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Perry Butler. Originally Posted by andychrist. I already know how to do that. Last edited by Perry Butler; at PM. Originally Posted by Perry Butler.

Ours is OSF. This past week I was in my and those commands work for me to access my wheel size, speed limit and torque sensor. Perhaps your OSF needs to be reflashed. Went downstairs, mine is an older OSF and Terry's is 1. I gave instructions for my older version, not the Press all the buttons at the same time.

For current GitHub instructions. I looked around and it seems I can change the assist levels from 20 down to five, but Terry has gotten used to I'm thinking of sending my motor back to Eco Cycles and have them install an display and update the OSF to the current version. Enjoy, Perry. Thanks Perry, that did it. But the display got stuck at Display and no button combination will get me out now. No, it entirely froze and no button combo has any effect.

Thanks Perry. Last edited by andychrist; at PM. Reason: img. After doing so I found my previous settings for wheel size and speed had been saved, whew! Just that the button combo did not work until dozens of tries, after which it performed normally so am guessing there was just an initial delay with the display before it responded correctly — have had similar problems when setting up other new devices.

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Thanks Perry! Last edited by Perry Butler; at AM. All times are GMT The time now is AM. My TSDZ2 torque calibration. User Name.Please note I have tried to update this article to reflect all the options available in May and so some of my previous comments back in are out of date. I have tried to explain this in the update notes. I have linked through to the open source GitHub pages for this, but as time has moved on its maybe not quiet as clear as it once was as to the options available for this motor.

So In this post I wanted to summarise the different paths you can now take when changing the firmware on your own TSDZ2 motor. So Lets start at the beginning and talk about what tools you will need to make any firmware changes to your Motor. In order to upgrade the firmware on your TSDZ2 motor you will first need to either purchase or build your own programming cable. Unfortunately I have not yet found a UK or indeed european seller of the cables but you can find some worldwide sellers such as eco-bike.

Its clear from the sellers above that these are exactly the same cable you can make yourself if you are confident with a soldering iron and testing the pinout of cables.

I purchased a tsdz2 speed sensor extension cable to cut off the 6 pin plug. TIP:- make the cable as short as posible as you can have issues with volt drop anything longer!

I have a second unit that even when wired correctly to its labelled pinout will not work, so maybe stick to those that show the same pinout as the above example? 502 bad gateway aws the exception of the Original screen open source firmware we will come onto that later all of the programming of the TSDZ2 is done using one tool from ST labs called st visual programmer STVP-STM32 email registration is needed and link sent to email address — no cost.

After downloading and installing the software and drivers the first thing you will be prompted to do is choose the ST chip you wish to communicate with. In fact in many case the difference is one or two bytes changed that record the voltage and current the motor uses.

So if you are looking to simply unlock your motor and keep the original screen and use a stock firmware this is the simplest option for you. A full list of fantastic instructions and a link to the original stock firmware files look here on eco-ebike. Ok you have got this far, and maybe you like me have experimented with upgrading your firmware to the unrestricted stock firmware but now you want to see what the opensource community has to offer. If you are against this level of hacking then a safe option is to try out the custom firmware threat developed by the user emmebrusa that is specifically designed to work with the original TongSheng screens like the VLCD5,VLCD6 and xh This will only require you to reprogram the motor using the stvp-tool above, but no other physical changes to the cable.

So a little out of order as this version of the opensource firmware is indeed a fork of the original work done by Casainho, but I wanted to mention it first as its most likely to appeal to people who are looking to try out custom firmware on there own TSDZ2 for the first time.

For all the information on how to use this firmware take a look at the wiki here. This firmware uses a specially developed Java tool that allows you to choose all the settings you require to compile a special pre-configured firmware for your motor and screen.

This is needed as the original screen is not reprogrammed and so only basic settings can be made using it. I have been testing this fork for a while now and I have to say for a simple upgrade its very good.I was using the v In my time testing it, H22a blacktop specs found that the motor engaging on its own may be related to using the assist without sensor mode.

I turned the mode on to get it working when my speed sensor was missing, instead it started sporadically twitching forward into the wall, I held the brakes but I have no brake sensors as you don't generally need them with good torque sensing.

It kept twitching till I turned it off and on. I was wondering if it was because I installed the temperature sensor that replaced the throttle wires, and the temperature reading is sending throttle signal through the wires in sensor less mode? I have temperature sensor enabled, so I would imagine that is not the cause. This was the only time it happened.

v20.1C.3 suspended version motor running on its own without me pedaling

I will go back to using 1c. In addition to v Has been replaced by v If this happens, with v In the case of v Is there any "safe" version available now? I've actually burned two controllers so far. Thanks for sharing it. But testing my bike, I have realised that the maximum power that it gives is W.

I have a 36V battery, WH. With all the assit types, the bike does not increase the W. MAximum 6,6Amp when the battery was full 40V and 7,5Amp with the battery quite empty. Making up to W of human power, in all assist modes and all assist levels, always maximum W of motor output. I have read that any motor can give more than the nominal output power, and the limitation of the maximum power was the max Current allowed. Is that true? Or I have to buy a new motor of W?

The set up parameters that I have are your recommended values. But the 36V battery. The suspended version due to mosfet problems is only the one for stock displays.

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No problems have been reported with the version for C. I have three bikes with 36V motor and I have limited the power to W, it is fine for a few minutes. I have the temperature sensor installed, it rarely intervenes to reduce the power. You were right. Street mode was enable, with a power set of W. Now, the power is limited with the parameter max power of the settings. One more question if you allow me: I have read that the firmware is suspended because some mosfets have been blown up.

I suppose that this is because people go with full power above W for too long. What do you think?The following only applies to TSDZ2 motor controller firmware version 0. NOTE: Both displays have 3 different main screens and each one have his own customized numeric fields and C and C have also their own customized graph field on each main screen.

There are a few variables that can be selected to be shown on the customized numeric fields or graph C only. Note that only some of them are available to be show on the graph. Before you enable the "calibration", you MUST calibrate your torque sensor by following this guide: How to calibrate the torque sensor. How to use: everytime you startup the system, the pedals need to be vertical pointing to ground.

You can select on Configurations to be left or right pedal to point to ground at startup, based on your preferences. This is needed done so the system can know in which pedal are you doing the force with your legs, since the weight is measured differently on each pedal due to the torque sensor. The firmware applies a motor current motor torque based on the pedal human power done by the rider and multiplied by the assist level factor.

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As an example, if the current assist level factor is 0. The default twenty assist levels start at factor 0. If you still want to customize, follow the next steps to adapt assist level factors for you:.

Here you can enable or disable the walk assist function. And also configure the motor duty-cycle in each and every enabled assist level. The defaults should work for most situations. The walk assist PWM value sets the motor duty-cycle.

Tongsheng TSDZ2 Review – Should you buy it?

It is an open loop controller. A PWM value of 30 will set the target duty-cycle to Maximum settable PWM in the walk assist function is limited to a value of This feature helps from standstills where you might need greater assistance. It gives more power during a set time and then fades the power back to normal assistance. Configure the function after your own likening and preference.Ai libertatea sa platesti in rate, beneficiezi de promotiile zilei, deschiderea coletului la livrare, easybox, retur gratuit in 30 de zile si Instant Money Back.

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Weight: 77 lbs. Texas Speed Mustang 5. If the controller encounters an error, the relevant code will be shown on the top half of the display. Page 7. Settings mode. To show the hidden settings. The kit needs around 2 seconds to initialise, after which, the motor is ready to be used. Setting Wheel Size and Units (miles/km). You will need to set the.

parameters configuration file. * for TongSheng TSDZ2 motor controller firmware. * by (C)Casainho and EndlessCadence and Leon, 20 beta 1 version. I noticed a topic relating to the program configuration of the TSDZ2 which changed the parameters controlling the motor speed etc was.

cvnn.eu › › Motor Technology. For understanding the different parameters of the Java configurator, you need the configuration manual. If you setup all the tabs of the. cvnn.eu › tsdz2-open-source-firmware-osf-products. TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware (OSF) is a project being developed by members of the All Custom Settings can be Changed from the Display Menu, with Quick.

a clear explanation of the purpose of the 'A' setting on my VLCD5 list of menu options. I have just installed a w TSDZ2 with a 13ah. cvnn.eu › forum › topic › tongsheng-tsdz2-ebike-kit › page.

remember there is a hidden setting to adjust the torque sensor sensitivity. I turned mine up a bit and it feels better. Max power at moderate pedaling. Wheel diameter setting: Select wheel-diameter between 14 - 32 inch. Default is 26 inch. • Speed sensor setting: Select the number of the magnets used for. If all has gone well you should now be able to click on the Read -> All tabs menu to read the current configuration of your tsdz2 motor.

In Part 1 we added the TSDZ2 Motor onto Phil's hand Trike, popped down to the hub to give the trike a quick test with the stock motor setup. It's not perfect, but it senses how hard you're pedaling and gives a helping push in 3 different power settings. The 4th mode has the same power setting as 3. I have an older Cannondale commuter bike that I wanted to upgrade to electric, so installed a Tongsheng TSDZ2 motor.

It's a sweet setup that's a lot of fun. I just installed my TSDZ2 kit and took it for the first ride. If you ever want to get into advanced settings the code is Check with a Biktrix technician before making undocumented changes to these settings. You DO NOT need to get the motor off the bike in order to program it.

config.h * parameters configuration file * for TongSheng TSDZ2 motor controller firmware * by (C) Casainho and EndlessCadence and Leon, 20 beta 1 version. I just installed my TSDZ2 onto my bike. How do I access the configuration menu?