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The late s was a transitional time when poor quality vehicles with little horsepower and less than desirable designs were commonplace. By the middle of the decade, advances in technology helped bring conveniences, safety, and increases in horsepower. Before the late s, the average truck was very utilitarian. Many trucks didn't have seatbelts, air conditioning or radios, and the ones that did still had sloppy steering, heavy brakes and lacked sound-dampening among other modern features.

Trucks were generally known to be noisy and uncomfortable to drive. In the early part of the s, GM had already been working on making their existing trucks more comfortable by adding upgrade packages with many convenient features. By the mids, GM was also working on their next-generation trucks that began featuring more technology and conveniences that were found in most cars.

The new designs were aimed at being more technologically advanced, more comfortable and generally more aligned with standards that consumers came to expect from the rest of the General Motor's lineup. Initial planning began in the early part of the s, and product development began in These trucks were a giant step forward from the older square body design and featured independent front suspension and extensive use of galvanized steel to reduce rust.

The frames were fully welded and included boxed front sections which added to the rigidity of the overall vehicle. The new GMT design was more aerodynamic and featured a more comfortable interior with electronic speedometers, button-operated climate control and modern radio control systems that mounted beside the instrument panel for easy access. Throughout years, GM continually improved on the GMT platform by gradually increasing horsepower and adding sport packages coupled with additional paint tones.

The model was the first GM truck to offer an extended cab, with later years offering a three-door option. The GMT series were some of the most popular trucks ever produced. As ofthere were over 1 million GM trucks registered and still on the road. They were famous for their durability and reliability. A Wisconsin man once reported logging over 1, miles on his C without ever needing a major repair.

These trucks still feature a timeless design that looks great lowered or lifted. Aftermarket parts are inexpensive and easy to find. Trucks are all the rage, and just a few years ago the square body trucks were extremely affordable.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how!

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Send Private Topic View Profile. Email Report. So what you're saying is you want to body-swap a squarebody onto a HD frame. I'm sure you can do it That is, if any regulating authority in your area cares. Many don't. Check advanced adapters on the price of the adapter to put the NV behind the 6.

1975-81 F-body (Camaro/Firebird) 6-Speed Kit

It will be pricey. The model was a unique truck and compared to Ford's F-Super Duty Previous Index Next. Execution time: 0. Total Queries: 10 Zlib Compression is on. All times are GMT Pacific. Current time is PM Top. Attach Photos to Posts. Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. I want to build a rollback tow truck of my own.

Problem is they are GVW limited to The HD rollbacks are often found with Vortec engines or 6. I would actually probably use a 6. Those trucks usually have a GVW rating and use nice serious But they have the GMT cab and front end and dashboard which I don't like so much. In another related question which probably belongs on the board, since the C and up trucks used the same cab and dash as the smaller sized trucks and changed the front clip onlymaybe it would be easier to find one of those with appropriate GVW rating as a rollback and do the LQ4 swap and front clip swap on that?

Richard The only question I have for the DMV is whether or not they want to title it based on the frame or the cab. That way I get titled somewhere above C50 or C I only need the so it might take awhile to get a cab that matches GVWR.

All the literature I've read brochures, forums, specs and every HD I've seen isFrom toGeneral Motors built millions of the most beloved light trucks in North America. Enthusiasts call these familiar machines the Square Bodies. And you can find enthusiasts enjoying their Square Bodies in nearly every form of automotive pastime, from drag racing to autocross to mud bogging. Some owners even carefully restore them to factory original.

These trucks are ubiquitous. We see them everywhere. They were offered in a multitude of engine and drivetrain combinations: inline six, V6, small-block and big-block V8s, diesels.

For Square Body enthusiasts, the possibilities are almost infinite. This Chevy C10 Stepside, above, is typical enochian sigils the factory sport editions often offered through the years, with special vinyl graphics and a dressy wheel-and-tire combination. In those days it was all about choice. With its dual-wheel rear axle and severe-duty running gear, it was ideal for construction work and for serious towing.

Back in the day, these rigs were especially popular with racers—they were perfect for pulling fifth-wheel race car trailers. The short-wheelbase SUV enjoyed a somewhat longer production life than the rest of the Square Bodies. It hung on through while the rest of the platform family was replaced with the GMT series after As we can see with this Scottsdale pickup below, the Square Body family of trucks went through only minor sheet metal changes over the year production cycle.

Rectangular sealed-beams replaced the traditional round headlights inthe front doghouse was treated to a minor restyling forand there were subtle grille and trim tweaks through the years. I would buy a new one tomorrow if I could. I have no need for the giant road monsters they produce now.

You forgot to mention this model rusted real quick. Avoid Northern ones where they salt the roads.We walk you through the 5. Tools and Equipment. Advance Design Truck Identification The serial number consists of a group of numbers and letters which indicate the assembly plant, the model year, the series, the month of assembly, and the number of units plus assembled at that plant. The truck has a 8. Raised 4x4 suspension. GMC Truck 4x4 Seller Information.

Fit, GMC Truck. In Select Stores. Mileage 0 miles. Search by Model. Needs body work. Envoy XUV. Your truck was made for driving, but there's nothing wrong with looking like it belongs on the set of a Western. Brand new box. Part No: AMT Introduced to the Chevrolet line for the model year, the K5 Blazer was replaced for by the Chevrolet Tahoe.

Classic Parts has an extensive inventory of Chevy parts, reproduction parts and performance pickup parts for Chevrolet trucks and GMC trucks. These door panels do come … make and model:min model year: ; see in map view.

Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Inthe cu in 4. During checkout, there will be a section to enter your carburetor core number and vehicle information when ordering this remanufactured carburetor. We carry a broad selection of products, from Chevy GMC truck leaf springs to units that fit virtually any model truck manufactured through More listings are added daily.

We can even custom-build a leaf spring solution for a specialty design or unique applications. Offset: L. GMC Brigadier trucks are a regular sight so make yours stands out with custom, chrome, and aftermarket parts from 4 State Trucks.

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The Chevy K10 and K20 four-wheel drive trucks were available in either 6-foot or 8-foot bed models. It also has a TH automatic that shifts nice and firm. Extreme duty with two billet steel universal joints. Sold alongside the light-duty truck was the Chevrolet Model T, a one-ton rated make and model.

The factory was replaced with a rebuilttwo years ago. Bids: GMC C You can find Wilwood disc brake conversion kits and related products that will perform however you use your GMC truck.See more details Not quite. Founded inGM rose to dominate the US auto industry. If your - body style has a VIN located on the dashboard, with 17 digits, then it is between and model. Manufacturing Plant Code. Year with your ad content, contact information, location, price and up to 9 photos.

Center Cap. When your semi-truck is down waiting to be repaired, you are down as well, unable to do your job and make a living. Versatile, durable and dependable, the TG is the ideal used truck. It still had the early style butterfly hooded bulbous nose. In stock. For a more details, check out our in-depth article on the history of General Motors.

My wife and I love them. Posted: Nov 29, Part of the number is stamped on the engine block and transmission. Either a full manual on everything or just a diagram. GMC an acronym for General Motors Company is an automobile division of General Motors, and manufactures large vehicles such as SUV's, light duty trucks, heavy duty trucks, military vehicles, and vans.

Ask question. Regina Area. Text Seller. Call to get more information. The model breakdown is as follows: T signifies a transit model, general motors: v8 7. Skip to content. About GMC. Manufacturer: IXO Models.

Not all vehicles are set up the same, even though they may be the same make and model. Tan interior. The s was a busy decade for GMC. Motor is blown. The was even used for a special edition Corvette. If anyone can do it lemme know. Be the first to rate this product.When a vehicle becomes a classic, it usually falls into one of two categories. Rare, exclusive, unusual or popular and iconic.

And, as the years go on and vehicles age, we will be welcoming new classics that represent all categories. Here are some reasons why. The ''98 Chevy truck along with its GMC twin represent a perfect blend of the classic and the modern.

From its just-right size to its subtle styling, the GMT rucks have earned a lot of fans over the decades.

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Mechanically, with the classic small block Chevy and occasionally the classic big block under the hood these trucks are quite simple mechanically and have held up to a lots of abuse. And, at the same time, they are modern enough to serve as daily drivers if you choose, with proven and inexpensive drivetrain components with near endless aftermarket potential.

One of the things that makes these trucks special is that they arrived at a time when the pickup began its rise to the top of American vehicle market. If you grew up in the United States during this time, it's highly likely you knew someone who had a Chevy or GMC pickup. They were everywhere—and their simple styling has stood the test of time. Let's not forget those memorable TV ads with Bob Seger's "Like a Rock" playing over various scenes of people working and playing with their Chevys.

Another thing that made this generation of pickup popular both then and now was the variety of configurations you could get one in. While the large four-door truck has come to dominate today's market, back in the '90s a two-door, short bed truck was the go-to for many. You could go 2WD or 4x4. Flareside or stepside. Long bed or short bed. Extended cab or regular. And then there were the duallies—which not only delivered serious skin fungus treatment capacity, but also became a style statement when dropped down on some nice wheels.

Last, but certainly not least, is the SS pickup—which has remained highly desirable among enthusiasts and collectors. While its performance may be unimpressive by today's standards, the big-block powered SS is a true classic. Being a blue-collar pickup truck, not too many Silverados and Sierras were babied by their owners, but fortunately their high production numbers mean plenty of relatively clean examples can still be found.

In other words, they may be right at that sweet spot after they are done "aging," but before values begin to noticeably appreciate. Being anywhere between 22 and 32 years old, chances are any of these trucks you buy today is going to need some refreshing. Fortunately, there's no shortage of options when it comes to restoring or upgrading.

An LS swap is an easy job on any of these trucks and once you go that route the performance potential is undeniable. Whether you into off-roading, drag racing or even handling-upgrades it's still one of the best project platforms out there.

Whatever the case, as more vehicles from the late '80s and '90s continue to be considered legitimate classics, it's only a matter of time before the massively popular GM pickups of the era take their rightful place next to the classic trucks of earlier decades.

Considering an LS Swap? Click here to see what you need to know before you start. Sign up for more restomod content to add horsepower to your inbox. An American Cultural Icon One of the things that makes these trucks special is that they arrived at a time when the pickup began its rise to the top of American vehicle market. A Style For Everyone Another thing that made this generation of pickup popular both then and now was the variety of configurations you could get one in.

Endless Potential Being anywhere between 22 and 32 years old, chances are any of these trucks you buy today is going to need some refreshing. Or maybe you just want to keep one original and enjoy it for what it is?

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Previous Bottom Next. Send Private Topic View Profile. Email Report. Squarebody 4x4 at least in half ton uses a mm hub bore because the hub protrudes through the wheel. Previous Index Next. Execution time: 0. Total Queries: 10 Zlib Compression is on. All times are GMT Pacific. Current time is PM Top. Attach Photos to Posts. Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. I've heard, and tend to believe that, when they went to the new body-style that they changed the hub diameters and the the 8 bolt wheels won't interchange.

Anybody know anything about that? If I recall correctly, the hub diameter is 60mm. Foggy brain tonight. The 4x4 pickup wheels probably won't fit due to smaller hub bore; those trucks don't have a hub that protrudes through the wheel like squarebody 4x4's do. I run '74 or so GMT? I would think the 8-lug would too. Your Suburban should be a GMT if that is the correct designation. Edit: Richard posted as I was typing.

Air Bag Suspension

I would trust him on this one. What he said makes perfect sense and I ain't sure. Since the bolt pattern is essentially the same 8x6. Shouldn't cost too much; only trick will be finding a shop that won't refuse the work outright for liability reasons - though I do believe it would likely be a safe modification.

Do so at your own risk, of course! I think they are different, but I don't think it's by much. The guy that sells The hubs may have changed size, but they still stick through on the 14BFFand they swap to the front. Truck would do every thing but stop! Wish I kept that one. The "square bodies" in IMHO were the last "trucks".

I know most people think GMT The - Chevrolet & GMC Squarebody Pickups Message Board. That one felt like a car, though that was a gmt, not a gmt cvnn.eu › Classifieds › Ebay / Craigslist Finds.

Saying GMTs aren't square bodies Lol, you guys do know that "square body" has been used on GM trucks by "hobbiests" to describe a. cvnn.eu › Forums › Brand Specific Tech › Chevy.

any square body suburban is either gonna be beat to shit or your gonna spend top dollar for one. GMT with new interior is a lot easier to. I have an 89 C parts truck that we're yanking the engine out of before sending the rest of the truck off to the dump. cvnn.eu › › Technical Discussion › Present Chevy & GMC models. I've seen a video of a K10 Body on a Tahoe Frame on U-Toob.

frame spacings are different between the square bodies and the GMT truck. I love the old square body trucks the most, the gmt was a sweet platform and looks sexy. The gmt platform was even better yet. My first year of production GMT (). Compared to the previous generations, it's not quite there yet with the cool factor, but I got it. After trailing the rest of the C/K series for nearly five years, one-ton crew cab pickups, the Suburban SUVs, and the K5 Blazer/V-Jimmy all adopted the GMT These trucks were a giant step forward from the older square body Throughout years, GM continually improved on the GMT platform by.

I'd LOVE to have a square body but I don't think I can sell my wife on that old of a vehicle being the family road trip machine. All of this leads me to believe that a square-body or GMT C /K cab the typical splayed vs vertical intake bolt issue apply there?

Complete Hydramax System available for Squarebody. CHEVY/GMC C TRUCKS (OBS, GMT) 5 AND 6-SPEED KIT April 5, Similar post. I currently have a (square body) Suburban, but it is rusted to Versus the GMT which for the most part used traditional parts.

- "Third Generation C/K"– Chevy introduces “square body Generation C/K (GMT )"– The first Chevy truck built on the new GMT platform. Introduced as the replacement for the square body, the GMT had a Chevy SS and Harley Davidson V-Rod by VTMG-Engineering on DeviantArt. Put another way, could you make a square body frame as strong as a HD frame, and if so, Chevy Suburban V, L, TH