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I can always get Remington slugs to shoot. A 12 Gauge Slug is a solid projectile designed for use with a shotgun. It was originally designed for hunting big game, and was observed to be more effective at range than buckshot. What is a deer hunting slug? A Foster slug, invented by Karl M.

Foster inand patented in U. Patent 2, is a type of shotgun slug designed to be fired through a smoothbore shotgun barrel. It was designed to enable deer hunting in the Great Depression using smoothbore, choked shotguns. What are shotgun shells?

The shells consist of a paper or plastic tube mounted on a brass base holding a primer. The shot is typically contained in a small container inside the shell casing.

Post navigation « Previous. What is the most accurate 12 gauge sabot slug? What is the most accurate sabot slug? What is the best sabot slug for deer? Hornady American Whitetail Slug. Hornady Custom Lite Slug. D Dupleks Hexolit Lightfield Hybred EXP. Wolf Power Rifled Slug. Winchester XP3 Sabot Slug. What is the best Sabot?

10 gauge slug diameter

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Accept Privacy policy.We appreciate your business and want you to know we are doing everything possible to continue to respond to the record level of demand for ammunition, bullets, cartridge cases, reloading presses and accessories. Hornady does not sell core products directly to the public - we kindly ask that you contact retailers about availability. Thank you for your support. The hollow point style slug features a tough, lead alloy core loaded to 1, feet per second.

The compression style wad protects the slug at ignition and helps to seal the bore for maximum velocity. Find a Retailer. Gain a deep knowledge of ballistic science and access our improved ballistic calculator. Introducing the latest products from the worldwide leader in ammunition. Access features of the Reloading Handbook on your mobile device with the Reloading App.

Sign Up. Designed and developed by IdeaBank Marketing. Product Features Rifled slug for smooth-bore barrels 12 gauge 1-ounce rifled, foster style slug Hollow point, tough lead-alloy core 1, feet per second Test Barrel 24". The rigid polycarbonate driver in the sabot ensures accuracy. The end result is an accurate delivery system for a tough shotgun slug capable of taking the biggest midwestern whitetails.

A compression-style wad protects the slug at ignition and helps to seal the bore for maximum velocity. Rifled Slug Optimized for performance in smooth bore shotguns, the lead alloy projectile expands to rapidly transfer energy upon impact.

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Want more from Hornady?I have always wanted to use a slug gun for deer hunting but had always been told that in order to shoot one accurately I would have to try different brands of slugs to see which one was the most accurate for my shotgun.

I was also told that if I had a smoothbore I would have to use rifled slugs and I would have to use sabots out of a rifled shotgun barrel. My quest for an accurate slug began when I purchased a 12 gauge Remington with a rifled cantilever slug barrel. I asked my friends what they shot, what kind of groups they were getting at what yardage, etc… I also checked several of the hunting forums on the internet.

Basically everyone and every forum told me the same thing; try different brands and different types of slugs that each brand offered.

Since I have a rifled barrel I would have to stay with the more expensive sabots as rifled slugs would not be accurate out of my set up. I called Remington, Federal, Winchester, and asked them what sabot shot the best for them in their tests. I thought I would get the best answer from Remington. As you can see, this is going to get expensive real quick.

I called Brenneke, they gave me your number and you were the only person in my quest for an accurate round out of my shotgun that told me what I needed to use from the start.

I placed my trust in what you said and ordered the Green lightning rifled slugs. The rounds started going where I wanted them to as I was sighting in.

I actually passed your expectations of a 3 inch group at yards. I shot this 17 inch 8 point at paces see photo while bracing the shotgun against the side of tree. I have been telling all my friends and those on several internet hunting forums to save your money, quit searching, and just shoot Brenneke.

Regardless of the weather all my deer are getting hit with lightning, Green lightning from Brenneke. Thank You Michael Sestak.Photo: Jason Wimbiscus. Of the many technological developments intended to improve the accuracy potential of shotgun slugs and also one of the most summarily dismissed is the rifled choke tube.

Obviously, such theoretical problems with rifled choke tubes must not be as big an issue as the detractors claim.

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According to the manufacturer, tube length varies depending upon the make and model of the gun to which it is fitted. Firing more than 30 gauge slugs from the bench in one session takes a toll. The bulk of my trials concentrated on yard groups as that distance or closer is where most of my game shooting will likely occur while hunting in the Maine woods. For each type of ammo tested, I fired two three-shot groups: one through the rifled tube and one through the straight cylinder tube.

In all, I fired more than 30 gauge slugs from the bench during the range session resulting in a very sore and bruised shoulder. Brenneke Super Sabot slugs are loaded with an interesting, lead-free projectile and are intended for use in fully rifled barrels. The group printed by the Brenneke Super Sabots through the rifled choke tube. In addition to grouping poorly, the slugs key-holed through the target.

Not only was the yard group of Super Sabots larger than 6-inches across, examination of the plywood behind the target indicated that the projectiles were key-holing to the fullest possible extent.

The holes the slugs punched in the board were perfect profile outlines of the projectiles. Through the rifled tube the Brenneke K. Above: the groups printed by the Brenneke K.

The point of aim on each target was the orange dot at the center. It came initially as a surprise how much higher the point of impact was through the cylinder tube compared to the rifled tube.

My theory is that when the slug engages the lands and grooves of the rifled tube, the projectile is robbed of enough velocity to alter the point of impact in comparison to the cylinder tube.

This trend of the cylinder tube yielding groups higher than the rifled tube would hold regardless of the type of ammo used. The groups printed by the LBC slugs. The group produced by the rifled tune is on the left target and the group produced by the cylinder tube is on the right target. Through the cylinder tube the slugs shot high enough that all but one missed the target completely. The Remington Sluggers turned out to be the winner of the day. Through the rifled tube three slugs tore one ragged hole 2 inches in length.

The groups produced by the Remington 3-inch Sluggers through the rifled tube left and the cylinder tube right. In spite of the fact that my battered shoulder was screaming for mercy, I wanted to see if the accuracy improvement the rifled choke tube provided at 50 yards also applied at the yard line.

Since the Remington slugs provided the best group through my setup, I fired one, three-shot group at a piece of poster board stapled to the yard target stand.

Had shooter fatigue shoulder Telperion and laurelin not been a factor, the group may very well have been even smaller.

Clearly, the addition of a rifled tube opened a new world for my smooth bore gun. There are numerous reasons why a hunter would employ a rifled tube to improve accuracy rather than a dedicated rifled barrel the most notable being cost. Additionally, a rifled choke tube can be employed without sacrificing the versatility of a shotgun. A hunter can easily carry multiple choke tubes and thus be equipped to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances or a change in intended quarry.

By contrast, it would be far less practical to carry a second barrel. I've always like the P for its shooting ability and capacity.

Recently, I got the PX with a Romeo Zero optic on top and wanted to compare this with the original P for concealed carry.Slugs will not hurt your barrel. I was raise to not shoot slugs through a full choke barrel but many do that with no issue. A sabot slug is what you want to shoot out of a rifled barrel because the barrel will put the spin on the projectile.

Because the barrel is rifled, the projectile does not need to be rifled. A rifled slug is what you want to shoot out a smooth bore barrel. A standard full choke with standard lead slugs is safe. The new sabot slugs or solid copper, really anything but lead, should probably not be used in full choke guns.

Rifled slugs are designed to impart a spin, albeit less stable, through a smoothbore. Rifled barrels are designed to impart spin on a smooth sabot.

Do I Need Sabot or Rifled Slugs?

The physics of the differing types of spin causes an erratic motion to be imparted upon the slug. Furthermore, the rifled slug could damage the rifled barrel. Buckshot pellets are significantly larger than birdshot. Size, penetration, and energy all make buckshot more lethal than birdshot. Most people arming themselves against violent criminals prefer lethality. Even law enforcement officers typically choose 0 or 00 buckshot for close encounters with dangerous human beings.

The short answer however, is up to yards if your shotgun can group as tight at inches at yards with the right load your gun happens to like. Of course it would help to have a scoped, fully rifled-barrel like a cantelever Remington or Hastings as well. You need rifling spin to help the bullet and the sabots separate cleanly and to stabilize the bullet.

Nevertheless, since sabot slugs and rifled barrels came along we have doubled the accurate, effective range of the shotgun for deer hunting. Although its ME is 2, ft. Or, reasonably accurate out to perhaps 50 yards, or 80 yards, beyond which accuracy and confidence fade significantly.

These slugs predate rifled shotgun barrels, and were designed to be fired through smoothbore shotgun barrels.Today, slug guns have evolved far beyond the smoothbore spray-and-pray guns that you hoped were at least minute-of-vitals accurate.

Modern slug guns will punch clover leafs at yards no problem. Gone are the days when the two-barrel combo set reigned supreme over slug-gun territory. Most major manufacturers are marketing dedicated slug guns with stocks, triggers, sights and barrels designed to squeeze the most out of modern ammo. A few of those classics made this list, along with some of the newest, most advanced sluggers on the market.

What follows is our ranking of the 15 best slug guns of all time. Randy Fritz, the TarHunt founder, made the RSG his pet project in the late 80s and early 90s, after the first rifled slug barrels hit the market. He wanted to create a rifle to shoot shotgun slugs that would far surpass anything else on the slug-gun market.

Fritz accomplished this goal by combining benchrest bolt-action rifle technology with a rifled shotgun barrel. A heavy-walled Shaw barrel is threaded into the action and ported at the muzzle. The barrel twist and interior dimensions have also been carefully selected for optimum performance. Best Fit: The TarHunt is a long-range slayer for the accuracy snob.

That goes for slug shooters too. Probably one of the best deals in firearms history is the Express Combo package, which includes a ventilated rib smooth barrel and a rifled slug barrel. Today, Remington offers nearly every slug gun configuration imaginable, from rifled barrels with open sights and standard stocks, to cantilever scope mounts and thumbhole stocks. Check availability here. The Deerslayer earned its moniker throughout the years as being a reliable, bottom-ejecting pump shotgun dedicated to deer hunting — all that, despite being plagued by the uncertainty of constantly changing ownership of the Ithaca brand.

The trigger is tuned to a 4- to 6-pound pull. The action is machined of one piece of steel. The inch heavy-contour barrel is made without adding heat for daz baba albam. The standard Deerslayer II checks in at a reasonable 7 to 8 pounds.

But thanks to the fluted, heavy barrel, Ithaca claims it is capable of 4-inch groups at yards. It should suffice no matter how you hunt. Its advertised effective range compares to any slug gun on the market. Savage did as Savage always does when it created the original Model It created a reliable, accurate rifle at an affordable price.

That early bolt-action slug gun has since evolved into the 12 gauge Model and 20 gauge Model Each is based on the proven Savage action, with a inch rifled barrel and a two-round detachable box magazine.

The barrel is locked into the action with a unique locking nut found on all Savage bolt-action rifles. This nut ensures a perfect barrel-to-action fit. Best Fit: The and shotguns are perfect for the accuracy junky not wanting to drop the change needed for a custom or top-end rig. Many hunters are buying into the capabilities of the 20 gauge slug for deer. Want simple? Here it is. Just pure deer-dropping performance.A rifled barrel has lands and groves that cause the projectile to spin when it exists the muzzle end of the barrel.

A smooth bore is exactly how it sounds, smooth. A smooth bore has no lands and grooves. A smooth bore does not encourage the projectile to spin like a rifled barrel does.

A person would use a rifled barrel if they are looking at shooting longer distances. The reason for that is that when the projectile spins like it does when it exits the muzzle of a rifled barrel, it tends to fly farther and straighter.

What slug in what barell?

Thus, it would be more accurate when your target is at a greater distance. In addition to shooting shot, you can also shoot msys2 change home directory out of a smooth bore barrel. If you are taking closer shots less than yardsa smooth bore may be sufficient. When using a smooth bore, your projectile will still have spin on it because the projectile will be rifled.

Sabot slugs are slugs that contain a sabot component. Since a strong seal is needed to trap propellant gases behind the projectile, and keep the projectile centered in the barrel, something is needed to fill the undesirable but necessary gap between projectile and barrel, a space referred to as the windage, and this is the role of the sabot. A sabot slug is what you want to shoot out of a rifled barrel because the barrel will put the spin on the projectile. Because the barrel is rifled, the projectile does not need to be rifled.

A rifled slug is what you want to shoot out a smooth bore barrel. Because the barrel is smooth, the projectile will not rotate appropriately unless it has rifling on it. You actually can shoot slugs through a choke. Be careful though and consult your manual for your particular firearm and choke situation. As a general rule of thumb, and we all know there are exceptions to the rule, you can shoot a slug out of a shotgun barrel that has a choke if you are using a modified choke or larger.

Just a reminder, as far as common types of chokes go, cylinder is the largest in that it offers the biggest opening for the projectile, improved cylinder is slightly narrower, then modified, improved modified and full. They are questions that come up many times each year: Do I need a rifled barrel for my slug gun or can I just get away with using my smooth bore? Do I shoot sabot slugs or just rifled slugs? Can I shoot slugs through a shotgun with a choke in it?

Rifled Barrel or Smooth Bore? When to use rifled barrels. When to use a smooth bore. The long and short of it. A rifled slug is, again, just how it sounds, a slug with rifling. When do I shoot sabot slugs?

What happens if I mix them up? Can I shoot slugs through a choke? What happens if I shoot slugs through a choke more restricting than modified? Click here to register for the next MN Permit to Carry course! Federal Premium gave smoothbore slug hunters the same level of attention when it introduced the TruBall rifled slug system, the most consistent.

It mostly depends on the ammo you're using, and also the gun/barrel. You could expect great accuracy when using brenneke slugs out of a barrel. Federal TruBall slugs are often one of the more accurate slugs out of smooth bore barrels. Federal claims the are also suitable for use in. › articles › how-to-shoot-shotgun-slugs-accurately. If you're using a fully rifled barrel, sabot slugs are a good choice.

Foster slugs can be fired through a rifled barrel, and hunters who shoot. “It's a long story,” says Brian, “but for military use, the shotgun slugs had to be accurate out to yards when fired out of a smooth bore, with human lives.

The effective range of rifled slugs is considerably less than that of saboted loads. But most shots taken at woodland deer are within yards. Using a rifled. In all the different slug guns I have shot, the 2 3/4" 1 oz. Lightfield Hybreds worked the best for accuracy. I just got back from the gun. Most shotgun slugs are designed to be fired through a cylinder bore or an improved cylinder choke, rifled choke tubes, or fully. Match the slug to the gun: The faster the slug, the faster the rifling twist you need to stabilize it.

Slugs in the to fps range work. As I mentioned previously, the H&R/NEF Ultra Slug Hunter with a heavy barrel is a very accurate slug gun, as is the gun I shoot, an Ithaca. Federal tru-ball slugs seem to be the most accurate out of the smooth bores I've tried em in. Never shot them through a rifled choke. Slug guns are not the most effective, efficient or accurate tools for rifled slug barrels, slug gun accuracy has dramatically improved.

Brenneke slugs are usually a good option for a smooth bore. Remington Buckhammers work good in smooth bores if you can tolerate the recoil. For. Rifled slugs are generally soft lead and designed for smooth-bore.

Whenever you use a rifled barrel, ALWAYS use saboted slugs. Very accurate. My. Features: Bolt-actions make the most accurate rifles; why not for slug guns, too? Savage introduced the bolt-action gauge Model in. This allowed me to identify the most promising slug designs, as well as reducing costs, which were quite high for some of the slugs. Using this protocol, I was. Sabot slugs in a rifled barrel are very accurate. Shooting sabot slugs through a smooth bore is a waste of money.

They will “work” but accuracy suffers and. Do I need a rifled barrel for my slug gun or can I just get away with because it will be just about as accurate as a rifled barrel. Also, some shotguns are more accurate than others. Rifled slugs are offered by most of the major ammunition makers in a variety.