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Originally posted by antifas. You pick it up only to see the redhead standing in front of you, biting his lip.

Corruption (Damien x Innocent!Reader)

You, uh. You both bond over favorite shows, video games and other hobbies that you guys have. Kenny and Stan both appreciate your tomboyish nature and take a great liking to you, but Cartman just mocks and insults you every chance he gets.

Figures, you look and act like one. Watching you throw punches, yell at him and just straight up attack the fat boy awoke something in Kyle. No doubt it was love. Love for your awesome, tough personality. Love for you. Am I too late to that? I hope not- ;-.

Originally posted by tokoyamis-luv. Not necessarily asking you to marry him, but he loves the relationship you and him have, and he wants to see where it takes him.

Mans is the last member of the Kurtas so expect him to pop the question sooner than you think. In terms of a boyfriend, he is the Howl Pendragon of HxH. Again, this list is subjected to update. Keep an eye on it for any updates when I open requests back up again. Posts ask and ye shall receive Archive. Kyle Broflovski x Tomboy! I love that blonde himbo Jean Havoc with all my being and I die on this hill.

See this in the app Show more.Throughout most of Demon Slayer, Zenitsu is seen as a coward with a lot of pent-up anxieties. Jul 24, - boruto naruto the movie - Background hd x I looked at him as he stood at the edge of the bed. Type: Angst. About reader gaara x Jealous lemon. See details. Pairings: Hinata-Neji, Hinata-Naruto. And a pain in the ass.

Va core values commitment statement 4. She's torn away from Neji, her twin brother, when her father dies in order to become Hinata's servant. Kakashi could sense your tension. You said if you could fly You would leave all … Neji is definitely a more aggressive yandere, but he is never physically violent with you. Then one day you weren't.

Shikamaru Nara. You suddenly wake up and realise that you seem to be in a classroom but you didn't know how you got there. Geralt x Injured reader Neji x reader lemon.

I was listening to 'reparatio' by astolatread by lazulus :' Thank god for fics writers and podfic readers. Read Neji x reader [Trash] pt.

About x lemon reader gaara Jealous. Ch 2 - Waiting out the Storm - yandere Shigaraki x reader. She was talking to me about how the throw a shurkien. Long italics are flashbacks and the short italics are just emphasis lol. We like that you both like comparing the size of the sticks you have jammed up your Type: Fluff with a little angst but not really.

Cover and memes are not mine. Feb 21, Article by Wattpad. Master and Pet Yandere! July Pinned Post lucifer x reader mammon x reader obey me x reader obey me x mc tbhk x reader minamoto teru x reader hanako x reader 5 notes Jan 16th, Open in app.

Description: The war was a long and brutal one. As you approached the door of the cave you all came to a stop, staring at the tag that sat upon the large boulder that blocked the entrance. Dean x Omega! Reader, Alpha!This is definitely the longest scenario I have written for this blog. This is not a subject to laugh about. It was only a matter of time before Stan came back from hanging out with his buddies and you felt a heavy weight on your heart.

You had to confront him now or this will go on forever. Anyone home? The dark-haired teen saw you on his bed. He smiled, pleasantly surprised to see you. You saw his beautiful smile but instead of having that warm feeling inside like you usually do or give a smile back, you wore a sad look of doubt and concern on your face. How long has this been going on? But that was such a long time ago, during their days in elementary school….

How could you not have told Kyle or Plantronics base red light about this?! You asked questions but Stan refused to even look at you, let alone answer you. His hands were fisted, turning his knuckles terrifyingly white. You had to persist. Tell you what?! Stan burst out in a torrent of verbal rage and frustration. His knees gave out from under him and he fell back onto his bed, hanging his head low in shame.

He never wanted you find out this way. He never wanted you to find out at all. You stared at the poor, broken boy in front of you, so fragile from the harsh reality he was unfortunately born into. Slowly, you kneel down in front of him between his feet and looked up to see his tired face and unshed tears.

Softly, you said these words. You held them tightly, hoping to reassure that you were really there.

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You saw the tears finally flowing down his cheeks and dripping onto your hands. You gently wiped his tears away and placed a soft, loving kiss on his quivering lips. Stan stared into your reassuring eyes and he lunged at you, quickly engulfing you in his arms, crushing you to him as though he might disappear if he loosened up. Everything ended in silence when he finally confessed those words. You turned your head to the broken pieces of glass and the alcohol spilled on the floor.

This was not going to be an easy road for the two of you. You knew there would be other obstacles waiting but you were going to be there for him when it comes. Index Message Archive Theme. Humble folks without temptation.

Stan x Fem!Nept, voiced by Masuo Amada. Publication date 13 Aug Discover the highlights of the web, filtered by millions of intelligent people around the world. The fine young man had just grown up.

You meet her after she kills Generica, your highschool crush and the actual eighth girlwho you originally confessed your love to. Later, he accompanied her to get it fixed and helped her by telling the clerk to send him the notice for the camera instead of her after observing the subtle suspicious actions of … Remake Classroom Of The Elite X Male Reader Anime Classroom Cute Anime Character Aesthetic Anime.

Akira Nishida and Kiyotaka Ayanokoji finally had their chance of freedom when they enrolled at Advanced Nurturing High school, the one place on Earth that Professor Ayanokoji could not reach. Uzair Miller. Classroom of the Elite Light Novel English. She never expected that fate still laid a dirty trick on her. In there two familiar figures pop out of it. Browse through and read popular the elite stories and books "Ayanokoji can you come over here for a second," Hirata said.

Remake classroom of the elite x male reader. Tom x Reader. Karma Akabane x Reader Assassination Classroom Everyone was already gone for the day but you had stayed behind.

Ruby Suzie. Specially hiyori and ichinose 7. She is unlocked after reaching Tenderness ISBN13 Kineshi Hairo. Reader Success Stories. Kenzo Tenma. Ibuki didn't believe that Ayanokouji is X, but more shocked seeing Albert and Ishizaki instantly defeated.

Rapper South Park Mexican Sentenced For Assault

He was fun and funny and so supportive. See more ideas about jujutsu, anime guys, aesthetic anime. Ken was a human who studied Japanese Literature at Kamii University and lived a relatively normal life. The prodigal genius of the 4th Generation White Room, feared and respected among those who know the extent of his abilities. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji the most badass main character - Classroom of the Elite. Bokuto x Reader. It's revealed later that Horikita went to the same middle school as Kushida, and Kushida thinks that Horikita witnessed "the event" that Kushida doesn't want anyone else to know.

But Yandere jeff the killer x reader lemon. Doug Erholtz as Fumimaro Ayanokoji. Oh well. Browse through and read popular the elite stories and books P. Lots of 'em. We express it in our own ways.Although everything takes place within the South Park universe, to me every new story you write feels like being taken into another world.

I wanted to thank you for letting us be a part of that world. Pete Goth. Original Prompts under construction. After I decided to break things off with him, I never bothered to look for him or any of his friends. Bebe is the only person I know in my friend group who has spoken to Craig or to Clyde.

(ooc) I’m so grateful people enjoy Hellpark!!!

Apparently Craig has been hooking up with others girls. He used me to piss off his parents. He knew that going out with a scholar like me would make his parents mad, his parents knew that if dated someone who was aiming to be an academic awardee Craig could get them involved with some bad shit causing them to lose their spot as an academic awardee. I bit my bottom lip as I remembered the feeling I had when I found he was just using me. Usually when someone speaks about Craig in front of me Wendy would always have my back by getting them to not talk about him.

Clyde asked me a few weeks ago if I knew anyone similar to you. It really is a dick move. I tried to erase everything that reminded me of Craig. The gifts he gave me, the messages he sent me and the blanket— Thinking about that blanket filled my mind with the intimate things I did with Craig that I felt disgusted.

I gave in. I let myself be fooled. Why did she apologize? Let the tears out. I could feel the tears roll down my cheek as I raised my head. I should have been more cautious. A few days have passed and I was walking the hallway alone. Bebe had to do something for class and Wendy was at a meeting.

If it was coming from someone else I would have denied, but seeing it was coming from Stan, someone who hated Craig I started to have second thoughts. I would have just gotten mad at him. I was curious on what he meant, but at the same time. Maybe even both.

I was too distracted by who was on top of the woman to even recognize who she is. It was a horrible sight. As I was storming off I bumped into Clyde.

Oddly enough it reminded me of Bebe.I wrote it based off of another quote just for fun. Craig Tucker was a big, stupid jerk. Everyone knew that.

Maybe it was because he hung out with my childhood friend Clyde, and I was miserably lonely. Or maybe it was because he bought me a cup of coffee in Tweak Bros. Maybe it was just because our personalities worked together. I have to admit, as stupid as it sounds, I like him. I hate having a crush on him because I know in no possible way will I ever have a chance with him. I leaned on the heel of my palm as I listened to Clyde drone on about football at the diner, squished between Tweek and Craig.

I felt so awkward, sitting there beside my crush and his secret boyfriend. Was I going to die? Did I want to? I snapped out of my thoughts, realizing that I had a deep frown on my lips. As much as he hated everyone, he still took the time to check up on me and ask how I was doing when he thought something was up.

He rarely did that with anyone else…well, besides Tweek. I smiled over at him weakly, nodding with just barely enough energy to seem real. He sighed, snatching up my hand and yanking me out of the booth. A yelp escaped my mouth as I stumbled after him. He then proceeded to drag me further away from the booth. In fact, it felt great. If not for the fact he was gay and I was totally getting the wrong idea. He sat down in one of the two person tables by the window and urged me to sit across from him.Log In Sign Up.

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After beating the game probably a tie between Cartman and Kyle for pure combat. Gotta love the AoEs. Stan is pretty rad but I prefer Butters. Just because it's Butters. Kyle pretty much FTKs every random encounter with his ability.

He's too damn good. Now if only they fixed the rest of the problems I don't have Kyle or Fat bastard yet but I prefer Jimmy so far. My main guy is a killer fighter and Jimmy's songs help tremendously. And his ability to regenerate the party's PP is great. If I didn't already have a kickass fight, I'd probably roll with Stan. Butters is pretty good too. Is special is mostly pretty awesome.

Butters is the best. His special heals ancient greece timeline, his abilities do good damage, and he does extra damage to all Zombies. Plus Professor Chaos Stand is next just for pure power. But hey that's just a theory A Game Theory! Kyle is OP, definitely the best companion to keep around once you unlock his arrows ability But butters is my favorite character and definitely 2nd best combat-wise so I keep him around most often My Shenmue Designs!

South Park, the most chaotic unpredictable town ever. You'd think every child would be tainted, you'd be wrong. Meet Y/N, the nicest oddball. Read Kenny x Innocent!Fem!Reader from the story South Park X Reader - One Shots or Yaoi One Shots by bonnie_rabbit (That_One_TodoDeku_Shipper) with Read Corruption (Damien x Innocent!Reader) from the story South Park x Reader One shots by CrystalTHPlayzGamez (Starkid Brings me JOY) with.

Discover more posts about south+park+x+reader. thumbthumb Stamp by sequelle. Literature. Cutest Boy {South Park x Male!Reader} P2. let her stay and what if she fall for the Poor Kid in town one of Eric's so called friends and what if your not as innocent as you seem.

South Park X Reader - One Shots or Yaoi One Shots

Kenny X reader. Violets (South Park x Reader) by SailorSun South Park/Reader - Freeform · reader is kind of dumbass · Innocent Reader · bisexual creek. I decided to make a south park scenarios blog cause I breathe tht shit everyday. Scenario request: Cartman x Reader bodyswap.

“Kenny?” “Yeah?” “I love you”. kenny mccormick kenny mccormick South Park south park angel requested omgtkkyb mysterion. x refers to shipping on the internet. I.E Tweek x Craig. So x reader would refer to people who pair themselves with the characters.

I.E Craig x. Read New Home New Kids: A South Park Various X Reader fanfiction written by the author animekpopfanlover1 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is others.

Friendly Faces Everywhere — Teen!Stan x Fem!Reader. M ratings Background Image: Team Stan (South Park) artist: chasikrat, Deviantart.

New Home New Kids: A South Park Various X Reader

Later that day you were asked out on a date. Fuckin- FINNALY. Thank god you guys figured it out. #hacker writes #south park #sp #sp kyle. You were about to go off again but Mysterion tackled you into a hug, his face buried into your shoulder. south park south park x reader south. He is voiced by Matt Stone and runs the South Park Church.

As a result, he points out that they are to spread the word of God, not harm the innocent. I am responding to the question, "I hate his oblivion, “innocence”, and attempts to bring Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny down (Scrotie McBoogerballs).

I also hated. sleeplessdreamer14 said: Max x (semi-innocent) little sister! (Think kinda like Kenny and Karen from South Park basically) and refuses.

South Park and philosophy: you know, I learned something today / edited by part, refused to execute an innocent person, or to try generals for. You move in the shadow when nobody sees you searching for the bullies who bother your innocent and vulnerable Butters. There is a person who. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman go to a theatre to see Asses of Fire, which stars the boys' favorite Canadian comedy duo.