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Warm Audio WA-2A Tube Optical Compressor / Limiter

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Evan Taubenfeld.Neve was contracted in to find a substitution for the limiter compressor modules installed on Pye Philips mixing consoles at ABC TV, who promised buying a big number of units.

Neve developed the device implementing parts of their products already in production, as the line amplification section was the same as the famous Neve microphone preamplifier. The original developed in the successful and in the stereo As I recently wrote about an other one of their kits, I want to be clear that I have nothing to do with AMLapart from being a happy customer.

Based on my previous experience with this company, I expected the kit not to be too hard to build and all the parts of the best quality. On this aspect, I had a confirmation once received the box from the postman. Holding it, it was so heavy, this could only meant there was a good quantity of IRON in that box!

As expected all parts were carefully sealed in separate labelled bags and the texts on the boards, were easy to read. The front panel is made of high quality switches from GreyhillThe scary part for me has been programming them. Olx ramgarh cantt is done through inserting some tiny metal cylinders, in one or two of the programming small holes and when I say small, I mean almost impossible to me to see, without proper magnification lens.

Last time, to program the switches, I tried grabbing one of those tiny pins with the wrong tweezers and suddenly one of them took off, landing somewhere on the floor.

It has been hard to explain to my dog, who came running for help, what there was so interesting to stay sniffing under the table for so long! Same as the Fairchild equalizers of the previous article, AML included only electronic parts of the best quality.

The Carnhill transformers included are handbuilt faithful recreations of the classic units they built for Neveunder the name Saint Ives Windings. The VU meters are the same Neve used to mount on the console modules. Included in the kit are the classic Marconi knobs, I really love them! The part that I enjoyed less as usual has been building the frame.

This one is solid, it works, but is more complicated to build than the one chosen for the equalizers.

Robot or human?

Here we are, the two DIY Neve completed, tested and now in good company in the rack! Another well written and informative article man! It was 4 bit addition and very boring. Needless to say, given the limitations of frobnicating hard switches, what was the purpose of the programming? Being expensive, those switches are universal to save costs.

Placing those tiny metal cylinders, you can program how many steps of switching you need. They act as physical stoppers for the switch, allowing it to move only on the range needed.

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Really happy you found it interesting, thanks!Spot a better price? The input and output is transformer balanced, using two different transformers, each one optimized for its purpose. This is the way audio components were built before transistors and integrated circuits became available. Integrated circuits are small and cheap and widely used in most modern designs.

The subjective sound quality delivered by vintage equipment is often preferred over the one delivered by modern units, a situation that is even more obvious now when music is recorded with clean-sounding digital audio equipment. This is the reason why so many vintage audio components are cloned and produced again and also why the vintage originals are often very expensive on the second hand market. The circuit used in the COMP-2A is based on a classic design that was originally produced in the early s and it was initially intended for broadcast applications.

It uses an electro-luminescent panel and a photoelectric cell to control gain. This gives it a unique, program dependent compression characteristic.

In addition, the all tube signal path and the transformers adds a wonderful and musical character to the sound. The ease of use with only two main controls makes it very simple to achieve the desired sound. These attributes has made the original units a favorite of engineers and musicians worldwide. Add to Cart.

Features: Vintage style all tube signal path. The tubes are fitted with grounded shields. Transformer balanced input and output. Can drive almost any load, balanced or unbalanced. Very simple to operate with only two main controls, Gain and Peak Reduction. HF control can make the side-chain circuit more sensitive to mid and high frequency content.

Pre-Amps & Channel Strips By Brand

Linear regulated low noise filament and high voltage power supply. A big meter selectable to show gain reduction or output level at two different reference levels.

Hardwire bypass switch for easy comparisons. Link jack and switch for connecting to another unit for stereo operation. All external controls located on the front panel. Compact 2RU half rack format. A solid build quality that will last many years of normal use.

Back to Compressors.Included in Volume 5 Plug-in Collection. Outstanding sound, supreme value. Learn more. The FET Compressor is an impressively faithful modeling of a device loved for its aggressiveness and its tendency to add some tasty distortion to the sound source when driven hard. This compressor loves to be slammed and abused. But few things are so good they can't be improved, so we added a couple of nice features that makes it even more flexible than the hardware original.

Have a listen. The FET Compressor in particular is probably the warmest, fattest compressor plug-in on the market. FET Compressor is sonically true to the original with all the fixed ratio settings from the initial hardware, including the famous all-buttons-in setting. We have added some modern-day features that make it even more flexible than the hardware original.

External sidechain with low cut, parallel blending, and more. Use it to bring up the crack of the transients of a drum kit, or get vocals tight and upfront with a bit of nice grit.

We love VU meters, Bakelite knobs, and analog quirks. But we want modern precision and workflow. The answer? Softube Extended Features. Easy-access panels with the innovations you need close at hand. It performs amazing on bass guitar, snare drums and the best, so far, on lead vocals! In general, the FET Compressor can be used for deeper gain reduction than you would normally use with any compressor. The reason is that even at extreme settings, the FET Compressor shows no trace of the pinched sound many other compressors make when you push them hard.

This ability for strict gain control is not least useful on lead vocal tracks that need to be kept in the listener's face. The distortion also adds a nice grit to the voice, highly useable in rock mixes but in no way limited to that.

A natural function of the FET Compressor is in drum mixing. Engineers love to use the FET on room microphones, overheads, or across the entire drum bus. Parallel compression is also a useful technique here so we added the Parallel Inject control to facilitate that application. Want to reduce kick drum pumping or let the bass guitar's low-end bloom?This is classic opto-compressor, Which uses electro-luminescent panel and photoresistors to provide gain reduction.

In the LA-2A, the above components are contained in a separate module, which is called the T4 cell, and it's the heart of this compressor. The whole signal path and control of compression, is made on classic tubes, mounted a point to a point. This leveler is characterized by the most natural sound of compression from all the classic compressors, both at the subtle and deep the settings, through a unique feature of this compressor, which is a two-phased way of release.

Although the duration of the attack is much slower than eg. It's a perfect tool for obtaining high-class vocal tracks, as well any of acoustic instruments, although of course not only. The proposed replica is made on the basis of the original schematic from the year, without any significant modifications or changes. Description of construction our replicas LA-2A is in further part of this web site. This replica is mounted a point to point, identically like original units LA-2A.

In critical places of signal path are used resistors Carbon Composite, special ceramic capacitors Z5U, like was in original units not foil capacitorsand on output a hi-end electrolytic capacitor, blue Sprague Atom. Additionally it unit have employed anty-interference EMI power filter. Whole construction is executed firmly very. ProReplicas - vintage audio equipments for recording. Replica of tube opto-compressor Teletronix LA-2A. The original schematic from year.Audio stereo signal is filtered switched filtered switched filtered.

Active stereo link kit single unit 25 Kit audio compressor stereo. Behringer xenyx qusb 78 Each audio compressor while having the same goal has a different outcome to the sound that you will hear.

Art tube mp c tube pre amplifier opto compressor limiter project series The partnership based on a passion for quality design has yielded some of the best diy projects on the market today. F the urei peak limiter is a classic audio compressor designed by bill putnam first built in making use of fets and using them as a variable resistor to control the gain reduction in the circuit. Ms4 diy stereo compressor kit man these guys kill it.

Active stereo link kit two units. Building diy compressor some tips on building a do it yourself clone of the urei fet compressor rev. Compressors like microphones have been around for many decades so there are many options out there.

Runs on any voltage in the world using our p. Although it is the best option but it is not compatible for the bass instruments as it has a low frequency if 35 hz.

This audio compressor can run two channels at one time. Mac stereo opto compressor complete rack kit full stereo mac opto compressor everything kit with pull threshold pot for slow attack and orange slow attack led on front panel. First pass because your audio could contain high freqs which could alias to audible range.

Dbx s microphone preamp channel strip processor. The fet rack compressor series is no exception. Whatever diy audio compressor kit styles you want can be easily bought here.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only.

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Poor Man's Tube Compressor. Thread starter ruffrecords Start date Jun 8, Continuing the theme of low cost construction projects of classic kit I have been thinking about a poor man's tube compressor.

The classic types use vari-mu tubes in complex push pull arrangements with lots of expensive iron or they use expensive light dependent resistors and plenty of iron too. So I have been hunting around for an alternative tube based gain control element and came across this little gem in the Radiotron Designers Handbook see pic. I have done a quick simulation using an EF86 and it looks quite promising. Distortion is below 0.

At first I thought this might be a bit low but then I had a look at the Neve which uses a diode bridge and that operates at a nominal dB. I don't have much experience with pentodes but I think I might knock this up on the bench and give it a test. As it is unbalanced we don't need push pull circuits or much in the way of iron so an inexpensive tube compressor could be a possibility. What do you think? Cheers ian. He's at it again!

Looks interesting. I recall seeing another of that sort that used a 12ax7 much like an uses a fet for gain control.

Maybe I can dig it up after work. Joined Feb 21, Messages Location melbourne, Australia. Go Ian! Biostatistics exam bank pdf Flinn Well-known member.

Will you not get the control signal thump using this arrangement, which is what the balanced circuit removes? PRR Well-known member. What Rob said. Choice of slow attack or severe bass-cut after can make this tolerable for some uses. VCAs like this, there is a max voltage for low THD, and a minimum resistance which, with desired max loss, sets the idle impedance and thus the idle hiss. Diodes distort before 20mV, maybe 50mV in pairs or quads.

Professional Audio Kits for building DIY Microphone Preamplifiers, Equalisers, Compressors and more studio gear for racks and series. Warm Audio WA-2A Tube Opto Compressor, Silver Only 1 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices $(22 used. If you really want a challenge get a manual and build the damn thing on a "bread board" it'll be "hand wired" so it should sound better. You're finally at the end of your FET Compressor build and it's not working right.

That sucks. Listen or download sound samples of our DIY audio kits. They offered do-it-yourself kits for home audio equipment, televisions, and studio rack gear including preamps, compressors, eq's. teletronix-la2a-tube-opto-compressor-diy-by-analogvibes.

Tube Opto Compressor. Ask any sound engineer or artist out there to name one of the most iconic. Buy the best and latest diy audio compressor kit on offer the SSY Components + PCB Board Parts Laser Tube Transmitting Audio Receiving Kit.

This means that we DO NOT sell PCB's, kits, or anything like that. The circuit for this stereo compressor is amazingly simple for a compressor this. Pro Audio Equipment. MAC Stereo Opto Compressor Complete Rack Kit. MAC Stereo Opto C Complete Rack Kit. $1,AUD inc GST for Australian Customers. Shop our range of audio compressors at Gear4music. Find analog hardware compressors in rackmount, Klark Teknik KT-2A Tube Compressor/Levelling Amplifier.

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Serpent Audio offers a line of audio compressors with high quality components, advanced feature sets and innovative design. Continuing the theme of low cost construction projects of classic kit I have been thinking about a poor man's tube compressor.

- ll➤ Our Premium DIY Microphone Kits are perfect clones of the DIY Kit to build your own Vintage Opto Tube Compressor Teletronix LA2A type. The StamChild SA is our take on the most iconic and finest sounding tube compressor in history, the Fairchild Learn More. a range of various hi end DIY audio KITs with cases + PCBs and more • racking solutions for a wide collection of many known world wide DIY projects.

Eisen Audio $ From $ 16 reviews L2A Passive Re-Amplifier Kit. DIYRE $ Out of Stock OLA5 Opto Compressor. DIYRE From $ Tegeler Audio Vocal Leveler Series Opto Compressor. Best Seller. $ Retro Instruments Doublewide II Series Tube Compressor. $ 1, Shop for outboard compressors and limiters available on Reverb. Find deals from top brands like Pro VLA II Two Channel Vactrol / Tube Leveling Amplifier. Preamp / Compressor / Limiter / Di Box Tube preamp for mic / line signals with Very good enhancement of the vocal sound and it brings with it an extra.

The Warm Audio WA-2A is a mono optical compressor / limiter with tube electronics, inspired by the classic Teletronix LA-2A first introduced in the s.