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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Indian Flute has a magical sound that is reminiscent of the core Indian culture. We prepared this library so film composers and beat makers can make the most of it with ease, inject some world flair with speed and work with a wealth of unique inspiration. Kontakt engine lets you play legato and staccato solo instruments together with time synced patterns and additional key mapped phrases and the whole WAV content is also available for direct use as in most of our libraries.

This gives you, the customer, the right to use these sounds to make music without paying any royalties or license fees ever! For more details see here. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Play Now. Indian Flute [Kontakt Instrument]. Download options Download Options Multi Format. Add to Cart. How To Buy. Add To My Collection. No Subscription Needed. Buy When You Want. Exclusive Content. Instant Download. Pre-Cleared Samples.

Made With Love. London More From This Label. Add to Collection Play Now. Bundle Deal: Rare Instruments Collection [4. Customers Also Bought. Check items to add to the cart or select all. Download Includes. Please Note: Kontakt Full v. Compatible Software. For more info visit our FAQ. Weekly deals, freebies, new packs and producer tips! Sign up to our free newsletter and receive loyalty points to spend! Content Partners:. Login Register Registered Customers. If you have an account, sign in with your email address.Our latest sample pack has a very distinct Southern feel.

It not only features the ancestral Veena - the iconic instrument of Goddess Saraswati - but also 2 new Ghatams, 2 Kanjeeras and 2 Morsing instruments. All perfectly resampled in multiple layers, multiple mics, 48kHz, 24 bits. You will also enjoy 50 beautiful clips of Veena to draw inspiration from. We are happy to inform you we have just released a new SwarPlug update that has the following main enhancements:. Not only the sound quality, but also the layout of its different playing styles, so that loops created for an instrument will work on similar instruments.

The clearest example is for Tanpuras, where all 10 available tanpuras have now their strings mapped exactly in the same way, which makes it very simple to drag a loop and audition it with different instruments to select the one we prefer. Another example is for Sitar, Sarod, Surbahar that are now mapped similarly and can therefore share the same loops. Of course, we don't want to mess up your existing projects, so the tracks created earlier should still load their original preset.

You can also select it in the presets drop-down, starting with "00". Finally, we have also put in efforts to improve the quality of loops available for each instrument and also added for some. Tanpuras, for instance now have long loops in each possible pitch, different first note Pa or Ma and in different playing styles gap after first string, after last string, etc This makes it extremely easy to create a tanpura track for your project. SwarPlug 4 users can get this update free of cost in our Updates section.

Updated presets and loops can be downloaded directly from the Swar Dashboard, at the end of the installation. Home SwarPlug. Try a Demo Order Now! About SwarPlug What's New Last Update Key features Over 80 perfectly sampled Indian instruments Customisable mapping of playing areas with specific parameters settings Multi-mic fader for ML instruments MPE support Cross-Legato mode for seamless cross-fading pitch bendings Scales customisation with semitone tuning Modulations panel with large array of modulation possibilities Time-stretching Buses and effect and much more ML Pack 7.

SwarPlug v 4. You can change this number of beats to fit your requirements and then the dragged loop will fit exactly within that. Improved loops Finally, we have also put in efforts to improve the quality of loops available for each instrument and also added for some.Each percussion instrument features patterns, fills, and single hits assigned to the keyboard.

Play rich musical phrases with ultra-realistic articulations pre-mapped to the keyboard. Explore the scales of the Indian tradition, adjust them to taste, and map them to your keyboard.

Each melodic instrument can be played to a drone, and mixed and enhanced with reverb. Some of these payment methods might not be supported in your country. Learn more. Nine percussion instruments sampled in rich detail. The onboard groove player allows editing and delivers drag-and-drop MIDI. Mix low and high sounds of each percussion instrument. Six melodic instruments with detailed playability options. The ensemble features all percussion and a selection of melodic instruments. Play the entire ensemble from your keyboard.

Authentic patterns for instant composition and exploration. The mixer page lets you find the perfect instrumental blend. Virtuoso musicianship sampled in unprecedented detail.

The Best Kontakt Libraries in 2017 - 131 Free & Premium Downloads

Whether you need a touch of new spice in your productions or true-to-life performance, INDIA has you covered. Play the rhythmic cycles called 'talas' from the onboard groove player. The scales of this musical culture called 'ragas' can be mapped to your keyboard in a number of ways and adjusted to taste for the perfect mood.

Easy-to-use mixer and effects sections let you tailor the levels of the instruments and space in your mix without stepping out of your creative flow.

Groove, Feel, and Intensity controls allow instant changes to the depth, rhythmic precision, and dynamics. And carefully-designed snapshots provide instant variations of each instrument performance. Native Browser shows you all your presets at a glance. Native Map automatically assigns all instrument parameters to the display knobs. Light Guide shows melodic ornamentations on the left hand and notes of a scale on the right hand and more — color-coded and ready to play.Traditional Japanese taiko drums performed by a master percussionist.

The most versatile solo taiko drum library available. An avant-garde piano with a twist: its felt hammers were replaced by real metal hammers. Featuring a unique percussive voice and the dynamic responsiveness of a regular piano!

A majestic full pipe organ with unparalleled depth and versatility. Featuring realistic crescendo and swell controls, and 39 individually sampled stops!

Free collection of 13 hand percussion instruments to add shimmer, shake, and energy to your tracks. Three inspiring, soothing, and expressive flutes handcrafted in the majestic mountains of Patagonia. Transcendental tuned percussion ensemble with 12 individual instruments, fine control, and an authentic Indonesian sound. Includes over custom and artist presets. Cyclops is an all-purpose collection of drum oneshots, loops, MIDIs, and Serum presets to take your modern electronic tracks to the next level.

The ultimate free electric bass for Kontakt, with a classic p-bass tone and detailed fingerstyle playing. Our most versatile electric bass with a legendary warm tone!


Play fingered, slapped, picked and much more. The legendary Shreddage 1 is completely upgraded! Six strings of heavy metal bliss, drop-tuned to Bb. A haunting, mysterious Armenian woodwind ideal for cinematic music. The most detailed and realistic virtual duduk ever! Highly expressive and playable lap steel guitar ideal for jazz, bluegrass, country, and other classic American music genres! The next evolution of Shreddage Bass 2! Features a floor-shaking, custom 6 string Muckelroy bass recorded through an analog tube DI for maximum warmth and fatness.

A beautiful Sadowsky Jim Hall model hollowbody guitar with two pickups and a clear, warm tone. Great for both clean and amped playing, jazz, funk, blues, and more. The next evolution of Shreddage 2 SRP! An all-American 7-string electric guitar with a well-rounded tone and supreme flexibility. The next evolution of Shreddage 2 IBZ! Features an ultra-aggressive Japanese 7-string electric guitar with a bright, biting tone perfect for metal.

The next evolution of Shreddage 2! Shreddage 3 Stratus Free is a free version of our Shreddage 3 Stratus next-generation virtual guitar instrument great for rock, metal, funk, blues, pop and much more!

Shreddage 3 Stratus is a next-generation virtual guitar instrument great for rock, metal, funk, blues, pop and much more! Cosmos is an evocative synth powered by atmospheric, pulsating, and ambient sounds and inspired by the wonders of outer space. Our definitive acoustic guitar rhythm instrument!Please note: This library requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.

Please note: This product requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5. Please note that the free Kontakt Player version 6. Please note: Requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.

Please note: Native Access is required to activate Output's Kontakt based instruments. Please note : Requires full version of Kontakt version 5. Kontakt free player is not supported. Please note: The full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5. The free Kontakt "Player" and "Add Library" import process do not support this standard open-format Kontakt library.

It will not work with the free Kontakt Player. Please note: This library is designed for the full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5. Please note: The included Kontakt Files require the full version of Kontakt 6. They will not work in the free Kontakt Player. Please note: This library is licensed for use in the free Kontakt Player.

It can be used in Kontakt Player or the full retail version of Kontakt. It requires online registration through the Native Instruments Native Access system.

Please Note: The full unlocked retail version of Kontakt 5. Windows 7 or later or macOS Please note: This library contains Kontakt files for the fully purchased Kontakt 6. It will not work in the free Kontakt Player. Please note : You will need the full version of Kontakt 3. It will not work on Kontakt Player except in demo mode. Please note: You will need the full version of Kontakt 6. Please note: Requires Kontakt Player version 5.

Shreddage 3 License needed to use this product is included in the price of this product. Therefore you do not need to worry about purchasing a seperate license for any possible future Shreddage 3 titles you may purchase. Please note: Shreddage 3 License needed to use this product is included in the price of this product.

Please note: The full version of Kontakt 5. Its sophisticated sound engine, wide array of effects, powerful modulation possibilities, and advanced scripting brings a universe of sound to life with unrivalled playability and realism. And with an ever-growing feature set, Kontakt continues to be the sample engine used by the world's top composers, producers, and artists.

View all Kontakt Libraries by Gothic Instruments. View all Kontakt Libraries by Best Service. View all Kontakt Libraries by Zero-G. View all Kontakt Libraries by Cinesamples. View all Kontakt Libraries by Impact Soundworks. Get access to exclusive discounts, reward points, VIP benefits, new-release alerts and much more.

Close search. Loyalty Points Home Products expand. Please note : Full retail version of Kontakt 5.Do you want to learn music production faster than ever? Infinding the best Kontakt Libraries is no easy feat Kontakt is one of the greatest tools in a producer's arsenal for getting rich, organic sounds. We took the time to test and compile some of our favorite Kontakt banks, made by some stellar companies.

The result is a string library that is easy to use, composer-friendly, with unparalleled recording quality. The patches contain some of the most realistic True Legato ever created for soloistic string writing. Cinesamples Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato Tina Guo's distinctly emotive acoustic cello captured as a solo legato patch utilizing a brand new recording and programming technique - introducing Seamless Legato. Cinesamples Viola Da Gamba The Viola da Gamba is a 6-stringed bowed and fretted instrument that first appeared in Spain in the mid to late 15th century and was most popular in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Cinesamples CineWinds PRO CineWinds PRO expansion fills out the remainder of the orchestral woodwind section, and also offers an eclectic choice of ethnic, Renaissance, and period wind instruments most often used in film scoring.

Featuring wonderfully organic recordings, and groundbreaking programming, HWW is quickly becoming the leading woodwind solution for composers around the world. Cinesamples CineBrass Descant Horn Pro horn players often pull out this instrument for delicate higher passages and it's great for soaring solos.

Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions marries this concept with the majesty of a symphony-sized string section recorded at the legendary Air Studios. As a layering tool it can bring static arrangements to life with elegant, modern and progressive orchestral techniques, plus solve one of the harder aspects of media composition.

Spitfire Symphonic Strings Recorded at the studio that has played host to scores from blockbusters that have grossed billions of dollars, with the same players playing the same instruments. Spitfire Symphony Orchestra A definitive mega-anthology of tools to create blockbuster symphonic works for TV, film, games and radio in a single and encyclopaedic core-level professional product.

Spitfire Chamber Strings Small can be more beautiful. A super deep-sampled encyclopedia of string articulations and techniques. Spitfire Solo Strings Three leading, star players on the London session scene lend their personalities to this essential and how to fix gmod screen resolution selection of solo string samples recorded in the hall at Air Studios by award winning engineer Jake Jackson.

Spitfire Igneous Electric Cello Centred around a sophisticated virtual instrument recorded at 3 dynamic layers and 3 bowing positions with a host of "artisan" articulations, and many additional techniques.

Spitfire Hans Zimmer Piano In his fourth collaboration with Spitfire Audio, the legendary trailblazer Hans Zimmer presents the ultimate piano library recorded in the Hall at Air Studios over many weeks. Spitfire Orchestral Piano At last a contextual piano that actually sounds like it's in the same room as your orchestra. Recorded in the Hall at Air Studios, this piano is designed to sit in with our entire orchestral range.

Gain access to thousands of free samples, presets, and more: Cymatics Free Download Vault. Do you want to get a jump start in Ableton Live? Download our free Ableton Starter Pack and get level up your production today!

Back to Production Blog.Remember Me. Our Kontakt-based sample instruments have been designed with the aid of unique, highly engineered techniques. Our Online recording services are Remote Recording Sessions on demand which include variety of Rare Indian instruments.

You can contact us for the High quality audio recordings as per mentioned details on each artist product. It is an effective way to get top-notch Indian artists for quality recording sessions. A Hang-out place where any music lover can come to spend some time and feel relaxed with Indian Ragas.

We are promoting Indian musical art filming various rare instruments of India. So, go ahead and check them out. They are really worth it. Absolutely freaking out on these sample libraries. It's just beautiful sound and Dholak is amazing, Loops are great.

They come with great options.

11 Free Indian Instruments VST/AU Plugins

I love the samples from the crypto cipher. They have been recorded and programmed with such care and attention to detail. They stand in a different league to most other ethnic sample libraries as they offer something authentic. Whenever I delve into music from India, or many other places for that matter, I instinctively start clicking in the crypto cipher folder to see what treasures can be added to my music. Its quite versatile set of InstrumentsDefinitely worth checking out Crypto Cipher.

Its a great collection of Indian Instruments and Sound Design. Team at Crypto Cipher has taken great pains to record some high quality sounds and they have got very talented musicians to play these instruments and some deep programming has gone into making these instruments playable and sound as authentic as possible.

1. Acoustic Guitar by Pettinhouse Audio

Crypto Cipher is using great Indian talent from all over the country, There is no other company out there which is doing quite what you do. Crypto Cipher is a really great company. InI had to record and organise a World music album for production music library in France. I hired Crypto Cipher for the recordings directly from India and the guys did their jib really great.

I never imagined a sound quality and performance as we were given by crypto Cipher. I highly recommend the company services and plugins.

GBR Loops has released Sarangi Style of Punjab for Kontakt. Punjab is a style and techniques to play classical Sarangi in India.

Finely balanced recordings brought to life by the power of KONTAKT. Nine percussion instruments sampled in rich detail. Each percussion instrument features. GBR Loops has announced the release of Sarangi Melodies Vol.

1: Style of Punjab, a Kontakt instrument library featuring Sarangi loops. Home / Products tagged “sarangi vst kontakt”. sarangi vst kontakt. Showing all 1 result. Default sorting, Sort by popularity, Sort by average rating. Indian Bollywood Style Mandolin Kontakt Library Whatsapp or Call - (+91) Sarangi Library| Indian Sarangi Instrument| Kontakt.

About Sample Pack. Its a Free Tryout Pack of Indian Kontakt Instrument and wave/Rex is created out of Products available at Crypto.

10 Best Free Indian Instruments VST/AU Plugins

Native Instruments – Discovery Series India (KONTAKT). By Admin | June 29, 3 Comments. DISCOVERY SERIES: INDIA delivers every nuance of traditional. This Kontakt library was designed by composers, for composers, with direct feedback from the film music community during its development. AAX native, AU, KontaktPlayer powered, Mac, NKS support, Standalone, VST, Win ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete uses the free Kontakt 5 Player by Native.

Plus over individual loops and sound effects for multimedia projects. Instant download. VST, AU, Kontakt, Native Instruments. These instruments are a true gem.

Developer: Evolution Series. File name: World Strings Download now. Audio Library / Kontakt Library. Native Instruments Discovery Series India KONTAKT Library VST is an imposing program that may be employed for improving your sounds and also. Browse 60+ critically-acclaimed and award-winning virtual instruments like guitars, basses, chiptune sounds, orchestral ensembles, world winds, and more. It is the first VST and AU plugins that can play real Indian Dhol It's a Free Tryout Pack of Indian Kontakt Instrument and wave/Rex.

GBR Loops brought to you Sarangi: Style of Punjab, to keep in mind that in ensure that you have the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (or. Bansuri; Baritone Violin (Electric); Esraj; Sarangi; Sitar; Tablas; Tambura Please note that while most Sequencers / DAWs are VST 2, VST 3.

About Voices of Ancient India | Kontakt 5 Sample Library | Wave Samples Format Female Vocals (Trained Classical Voice), Dilruba (Rare bowed Sarangi Like. Free VST downloads: Zourna (Zourna by Safwan Matni) - Mini Erhu (Chinese erhu by Kong Audio) - Guitars Steel (Steel guitar by DSK) - Kaman (Oriental strings. I installed Factory Library for Kontakt 5 as i was thinking there are some So, you can search for Sarangi samples/VST's and see what you.

the only reason i never got into kontakt plug ins is because i tried setting it up once and it just wouldn't work. i think I'm missing out.