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Hysteria is a feature-packed network utility optimized for networks of poor quality e. It currently has the following features: still growing! Note: This is only a bare-bones example to get the server and client running. Go to Advanced usage for all the available options. Hysteria requires a TLS certificate. It does not have to be valid and trusted, but in that case the clients need additional configuration.

To use your own existing TLS certificate, refer to this config:. If the passwords of the server and client do not match, no connection can be established. Therefore, this can also serve as a simple password authentication. For more advanced authentication schemes, see auth below. Feel free to remove them if you don't need. If your config file is not named config. Same as the server side, create a config. There are many other modes in Hysteria, be sure to check them out in Advanced usage!

To enable or disable a mode, simply add or remove its entry in the config file. Try to fill in these values as accurately as possible according to your network conditions, as they are crucial for Hysteria to work optimally. Some users may attempt to forward other encrypted proxy protocols such as Shadowsocks with relay. While this technically works, it's not optimal from a performance standpoint - Hysteria itself uses TLS, considering that the proxy protocol being forwarded is also encrypted, and the fact that almost all sites are now using HTTPS, it essentially becomes triple encryption.

If you need a proxy, just use our proxy modes. If you are a commercial proxy provider, you may want to connect Hysteria to your own authentication backend. The endpoint must return results with HTTP status code even if the authentication failed :.

Certain networks may impose various restrictions on UDP traffic or block it altogether. Hysteria offers a "faketcp" mode that allows servers and clients to communicate using a protocol that looks like TCP but does not actually go through the system TCP stack.

This tricks whatever middleboxes into thinking it's actually TCP traffic, rendering UDP-specific restrictions useless.

Stash is a rule-based proxy client with multiple proxy protocol support

This mode is currently only supported on Linux both client and server and requires root privileges. If you want to use Hysteria for very high speed transfers e. For devices with very limited computing power and RAM, turning off obfuscation can bring a slight performance boost. The default receive window size for both Hysteria server and client is 64 MB.I was visiting China recently my first time there. Oh boy, I was wrong. If you try this, or even a basic OpenVPN setup, you will quickly find out your VPN works fine for about 5 minutes, but then latency increases to 5sec, 10sec, 30sec!

After some research I read online the government does deep packet analysis and uses machine learning to find heuristics to guess which TCP connection or UDP stream is likely being used as a VPN. When they think there is a high probability a VPN is detected, they simply start dropping all the packets. Encryption is not enough. All these tools try to obfuscate and hide VPNs. I have a lot of respect for all these Chinese hackers like clowwindy who try to escape censorship, as it takes more technical prowess than you think to design a VPN that works in China.

I am in Iranyou cannot believe itsame hereThey use deep packet inspection too, they will shut every package down. Connection to outside web is almost impossible. I have noticed they have multiple situation, for example when everything's quiet internet is not so bad despite the fact bandwidth is extremely low for huge amount of peoplebut when some news came out about government corruption, guess what? In green movement they closed every https connection.

I have heard he did want to do something but supreme leader and his people stopped him. A few years ago I had a friend visiting Iran who wanted unrestricted access to sites.

I didn't have any personal Linux servers on the internet at the time, but I did have a Windows one with Remote Desktop licenses.

It turned out that RDP actually worked pretty well. I did hesitate to post this in case it's seen by the wrong people! I wonder if it was available because it was relatively little known and, if so, what other little known protocols might be available. SeeDave on Aug 22, root parent next [—]. You can RDP into a machine and use the browser there. Falkirks on Aug 22, root parent next [—]. But you have to send a packet every time the remote screen changes.

It is much more demanding on network resources than a VPN and thus will be more difficult to use on a daily basis. MarcosDione on Aug 23, root parent prev next [—].

Why nos havig a local cache like wwwoffle someone has to reimplement such a thing or squid? You can get arrested for hosting illegal web content. All public facing servers in China must be registered at the government, or they can get raided. I'm not sure but I suspect that they got the technology hardware and software from China too.

As a Chinese netizen I don't know if I should be proud that we have world-class advanced technology or be ashamed. Possibly ashamed. At first China also used Cisco's stuff, but soon they could't keep up with the requirements of the Chinese govt. It is said that they now use supercomputers to parse, analyse and block and even inject, remember GitHub? Oh I just gave away so much secret.

I'm so doomed. Everything above are just made up stories. Don't believe me. Don't track me down. There's one mistake on your statements. It's at Beiyou U that Fang Binxing get all those things dones.

It is not a secret at allInstructions for Windows and Mac. NordVPN always has a good deal on for a 2 or 3 year plan. Check the current best available deal below. I will leave this guide up for historical purposes and replace it with a new guide for Surfshark or NordVPN when I have more time. You do not need to change the port number, or add the proto-tcp line, or remove the fragment directive. NOTE — If you are just looking for fast internet connection in China, it is not necessary to do all of this.

Rather, you can carefully choose a one of the best VPNs to use in China. But that is not enough by itself. You also need to choose the right server to connect to for high performance in China. For example, sometimes the USA servers that work for streaming Netflix in China are not fast enough for reliable streaming during peak bandwidth hours at night.

For example, here is the speed of the ExpressVPN Los Angeles server during peak hours at night pm when the international bandwidth in China is severely congested. Here is the speed of the same server, just a few minutes later, after I tunneled the connection over my Aliyun Hong Kong Shadowsocks server.

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In addition to providing better speed on servers that do not normally perform well in China, there is another use case for OpenVPN over Shadowsocks. Shadowsocks, by itself, can offer really good speeds. But it lacks the security, privacy, and anonymity of a real VPN. Alternatively, if you prefer to use a paid Shadowsocks service, I recommend WannaFlix. This tutorial is written for Windows users, but there are some notes at the bottom of the page for MacOS users.

Here are some options. Windows — OpenVPN free. Mac — Tunnelbick free. I am using the newest version, which is version 2. Now choose Manual Config and download the. For this tutorial, I will use the Los Angeles server. Keep this page open because you will need to copy the username and password later.

Add the following line. If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, you may need to add one more line to the config file to stop DNS leaks. You may need to update your OpenVPN client if you are using an older version. Alternatively, you can use this plugin for older versions. In my case, the folder is located here. I have also renamed the file so I can easily identify the connection.

Whatever you name this file is what will be shown in the OpenVPN client. If you are using Viscosity, then you can save the file anywhere and then right-click the saved. Open the Shadowsocks client and choose your desired server, but do not enable the system proxy. The shadowsocks proxy is always running when the client is open, even when the system proxy is disabled. We want to leave the system proxy disabled because we are using the VPN connection. The specific steps will depend on your OpenVPN client.

Note — If you only have one. The first time you connect, you will be prompted to enter your username and password, which you can copy from the ExpressVPN setup page shown in step 2 or the credentials area of your VPN provider. If you want to share this very fast VPN over shadowsocks connection with other devices besides your computer, you can set up a virtual VPN router.

The below image shows my actual streaming speed on Netflix though the graph in my firewall software.Silence censorship. Automate the effect. The Internet can be a little unfair. It's way too easy for ISPs, telecoms, politicians, and corporations to block access to the sites and information that you care about.

V2rayn free vmess

But breaking through these restrictions is tough. Or is it? Please read all installation instructions carefully before proceeding. Streisand is based on Ansiblean automation tool that is typically used to provision and configure files and packages on remote servers. Streisand automatically sets up another remote server with the VPN packages and configuration.

Streisand will spin up and deploy another server on your chosen hosting provider when you run on your home machine e. Usually, you do not run Streisand on the remote server as by default this would result in the deployment of another server from your server and render the first server redundant whew! Support for local provisioning i. Streisand locally configuring the system on which it is installed will be added soon. As of now, Windows is not supported. All of the following commands should be run inside a Terminal session.

Python 2. If your distribution packages Python 3 instead, you will need to install version 2. If you do not have an SSH key, you can generate one by using this command and following the defaults:. On OS X via Homebrew. Install the pip package management system for Python. On Debian and Ubuntu also installs the dependencies that are necessary to build Ansible and that are required by some modules. Install Ansible. Install the necessary Python libraries for your chosen cloud provider.

Important note if you are using a Homebrew-installed version of Python you should also run these commands to make sure it can find the necessary libraries:. Follow the prompts to choose your provider, the physical region for the server, and its name. You will also be asked to enter API information. Once login information and API keys are entered, Streisand will begin spinning up a new remote server. Wait for the setup to complete this usually takes around ten minutes and look for the corresponding files in the 'generated-docs' folder in the Streisand repository directory.

All instructions, files, mirrored clients, and keys for the new server can then be found on the Gateway. You are all done!Can't wait to give this a spin next time I'm in China. Streisand[1] claims that Wireguard can jump the GFW and I'm interested in seeing how the performance stacks up compared to Shadowsocks with simple-obfs. I can tell the app to only turn my VPN on when on wifi, for example, since global roaming is itself essentially a VPN back to my home telco.

Can I expect the Wireguard app to feature something similar in time? Typically this manifests as windows of time typically a few minutes where no traffic to the VPN gets through. However, unlike an openVPN solution WireGuard recovers without having to bounce the tunnel or constantly reconnect.

The GFW is not a monolithic entity though so be aware that performance and blocking characteristics can vary widely between cities, ISPs, and sometimes even between cell towers. VPN on demand features are on the iOS todo list.

GFW probing is an interesting subject, and it's great that WireGuard can't really be probed it does not respond at all to handshakes that do mulondo herb use an expected key. NamTaf on Nov 7, parent prev next [—]. That's all good news. I'm aware that them blackholing all UDP traffic is always going to be an issue, but it's good to hear that Wireguard recovers gracefully.

So, too, does Shadowsocks. The really nice thing about WireGuard on Linux is that it acts like a regular network device and thus you can use iptables or network namespaces for free with it. Very clean and genius design that eradicates the need for any client support as well as removing the potential for leaking at the network device level if you configure it in the "container" mode where you move your host network devices into an inaccessible network namespace and only provide wg0 on the host.

The really nice thing is the full in-kernel implementation, and the lack of configurability. Right, sorry. I was comparing it to the shadow-socks project GP was referring to. In fact one of the rootless containers subprojects I've worked on is using TAP to allow for unprivileged network bridge emulation for rootless containers.

Fnoord on Nov 7, root parent prev next [—]. I was wondering if the behaviour of recovering gracefully or not gives away if its a specific VPN? VPN fingerprinting is simple in most cases. The preamble to stateful VPN session initiation is generally trivial to detect.

So yes, this behavior could be potentially used as a heuristic distinguisher for a pointer phenoma 20 gauge packet inspection tool. Is WG generating that message or something else? NamTaf on Nov 8, root parent next [—]. Who knows?Widely used in mainland China, Shadowsocks is a free and open-source utility tool developed by a Chinese programmer named clowwindy in This security and privacy software connects you to a third-party socks5 proxy that is designed to protect your internet traffic.

It gives off a highly-secured and industry level encryption algorithm that is also flexible to support custom algorithms. Moreover, many package manager systems such as pip, aur, and fresh posts can be easily deployed here. The auto-switching of servers can be sorted by the load balance which is chosen randomly, high availability which selects the best sever, and lastly, selecting by total package loss. If you wish to connect to a server through a plugin, you must set the plugin's path—relative or absolute—on the Edit Servers form.

Bear in mind that one of the system requirements for this software tool to work properly is Microsoft. NET Framework 4. Shadowsocks does an exemplary job especially at protecting your internet traffic. It provides an ultra-fast connection as well as highly-secured and flexible encryption. It also supports many package management systems that can easily be deployed. Just make sure that you meet all the required requirements for this to properly work.

Have you tried Shadowsocks? Be the first to leave your opinion! Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

In Softonic we scan all the files hosted on our platform to assess and avoid any potential harm for your device. Our team performs checks each time a new file is uploaded and periodically reviews files to confirm or update their status. This comprehensive process allows us to set a status for any downloadable file as follows:.

We have scanned the file and URLs associated with this software program in more than 50 of the world's leading antivirus services; no possible threat has been detected.

Based on our scan system, we have determined that these flags are possibly false positives. It means a benign program is wrongfully flagged as malicious due to an overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in an antivirus program.No need to configure settings manually. If you're in mainland China, we recommend the following configuration change: Support both Shadowsocks without obfs and V2Ray servers.

Using v2ray will not be detected like using a VPN. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 2 in the world. Since Maythere have been numerous anecdotal reports of the blocking of Shadowsocks from Chinese users.

Please enable it to continue. Some software, websites … Ts2ray is a v2ray configuration generation package based on typescript. The app does not update the server list automatically. In the popped up window, fill in the remote subscription URL, and give the config a name in the field Config Name. It's like magic. Docker is a new virtualization technology that is different from traditional virtualization platform.

User activity kept private. VPN stops working after [email protected] Usage. V2Ray is described as 'A platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions'.

It secures your network connections and thus protects your privacy. It can work alone, as well as combine with other tools. V2Ray has a big advantage over other tools as it has a separated transport layer that allow users choose different ways that packets transmitted between the V2Ray server and the client. Subscription method is commonly used on various Apps and softwares to make sure your configurations updated instantly. Download V2Ray for free.

Star Using measurement experiments, we find that the GFW uses the length and entropy of the first data packet in each connection V2Ray supports inbound traffic that can be sent from different outlets according to configuration. Perfect UI Design. Support adding servers from a subscription URL. Dark Sky provides the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information.

LogLevel Enum Microsoft. To review, open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters. Hello! I'm using SS + v2ray plugin (Websocket TLS + CloudFlare CDN). I can't get Skype VOIP calls go through with shadowrocket on iOS and.

Shadowrocket () * add group load balancing supports * add socks5 udp relay supports * add VLESS protocol supports * add clash yaml import. In short,In the end iOS,I changed to Shadowrocket ,It was born as independent,This will lead to if you want to forward the UDP,So. PHP based & Composer supported. 中文文档 Contributing. Features. TCP/UDP support; IPV4/DOMAINNAME/IPV6 support; Graceful restart; Monolog Logger.

A socks5 proxy to build your own shadowsocks private network. PHP based & Composer supported. 中文文档 Contributing. Features. TCP/UDP support; IPV4/DOMAINNAME/. Check Shadowrocket app version history. fix subscribe server update issue; * fix URL import parse issue; * fix VLESS UDP relay issue. alibo/shadowrocket-docker:latest EXPOSE /tcp /udp. 0 B. ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/sh" "-c" "python.

0 B. Vulnerabilities. Command. A Docker image for ShadowsocksR (ShadowRocket, SSR) -e "SSR_OBFS=http_post_compatible" \ -p \ -p /udp \ alibo/shadowrocket-docker. internet traffic can then be directed through the proxy. Unlike an SSH tunnel, shadowsocks can also proxy User Datagram Protocol (UDP) traffic. shadowrocket. firstly for me, This is a great app. Remove all HTTP / HTTPS / TCP / UDP traffic on your device and redirect to your proxy server. Does not support UDP. Shadowsocks; Shadowscale; Shadowrocket; VPNGUI in WEB mode; VPNGUI in OpenVPN TCP mode1; Browser plugins; SoftEther1.

Shadowrocket 正式版更新 * fix server attributes cache issue * fix udp over tcp relay issue 官方地址: A proxy server that implements Socks5/Shadowsocks/Redirect/HTTP (tcp) and Shadowsocks/TProxy/Tunnel (udp) protocols.

Shadowrocket Adblock Rules. Stash is a rule-based proxy client with multiple proxy protocol support. - Handle TCP / UDP / ICMP traffic and forward to any proxy.

因为这似乎只是客户端的问题,服务器端用v2ray开的ss也是可以正常udp转发呢。 Using VPN can block safari from webrtc leakage, but Shadowrocket can not do. Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad. Shadowrocket. Features. Supports shadowsocks, ssr, socks5, socks5+tls, http, https, vmess, lua protocols.

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Country, Server address, Port OpenVPN-TAP-UDP, OpenVPN-TUN-UDP/TCP, Socks5 Proxy, HTTP Proxy. Argentina - Buenos Aires(Virtual),, Both TCP and UDP connections are supported.

Multiple clients can easily share the same certificates and keys, but five separate sets are generated by. Shadowrocket. 14 avril Écrit par Shadow Launch Technology Limited fix VMess UDP relay issue. / 5 (78 votes). How does shadow rocket work? How do you use Shadowrocket on a Mac? How do I use shadowsocks can also proxy User Datagram Protocol (UDP) traffic.