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The sentence is in passive form, the tense being present perfect. Option b satisfies this, hence the right answer. Only one is required. Thus, the sentences become grammatically incorrect and therefore rejected.

Out of the remaining two, option d is out as it slightly diluts the meaning of the sentence. This condition is most appropriately fulfilled by option c. The places of subject and object in sentence are inter-changed in passive voice. Also, as the given sentence is an Interrogative sentence, in Passive form also, the sentence will be Interrogative. The two options that follow these are option a and option b. However, because of proper sentence arrangement, option a would be chosen as the answer.

Sentences which express request, order, advice, suggestion, prohibition etc. This sentence shows respect so it is an imperative sentence. So the only option that satisfies the above theory is option a. An indefinite or vague pronoun such as they, we which is used in the active voice is avoided in passive. There is no need to put the agent with by.

Also as this is past tense, the answer sentence should also be in past tense. Only option does both which is option b. Only one option satisfies this, so option a is correct.

It is a simple present tense sentence because the first form of verb is given active voice to us. So, option c is correct. All Rights Reserved. Toggle navigation. Transformation of Sentences. Direction for [ Question No: 1 To 10 ] : Change the following complex sentences into simple sentences.

Parallelled B. Parralleled C. Paralleled D. Answer: C No answer description available for this question.This is a loooong worksheet for students preparing to take the C1 Advanced exam, it has 82 key word transformation questions. Download the handout and answer key below:. I have a group who are taking the exam in 3 weeks so they want lots of practice, so I gave them this sheet with 78 expressions on it to study on Monday and told them to study it.

Barcelona based English Teacher, blogger and sometime actor and director. View All Posts. This looks great! Has this happened to anybody else? Any ideas on what might be the problem? Thanks, James. Are you on a tablet? Some people have reported issues with some of the handouts on tablets. I can upload a PDF version too.

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Email required Address never made public. Name required. Follow Following. Sign me up. Already have a WordPress. Log in now.A sentence followed by a key word and a second sentence which has a gap in it.

You have to use the key word to complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence.

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I regret not speaking to Marge sooner. Each question is marked in two halves and it's perfectly possible to get one whole point in the exam just for getting a single word correctly, even if you don't know the other words to put in the gap.

So you should always give every question a try. Our app for both Android and iOS to help you improve your English! So it's important that you read through the first sentence and your second sentence to ensure you have kept the meaning the same. Look at these two sentences:. Tommy said he was ready for his driving test and would take it in July. Tommy said he was ready for his driving test and could take it in July.

One letter has been changed, from "would" to "could" but it changes the meaning of the sentence totally. Be careful of this! Take The Tour. Enter coupon code 8LIFE at registration. A good way to practise this part of the FCE exam is to get used to writing and re-writing sentences using different structures and without changing the meaning.

We were made to stay late by Mr. Jones because we arrived late. Jones forced us to stay late because we arrived late.

We were forced to stay late by Mr. Jones made us stay late because of our lateness. Teacher Student Premium. Example Question 4. Exam Tip! Full Grammar explanations. Funimaginative quizzes and games. Full statistics. Track your progress as your English improves! Download today for FREE!

Look at these two sentences: Tommy said he was ready for his driving test and would take it in July. Are you also an English teacher? High quality PDF lesson plans.The shopkeepers closed the shops. They feared arson and looting. With the apprehension of arson and looting, the shopkeeper closed the shops.

He is rich. He is kind. Although he is rich, he is kind. Inspite of being rich, he is kind. He finished his exercise. Having finished his exercise, he put away his books. Finishing his exercise, he put away his books. The watchman waved his cane. In the nick of time the barking dog ran away.

Indirect Questions

As soon as the watchman waved his cane, the barking dog ran away. Hardly had the watchman waved his cane when the barking dog ran away. No sooner did the watchman wave his cane than the barking dog ran away. You run fast. You can win the race. Provide you run fast, you can win the race. In case you run fast, you can win the race. Supposing that you run fast, you can win the race. Error Report! Toggle navigation.When transforming any layer type, dragging a corner handle now scales the layer proportionally by default, indicated by the Maintain Aspect Ratio button Link icon in the ON state in the Options bar.

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Introduction to rigid transformations. Rigid transformations intro Opens a modal. Translations intro Opens a modal. Rotations intro Opens a modal. Identify transformations.

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Translating shapes Opens a modal. Determining translations Opens a modal. Translation challenge problem Opens a modal. Properties of translations Opens a modal. Translations review Opens a modal. Translate points. Determine translations. Translate shapes. Quiz 1. Rotating shapes Opens a modal. Determining rotations Opens a modal.

Rotations review Opens a modal. Rotate points. Determine rotations. Rotate shapes. Quiz 2. Reflecting shapes: diagonal line of reflection Opens a modal. Determining reflections advanced Opens a modal. Reflecting shapes Opens a modal. Reflections review Opens a modal. Reflect points. Determine reflections. Determine reflections advanced. Reflect shapes. Advanced reflections. Quiz 3. Rigid transformations overview.

of a sentence without changing its meaning (or sense). Types of Transformation Rhetorical Questions: (answers are not expected).

Transformation Questions and Answers Pdf for various exams like Civil Services Exam, Combined Defence Service Exam, Medical Services Exam, Economic Services. 2º BAC. SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION PRACTICE (With answer KEY). 1. REWRITE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES. 1. I'm sure Jim had left when they arrived. Jim must. Language in Use - PDF wWorksheets for English language learners - Upper-intermediate Level (B2). Key Word Transformation. All downloads are in PDF Format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results.

Direction: Answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate option. Transform the given sentence into assertive. How gorgeous is the sunset! A. Group Discussion - GD Topics with Answers; HR Interview Questions with Answers; Placement Papers; Quiz, Questions and Answers - PDF, eBook - Download. Interrogative: Isn't smoking a bad habit?

2. Affirmative sentence without auxiliaries are changed into interrogative with 'Wh' question word + Do/did/Does. Are you also an English teacher? High quality PDF lesson plans.

Full teacher notes - zero preparation time. Transformation ☆, English / Verbal Ability Multiple Choice Questions / Objective type questions, MCQ's, with question and answers, download free PDF. Transformation of sentences Exercise & Practice with Explanation · 1.

Opening the door, he asked for my permission to come in. · 2. He works at night so that he. Similarly, an interchange of affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences can be done; without changing their meaning. Given below are. You can also visit the most accurate and elaborate NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English. Every question of the textbook has been answered.

Free ISC Grammar Sentence Transformation exercise for Class 12. Answer: (0) Her neighbours are always greeted by her. Please scroll down for the answers. ICSE Sentence Transformation Exercise with Answers. ICSE English Language – Sentence Transformation exercise. Re-write the following sentences according. Transformation of Sentences questions and answers of English Language for private & government jobs, competitive examination and entrance test, interview. Sentence Transformation Exercises for Class 11 CBSE with Answers Pdf.

Looking for an easy way to learn English Grammar? then you are in right. Cambridge B2 First (FCE) Practice Test. FCE Reading and Use of English Part 4: Key Word Transformation. For questions 1-6, complete the second sentence so.

Practice in the Key Word Transformations task from the FCE Reading and Use of English In the exam you transfer your answer to a special answer sheet. Transformation Online Test · 1.

Which of the statements hold true for conjugation? A. · 2. You are drunk. That aggravates your offense. · 3. You.