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This study test will help you learn the highway code road signs and traffic signals. There are questions from the DVSA revision question bank and each includes explanatory text alongside it to help you learn.

An excellent study resource we highly recommend is Know Your Traffic Signs which contains all highway code signs. Can you beat that? Road signs test series. ALL signs. Circle signs. Triangle signs. Rectangle signs. What is the meaning of this traffic sign? Show courtesy and consideration to other road users. Although you have priority, make sure oncoming traffic is going to give way before you continue.

The UK’s most misunderstood road signs

A long white line with short gaps means that you are approaching a hazard. If you do need to cross it, make sure that the road is clear well ahead.

Where would you see this road marking? White triangles painted on the road surface give you an indication of where there are road humps.

What is the purpose of these yellow criss-cross lines on the road? The exception to this is if you want to turn right and are only prevented from doing so by oncoming traffic or by other vehicles waiting to turn right. What does this sign mean? Be prepared for traffic approaching from junctions on either side of you. Try to avoid unnecessary changing of lanes just before the junction. You are driving on a motorway.

There is a slow-moving vehicle ahead.If this is how you go into your exam, however, it will likely lead to failure when sitting in for your test. So, what are the colors, designs, and different steps taken in designing California road signs? Yellow is a general warning for drivers. Green indicates drivers can proceed in the direction they are traveling. Other colors include:. Not all California road signs are the same shape.

Most people know an octagon indicates a stop, or that an upside-down triangle means drivers are approaching an area where they need to yield to pedestrians. Other common shapes include:. Yellow warning signs also indicate hazards including roads might be slippery when wet, bicycle traffic, or warning drivers to remain a safe distance from school buses which are loading and unloading kids.

There are also regulatory signs drivers should familiarize themselves with when preparing for their written exam. Many regulatory signs are self-explanatory. For example, this sign informs drivers one-way roads will become two-way roads ahead. Many road signs in California are intended to serve as a guide for drivers. For instances, there are some signs that point toward local landmarks — like airports, activity centers, and rest areas.

According to a fatality crash report by government licensing agencies, teen drivers were responsible for most fatal accidents in the state. The above fact is just another reason why drivers must prepare for their driving exam, and understand the meanings of street signs and regulations, to minimize the possibility of being involved in an accident.

New drivers must remain focused, pay attention to the road, and create a safer environment for yourself, and all other drivers! Customer Support. Log In. Select State. In-Car Driving Lessons. Traffic School. Practice Permit Test. DMV Information. Brown signs reference a nearby recreation point, such as a state park.

Orange signs indicate construction or road maintenance are ahead. Blue signs indicate information materials or assistance for drivers. What do the Shapes Mean? Warning Signs Most people know an octagon indicates a stop, or that an upside-down triangle means drivers are approaching an area where they need to yield to pedestrians. Other common shapes include: A rounded traffic sign indicates a railroad crossing ahead.

Diamond street signs indicate possible hazards lie ahead. A pentagon-shaped sign indicates an oncoming school zone. Squared-signs indicate drivers must follow instructions.

Regulatory Signs Many regulatory signs are self-explanatory.An online community for driving kapda ka design dikhaye tha and road safety education. Take a free practice test and learn about traffic rules and traffic signs.

Up-to-date traffic rules. Learn the traffic signs. Preparation theory exam. Road safety videos. Take the practice tests. Get your driving license. The traffic signs are located on the side or top of the road. They give directions on how we should behave on the road, so that the traffic can proceed safely and smoothly. Everyone must know the traffic signs! The warning signs are placed to warn road users of a potentially dangerous traffic situation.

The priority signs have an influence on the priority rules. They indicate who has priority and who should give priority. The information signs give you more information about the start and end of a kind of traffic situation. The prohibition signs forbid a certain action. They indicate certain actions that road users are not allowed to do. With these practice tests you can prepare yourself for obtaining your driving license. The practice questions are based on the official theory exam.

Select the correct answer and try to answer all questions correctly.Time to test yourself on how well you actually know what each road sign means. Like the act of driving itself, pure muscle memory and habit means we understand immediately what most road signs mean. Would you be able to confidently distinguish between a two-lanes crossover back sign versus a two-lanes crossover out one?

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You can unsubscribe at any time. More info. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Most of us don't give a second thought to the signs that line our roads when driving. But what about the unusual qt rest api that are rarely seen beyond a driving theory test? Or what about identifying a contra flow bus lane sign?

To pass your theory test, you would need to correctly answer 35 out of 40 questions. Check out how well you know Ireland's road signs and what they mean here: Question - 1 of 10 Score - 0 of 0. Let's start with an easy one - What does this sign mean? You must turn right Traffic merging from the right Turning right not allowed.

Next question. Thanks for taking part in this quiz You scored Replay quiz. Follow Irish Mirror. Facebook Twitter. More On Quizzes. Met Eireann's forecast as winter blast arrives Monday night will be the first night where wintry showers will arrive but it won't start to feel any warmer as the week goes on.

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You need to score 25 out of 30 to pass. These questions are derived from the Highway Code. Good luck! Skip to content. Login Sign Up. Road Signs Theory Test. Test View. Answered Flagged. Begin Test View Statistics. Sign up to keep track of your progress.

Your Progress. Tests Taken. Last Score. Average Score. Do you wish to proceed? Yes No. You're approaching a zebra crossing where pedestrians are waiting. Which arm signal might you give? Mark one answer. Correct Answer: A Explanation: A 'slowing down' signal will indicate your intentions to oncoming and following vehicles. Be aware that pedestrians might start to cross as soon as they see this signal.

Which of these signs shows that you're entering a one-way system? Correct Answer: B Explanation: If the road has two lanes, you can use either lane and overtake on either side. Use the lane that's more convenient for your destination unless signs or road markings indicate otherwise. Which of these signs means turn left ahead? Correct Answer: B Explanation: Blue circles tell you what you must do and this sign gives a clear instruction to turn left ahead. You should be looking out for signs at all times and know what they mean.

Which of these signs means the end of a dual carriageway? Correct Answer: D Explanation: If you're overtaking, make sure you move back safely into the left-hand lane before you reach the end of the dual carriageway. Where would you see a contraflow bus and cycle lane? Correct Answer: B On a one-way street Explanation: The traffic permitted to use a contraflow lane travels in the opposite direction to traffic in the other lanes on the road.Fortunately, the research designers understand this.

Given that road signs can incorporate words, symbols, specific colors—or any combination of these, they can be confusing. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz:.

You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0. Get a fast, free quote today. You see a blue-colored road sign along the highway. What information could it be giving you? Road signs are color-coded, depending on what information they convey. Blue signs, for example, are for services not warnings. Typically a blue sign will indicate tourist information, point out nearby services—such as gas stations or hospitals—and inform drivers of evacuation routes.

Every driver should recognize this sign. What does it require you to do? State laws require that you make a complete stop at the white limit line painted on the road—or before entering the intersection, if there is no line. Road signs also convey information with their shape. Which shape tells you that you are approaching a school zone? A: B: C:. A pentagon-shaped sign indicates an upcoming school zonewhere children may be crossing the road and the speed limit may be reduced.

An arrow below this sign means the crossing line is here. The diamond shape is used only for warning signs, with one exception—the pentagonal school sign.

(Quiz) Do You Know Your Road Signs?

True or false? You can accelerate right away. Like all yellow road signs—color-coding at visual foxpro 10 In this case, the sign is letting you know the road may be slippery when wet. If a warning sign ever seems hard to interpret, says Pronin, the best idea is to slow down and be extra aware of your surroundings and of the reactions of other drivers. As we saw in the last question, yellow road signs warn you about road conditions, alert you to potential crossings by animals or machinery, and other dangers.

If you see this sign, expect a sharp right and slow your pace accordingly. Note: Signs warning of vulnerable road users—children, pedestrians, bicyclists—may now also be seen in fluorescent green. Orange signs indicate temporary conditions. You might see signs letting you know workers are on the roadway, telling you about reduced speed limits or directing you to detours. This sign lets you know how to prepare for an upcoming change on the road.

What is it? Get ready to circulate!

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A one-way, circular intersection—variously called a traffic circle, rotary or roundabout—is coming up when you see this sign. At some circular intersections, you must obey traffic signals and stop or yield according to signs that control access to the intersection.

In their absence, you should yield to vehicles that are already in the circle, since they have the right hackrf sweep gnuradio way. A: B: C: D:.Click through on some of the more common road signs to learn more about them. Regulatory road signs regulate the movement of traffic. They are either black and white or red and white. These signs must be obeyed. Come to a complete stop at the limit line.

Yield to pedestrians, bikes, and other vehicles. Proceed when safe. Learn more. Slow down to a safe speed so you can stop and yield to other traffic or pedestrians if necessary.

If you continue in the direction of the sign you are heading the wrong way on the street or on-ramp. You are heading the wrong way, you must not enter at this point. Railroad Crossing ahead with 3 tracks. Be sure you can make it all the way across before proceeding. You cannot make a right turn at this intersection or onto the street ahead of the sign. You cannot park and leave your car in the area near the sign.

You must display a proper disabled placard or handicap plate to park in the area indicated by this sign. You can only stop your car here during an emergency situation such as a mechanical problem, flat tire, accident, or when instructed by a law enforcement officer. These signs set the maximum speed you can drive under normal, safe road conditions.

Obey this reduced speed limit in the school zone during school hours when children are present or as indicated by the sign. You must not pass other vehicles in the area near this sign.

The adjacent lanes are likely merging or ending soon and there is not enough room to safely pass. Traffic moving in the opposite directions is divided by a center median ahead. Keep to the right or left of the divider as indicated by the sign. You can only go in the directions indicated on the sign when traveling in those lanes. You can only travel in the direction of the arrow when making a turn onto this street. The road you are driving on intersects with a divided Highway ahead.

A bicyclist may use the full traffic lane if needed. Allow them enough space to the sides, slow down, and increase your following distance. You cannot make a left turn onto the street ahead of this sign. U-Turns are not allowed at the intersection or on the road you are on. This sign indicates a carpool lane. You can only drive in this lane if your vehicle meets the HOV requirements.

There is an upcoming barrier or divider. You must stay to the right side of it. The intersection you are approaching has traffic coming from 4 directions. This road sign indicates where you may cross into the bike lane to enter the right turn lane. There is a bike lane adjacent to the road up ahead.

Take this free road signs test to see how well you know US traffic signs. Road signs are extremely important as they warn you of possible hazards and inform. Brush up on your road sign recognition skills with our fantastic quiz. Test your knowledge and get road sign ready! Knowing your traffic signs is essential to safe driving. This quiz covers the most important signs and their meanings and will help you pass your driving.

Test your knowledge on the meanings of traffic and road signs. This test contains 5 parts. Test your knowledge on the meanings of traffic and road signs. Part 1 of 5, consisting of 30 multiple choice questions. Grading is in real time after you.

This question quiz tests you on some tricky traffic signs that you might have seen in the DMV manual but all too often forget. In an emergency could you find. Hundreds of road signs line our highways. Make sure you know them all with this quiz. Direction signs on roads and motorways, Information signs, Road markings and Traffic Signs Test.

This study test will help you learn the highway code road signs and traffic signals. There are questions from the DVSA revision question bank and each.

Test yourself and see how well you know Ireland's road signs and what they mean

Prepare for your learner's licence or just brush up on your knowledge of Alberta's road signs with this online quiz. Test your knowledge of road safety. Road Signs and Traffic Signals. 1 / Question 1. Privacy policy · Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec.

Road Sign Quiz Banner. We have to learn them to pass our theory tests. We pass them every day as drivers. But do you actually know what they all mean? Road signs in Australia and their meaning. road signs; if you are studying for your drivers knowledge test (DKT) you'll need to know them to pass.

Road signs play a huge role in making Ireland a country with safe roads. Learners who plan to take up a driving test and get licensed are expected to.

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See. A 4-sided diamond-shaped sign warns you of specific road conditions and dangers ahead. Many warning signs are diamond-shaped. image of various traffic signs. Learn about road signs, traffic signals & road surface markings, and how to respond to them. See Chapter Four for Further Details Road Signs Quiz Right lane ends - stay to the left Yield Merging Traffic Entering From Right Stop Railroad crossing.

Our multiple-choice traffic road signs test is completely free and has a massive database of traffic signs for you to practice on your way to building your.