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Thanks Vipul, for your blog and providing all the info. Although I am not a math expert as you, I certainly value the importance of math. And Congrats to you for all the success you have earned!!! I have read about your adventures in mathematics from your blogs. Actually I am also trying to get into a good rank in rmo or inmo so that I can pursue my research career.

I am trying to complete Thrills and Challenges and I am also having arihant's maths olympiad as well as arthur engel's book. Eventually Prof. Subhashish will try to give Videos for full course here for you. I am also love mathematics just like you.

But my main concern on algebraic questions and trigonometric problems. Currently I am prepared for maths olympiad exam. I am also want to success Such like you I want to know few details about research in CMI n what is the criterion and all.

I hope u will reply. I have done my M. Sc in mathematics. Hi Vipul i am really impressed with you are International Mathematics Olympiad two time silver Medalists and your preparation techniques also good.

Hi, Thanx for sharing information good work. As a parent, you must have heard your kid say that he or she doesn't like math or math is a boring subject. This is mainly due to the old teaching methods that are still followed by the classroom teachers. Many times, the teachers are greatly responsible for the disinterest in students regarding math.

The importance of the subject in our life cannot be underestimated. However, many parents find it quite tough to instruct math to their children. In such cases, you must consider hiring a good private Math tutor in Bangalore who will help your child enjoy learning numbers. I like your post The post which had been shared is quite impressive and very well written.

Thanks for sharing. Much thanks for your useful information Science Olympiad Info. Experience shared is very informative.

Thanks for the insights on Mathematics Olympiad. Students will understand better with the information provided in the post. Olympiads are really helping in nurturing analytical and conceptual learning apart from the school syllabus.

Math Olympiad Corner

Please keep on posting such useful and detailed posts with the latest trends and updates. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog Indian Service Centre India. Great tips shared by you, I really like the way you convert your thoughts into this relevant word, maintaining the transparency of the content's logic.

Thank you for sharing this beneficial detail here among us. Keep writing.So, who is Stierlitz? This was a popular movie in Bulgaria in those days behind the Iron Curtain, when films were rare. I remember watching some TV series as a child. So, about the problem. A typical Russian one. The more techniques you know the worse. The first thing that occurred to me upon seeing it was the probabilistic approach.

Let me first present the problem. I used the translation given in [1]. Problem Prove that Stierlitz can send encryptions, each time choosing some characters to flip, such that when the Center receives these ciphers, it may unambiguously restore the original code. The problem can be reworded. Let be the space of all binary strings of length and consider the Hamming metric. That is, for any we denote as the number of bits in which and differ. I did some calculations, and as it turns out this number is quite large.

We substitute dot and dash by o and 1. Suppose the string Stielitz wants to transmit consists of zeroes If it is something else just flip appropriately some zeroes to ones and vice versa in the following lines. The first two strings Stierlitz transmits are. Note that this reveals to the Center the last two characters, in this particular case. Thus, consist of characters and differ at each position.

It means that one of them differs from in at least bits, hence the last two bits of the original string cannot differ from the corresponding bits of the first two encodings.

The next two strings Stierlitz sends are. The Center already knows that the real last two characters arehence the rest of the strings must differ from the original at exactly positions. The same argument as above yields the characters following the first ones elle fanning with the original.

Thus, the Center knows the last symbols. Stierlitz proceeds the same way, every pair of encodings reveals the another characters. The ninth funny safety moments for meetings tenth strings are. The Center already knows the last characters, hence the first symbols of these two strings differ at exactly bits from the original one.

So, the Center reveals additional bits and knows the last ones, in our case all zeroes. Now, look at transmitted string 1.

We see that it differs from the bits already known at positions. That is, no other differences can occur, hence the first bits of the original are exactly as in the string 1, in our case zeroes. The center knows the whole original string. In many cases, the probabilistic approach is a powerful weapon.If you are seriously interested in MIT, you probably think math and science are serious fun.

We offer this abbreviated list of some remarkable competitions, fairs, summer programs, organizations, and websites that will challenge your imagination and powers of analysis, connect you with other young people who dare to enjoy science and math, and help you prepare for the rigor and excitement of MIT. MIT offers several selective residential summer programs for exceptional students. Every year, secondary school students from around the world compete in international Olympiad competitions in math and science.

Ultimately, each country fields a team of its top four-to-six students in each field. If you enjoy pure science research or the thrill of invention, you may want to set your sights on these fairs and competitions:. Many budding engineers have gotten their start tinkering with robots. You may enjoy these robotics programs:. Sometimes you have an idea for something really cool that you just need to build. Looking for inspiration? Our students have found these places exciting:.

International Science Olympiads and qualifying competitions Every year, secondary school students from around the world compete in international Olympiad competitions in math and science.

Related blogs. Control your thoughts. Introducing… Maker Portfolios! Making the world better, one portfolio at a time by Dr.Olympiad exams are all about bringing the best out of children. These are national and international competitions that prove beneficial in the long run. Olympiads can be seen as a platform for students of school level to showcase their skills and talent in their strongest subject. A rank in the Olympiad helps students explore their talent.

Questions asked in Olympiads are more conceptual and tricky which requires students to understand the topic well. This ultimately improves their routine class results. It helps students to test their understanding, level of knowledge and power of reasoning. It helps to cultivate the analytical and logical thinking in the students which is quite useful for any competitive exam.

Awards and recognitions is another prominent advantage you get by taking Olympiad exams. Digital is the new way of studying. Other than the up-to-date syllabus and questions, the digital study has grown tremendously across the world due to a number of reasons. At Speedlabs. The students who are preparing for any of the Olympiad need to follow the proper study plan by preparing a complete strategy for every particular subject.

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Latest Stories Differences between Right-handed and Left-handed people. A world with textbooks. The Future is Hybrid! Exam preparation Featured Learning. June 12, Benefits of Olympiads It helps them to understand deep knowledge about subjects and sharpens their mind for aptitude and competitive exams. International Olympiads helps students to solve complex problems in no time. One can strengthen the fundamentals of subjects like Math, English and Science, which not only help in cracking Olympiads but also help in getting good scores in school-based exams.

Appearing for Olympiads gives self-confidence in students and helps them work hard to achieve their goals. The courses designed for each class at Speedlabs.

Why is Olympiad Exams Important for Students?

Subjects become interesting to learn when students challenge themselves to come out of their comfort zone and have a desire to learn more and master themselves.This blog serves to help juniors in Hwa Chong Institution to approach Maths Olympiad in a more casual and relaxed manner. It serves to complement the school Maths Olympiad Training program by covering specific topics which may not be taught on a classroom scale.

The content in this blog will be mainly tailored to prepare students for the Singapore Mathematics Olympiad. While I am no professional on this matter, I do hope the insights I provide will help the juniors in one way or another.

Any contributions, comments or complaints are welcomed. I am Khor Shi-Jie, currently studying in university. While I do not have an exceptional portfolio in Maths Olympiad, at least I am very passionate about what I am doing. Very nice idea, Shi Jie! Will you be focusing more on short or long problems? The main focus will be on long questions but most skills are applicable to both rounds.

Incidentally, those are my two favourite topics. In the mean time keep the great articles coming. Hey there! Do you plan to continue making these? Can you help me?? First note that y is odd.

Suppose a prime p divides y As such, each of them are cubic numbers. There are not two cubic numbers with a difference of 4, hence there are no solutions. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. About me: I am Khor Shi-Jie, currently studying in university.The Mathematical Olympiad is an annual Mathematics competition for high school students. It is open to Auckland high school students only.

The competition is a two-hour assessment of 10 questions. Top scorers in the Auckland event may be invited to participate in the national competition. There are ten problems in the AMO. The first five questions are aimed at years 9 to 11 juniorswhile the second five questions are aimed at years 12 to 13 seniors. However, all ages are encouraged to attempt as many questions as possible.

Questions and solutions Size: Type: PDF. Document Description: Download and view the questions and solutions from the event. Download this PDF file. In the lead up to the selection of each year's New Zealand's team, the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Committee NZMOC organises a graduated programme of competitions, camps and coaching for mathematically talented high school students.

The Mathematical Olympiad is an annual international competition for high school students. Each participating nation sends a six-student team. Accessibility Links Skip to site search Skip to main content. Breadcrumbs List. Show Truncated Breadcrumbs. Auckland Mathematical Olympiad. New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad. International Mathematical Olympiad.

Related links.The first round of the British Mathematical Olympiad was sat on Thursday by roughly pupils in the UK, and a significant number overseas on Friday. Students reading this in future years are advised, as always, that such commentaries are normally more valuable after attempting and digesting the problem yourself first. The paper can be found in its original format here. An exhaustive search is impractical and uninteresting. However, beyond that, we would also like to find integers N which we are convinced have this property without needing to explicitly decompose them into the desired sum format.

We need an even number of odd numbers to end up with an even sum. Probably the algebraically neatest way is to set up such a sum symmetrically as:. So, we seek integers N which can be written as 2nm, where m is an even number, in as many ways as possible.

Note that if we have an integer N which can be factorised as a product of two distinct even numbers we are forced to take the larger as 2n, and the smaller as m, since we require 2n-k to be strictly positive. It is useful to remember that is M can be factorised into primes as then its factors can be described as the set:.

In particular, the number of such factors isindependently of the choice of the primes. We could take to be some permutation of 11or 5,1or 3,2or 2,1,1which give the following valid M:. The other success rates have similar constraints, but the multiples are smaller.

So we need at least twenty games. But can we do this in twenty games? This would require Arun to win 3 out of the first 10, and 14 out of the first 20 or the exact oppositeand after some head-scratching, this is impossible, since it would require winning eleven out of the ten games between these observations.

This is a nice observation, and we now know the answer must be at least thirty. Given that we have made some nifty, rigorous deductions already, one might speculate that this is the true answer. To verify this, we just have to give a construction, and there are a number of ways to achieve this, for example such that Arun wins. To get full credit, almost any justification that a construction exists for 30 games would be fine — but one must be given.

If nothing else, such experiments may well lead to a conjecture of the general form of the answer. This corner is for aspirants of Mathematical Olympiads.

Here you can find several handouts and articles. Most of the handouts or notes are collected from. I don't think any blog is very useful for mathematical Olympiads. You need to actually solve problems rather then read about them:) But I greatly enjoy. This blog contains notes on IMO-type mathematics, targeted at SIMO students. By the way, SIMO stands for "Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad". Olympiad Articles. These are mcq on attitude handouts I've written over the years.

The Math and Problem Solving sections of my personal blog might also be of interest. Yufei Zhao's notes on algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and number theory for math olympiad training. find geometry problems from Mathematical Olympiads latest added, new problem collections in this blog and old ones currently being. Posted in Recreational Mathematics | Tagged ciphers, complex functions, geometry, IMO, math, mathematical olympiad, mathematics, maths, projective geometry.

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Here is a concrete problem, given at some national mathematical olympiad. Problem (Taiwan NMO ). There are n safes and n keys. The International Olympiad Blog. Mathematics Olympiads are tests for those who want a better understanding of the subject, want to improve at it or are.

Also, the “classical” type of mathematics you learn while doing Olympiad problems (e.g. Euclidean geometry, elementary number theory, etc.). I am stealing a few ideas from two threads already on AoPS, but I will add a few things myself. 2 Threads on Olympiad Preparation. Maths Olympiad is an initiative for students from class 1 to class 10 to showcase their talent and knowledge in maths at an international level platform.

Tag: Maths Olympiad · Olympiad Preparation: How to ace Olympiads? · Olympiad Exam for class 1 · Online Math Olympiad · International Mathematical Olympiad. In this blog, we are sharing 11 International Maths Olympiad Tips And Tricks to guide students in their preparation for the upcoming IMO. LoT conducts World olympiad majorly for the three subjects, which include Computer, Science, and Mathematics.

Scoring good ranks in these exams is very. Problems. Language versions of problems are not complete. Please send relevant PDF files to the webmaster: [email protected] Ruskin Elementary's Math Olympiad program revolves around math problem solving contests Visit Ruskin's Math Olympiad blog: This blog serves to help juniors in Hwa Chong Institution to approach Maths Olympiad in a more casual and relaxed manner.

It serves to complement the school. Students from Russia won two gold and two silver awards at the international olympiad Romanian Master of Mathematics, the press office of.

In this article, we'll answer all your Math Olympiad questions! ask your math teacher, a math team friend, or an online forum like the.