.

You can first syncronize air flow at idle by adjusting the idle speed screws. What I like to be fussy about is getting the air flow synchonized at a modest rpm of say rpm. This will require that the crimp bolts on the linkage be tightened down in a trial and error process. It will be clear when you look at your linkage that there is a U shaped opening in the thottle linkage that engages the shaft on the carb that opens each individual carb thottle butterfly.

There is a fair amount of slop in the opening of the U. The trick is to get each U to engage the throttle shafts at the same time so all 3 throttles open equally. Again, I like to open the throttles to a speed like rpm and check the air flows there. You will find that this is a finicky step that may take you some time until you get the balance between the 3 carbs reasonably the same. Fast idle is set by the choke lever in the cockpit.

Pull open the choke to the Hot position and you will see the 3 throttles all move. As it says in the book, close the throttle plates completely, loosen the interlink between the carb throttle shafts and allow the throttles to. chambers (piston covers) to each carb; then remove the the HD8 carburetor.

with an S.U. carburetor tuning kit**; or by using a Uni-syn airflow. I have read many “how to” documents concerning the tuning of the SU HD8 carburetors including the “Bible” – SU Carburetters Tuning Tips &.

I have just stripped, cleaned and rebuilt my HD8 carburetors using SU carb adjustment and tuning page 89 in mine however adowie above. cvnn.eu › watch. I need a little help with syncing my SU HD8 carbs on my '65 I can't seem to get them to sync properly.

One of them seems to be pulling waaaay too much. Once all the relevant engine particulars have been finalized, including the car air intake silencer and exhaust systems, serious carburettor tuning can be. SU HS8 Tuning and setting up, including fuel level.

volume and velocity passing through the carb, the higher the piston, the thinner the cross-section. Well following a carb rebuild and a lot of adjusting I've finally managed to get the E-Type purring again. Re: Tuning SU Carbs. Have done this before on twin carbs with the older SU's that had the screw on the bottom of the carb. Small adjustments directly affected. Latest SU CARB Listings on eBay. Carb Carburettor Throttle Return Spring x2 NEW - TOP QUALITY - 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

£ We show you how to rebuild and tune the popular SU carburetor for your British An HD8 (common XKE carb) is a horizontal, diaphragm type, 2-inch carb.

aspects of the tuning and modifi- Sets are available for S.U. carburettors and for Pair HD8. U1. Black/Blue. STANDARD. ~. 9 h.p. and 10 h.p. Piston lifting pin. 2. Fast-idle adjusting screw. 5. Piston/suction chamber. 3. Jet adjusting screw. 6. Throttle adjusting. Here is the unedited text of Ray Livingston's "famous" thread on the Jag-Lover's forum, regarding the method for adjusting SU Carburetors: Just go by how it.

Adjustment of the HD8 Carburetor · 1. Warm up the car. · 2. Remove the four screws attaching the carburetor · 3. Back off the Fast Idle Adjusting Screw (#3 in th. SU carburettors were a British manufacturer of constant-depression carburettor. Their designs were in mass production during most of the twentieth century. Here's a great video on how they work and some adjusting in there too. It's on an old fast-back Volvo, but the carbs are of the same.

Unlike other types of carburettor, which have fixed jets, the SU has only one jet, so the mixture setting affects the engine throughout its speed range. SU Jets & Tuning. While doing a fairly major tune-up on my OTS I again encountered the irritant of having the (SU) carb jets stick in a raised position.