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Brass flashlight host it to your desktop, read it on your tablet, or email to your colleagues. Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc. Thank you very much. Pleasure to be here. Pleasure to be at a Morningstar conference. Actually I used to I used to live in Chicago in the 80s and 90s and actually the new morning starving was very embryonic.

And it's always done really good work. And in fact it's just a coincidence but their focus on investor first kind of dovetails with with what I've always always thought are are important and fundamental aspects of investing.

So anyway the subject at hand today I'm going to talk about is the Ten Commandments of investment management and these. Basically Waldo over the years actually came up with the framework in the last few months but they've been really very fundamental and I don't think they're really subject to debate if you will it's almost like the laws of physics.

Mohnish Pabrai

So given that we are in a somewhat tight schedule I'll get get going with them so the first the first commandment which is thou shall not skim off the top. And so suggest just in case that nebulous when when Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger ran their. Investment partnerships in the s and 60s the fee structure that Buffett followed was to not not charged any management fees.

There was zero management fees and then there was the 6 percent hurdle and then he got paid one fourth of the returns above 6 percent and was subject to high watermark. So it was a complete alignment with the investors and the fee structure has a number of. Effects on how fund managers think. So one of the first effects has is that they stop becoming asset gathering machines because you don't get paid for assets you get paid for performance and and that's generally a good thing.

And and the second is that they get focused on trying to you know do the best investing they can and and it would lead to a lot of other things like for example being relatively concentrated the lack of fees also means the lack of a team which I will get to in the second commandment but basically the intense focus that comes out of that on not having frivolous expenses and so.

So the question that a lot of investment managers would have is well. How do I take care of the expenses off an investment operation if I'm not guaranteed a certain amount of fees.

So I mean my answer to that is that if you set up a steel mill or you start an airline or almost any other business ventures out of a refinery there is nothing ordained in capitalism. Value investors Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spier share their fondness for the same stock. Find out which stock is it. I'm so grateful for it.

But in a sudden way I feel very lucky because the licence came just at a time when some things go a little cheaper. So sometimes being forced to wait is a good thing. So firstly this has to be my opening question How much are you looking to invest in India.

Mohnish Pabrai’s Investing History

So that's an interesting question. So I you know Mohnish has publicly said that I think he's said that he has nothing in the U.The more hard lessons you can learn vicariously rather than through your own hard experience, the better.

Given the significant size and the drastic drop of stock price, regardless other non-US longs or other shorts, the WAC position will possibly wipe the whole fund out. Based on these writings, Perelman certainly appears as a talented and diligent investor also with sense of humor for the sake of the Berkshire joke. Rule No. This drives me to think what went wrong to lead a talented value minded investor to such a flunk.

Market recently has seen some big failures on names backed by some legendary value investors. Although may not be able to learn the lesson as deeply as the investor themselves do, I found these are great case studies nonetheless.

Value Investors Club VICfounded by the legendary investor Joel Greenblatt, is an anonymous elite value investing club whose admission is said to be very selective. I firstly carried out some of these researches purely out of my curiosity, but later found identifying these great investors helps me focus on quality ideas and discussions.

Sometime I cannot tell who exactly they are, but certainly can tell the ideas were from some greatest minds. Skip to content Home Posts tagged 'Mohnish Pabrai'. Like this: Like Loading Follow Following. Tao of Value Join 3, other followers. Sign me up. Already have a WordPress. Log in now. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.As investing is always a process, this is the start of what I see growing into something immensely powerful because not only are we going to discuss spawners and the related strategy, but also build a database of spawners that should lead to remarkably interesting investing ideas over time.

We will then dig deeper bmw n54 torque specs the spawning framework, discuss many spawner stocks examples, and conclude with an investment framework that should give you enough information to decide whether spawner stocks are something for your portfolio.

As for me, I will add the spawning framework to my investing tool set because it complements perfectly with what I do. Spawner stocks can add that extra touch of upside when it comes to investing in good businesses trading at a fair price. Then, when you know an additional investing strategy, the key is to compare the risk and reward of potential investments and see what is best for you to reach your financial goals.

I am sure this spawner stocks framework will come increase the average investment returns over your investing life cycle. I have added a list of spawners that I will work on over the coming years to my List of publicly analyzed stocks that you can download for free on my Research Platform. Here is the video version of this report if you prefer watching or listening to reading.

Full article continues below. Mohnish Pabrai is one of the most famous value investors of the last 20 years. Also, in he expanded his Indian funds offering and the returns there were not satisfying either. The spawning framework has just recently been developed by Mohnish Pabrai and discussed firstly in a presentation on spawners he made for the Guanghua School of Management in December of The presentation is one and a half hours long where it is not all about investing in spawner stocks, so the purpose of this article is to focus on the spawning framework and then also dig deeper into examples and expand there.

Guanghua School of Mgmt. It is interesting to compare value investing and investing in spawners as even Pabrai has switched strategies. The issue with value investing is that you must constantly be on the search for new bargains while with spawners, once you find one, you just stick to it for the very long-term. Spawner Alphabet stock is up about 50 times since going public in The set it and forget it strategy might be an attractive one for many investors.

Of course, pure value investing and spawning are two investing extremes but there are many other ways to find 10x to x stocks. All the above strategies work well, but it is always good to expand your investing toolbox with new ideas so that you can take advantage of the opportunities the market often offers in the best possible way.

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I would argue that one can combine value investing and spawning for an even better investment return with less risk. Books to read on x investing: to 1 by Thomas Phelps. When you think of spawning from an investing perspective, it is about companies that have it in their DNA to constantly create new business models.

A great example of a spawner stock is Alphabet GOOG with its many new business ideas, some related to its core search business, some far away from it. The idea behind investing is spawners is that you can achieve exponential upside because you never know how much traction these new business ideas could get in the future.

For example, if Calico manages to create a breakthrough in the aging health space, it could easily be valued more than Google itself. The option of unlimited upside created from usually zero, is something you simply do not have with businesses not focused on constantly expanding and creating new businesses. Spawner businesses constantly create new ideas that offer unlimited growth and it is in their DNA to focus on such things but this also leads to many failures, failures myopic Wall Street hates.

Just think of the many investors that sold Amazon stock because of the Fire Phone flop. Accepting failure as a given is perhaps one of the most powerful investing contributions from the spawners investing framework. Wall Street, any other business school trained person or most people with an ordinary education, all expect things to develop linearly.The dot-com bubble gripped the stock market at that time, and many asset managers were chasing high-growth tech stocks.


Click here to check it out. The intrinsic value of SNOW. When the bubble burst, Pabrai avoided the worst of the fallout because, when he set up his firm, he set out with a deep-value mentality. This strategy has served him well during the past two decades. However, last year, he decided to change direction. Writing in his fourth-quarter and full-year letter to investors, Pabrai explained that one of his biggest lessons last year was that buying and holding quality businesses works.

The investment firm received nearly 1. Shortly after the spinoff, Pabrai decided to sell, believing the stock was overvalued and there were better opportunities elsewhere. Very few businesses have the qualities that can help them grow year after year.

So, it makes sense to hold on to the ones that do, Pabrai wrote. Capitalism is destructive and very brutal. It can be challenging to keep up with every business and try to figure out what is around the corner. Adapting to this mindset "shift" changes the "nature of businesses one should be interested in owning. Another criterion is the price. The value investor is not willing to pay over the odds for a business just because it looks as if it will do well in the future.

For this stock to produce high returns for its investors from current levels, the sort of returns that might attract a value-hunter like Pabrai, it would have to have the potential to generate a five to 10 times return. He went on to add, "I'd rather fish in other ponds. This example exemplifies how challenging it is for investors to find securities that might have a decent chance of making a high return in the current market.

Capula Investment Management

For companies like Snowflake, which are trading at 20 times revenues or more, it would take vast amounts of growth to produce high returns in the years ahead. That's if these valuations made sense. At 20 times revenue, it would take 20 years for the company to earn investors' money back, and that's assuming no research and development, no cost of sales, no costs at all.

That's not to say that these businesses won't grow or that they're not high quality. They may earn high returns on capital and achieve high growth rates in the future. But that's not the point. The point, in Pabrai's opinion, is that the market is now factoring in such unrealistic growth prospects, it has become virtually impossible for these businesses to grow into their valuations. Thus, the definitions of what qualifies as "value" and "growth" investing have changed, with the overvalued stocks still qualifying as neither.

This article first appeared on GuruFocus. The investment legend is famous for being bearish. But he might be right in Bloomberg -- Chinese developer shares dropped following local media reports that China Evergrande Group has been ordered to tear down apartment blocks in a development in Hainan province.Jan Published on 03 Jan, Dec Published on 01 Dec, Nov Published on 02 Nov, There are four key drivers of free cashflow in a business — revenue growth, Oct Published on 03 Oct, Every stock market crash causes a dislocation in a portfolio of high-quality Sep Published on 01 Sep, Forecasts of the growth prospects of any business are based on several factors, Aug Published on 01 Aug, Longevity of free cashflow compounding is the most undervalued aspect of a Jul Published on 03 Jul, Capital reinvestments, including tech investments, drive incremental deepening Jun Published on 01 Jun, May Published on 01 May, Modern Retail in India has a huge opportunity to modernize and consolidate this Apr Published on 05 Apr, Feb Published on 28 Feb, Feb Published on 01 Feb, Whilst there are various investment philosophies aimed at swapping disrupted Jan Published on 02 Jan, Over the past 25 months, investors who waited for a market correction before Equity investing can be a complex business.

The variables at play are numerous Nov Published on 01 Nov, Oct Published on 02 Oct, Consistent compounding requires focus and discipline over long periods of time Jun Published on 30 Jun,Home Home Page. Become a Member Sign In. Advertise With Us. Harvest Natural Resources Inc. In an October letter to shareholders, Pabrai wrote, "Equity markets are forward looking creatures. Historically, equities start falling well before recessions get underway as we've seen in the last year and start recovering well before recessions are over.

So, this latest recession could last two years and equities could start moving up dramatically in a year or less. Given the current climate, uncertainty is indeed high, boca chica crime the same is true of risk. That may be why Pabrai's recently released, end-of-Q3 holdings show that he was mostly on the sidelines during the quarter. Pabrai Funds, unlike many hedge funds, hold only a handful of positions and reportedly don't sell stocks short.

So, the holdings as of the end of Q3 are likely pretty representative of the funds' overall makeup. The latter move comes despite Pabrai's well-known devotion to the investing philosophy of Warren Buffett.

Looking at tickerspy. If you want to see how your performance stacks up to Pabrai's or see some other Pabrai holdings, visit tickerspy. Pro portfolio performance is based on institutions' top holdings as disclosed in quarter-end filings with the SEC. Pro performance does not take into account additional holdings beyond the top 15 nor does it include positions that are not required to be disclosed by the SEC.

As such, Pro portfolio performance should be considered an approximation and not a precise record of how an institution has performed over time. Fun and informative, tickerspy. Best of all, tickerspy. Try tickerspy. All rights reserved.

User Agreement Financial Market Data provided by. Hide Replies. Authored By. Send PM. Recs: 0 Views: 46 []. User Agreement.My bias is to try and hold wonderful businesses forever. In that spirit, I've created this wonderful business holding checklist to help slow me down when I think about selling a wonderful business.

My investing skills have improved exponentially since I started this journey as the After Dinner Investor in The skill growth is mostly due to the low starting point.

Even though I could talk …. A couple of years ago I found a new Superinvestor that I decided to follow and potentially clone. His name is David Abrams. I don't like stock screeners. My preferred method of finding breakout stock ideas is to screen everything manually by flipping through every stock that exist, starting with the A's. Of course this is …. Comfortability drives my investing allocation decisions. The more comfortable I feel in terms of understanding a business, the margin of safety, and the risk vs reward prospects, the more willing I am ….

To some of us, value investing sounds so simple. As Warren Buffett has pointed out, this doesn't happen to everyone, but for some of us, as soon as we first hear about value investing, something …. Additional menu My bias is to try and hold wonderful businesses forever. r/SecurityAnalysis - Pabrai Funds Q4 Letter If that's all Pabrai did, then we would all do it and also be worth 8 figures. › news › mohnish-pabrai-decides-move-away The investor has decided to focus on 'growth investing' Mohnish Pabrai (Trades, Portfolio) founded his hedge fund business.

Tweedy Browne - Quarterly Letters · Stewart Asset Management - Bill Stewart · Pabrai Funds - Mohnish Pabrai's Blog · Mohnish Pabrai Articles. The latest Tweets from Mohnish Pabrai (@MohnishPabrai).

Pabrai Funds, Dakshana Foundation, Dhandho Funds; author of The Dhandho Investor and Mosaic. In May, value investor Mohnish Pabrai took part in a Q&A session with students of the London Business School. Q2 hedge fund letters, conferences and.

Some 17% of our funds are devoted to banks. This article is excerpted from a letter by Mordechai Yavneh, managing member of Focus Capital Management. In his year-end letter to investors, Mohnish Pabrai, the Managing Partner of Pabrai Investment Funds, explained that had more impact on his way of thinking. All Limited Partners and Investors of the Pabrai Investment Funds of Pabrai Funds – as demonstrated by my being the second largest investor in the funds.

THE PABRAI INVESTMENT FUND II, LP (US Accredited Investors) Performance Summary: All three funds had strong Q4 performance. If you have any more hedge fund letters or reports please send them!

We'll keep this list updated as more hedge fund letters are sent in. Q4; Q3. Greetings investors, and welcome to the Q4 list of hedge fund letters and reports!This list will be updated every week as more hedge. Mohnish Pabrai is the founder and Managing Partner of the Pabrai founder and CEO of Dhandho Funds, and the author of The Dhandho Investor and Mosaic. Dillon Jacobs is the owner and lead editor for Vintage Value Investing. He is a passionate value investor who believes in the fundamental.

Sequoia Fund designates %, of the ordinary income distribution as qualified dividend income pursuant to the Jobs and Q4 - Investor Letter. The investor letters outline the fund's top holdings as well as highlight a recent investment or a current holding. The letters provide an overview of the. Charlie Munger once said that if an investor did just three things, Hedge Fund Letters & Blogs | Buffett Archives | Tools | Podcasts. In his latest Greenlight Capital Q4 Shareholder Letter, most recent investor letter (Q4 ) he highlights the fact that Greenlight Capital Funds.

In his latest letter to investors, Mohnish Pabrai warned about the perils of Q3 hedge fund letters, conferences and more After all. Mohnish Pabrai's Value Strategy Struggles In Rising Market: Q4 Letter Mohnish Pabrai's flagship investment fund lost % for the nine months to the end.