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In an open letter, more than 1, academics from universities and institutes across Australia have written to the Victorian government to protest against the destruction of Djab Wurrung country as part of a highway duplication in the west of the state.

The letter follows the removal of the Directions Tree last week. The signatories listed below are both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. We call on the government to urgently halt works and protect the remaining Djab Wurrung trees and land from destruction. We are historians, geographers, lawyers, criminologists, sociologists, scientists, anthropologists, social workers, linguists, archaeologists, artists, architects, philosophers, psychologists and other academics from universities around Australia.

We have come together in our sorrow and anger at the colonial violence currently being perpetrated by the Victorian government against the Djab Wurrung people, and against all First Nations people in Australia. They are part of an important songlineand have been physically shaped by hundreds of years of First Nations culture and ceremonial practice. Read more: Churches have legal rights in Australia.

Why not sacred trees? Take the Directions Tree, for example, which was cut down with a chainsaw last week, and carted away unceremoniously on the back of a dump truck. It would have been difficult to look at this tree — to truly bear witness to it — without forever changing the way one understands trees, our interconnectedness with nature, and the strength, depth, beauty and longevity of First Nations culture. Consider too, the Birthing Tree, also known as a Grandmother Treeestimated to be years old and currently under imminent threat of destruction.

She has a hollow at womenand dog base where over 50 generations of Djab Wurrung babies have been born, the fluids from their births merging with the root system and literally becoming part of the tree. Nearby, and leaning towards it, is the Grandfather Tree, believed to have been planted at the same time and connected via underground root systems.

And surrounding them both are hundreds of other significant trees and artefacts, many of which are yet to be formally documented. It represents the ongoing violence of our colonial state and its contempt for First Nations culture and people. It makes any talk of a Treaty with First Nations Victorians completely disingenuous. We, as academics, therefore condemn the cutting down of the Directions Tree and the planned destruction of further sacred trees and artefacts.

Read more: What kind of state values a freeway's heritage above the heritage of our oldest living culture? And we condemn the use of police and security to violently evict the peaceful Djab Wurrung Embassywhich was established by local elders to protect the site.

We urge the Victorian government to take up one of the other options for highway improvements that do not involve further destruction of this significant site, to urgently have these trees recognised as the culturally significant entities they are, and to enable the Djab Wurrung people to continue protecting them for future generations.Harriet the Spy Serie de TV.

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So, are you wondering what exactly happened to Renae and the story behind this friend? Her parents separated shortly after, and then Teresa met Mark Marsden. Renae was described as a bright and bubbly girl with an infectious smile. She was a trained hairdresser and a receptionist. At the time, she had been dating a guy named Brayden Spiteri, who was introduced to her by one of her friends, Camila Zeidan. On August 5,Teresa received a text from Renae saying sorry for the pain that she would cause and that she loved her.

A worried Teresa tried calling her daughter, but there was no answer. After a search for her turned up fruitless, the police were involved. Security footage from there showed Renae climbing down the cliff face and then disappearing.

Her body was never recovered. There were question marks about her relationship with Brayden. She started talking to him inand Camila told her that Brayden was her ex-boyfriend. Renae was infatuated with Brayden, and they talked to each other all the time. At the start ofBrayden had apparently been charged with manslaughter and sent to prison. But Brayden still had a phone that was smuggled in, and he would keep texting her.

Renae was very much in love with Brayden despite the fact that she never met him. In fact, she hoped to marry him once he got out of prison. She had even looked up wedding photographers and enquired about potential honeymoon plans. But the relationship was not without its pitfalls.

Brayden was constantly jealous of the people Renae spent time with. Sometime in mid to lateRenae told her mother that she would end the relationship with Brayden. Types of claims quiz Septembershe overdosed on some medication but fortunately survived. Things seemed to get better when Renae started dating a colleague of hers, Ian.

They got engaged in January but Renae still talked to Brayden during this period. When Ian asked her to choose between the two, she went with Brayden. As the police got involved, it was revealed that Brayden never existed at all. They believed that it calf sale Camila who had been impersonating this person in order to stay close to Renae. The two of them were friends since school when Camila claimed they had been in a relationship. But Renae had chosen to distance herself from Camila.

They started to talk again in when Camila introduced Renae to Brayden. Renae told her mother in July that Camila had punched and pulled her hair and that she was scared of her.

When questioned, she told the police that both she and Renae had come up with Brayden to cover their own lesbian affair.They have been waiting seven years. Renae had exchanged a series of messages with Camila and her alter-ego Brayden on the day she died. The coroner is investigating whether Renae learned she had been catfished before she died.

Counsel assisting the inquest Sasha Harding asked Camila why she did not intervene when the woman she loved was threatening to kill herself. Family members embrace outside court. No family deserves to be broken like this. This is a picture of the man Renae believed was Brayden. But it was not. Run away, chase you …. Family members comfort each other during a break in the inquest on Wednesday.

Teresa Marsden black jacketdaughter Monique, son Luke and husband Mark at court. In the years that followed, Ms Zeidan would go on to create Brayden who communicated incessantly with Renae. The court heard in another email to Renae, Camila spoke about two friends who she claimed had made a remark about their relationship. Camila denied the encounters, claiming she never followed Renae around. You turn up in places unexpectedly. Read more at DailyMail.

Share this Renae Marsden in a Facebook message to Camila Zeidan. Categories Tags.Ms Truscott found Zeidan, 27, deliberately catfished Renae Marsden, 20, by masquerading as an adoring prison lover so she could manipulate her for her own romantic desires.

When Zeidan, posing as jail inmate Brayden Spiteri, ended the relationship, Renae Marsden ended her life, the inquest heard. Though Renae never met Brayden, she became besotted with him in a relationship which Brayden ended when Renae hoped he was getting out of jail and could meet and marry her.

The inquest heard that Zeidan as Brayden also ended the relationship because Renae said she was finally ending her longtime friendship with Zeidan.

Hours after Brayden ended the romance with Ms Marsden, Ms Truscott said, Renae got dressed, put on make-up, drove to The Gap and wrote on the windows of her car that she loved Brayden. Ms Truscott said whenever Camilla went on holidays and it became more difficult to keep up the alter ego, Brayden would be out of touch for different reasons, including having an operation. Less than two months before she died, Renae confided in Brayden that she was ending friendship with Camila.

Prior to this, whenever Renae had suggested she was ending it Camila as Brayden would argue against it. I don't want a friend like that. Her internet search history in the weeks before her death including websites for bridal dresses and photographers. Spiteri had told her he was serving time in Goulburn jail over a fatal motorcycle accident in which his friend had died.

Photos of the person purporting to be Brayden showed a smiling man with a six pack, with whom Renae became besotted. Brayden had supposedly traded away his prison visitation rights for a softer sentence. Because mobile phones are prohibited in jail, Brayden said he could only contact her by text or Facebook so no-one would ever hear him speaking on the illegal phone.

Moments before Ms Marsden took her life, she sent her mother Teresa a heartbreaking text. In AugustRenae had learnt from Brayden that he was possibly being granted release from prison. InRenae became involved with and engaged briefly to a work colleague named Ian.

But when Ian gave Renae an ultimatum to choose between him and Brayden, she chose the latter. The two girls were close friends at high school and at one stage had been in a relationship, Zeidan claimed at an earlier hearing, but Ms Truscott said evidence showed they were friends only. Renae left work early and called Goulburn prison but could not get through to Brayden.

I would never do that. Before her death, Renae sent final texts to her mother, Brayden and Camila. Ms Truscott said although catfishing was not in itself an offence under the Crimes Act, it was unclear if the crime of using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend applied in this case. She said catfishing was a deception offence wherein a person created and identity which could be used for abuse, fraud or romantic purposes.

She said Camila Zeidan had shown obsessive traits when Renae was going out with that boyfriend, and had followed her, turned up at locations and sat in a car outside her house. The Marsdens have said they believe catfishing should be recognised as a crime.

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Renae Marsden inquest: Final text of Camila Zeidan's alleged 'catfish' victim

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Renae Marsden inquest: Agony of suicide victim’s family as Camila Zeidan testifies

Dr Sarina Lim. Dr Bronwen Morrison. Dr Brooke Quigley. Assoc Prof Charlotte Hespe. Dr Christine Mackintosh. Sydney woman Renae Marsden told Camila Zeidan she was sick of her ended when Ms Marsden began dating a man named Angus Young in Moments before Sydney woman Renae Marsden, 20, took her own life, a tool to break up Renae and her boyfriend after Camila, Angus Young.

Renae Marsden died shortly before 6 pm on 5 August Angus while working at a salon and Camila started following Renae on the train. Renae Marsden and Camila Zeidan were in a relationship when they were at to Ms Marsden while she was with her boyfriend named Angus one.

Renae took her own life after allegedly being catfished by her best friend for two years. Now, her heartbroken parents have shared their. Renae Marsden catfishing: The year-old died by suicide in after being catfished for 18 months by her best friend who posed as her. In her witness statement, Teresa claimed Camila would lurk at the top of Renae's driveway in her car when the suicide victim was in a relationship with Angus.

When police declared Renae Marsden had committed suicide, In a statement to police, Angus said Renae was very afraid of Camila. Investigation Discovery's 'Web of Lies: Cruel Intentions' details the death of year-old Renae Marsden from Sydney, Australia. Comprehensive up-to-date news coverage about "Renae Marsden inquest Final text Camila Zeidans alleged catfish victim", aggregated from sources all over the.

The Inquest into the death of Renae Marsden Ms Marsden began dating a man named Angus Young, a client at her salon, in The inquest into the death of Renae Marsden The inquest heard Ms Marsden had begun dating a man named Angus Young, which had allegedly.

Mann, Renae Jean (PDF, KB) Collinson, Clay Marsden (PDF, 78KB) Death in custody, police pursuit, compliance with QPS policy. Sydney woman Renae Marsden told Camila Zeidan she was sick of her "possessive" behaviour, which included 54 calls in one night.». Angus Dyer, RSO, Watsonville Hilpine Pty LtdACN, Marsden Renae Volpe,Ravenshoe Robert Callister · Robin Callister · Angus Cameron · Annabelle Cameron Renae Carr · Vaughan Carr · Sandra Carrasco · Diego Carrasco Yanez.

The parents of Renae Marsden, who died after she was catfished by her best friend, say they will continue to fight for the act to be made illegal. ANGUS, WILLIAM ANTHONY. 25 ANCHORAGE GROVE. TAURANGA, NEW ZEALAND MARSDEN, CAROLE FRANCES., DULONG ROAD. Jill Renae Marsden is a resident of MI. Lookup the home address and phone and other contact details for this person. Listen to S2E Renae Marsden - With Friends Like These - Part 01 and Part 02 by Obscura: A True Crime Podcast instantly on your tablet, phone or browser.