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Listening comprehension skill is the first language learning skill that someone gets by doing communication activity Gereda, So that there is no misunderstanding between the listener and speaker, exercising listening comprehension skill consistently and periodically is needed. Technology advances offer the teachers an innovative and a creative solution by choosing other teaching materials sources and learning media to support teaching and learning activities in school, one of the learning medias at learngerman.

Wohnen theme is mentioned on the curriculum as Wohnung, those same themes will be analyzed through literature study to find out whether the learning video is appropriate with the german curriculum materials for eleventh grade first semester. The data sources in this study are 4 learning videos Nicos Weg A1 with the theme Wohnen and the data of this study is the curriculum which is found in Themen neu Arbeitsbuch German Textbook Chapter 5.

According to the result of data analysis of this research concludes that the video Nicos Weg A1 Wohnen is not appropriate enough with the materials of curriculum, because of less extensive discussion of the material on the videos so it causes the whole materials listed on the curriculum not to be fulfilled.

That is the reason why the teacher should search for supporting teaching materials to fulfil the material needs of the curriculum This research has found 82 discrepancies of Wortschatz, which includes verbs, adjectives and nouns, in the other hand there is 11 discrepancies of Redemittel.

On the aspect of suitability has been found 43 suitabilities of Wortschatz and 6 for Redemittel. Apart from suitability and discrepancy, there are also additional vocabularies and utterances on Nicos Weg video, which are not found on curriculumnamely 22 Redemittel and 42 Wortschatz. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Vol 10 No 03 : laterne. Open Journal Systems. Current Issue.Here are some useful links to external websites with additional resources to learn and practice German as well as websites where you can find information on Germany and the German language.

Just starting out on your journey to learn German? These 10 lessons are for beginners and include videos, audios, texts and interactive exercises. Deutschakademie offers a free audio course covering basic vocabulary, phrases and grammar. Or accompany a young woman during her first days in Germany in Erste Wege in Deutschland and learn useful language for everyday situations.

With Nicos Weg you can progress from A1 to B1. Want to improve your listening comprehension skills? Transcripts are available as downloadable pdf documents. I also recommend Deutsch-To-Go. Short listening texts are available for different levels, accompanied by comprehension questions, language exercises and transcripts.

SlowGerman is a website with podcasts on various topics read slowly. Transcripts, which are also available, provide additional support. On the website of Deutsche Welleyou can find slowly-spoken newscasts.

Transcripts are also available. Inforadio is great source for news, interviews and background stories. Do you want to learn more about Germany? On Germany. This includes background articles and videos and is available in German and other languages. For interesting and curious stories and tips about life in Germany go and check out Deutschland NoFilter by Goethe-Institute.

There are many good online dictionaries out there. The preeminent language resource of the German language with the definitive set of rules regarding grammar, spelling and use of German language is the Duden. I also recommend DWDS where you can find los of information on German words from the present and past. If you are looking for a contextual dictionary, try Reverso. Do you need German for work? Check out Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz Goethe-Institut with lots of exercises for various professions and different levels.

You can also find work-related vocabulary with online exercises in Wirtschaftsdeutsch. Deutsche Welle also has a series of mini-courses for some professions. For lawyers we have lists of useful vocabulary and exercises. Skip to content Nattu marunthu kadai in english Links.

Useful Links. Online Courses for Beginners.You get structured learning from a knowledgable instructor and tons of opportunities to practice. What if you could get all the good and none of the bad—a high-quality German course that you can start and stop whenever you need, or even rewind? These are video lessons from experienced German teachers to effectively learn German grammarvocabulary and conversation. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

Click here to get a copy. Add in handy subtitles, and receiving a quality German lesson is as easy as opening your internet browser. Some video lessons even provide comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises. These are great for practicing new skills and solidifying your knowledge. Nicos Weg is actually comprised of three courses. The first is for complete beginners A1, per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languagesthe second is for upper-beginners or those with some experience with the German language A2 and the third is for intermediate learners B1.

These courses can also be followed in order for a complete German language learning experience. The video lessons themselves follow a fictional character named Nico as he arrives in Germany from Spain and tries to learn German while starting a new life. Each course includes 50 to 75 individual lessonsand each lesson targets a specific German language topic or vocabulary theme. The videos are completely in German and include German subtitles.

Multiple choice comprehension questions follow each video as well as vocabulary and grammar explanations and exercises. Additionally, there are opportunities for listening and speaking practice. Because she speaks both languages and has lived in both the U. In particular, there are videos for German noun cases and German articles—since these are much more complicated than in English, having high-quality grammar lessons from the start will save you lots of headaches down the line.

These are fantastic for training your ear to the language and creating a faux German immersion environment. FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.October 2, To learn German from TV shows, no background knowledge is necessary. Many of them provide vocabulary lists, exercises, and other useful resources to improve comprehension.

Our list begins with Extra auf Deutschan educational series filmed in multiple languages. There are 13 episodes in the German version with A1 vocabulary. Only basic knowledge of the language is needed for you to enjoy this show. Not unlike a sitcom, three young people live as roommates in this show. When the linguistically inept Sam enters the picture, the trouble begins. This show will teach you lots about German culture and even more about common expressions and everyday use of the language.

There are hundreds of episodes to help you improve your grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and reading comprehension. Each animated episode includes short, easy to comprehend dialogues and is about 10 minutes long.

When in doubt, simply set the available English subtitles. Each video comes with a multiple-choice test to help you check your progress. You will see the answers at the end of each episode. The show teaches viewers basic vocabulary for day to day life, which can be reviewed at any time. There is a vocab list, grammar explanation, exercises, and a transcript for each episode.

Lower Intermediate (A2)

When he arrives in Germany, he loses all of his things. He tries to find them and to get to his aunt's house. Thankfully for him, he meets friendly locals along the way Weg in German who help him out.

Like most of the shows on this list, Easy German can also be viewed on YouTube. The series offers new episodes featuring native speakers every Sunday and Wednesday. Subjects include dialects, grammar, regional peculiarities, and culture.Nicos Weg A1. NICO: Hm? NICO: Entschuldigung? Start studying Nicos weg.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Nicos Weg theme song. Silly question but does anyone have the lyrics to the theme song? We have a few clues.


His brother lives in Munich and had to …. Learn German the easy way by watching videos with Airflow snowflake operator example Beginner Beginner.

In the first episode, Nico is listening to German lessons when he …. Assignment: 1. Go to the online site posted above. Create an account and …. Opretter forbindelse til Apple Music. Easy German …. This item is large, and may take some time to download. See historical chart ranks, all reviews, and listen to all …. Enige weken geleden hebben Please try one of our supported browsers. Chrome Firefox Safari Edge …. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook …. March 13, 0 sec read.

Learn to Code Comment Avatar. Chris Castiglione Follow Teacher at …. Beginners DW Learn German. Nicos weg Flashcards Quizlet.

Nicos Weg theme song : German — Reddit. Nicos Weg — Yabla German. Review of Nicos Weg. Something similar to Nicos Weg but for french — French …. Join Nico and his friends to learn German — InfoMigrants. Nicos Weg A2 — Podcasts.When Nico arrives in Germany from Spain, he immediately loses his bag, including his passport and phone.

Luckily, he encounters a number of nice people who help him out, and learns German along the way. Difficulty: Newbie. In the first episode, Nico is listening to German lessons when he runs into Emma and her mother. Nico's bag was accidentally loaded into a taxi and driven away! Luckily, someone offers to help.

Nico still doesn't have his luggage, and can't exactly remember his aunt's address. Lisa and Emma offer to give him a ride into the city. Nico learns how to tell Emma and Lisa his name in German. When they stop to put gas in the car, he sees something he recognizes.

Nico, Lisa, and Emma run into Lisa's friend Max, who suggests that they get Lisa's father to help with Nico's situation. While Lisa drops Emma off at a birthday party, Nico waits in the car and hears something interesting on the radio. Nico telegramscrapper Lisa go to the police station, where her father files the little information Nico can give him. Nico goes to the "Wohngemeinschaft" "WG" where Lisa lives and meets her housemates, who are getting ready for a party.

When Nico shows Nina and Sebastian the photo of his aunt, Sebastian has the idea to post the photo online and see if anyone recognizes the bicycle shop. Nico and his friends order pizza and find out that someone has responded to the photograph of his aunt's bicycle shop on social media.

Nawin receives some nice souvenirs at his farewell party, and he and Nico and Lisa discuss various German cities. Nico meets Selma, who is from Damascus, and learns how to speak about cardinal directions in German. The group plays a game with food from various countries. Nico learns that Nawin has gotten a job in France, but is reluctant to leave Germany.

As they clean up after the party, the group talks about the nationalities of the various guests and the languages they speak.What do you want to do? Check my answers Email my answers to my teacher. Please allow access to the microphone Look at the top of your web browser.

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Nicos Weg | A1. Grammar overview. Deutsch zum Mitnehmen | | © Deutsche Welle | Seite 1 / 7. Welcome to A1! Lesson 1. Episode 1 – Download ideas for lessons and exercises (PDF) · Download grammar overview (PDF) · Nicos Weg exercise book – Worksheets for lessons (PDF).

Abschlusszertifikat. BASISKURS DEUTSCH. Federico Pagliuca hat den Abschlusstest des Online-Sprachkurses Nicos Weg – Einfach Deutsch lernen (A1). BASISKURS DEUTSCH. Federico Pagliuca hat den Abschlusstest des Online-Sprachkurses Nicos Weg – Einfach Deutsch lernen (A1) erfolgreich bestanden.

GitHub - alexplusplus/DW-Nicos-Weg-A1: Translation of DW's telenovela scripts into English and Russian. This item is large, and may take some time to download. Description. Vocabulary from the "Nicos Weg" A1 lessons from Deutsche Welle (learngerman. It is well done and offers a fun way to learn. I would definitely recommend it for someone who is a beginner or just lower intermediate.

DW Learn German A1, A2, B1 + placement test – language app (features Nico's Weg [see above]). Deutschtrainer A1 – Vocab learning for beginners (Y7-Y8). en-a1-themapersoenliche-informatione · n/. Supports. Sensory: Videos in the Nico's Weg modules on the. Deutsche Welle site​-while listening students. audio-visual and textual content of Nico's Weg. level A1 and B2 as PDF as well as transcript examples of the videos files (level.

Nicos Weg is actually comprised of three courses. The first is for complete beginners (A1, per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Descargar Mp3 Folge 14 Gratis - fotografía.

go. A1 Nicos Weg - Film series - Google - Name Datum. View A1 Nicos Weg - Film series - Google from GEO at East Mecklenburg High. Name _ Datum _ Follow the link: Filmserie: Nicos Weg You will watch.

Students need to register on the website “Anmelden” or use their previous login from “Nicos Weg A1”. Students need to complete the first 10 sections from. (2) Deutsch zum Mitnehmen Deutsche Welle Seite 1 / 5 CHARTES D'ANGLAIS SOMMAIRE CHARTE NIVEAU A1 Pages CHARTE NIVEAU A2.

Aug 5, - It's easy to learn German online with DW's free German course "Nicos Weg." For beginners and level A1 beginners with prior knowledge. Four mini-lessons based on the Nico's weg series from Deutsche Welle that will introduce useful vocabulary in a fun way: Offering drinks.

Nicos Weg - A1 Folge 1: Hallo! Difficulty: difficulty - Newbie Newbie. Germany. „Nicos Weg“ is a series for German learners. In the first episode, Nico is. KESESUAIAN PEMBELAJARAN KETERAMPILAN MENYIMAK PADA MATERI DW VIDEO NICOS WEG A1 UNTUK SISWA KELAS XI SEMESTER I · Elvaretta Paramesthi Paramesthi. Start studying Nicos Weg: Vocabulary Review. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.