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The first step in starting your van life journey begins with selecting the best van for a camper conversion. So where do you begin? There are so many different roof heights, wheelbases, and models available that may all look similar.

But, it offer different pros and cons depending on your lifestyle and needs. This guide will give you the lowdown on what to look for. Why these things matter when choosing the best conversion van campers?

We did loads of research when shopping for our camper van, Benji. All of these considerations helped us decide on what was most important to us. It helped us understand how each one affected the van conversion process. Searching for the best conversion van for camping can be overwhelming.

You have to make sure that the van is in good shape mechanically. Y ou also need to consider many factors that will affect van lifestyle. The height of your pepelaugh discord emote conversion will affect you in more ways than you think.

First, you need to figure out if you can stand up in your potential van and decide how important this is to you. Cons: Can make driving in strong winds trickier and limit your options for indoor parking and drive-throughs. When it comes to fuel, most vans run on either gasoline or diesel. Gasoline is all about getting the most power out of every drop of fuel, which is great for horsepower and short hauls with a lot of stop-and-go driving.

Gasoline engines are much more common, making them easier to fix with more accessible and affordable parts. Dieselon the other hand, is all about torque and long hauls.

With these hearty engines comes more expensive repair and maintenance costs, but if driven in optimal conditions, a diesel engine is built to last and can have better fuel economy. Your wheelbase is the distance between your front and rear wheels. This affects the length of your van and its weight distribution.

Bernadette – Ford Transit year-round stealth, off-grid conversion

Selecting which wheelbase is right for you starts with determining how much interior space you need for living and storageand the importance of being able to fit into a regular parking spot.

Long vans require big parking spaces that not all parking lots have, so consider this if you plan to do lots of urban exploring. Most 2WD vans can still handle some pretty rough roads with ease—even with low ground clearance. Snow, mud, and sand can still be tackled with the right tires and recovery gear, like tire chains and these traction boardswhich should be staples in any van conversion.

Unlike cars, cargo vans use rear-wheel-drive instead of front-wheel-drive, which helps with power and towing abilities.

Less weight on the front tires also makes for better gas mileage. The 2WD models are also way more readily available. Pros : A dually is meant to tow heavy payloads like trailers, boats, and campers, and provide extra stability on rough terrain while doing so. The biggest benefit of a dually in the best sprinter van conversion is that you can load up your build with lots of weight without worrying about the capacity of the truck.

Want real tile? No problem? Cons: Opting for a dually, like the Sprinterdoes mean that you will need to design a layout for your van conversion that accommodates the bigger wheel wells in the back, but it also means that the weight of your build will be plenty stable.

One thing to keep in mind is that many of the things that make van living comfortable, like roof vents or solar panels, are dead giveaways of a camper van. So, if stealth is your priorityyou will have to sacrifice A LOT to make sure your van does not blow your cover.

Every van lifer has a different budget and with the extensive range of vans available, there really is something out there for everyone. Of course, the higher your budget, the more options there will be but there are plenty of used cargo vans out there that are just waiting to be converted into a campervan.

Something to consider when choosing the best vans for conversion is that the cost of your van is completely separate from the cost of your build.Read our van conversion guide and plan your entire conversion, from how to design your layout to how to insulate your campervan. Whether you want to escape the city for the weekend or travel the world, van life makes the dream a reality.

For every order of our book, we plant a tree with Ecologi. Find out more about our sustainability mission and what we're doing to try and make a difference. Want to wake up to a breathtaking new view every morning?

Have you been dreaming about owning a vehicle to fuel your adventures? Astral body the daily grind, hit the open road and re-write the way you live. Whether you want to power V appliances off-grid, recharge via shore hookup or simply recharge whilst driving, there are a number of different solutions available.

All system accessories should be sized according to your system requirements to ensure your electrical system is safe, functional and cost effective. Campervan electrical systems can be confusing. Our service makes off-grid energy simple. Your order is also ready, what day would suit you best for delivery?

Would you be happy to only use your hairdryer when connected to shore hookup? If you live in the UK, once you have converted your campervan you may be thinking about getting it officially reclassified with the DVLA as a campervan conversion. The benefits of doing this typically used to be lower insurance premiums and potentially cheaper ferry and toll prices.

However, as ofthere are new DVLA campervan rules.

Used Stealth van for Sale

We therefore decided to submit a freedom of information request to the DVLA to find out just how many successful applications there have been over the past couple of years. The results from the freedom of information request were shocking, if not unsurprising. Since May there has been a significant decrease in the number of campervans approved for reclassification, and by August almost all applications to the DVLA to reclassify as a motorhome were refused. In mid new DVLA campervan rules were brought into place.

As well as requirements for certain internal structures such as a bed, a kitchen and a fixed table, a number of external requirements were introduced.

The number of rejected applications has skyrocketed, with over 14, refused between August and December The DVLA has been explicit that they will not even consider reclassification applications from vehicles that do not have a body type in the above list on their current V5C. As per the DVLA website in Augustyour campervan must contain at least the following components rigidly fixed to the living compartment:.

As well as the internal features that were previously required, as of mid there are now a number of new DVLA rules for a campervan conversion. Your van must have a certain body type on its existing V5C full list can be found on DVLA websiteand there is now a list of the external features that are required, although the wording from the DVLA is quite ambiguous as to whether some or all of these features are required.

In the past year, we have heard many a story from campervan owners who have struggled to get their vehicle reclassified. So what do you need to get your campervan reclassified? As per the DVLA website in Augustthis list describes the external features which are commonly seen in motor caravans, and it is intended to provide guidance on what DVLA expects to see when considering your application:.

We have copied the exact wording from the DVLA website above, and as you can see for the external features it is incredibly ambiguous as to what is needed for a DVLA campervan reclassification. The initial wording would suggest that if you have one or more features from the external features list, you would be able to have your campervan reclassified.This motorhome offers flexible cancellation conditions if you cannot travel due to Covid restrictions.

This text has been automatically translated by Google. Switch to original. This camper van has been looked after beautifully by myself and the previous owner who created it.

From the outside you cannot tell easily it is a mini home! But on the inside it is a warm and cosy wood finished haven. The van itself drives beautifully. Nice and high up to see all the wonderful views you will explore. Also benefits from multi-terrain tyres. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our cookie policy.

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Please Note: You are able to cancel if your trip cannot continue due to a corona lockdown. Read more here. Any drivers of the vehicle must be at least 26 years old. Any drivers of the vehicle must be in possession of a valid driving license for the required vehicle category for at least 3 years. Any drivers of the vehicle must have no more than 6 points on their license or have received a driving ban.

Estimated cost of Goboony insurance.Disclosure: Some of the links in japanese pen pal letter example article below may be affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you click on them and make a purchase. Stealth camper vans have become popular in recent years thanks to a growing movement of online people who have made the lifestyle seem more glamorous than it actually is.

Being stealthy in a camper van sounds like a great idea and it can have its advantages. When I was first considering a camper van, I was taken in with the idea of being stealthy and being able to park nearly anywhere and sleep for the night without being noticed. This means that you can park anywhere without being noticed and you may be able to sleep or even live in your van without drawing attention to yourself.

Compare this to a traditional camper or RV, in which it would be difficult to park anywhere without being noticed. With a larger RV or traditional camper, you are likely limited to staying in RV parks or campgrounds. If you were to park a large RV on the side of the street somewhere, everyone would know that someone is inside and it may cause someone to call the police or to ask you to move.

With a stealthy camper van, you may be able to park on side streets or in parking lots without ever bringing attention to themselves, allowing them to stay for free in locations all over the place.

Most stealth camper vans are custom built from empty cargo vans that are typically used as commercial work vans. These types of vans are usually solid in color and may have features that make others think they are work vans. There are a few popular brands that people generally use when converting a cargo van into a camper van for stealth camping. The list below will identify the most popular options currently on the market. The Promaster, made by Ram Dodgeis a popular option that can be purchased in various configurations.

You can purchase it in a standard low roof or you can purchase a high roof to create more space and allow yourself room to stand up and walk around in without hunching over. It can also be purchased in three different sized lengths. For a stealthy configuration, it is best to stay with a low roof van because these types of vans draw less attention. However, a high roof van is also fine since you are seeing more and more of them on the road nowadays.

Many companies use Promasters as their company vehicles. Even companies like Amazon use this type of van for their prime deliveries. I have seen them driving around my neighborhood and other places around my town.

The Sprinter van is also a great choice since these can be found all over the place used by painters, plumbers, delivery companies, electricians and other workers. As you can imagine, Mercedes makes a dependable work van that many companies love to use. The Ford Transit is a common option that many class B motorhome manufacturers use for their camper vans. The Transit replaced the Econoline that Ford used to make and is available in a low roof, medium roof, or high roof.

This makes a good choice for a stealth camper van. You can choose a solid cargo van or you can choose to have one with windows installed.When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

Touch device users, explore mouth opening device touch or with swipe gestures. Log in. Sign up. Stealth Camper Vans. Collection by Paul Favata. Similar ideas popular now. Truck Camping. Van Camping. Camping Hacks. Solar Camping. Camping Hammock.

Stealth Camper Van- DIY conversions

Kayak Camping. Camping List. Rv Hacks. Camping Ideas. Adventure in a Backpack. Sprinter Van Conversion. Camper Conversion. Kombi Motorhome.Stealth Van Camping is a lifestyle so low key that most people walking by your van might not even realize that someone is living inside.

This is helpful to avoid confrontational situations with business owners, security guards, police officers, and homeowners that might not always want a campervan parked in front of their street or business. There are a few things to consider if you plan to spend a lot of time living in a van. In this post we cover 20 tips and resources on how to be better at stealth camping in a campervan. When we first started thinking about living in a campervan full time we looked at many different vans.

We settled on a Ram Promaster because Promasters are some of the most common work vans and easily blend in. White color is one of the most common colors that is used for vans in construction, transportation, and other businesses. This is the color that we chose for our Promaster van.

Our van itself was actually used for business before we purchased it. Even during our trip down the Pan-American Highwaymost locals assumed that our van was a work van or a Colectivo local public transportation vehicle.

We got flagged down for rides quite frequently and we often stopped to give locals a lift — but you can imagine their surprise when we opened the doors to let them in. If stealth is something that you are concerned about, here are a few things to consider during your build that can help:. Our van has large windows so adding privacy curtains was a must. Curtains can block people from peeking inside and prevent theft. The less someone can see inside your van, the better it is.

We used custom curtains that my mom made for us. She hand sewed these curtains to fit into the windows and added little magnets for the front curtains to keep them up. For the main window, we got an extra-large windshield cover that fit our Promaster window.

This window cover works well but I wish we would have also installed curtains separating the front passenger area from the rest of the van. Curtains would be much easier to close than trying to pop in a large window cover every time we stop. If we want to be more stealthy we can turn on the back lights and keep the front lights off. We also installed dimmable LED string lights that we can adjust as needed.

Our LED string lights have a remote control so we can dim them from a bright to a barely noticeable setting. Along with getting dimmable lights, you might want to get a set of noise-canceling headphones to watch movies or Netflix inside your van. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones. During our van life trips, one of the easiest giveaways that we are living in our van is doing our dishes and draining the sink water on the floor.

Often this water leaks out from under our van catching the attention of people passing by. You can easily avoid this by using a water stopper in the sink.

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During one of our road trips, we found a beautiful remote location to camp at. Late in the evening a group of people showed up, started to play loud music, partied all night, and left their beer cans all over the place.What Is Stealth Camping? Stealth camping is sleeping in your vehicle without drawing attention to yourself.

This is similar to boondocking which generally refers to sleeping overnight on BLM or free public lands. Is sleeping in your car illegal? In some areas, sleeping in your car overnight is illegal. Most of the time these are local ordinances because neighborhoods have had problems with messy, aggressive, or just too many van dwellers taking over the streets. By following a few common tactics you can stealth camp comfortably, find legal areas to park, and avoid unwanted attention.

That said, with proper planning nearly any car, truck or van can work. Standard white cargo vans and mini vans are good choices. Avoid vehicles with bright colors or large signage. You want to be as forgettable as possible; even something like a sign for handyman company is easier to remember than nothing.

Construction vehicles and box trucks are also good selections. They can park discreetly in the city or industrial areas but may not do as well in some neighborhoods. Conversion vans will give you more room than a standard minivan but they also tend to blend in fairly well. Keep you van washed and interior clean. If people do glance inside or you get a knock from the police, you want to look like you are a stable individual.

Your first impression will help a lot with your interactions with the public. In addition to this rule, keep yourself clean. The best way to stay stealth camp is to arrive late at night and leave early in the morning. When you go to park, be ready for bed. Cover your windows and keep the lights out. This is not the time to sit in bed and watch TV or try to cook food. Eat your dinner in a different area like a public park earlier in the evening. Cover your windows with a dark shield or curtain as soon as you arrive.

Have a plan for going to the bathroom inside your vehicle if necessary. Keep everything in the vehicle and move as soon as you wake up in the morning. Even moving just a few blocks will be enough. Avoid parking in the same location two nights in a row. If you stealth camp in the same city for long periods of time, try to map out different locations and rotate through them. Finding a good stealth camping location is something you will get better at over time.

For starters, seek out 24 hour businesses like Walmart or Casinos. These places sometimes encourage overnight parking because you are more likely to purchase things from their store.

Call ahead to see if they allow overnight parking. Many, but not all of these locations do. They also have a catalog of Walmart locations that allow overnight parking. Remember to be respectful. Oct 22, - Explore Paul Favata's board "Stealth Camper Vans" on Pinterest. See more ideas about camper, camper conversion, camper van. Toilet with fold up sink above for efficient use of space in in van interior converted by Céide Campervan Conversions, Co.

Donegal, Ireland. Why People Desire Stealth Camper Vans? Though everyone lives their own version of van life, most people's basic requirements, when it comes to. Stealth camper vans are home made camper vans that do not look like a camper van from the outside. This generally means they do not have any windows. Stealth Vans - ltd Camper van conversions. likes · 12 talking about this. Automotive, Aircraft & Boat. one of the essentials of any conversion.

for ventilation in your stealth camper van is to use. Advice for stealth camping in a city. Best places to park, what van to live in, how to build a stealth camper van conversion. Van living tips. They bought unreal engine compiling slow brand-new Mercedes Sprinter for $42, and then spent another $25, on materials to convert the back into a living space. As stealth campers go, this family minivan conversion takes top prize for being the most unsuspecting camper on this list.

Your van life starts here. Off grid stealth newly converted campervan Brand new high spec professional bespoke campervan conversion- perfect for stealth mode remote working!

Promaster vans are not exactly “cool” but it is pretty easy to stealth camp in one. Read More: Our DIY Promaster Campervan Conversion – Part. Providing future van lifers with a simple, affordable way to start traveling, Cascade Campers has developed an impressive conversion for the. I am not interested in a full blown conversion to qualify for re-classification with the DVLA but a DIY panel van conversion with insulation. Bespoke Stealth / Off Grid or Campsite Camper Conversions From Mr Campervan Ltd.

£ Collection in person. Classified Ad. Buy Stealth Camper Van: The Essential Guide: Read Kindle Store Reviews DIY Van to RV Conversion Guide - How I Converted My Passenger Van into A.

keyboard_arrow_right + Find Unfinished Projects, Trailers, Tailgaters, Stealth, Off Grid Vehicles; Builders, Services. Sprinters, Ford Transits, & conversion vans are going to be the most practical when it comes to stealth. Stealth van camping is when a converted camper van has few outside modifications, giving passerbys no clear identifcation that someone may live inside.

Stealth Campers and DIY RVs: 15 Creatively Converted Vans · stealth chevy camper 2. You'd never guess that there's anything unusual inside this. The quintessential “creepy white van” van, cargo vans are great for stealth camping and generally not being noticed. These things are everywhere.