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Do work properly as assigned by the management. Cast out by the light, you roam the darklands.Police are also conducting a nuclear investigation at the scene. Family members conducted the funeral. The Bangarunayudu family in Gantada was well established not only financially but also politically.

Property in crores Sunkari Bangarunayudu, a resident of Vijayanagaram district, Gantada, who settled in the Gulf country of Bahrain, came to Visakhapatnam four years ago. Gold Naidu made good money financially by doing a top job abroad. A huge building is being constructed in Mithilapuri colony at a cost of one crore rupees.

He owns lands and places in Vijayanagar and Visakhapatnam districts. In Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Rs. There are properties worth crores.

Police are also investigating whether there were any property disputes in the background. Property in crores. Petrol business in Bahrain Gold Naidu had a job in Bahrain as well as doing business related to petrol.

Transactions in crores. However, there are suspicions from relatives that there may be business disputes. They strongly feel that the fact that the eldest son Deepak may have murdered his parents may not be in the ongoing propaganda. They want the police to investigate the murder into the affair.

Deepak is a merit student. Chinna Appalanaidu, the last brother of the deceased Bangarunaudu, said that Deepak was a merit student studying engineering at NIT in Delhi and was preparing for civils. He recalled that theirs was a well-established family and that their father Sriram Naidu had served as DCMS president for 15 years.

His brother Bangarunayudu was also a well-established man and was described as Vadina Doctor. Deepak, who grew up in their upbringing, said he did not have any mental problems. Brother Bangarunayudu is an engineer so he explained that he was looking for a laptop. A hard-working gold digger Gantada shed tears as the entire Naidu family died.

Bangarunayudu Govindawho greets everyone by name, is saddened to learn that his family is no more. His second brother Ramunayudu collapsed when he found out about this.The police say Subhash Sharma fits the bill usually associated with an archetypal hired killer. Such men often hail from impoverished backgrounds, depend on drugs or alcohol or both and are school dropouts.

Subhash Sharma was taken by surprise when a joint team of Telangana and Bihar Police landed at his doorstep in Jagatpur, a mofussil on the outskirts of Samastipur town. Two inspectors from Nalgonda district police had come with an arrest warrant for Sharma, charging him with killing year-old Pranay Kumar in Miryalaguda on 14 September. Sharma, a killer available on hire, had been tasked with using the machete on Pranay. The hit had allegedly been ordered by Pranay's father-in-law, Maruthi Rao because he kissasian ph unhappy that his daughter Amrutha had married a Dalit boy.

File image of Telangana Police. He did not anticipate us because his modus operandi was to commit crime outside Bihar, get back to his home and stay safe.

Usually the police in other states are not able to trace him but in this case, the Telangana Police was efficient," said Pritish Kumar, a sub-divisional police officer in Samastipur, who supervised the operation to nab Sharma. Rao a real estate tycoon with considerable political influence in Miryalaguda had reportedly agreed to pay Rs 1 crore to the hired assassins to eliminate Pranay.

The deal was struck in June-July after a fair bit of haggling as the three-member team of supari killers initially demanded Rs 2. The police say Sharma fits the bill usually associated with an archetypal hired killer. The mastermind, on the other hand, is comparatively well-off with good political connections so that he is able to get bailed out of a difficult situation.

Such men more often than not, when not bumping off people, get into the business of sorting out civil disputes, using their access to muscle power to intimidate. Rao had got in touch with Kareem, his friend who was involved in shady land settlements. Both kept their feet in all political boats to ensure immunity. Kareem was a member of the local unit of the Congress party, that has now suspended him while Rao was with the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

In fact, Miryalaguda town has several banners of Rao with district minister Jagdish Reddy. Senior police officers who have dealt with hired killers say those who take the contract to kill, prefer to hire men from outside to carry out the job. This makes the job of the police to trace the killer's footprints cumbersome. It also makes it difficult for the cops to establish a motive to kill.

Such assassins are often tough to crack which means the police have the onerous job to track the money trail and electronic evidence of hiring, making it difficult to secure convictions in court. It is too reliant on the confession of a person and if he turns hostile in court, the case runs the risk of falling apart. In this case, the emotional angst was for the father.

For Sharma, Pranay was a target, he would have worried only about killing him in one stroke," said a senior IPS officer who has served in the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh, where killers are available on hire. Indeed, if one notices Sharma's gait captured on CCTV, it is the walk of a confident man, a professional killer.In most jobs, you get famous for doing it right, but for contract killers, getting famous is usually a sign that something went very wrong.

On this list of famous hitmen, we're going to look over some of the guns for desi sharab formula who got caught and became infamous in the process. Famous hitmen are about as common as famous accountants, but if you've heard of a notable hitman, they're almost certainly on this list.

These professional assassins may have been good at their jobs, but the only reason they're here is that they slipped up and got caught. For every one professional who makes headlines, there are untold numbers operating quietly, anonymously, and efficiently. Does that face look slightly familiar? How about the name?

India killing: 'My father ordered my husband's murder'

This natural born killer is none other than the father of actor Woody Harrelson, himself known for portraying a number of vicious murderers on the silver screen. After failing in his career as an encyclopedia salesmanHarrelson became a professional gambler who supplemented his income by taking the occasional contract.

Wood is the most notorious. Eventually, the elder Harrelson was sentenced to two life sentences for his crimes. Nicknamed "Iceman" for the fact that he methodically froze his victims to hide the time of death, Kuklinski may be America's most prolific contract killer. While only convicted of four murders, he claims to have murdered between and people in his roughly year criminal career.

And there's no real reason to disbelieve him, considering he spent most of that as a go-to contract killer for the notorious Gambino crime family. Taking the high-end figure of people, that's roughly one every six weeks, which doesn't sound too unlikely, all things considered. The Iceman's freezing method was one one way to avoid arrest, but he also used a variety of murder weapons.

Kuklinski doesn't look like the kind of hitman most of us would imagine, but then again, that's one more reason he was such an effective killer. Also known as Sasha the Macedonian and Superkiller, this Russian contract killer was a former conscript of the Russian army, and was known for his impressive hand-to-hand combat skills and penchant for violence.

Solonik himself specialized in killing Russian mob bosses. His total body count i s around 43 hits. Solonik escaped prison several times, and was known for brawling with fellow prisoners.On 14 September, Pranay Perumalla was murdered in front of his wife, Amrutha, in an alleged honour killing. Amrutha and Pranay were high school sweethearts in Miriyalaguda, a small town in the southern Indian state of Telangana. They first met at high school.

We used to talk a lot on the phone and then we fell in love," she says with a wan smile. Amrutha, 21, belongs to a wealthy, upper-caste family, while Pranay, who was 24, was a Dalit formerly untouchable.

Arbaaz was killed by contract killers hired by girlfriend’s parents, says police

In Aprilthey married despite her parents' objections. Now five months pregnant, she finds herself saying the unimaginable. There is no official data but according to one study, hundreds of people are killed each year in India in so-called honour killings - for falling in love or marrying against their families' wishes.

Many families still prefer arranged marriages within their own caste and religion. Police have arrested Amrutha's father, Maruti Rao, and six others, including Mr Rao's brother and three alleged contract killers, in connection with the murder.

He added that the attack outside the hospital was the fourth attempt on Pranay's life. Mr Ranganath also said that Mr Rao had admitted to the charges and had said he had done this because Pranay was a Dalit and his family was not wealthy. But Mr Rao and the other accused have made no independent statement about the charges.

'Killers' - 1000 News Result(s)

The BBC also visited Mr Rao's house but found it empty and no other members of the family have provided a response. On the day of the murder, Amrutha woke up late. Her back was aching, so she went to the hospital for a check-up. Pranay and her mother-in-law accompanied her. When they left the hospital, she recalls asking Pranay, who was a few steps behind her, a question. When he didn't answer, she turned around and saw him lying on the ground.

CCTV footage from the hospital, which has been broadcast on national news channels, shows a man following the family as they walked out of the gate. He first hacked at Pranay's upper body with what appears to be an axe. When Pranay fell, he struck him again. Amrutha says her mother-in-law pushed the man away, while she ran inside the hospital to get help.

Take him to a hospital? Growing up, Amrutha says, her mother discouraged her from even making friends with children from other castes. So her parents were against her relationship with Pranay from the moment they found out about it.Chandu lives a normal life with his in laws in Hyderabad.

Wife kills man with the help of son, supari killers

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A Hindu man and a Muslim woman fall in love in a small village and move to Mumbai, where they have two children. However, growing religious tensions and erupting riots…. To her surprise, she communicates with her dead mother…. A youngster in his mids goes through a series of struggles after coming to terms with the fact that he was in coma for 16 years.

Comali …. Muddy ….Her brother-in-law had allegedly hired the killers to settle old scores with her. He was, however, yet to be arrested. A deal of Rs 25 lakh was struck for the purpose. Micky had paid Rs 1. The planning was allegedly done four years ago in the Central Jail here when Micky and Taari had met in the jail in He was later acquitted. The motive of the murder was mainly vengeance though family dispute over property worth crores of was also one of the reasons, the police claimed.

Micky had been nursing a grudge against Reema for making him suffer physical and mental harassment when she had named him as the accused. The police, however, did not disclose the identity of the other accused. The body of the woman was also yet to be recovered. The mode of murder and dumping of the body and other details would be known only after the arrest of Taari, the police said. The eldest, Bhanu Pratap 20had been moving from pillar to post to get her traced ever since she went missing on July Till now, it was considered that she had been abducted.

The police learnt that Taari had met the accused in the jail. However, Micky denied he had met him. The breakthrough was made when another convict told the investigating team that Taari and Micky used to spend several hours together in the jail. The police later found more witnesses to this.

The police claimed that the accused had first planned to kill her on but for some reasons the plan was dropped. The incident sparked angry protests with a large number of area residents staging a demonstration outside the dispensary for over an hour.

A heavy police force from the Division No. A youth club in the area runs the dispensary. The Division No. Inspector Gurpreet Singh, SHO, said the police had sealed the dispensary and collected samples of the medicines administered to the children.

The samples would be sent for examination to find out whether the medicines had expired, or if these were given in overdose, or if it was a case of wrong medication. The children who died are Ishika 6Gungun 5 and Nitish 4. The hitman has to go to the target and kill it, which could be bait. And law enforcement will put way more effort into stopping murderers than drug dealers. › Hyderabad News. The man has been identified as Hussain Bin Salha Awalgi alias Mohsin Awalgi by the city police. The year-old man hails from Osmannagar. “They were all professional killers who would plot and kill. like in Mumbai or Hyderabad, but the number of supari murders here is high. Telangana Daylight Murder: Man Paid Contract Killer From Bihar to Kill Son-in-law as he Was Against Daughter's Marriage Kumar was murdered on.

contract killers News: Latest and Breaking News on contract killers. Explore contract killers profile at Times of India for photos. The police have nabbed two persons who had taken a contract to kill Dr Durga. According to the police reports, two persons gave the contract to. The following is a list of contract killers (also referred to hitman), both current and former.

Contract killing is defined as the unlawful assassination. View the profiles of people named Contract Killer. Join Facebook to connect with Contract Killer and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. Hyderabad: year-old Muslim youth Arbaaz, whose beheaded body was found on railway tracks in Belagavi on September 28, was killed by.

The high-profile criminals generally avoid contract killings as they are mainly into extortion. They hire contract killers in case businessmen.

Telangana police have formed six teams to investigate the brutal killings. said that the killings were executed by professional killers. Contract killer. The increasing incidents of hiring of contract killers to kill own family members have baffled the police in the state. Last. DCP (Shahdara) R Sathiyasundaram said, “Apart from Gulshan, we have arrested the accused identified as Shahbaaz Hussain (19), Faiz Alam (20).

A search is on for the other contract killer and also others involved in the murder. Vishala Ganiga, who lived with her husband and daughter in. Buy wanted professional killers online at best price in Hyderabad. We have wide range of wanted professional killers in Home & Office Furniture. Jaitley had undergone dialysis on Centre has assured that large scale financial fraud like the Amrapali case where thousands of homebuyers were.

Delhi: Woman dies after contract killers stab her, husband held Watch: Huge rush of devotees at Hyderabad's Birla Mandir on New Year Day. Woman Pays 5 Lakhs To Murder Husband.

As per the police, the woman along with her lover and eight members of contract killers (supari killer). The easiest way is to go to any news channels then asked where is the crime reporter he tel's gundas & professional killers list.

ok Thanks for asking. imagebo.