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You must be extremely careful with the wires, especially if you cannot solder them back on yourself if they break off. A T-7 Torx bit is needed to take the back cover off. Also remove the battery cover and batteries. The film must be removed. Use heat from a hair dryer to warm adhesive. Remove entire film. Adhesive will be left behind and must be cleaned up. Use Isopropyl alcohol and soak for about 5 minutes.

Keep applying isopropyl to keep it from drying up. Clean adhesive with paper towel or rag. If you have Goo-Gone adhesive remover that will make this easier. Just a little soaked in a Q-Tip should do the trick.

Clean up with Isopropyl after. Leaving some adhesive is OK but must be away from the button contact areas. Peel brown paper off membrane.

It can be difficult to start and you may want to use a sharp blade to grab an edge. Once you have an edge, the thin brown paper comes off very easily. If the paper is not removing easily then you are probably peeling the multi-layer keypad apart!!

Use the holes to line up the keypad.

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DO NOT press down hard. Just put in place. The adhesive will keep the pad from moving as soon as it touches. The PCB has 4 larger holes that line up with some short posts on the top plastic housing. You can TEST the buttons after installation and re-assembly.

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The backlights will illuminate and flash every time a button is pressed except for the small round black button. Leaving some adhesive is OK but must be away from the button contact areas Peel brown paper off membrane.

There is a small plug for the hole in wireless units You can TEST the buttons after installation and re-assembly. Qty Add to Cart.About Chevrolet Silverado Snow Plows. The or amp was for heavy duty applications like the snow plow prep package. Add to cart. Give us a call at or visit us to test drive this GMC Sierra today. Note: Your truck may already have the factory harness included as a loose part [in the glove box].

Follow the latest version of GM Upfitter Bulletin for mounting the relay. Then you purchase the Fisher harness and install part of it on the plow side. If you desire to discover the ideal offer, placing in effort and time is essential. Installation charges will be waived only if the jumper is The GM bulletin gives you explanation of whats happening and how to get it fixed.

Consider the fact I have a Unimount. Select your Vehicle Year above to see more products. Extra wiring near the front of the truck for the blade controls, skid plates, and I think a G80 posi rear end. Odometer is miles below market average! Air dam, Black; Bumper, front chrome Includes body-color bumper end caps.

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This is done at no charge. This is for trucks that have the snow plow prep package because they have the larger alternator.

High idle switch; Includes hitch platform with tray to accept ball, stamped bed holes with removable caps installed and bed mounted 7-pin trailer harness similar to UY2 harness. Instrument panel jumper wiring harness for an electric trailer brake Axles I doubd are the deciding factor seeing how you can get factory snow plow prep from GM and Ford for the 's. Alot of guys don't use it but, its recommended to use it. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping.

High idle switch; Onyx Black; Includes hitch platform with tray to accept ball, stamped bed holes with removable caps installed and bed mounted 7-pin trailer harness similar to UY2 harness.

Funny thing now is the standard alternator on a now is the or a and the heavy duty is bigger. The snow plow prep package now consists of heavier torsion bars, amp altenator, provisions for roof mounted lights. Meyer residential and professional snow plows and salt spreaders are backed by the industry's best warranty. GVWR, 12, lbs. Contact the seller Power-V Wiring Schematic.

Call us at Cut the tape holding the harness coil. SKU: FK Quick View. That has all the codes in there.Search: Search. Phone: My Account. My Account Checkout Log In. Search: GO. My Cart 0. You have no items in your shopping cart. SnoWay Parts Controllers. SnoWay Parts Breakdowns. Hiniker Parts Breakdowns.

The ProControl II has a yellow casing on the brain box. The older ProControl I still has a yellow controller but the brain box casing is black. The oldest controllers are the "Legacy Controllers" which are gray with a black brain box.

If either component of your legacy gray controller is malfunctioning it is recommended to upgrade to the ProControl II system. When upgrading a legacy system you will need a solenoid wire harness kit along with a complete ProControl II control assembly receiver and transmitter.

Two harness kits are available, one for straight blades and one for v-plows. Legacy Wireless controllers are obsolete, Legacy wired controllers will eventually become obsolete.

View as:. Sort By : Position Name Price. Show : 5 10 15 20 25 50 Add to Compare. Add to Cart. Best Seller. Shop By. My account.Sno-Way recommends using soap and water or isopropyl alcohol. Are there products I should not use to clean poly?

Abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, leaded gasoline or brake cleaner should NOT be used. These products will ruin polycarbonate.

Should I buy my Sno-Way plow with a polycarbonate or steel blade skin? Polycarbonate has extremely high impact strength, a low coefficient of friction and is proven to efficiently roll more snow than metal blade skins. Polycarbonate will not corrode. Steel blade skins provide maximum value and exceptional strength.

Can a polycarbonate blade skin break? Although very durable as a moldboard, polycarbonate can break. Most occurrences of breakage involve puncture of the poly skin by hitting an immovable object. Controller How do I program my wireless control? Programming a Sno-Way wireless control is quick and easy. Start by defiant bump key the wireless control.

Next, using a screwdriver, simultaneously touch both electrodes on the receiver module under pump cover until the green L. The light will stay green for approximately 8 seconds, then blink four times, then go out.

Remove the screwdriver from the electrodes. All transmission codes have now been erased from the receiver. Turn on the wireless control. The L. Cross the two electrodes with the screwdriver again. Remove the screwdriver. Operate any function on the control. The green L.Hopper spreader with back EMF control and hopper system speed control. Patent number: The method also includes the steps of measuring a voltage generated by the DC motor when the PWM signal is off. In more particular embodiments, the method includes measuring a current being supplied to the DC motor when the PWM signal is off.

The method may further require determining a motor speed of the DC motor based on the measured voltage. The method further includes controlling the DC motor to maintain a relatively constant motor speed with varying loads on the DC motor. Type: Grant. Filed: April 16, Date of Patent: October 12, Assignee: Sno-Way International. Inventors: Robert N. Gamble, II, Terry Wendorff.

Snowplow light control system. Abstract: An auxiliary lighting system for an auxiliary device and methods are provided. The auxiliary lighting system senses the operational state of various ones of the vehicle lights of the vehicle and operably controls the operational state of various auxiliary lights based on the operational state of one or more of the vehicle lights. The method includes controlling the auxiliary lighting system based on the operational state of the vehicle lights.

Filed: November 5, Date of Patent: July 6, Assignee: Sno-Way International, Inc. Inventors: Timothy G. Koch, Wilhelm F.In fact the very same Mazda2 nose was already running off the production lines in Thailand in Octoberso it seems most peculiar that the facelifted cars are only just starting to arrive in UK showrooms. In preparation for Memorial Day, the Consumer Federation of America has released a list of tips that will help you pinch pennies at the pump.

Most of these are the same evergreen recommendations that pop up for every road-trip holiday, and some of them are getting a bit stale. Choice of 18 models, 2WD and 4WD, diesel and petrol. The Mazda CX-5 arrived officially at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year and now, with it set to arrive in UK showrooms in the spring and order books open, Mazda has revealed details of the CX-5 models on offer in the UK, and their price.

The CX-5 is the first production Mazda to get the new SkyActiv technology in the two engines on offer — a 2. Location: Bloomer, Wisconsin, United States. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.I plowed with it Saturday for the first time and it is slow to react if it does at all and as a result I'm tearing up my customers grass and hitting curbs.

I think my used plow is a as it has the From snowplowforums. Category : Medium and Heavy Trucks. Show More. Show Less. Share this conversation. Technician: Andy, Truck Diagnostic Technician replied 6 years ago.

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Andy, Truck From justanswer. The Sno-Way Warranty Registration card for the product must be properly filled out and mailed to Sno-Way within 30 days of date of purchase to obtain the … From fccid. Sno-Way has the right spreader to fit your deicing job. Find a Dealer.

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Schedule a Demo. Truck Plows. For three decades, Sno-Way has been designing snow plows that have helped thousands of users remove snow more quickly and with greater efficiency. From pacelink. The plow was very slow to respond and often did not respond to the RF remote until I lifted it up to the roof of the truck. It seems like there is some interference from the dash in my Chevy Silverado Z71 because it reacts fine from outside the Nov 28, 1 Hello everyone, Brand new to this and have only owned this plow for 2 years, bought it used.

This year getting ready to use it and try to hook it up, but my wired remote says no receiver. There is a red light blinking on the module and normally when its … From plowsite.

Prices subject to change depending on size of driveway. OWNER'S MANUAL.

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PROCONTROL IITM WIRELESS OPERATING. SYSTEM PACKAGE., Sno-Way®, Down Pressure® and EIS® are registered. Programming Receiver to Learn Transmitter Code (Wireless Control) . 3. Wire Harness Installation, Control Harness (Hard-Wired Control).

Wireless Snow Plow Control Users Manual details for FCC ID QEO made by Sno-Way International, Inc. Document Includes User Manual User manual instruction guide for Wireless Snow Plow Control Sno-Way International, Inc. Setup instructions, pairing guide, and how to reset.

Sno-Way Service Parts Manuals are available for purchase from your authorized Sno-Way dealer. Request part number for the 22 Series Snow Plow. Factory. so i bought a truck recently that had a snoway mt22 on it, I bought a used remote (old one was broken per seller) I tried to pair the new.

SNOWAY WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLER | PAGE 2 | SNOWPLOW FORUMS JOYSTICK SNOW PLOW CONTROLLER USER MANUAL MANUAL. A control system and method for operating a snow plows is disclosed which utilizes a programmable, wireless remote control for providing fully functional.

This was exactly what i needed to change my plow over to wired operation. Easy to install direct connection to my wireless controller harness. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SNOWAY Pro Control 2 Wireless Transmitter at the best online prices at eBay! Snoway controls, wireless, wired, remote, snow plow controls, pro control. I'm thinking about a new Jeep and would put the SnoWay on it. The dealer tells me that he only orders the plows with the wireless system.

They'. We have 1 Sno-Way PROCONTROL manual available for free PDF download: Installation & Owner's Manual Transmitter Code (Wireless Procontrol TM). Sno-Way Parts Logo Control Box with Base Plate · Sno-Way $1, Adding Wireless Transmitter Product Image. Controllers · SNOWAY PRO CONTROL II WIRED · SNOWAY PRO CONTROL II WIRELESS · SNOWAY KIT, SOLENOID HARNESS PROCONTROL STRAIGHT BLADE. In-Stock Snoway snow and ice products: 1) Snoway 29R series plow with down pressure, foursite lighting, wireless remote control and snow deflector.

The wireless demonstration device and USB receiver has an exclusive code. You should replacement codes. If it doesn't work, you only rebuy it. Service Bulletin for Wireless Pro Control II Has this happened to you? The wireless ProControl II loses communication on start up or during. Check for a broken battery box in the control. jhess; said: Also, although it seems silly, Sno-Way recommends ENERGIZER brand batteries as.

USED SNO-WAY SNOWAY Wireless Controller Pro Control ST-MT-HT 32 - $ FOR SALE! Used Wireless pro control one handheld controller for.