Leopard 2a5

By the s, the Leopard 2 was without doubt one of the most powerful Main Battle Tanks in the world. But even as the latest production variant Leopard 2A4 rolled off the assembly lines, NATO military leaders were receiving reports of new, deadly Soviet tanks. It was clear that the Leopard 2A4 would sooner or later become obsolete when facing such threats and it was decided that a new, vastly improved variant was needed.

Attempts to build something superior to the then-produced Leopard 2 variants can be traced back to the early s and the Leopard 3 program. The Leopard 3 program was still part of the so-called Halbgenerationenwechsel — a German military concept of having two MBTs in service in parallel like with the M47, the M48, the Leopard 1 and the Leopard 2 and only switch one of them in regular intervals.

The program is for the most part still classified and little has been published about it in the past. It ran in the s and s and featured a large number of proposals to improve the existing Leopard 2 vehicles. Some were radically different, including a variant with the gun placed to the side of the turret axis or with a remotely controlled gun — but all were ultimately unsuccessful because they failed to provide a significant upgrade over the Leopard 2 tank and would take too long to implement.

As the s came to an end, the general German consensus was that an upgrade to the existing Leopard 2 design was preferable to designing a completely new vehicle for the abovementioned reasons. The entire Halbgenerationenwechsel concept was cancelled as a result and it was decided only one Main Battle Tank type would be used for German purposes in the future — the Leopard 2.

There was still the matter of increasing the vehicle's combat capability. To that end, a program called KWS Kampfwertsteigerung — combat value improvement was established. Leopard 2 evolution schematics by Madestcat. The Leopard 2 KVT testbed was built as part of it in The Leopard 2 KVT was built from the last Leopard 2A4 produced as part of the fifth production run December to Marchvehicles in total — vehicle no.

The following modifications were added to the vehicle:. As a result, the weight of the vehicle increased from the original 55 tons to This time, two eighth production run Leopard 2A4 vehicles built invehicle nos. The second vehicle especially referred to as TVM max was upgraded with cutting edge electronics and, as a result, was potentially very expensive.

Both were extensively tested between December and April in Aachen. Times were, however, changing. Without the threat of Soviet invasion, many military analysts believed the age of the tank was over and that the future belonged to light, mobile forces.

Tank development funding began to dwindle. Each stage focused on a different aspect of Leopard 2 improvement:. This development program led to a breakthrough conference in Mannheim, after which, on March 30Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland signed a contract defining what the future Leopard variant was to look like.

A single fifth production run Leopard 2A4 vehicle no. It was heavily tested between and It's worth noting that Sweden — a Leopard 2A4 user — did not accept the Mannheim configuration and chose instead to implement the TVM max configuration along with the additional hull and turret roof armor for its next Main Battle Tank.

As a result of tests, Germany and Krauss-Maffei signed a contract on December 29 to convert the first Leopard 2A4s from the sixth production run on to the Mannheim Configuration standard, now referred to as the Leopard 2A5.

At the same time, the Netherlands signed a contract to convert vehicles. The most notable difference between the pre-2A5 Leopard 2s and the Leopard 2A5 is the wedge-shaped frontal turret spaced armor with a completely overhauled gun mantlet. The electric driver's hatch was taken from the KVT program. The driver also has a rear-facing camera, allowing him to reverse much quicker than in the previous versions of the Leopard 2, where he had to depend on the commander for instructions.Due to the current situation we will only accept USD notes or equivalent market rate.

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Delivery is completely free with Wild Willy! You only pay the price of the item. Q: How can I pay?Rear view, left side Own picture. The project is worth mill. The tanks will be distributed to 1. The A5 are expected to be operative until The upgrade has increased Gross Vehicle Weight to some Key elements of the upgrade are: - Primarily an improvement of the passive protection of the crew and the tank.

Passive protection : - The Leopard 2 A4 configuration with the main and secondary sights are closed with new armour-modules. The gun mantel are made narrower to make room for the armoured modules which are placed on the front of the turret and the forward part of the sides of the turret.

The skirts are replaced with a new type. The drivers hatch are replaced with a new hatch which will be somewhat heavier. The new type of hatch will be a slide-type of hatch. The bearings of the road wheels will be of a new type witch are armoured. On the inside both turret and hull will be fitted with spall-liners to protect against fragments.

The protection of the hull differs from the Mannheimer-configuration where there are no replacements of the armour in the hull. This is manly due to the late batch of hulls where the protection is somewhat better than the hulls of the Danish Leopard 2 A4.

The system is capable of supporting a latter upgrade of the gun to mm L55 or a mm gun, and an additional armour on the top of the turret. The secondary sight of the gunner will be moved as to make it possible to put additional armour on the front of the turret, as mention above.

The system will be prepared for future identification systems. Also this will enable the tank to be fitted with some kind of battlefield management system in the future. The engine compartment will be protected a fully automated system to protect against napalm. The upgrading will take place in Munich hull and Kassel turret.

As of the number of operational Leopard 2A5 have been decreased to 34 2 operational squadrons and 1 in reserve.It was introduced in Update 1. The succeeding variant of the Leopard 2A4the Leopard 2A5 is distinguished by an overall improved turret front armour, most notably with the add-on armour bulks in the turret front, giving a wedge-shape rather than the flat shapes that the 2A4 variant presented.

The Leopard 2A5 has improved armour compared to its predecessor, the hull is much better protected and the already impenetrable turret cheeks have more protection on the side of the turret. The wedges on the front of the turret are able to be blown off if a round with enough energy hits it.

The gunners optic is also moved into the roof to eliminate the weak spot which was easily penetrated by any tank.

One big changeover along with the armour wedges in the front is the repositioning of the gunner's sight. In the 2A4, the gunner's sight in the turret front presented a weakness that was easily compromised. In the 2A5, the gunner's sight was relocated to the turret roof, and so this weakness is no longer present on the 2A5. Additionally, the large mantlet of the 2A4 has been replaced by a far smaller and more armoured mantlet, making it far harder to hit, though most ammunition at top tier can samsung affiliation code penetrate it easily.

War thunder highest repair cost

Be aware of Soviet tanks though! Most of them will carry their HE rounds that can easily destroy you anywhere they hit. A hit directly to the turret will most likely send fragments into your hull, penetrate and lets your fuel tank explode or at least set a fire and knock out the gun barrel.

Gun mantlet Center - mm Kinetic - mm Chemical. Gun mantlet Outer - mm Kinetic - Chemical.

Armed Forces Leopard 2A5 TVM kit

The only drawback compared to the previous model would be the Leopard 2A5's mobility since, despite the 4 tons increase in weight, the engine remains the same, so the Leopard 2A5 is both slower and less manoeuvrable compared to the Leopard 2A4but it can still keep up with the other nations MBTs.

The first modifications to research should be Parts and FPE. The Leopard 2A5 is slower, but it has much better armour and access to the DM33 round. With these new changes, the playstyle changes a bit too:.

InGerman engineers began work on modernizing the Leopard 2 main battle tank. Improvements were made to the tank's defensive capabilities, primarily the turret armour.Even though the US had withdrawn from the project, the West Germans, under the auspices of Krauss-Maffei, continued research and development on the renamed Leopard 2 project.

Inthe first production vehicles were delivered and exported to the smaller Dutch Army while the West German Bundeswehr waited a couple of years before it too was equipped with the powerful new main battle tank. The Leopard 2 is outfitted with a laser rangefinder, thermal-imaging equipment, and nuclear, biological and chemical defense system NBCand can conduct shallow amphibious operations.

Its fire control system is unusual because the cartridge cases are combustible, which can lead to internal fires. Pictured here is a scale replica of a German Leopard 2A5 main battle tank in a mixed European camouflage pattern. Ship Date: Historical Account: "He Ain't Heavy" - "Leopard 2 Improved" was a prototype-series for enhancing the A4, introducing a wedge-shaped, spaced add-on armour to the turret front and the frontal area of the sides. These spaced armour modules defeat a hollow charge prior to reaching the base armour, and causes kinetic-energy penetrators to change direction, eroding them in the process; it does not form a shot-trap, since it does not deflect the penetrators outwards to hit the hull or turret ring.

The gun mantlet was redesigned to accept the new armour. From the Leopard 2 Imp was then developed into the A5. There were also some improvements in the main armour composition. The interior received spall liners to reduce fragments if the armour is penetrated.

The frontal "heavy" third of the side skirts was replaced with a stronger type. The commander's sight was moved to a new position behind the hatch and it received an independent thermal channel. The gunner's sight was moved to the turret roof as opposed to the cavity in the front armour in previous models. A heavier sliding driver's hatch was fitted.

Turret controls went all-electric, increasing reliability and crew safety, as well as weight savings. The first A5s were handed over to the German army tank school in and started to enter regular service with Panzerbataillon 33 in December the same year. Features Diecast construction Elevating gun Rotating turret Static tracks Historically accurate markings and insignia Includes acrylic display case. Pre-Order Information: - Please do not combine pre-ordered merchandise with in stock merchandise.

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Mike asked me for a brief in-box review which I gratefully accepted and started immediately. Here is the result. Out of my four categories of kit-interest, Leopard 2 belongs to the highest level. However, the ruler did not leave the drawer here. I was looking for improvements over the years from kit to kit, from producer to producer, bearing Sap long text editor word mind the ever-increasing information available.

To see progress over the years, a comparison is helpful, and this is a fair basis to honour the new kit - or maybe not. We will soon see. Before starting to look at the Border kit, we should have an understanding of what they are offering. According to the box, there are alternatives for a 2A5, a 2A6 'early', and a 2A6 'late'. The question is - what is early, and what is late? Or, how do Border handle the alternative parts? It doesn't matter if the tank is a 2A5 or a 2A6! The tubes do not all point directly in the 12 o'clock direction in reality - the different side angles are NOT noted by Border.

However, the angle of elevation is always the same. These looked awful on the photos of the Border Leopard 2 published before it was released. Border's model builder did not do it justice.

Eduard 35340 Leopard 2A5 TAMIYA

Border gives us three different skirts, but they have mixed them up in the instructions - at least to my understanding. Therefore, during an interim period, all three versions of sideskirts could be seen, sometimes even with mixtures of 2nd and 3rd generation skirts on one side because of repairs rarely, but seen.

It does not matter if it was 2A5 or 2A6. For a 2A6 it is more or less the same - but starting from Instruction Step 1 involves the rear hull. I was pretty happy when I realised that it is much better than on the photos Border published before in their earlier publicity photos.

In particular, the air outlet panel and the exhaust are fine and the best, compared to the other manufacturers. Interestingly, only Revell gives the mudguards as single parts. Cross-country, they are removed, only needed on public roads. Border and Revell use bulkheads to reinforce the chassis, hopefully preventing the upper hull top sag when the turret is in place.

The bulkhead from Border is close to the position of the real one.Dispatch on The Leopard 2 is still one of the most modern tanks in the world.

The exterior modifications included additional armor over the frontal arch. Pose a question about this product to customers who have already purchased the item. Please forward any other order-related questions to our Customer Service Team. The concept of the 3D printer came about from an American inventor and engineer, Chuck Hull, during the s80s. He also founded the company called 3D Systems.

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The cookies serve to, for instance, save the items that you have placed in the shopping cart. Content: 1 pc. Public wish list. Description The Leopard 2 is still one of the most modern tanks in the world. Pose a new question. Did you know? Related products. Revell Gift Set " Years Titanic". Revell R. Titanic 2 Model types.

Revell Cutty Sark. Starting on 12 June28 Leopard 2A5 tanks were deployed by the German Army as part of the Kosovo Force (KFOR) to Kosovo. The vehicles of Panzerbataillon The Leopard 2A5 is a main battle tank for West Germany that appears in Wargame: Red Dragon. The Leopard 2 is a main battle tank developed by Krauss-Maffei. The Leopard 2A5 variant is a Leopard 2A4, upgraded with a new type of spaced armor as well as with some other partial improvements while retaining its mm L/.

The A5 entered service in the German tank battalions in mid The Leopard 2(S) is a Swedish Army variant of the Leopard 2A5, which has received the local. The Leopard 2A5 is an upgraded version of the Leopard 2A4 main battle tank designed and manufactured by the German Company KMW.

Learn more about the upcoming historical skin for the Leopard 2A5 MBT that will be available soon in Armored Warfare! Even though the massage spa klang armor values might not suggest it, the Leopard 2A5 is one of the best frontally protected MBTs of its tier in Armored.

The true to detail RC Leopard 2A5 Tank measures approx xx (LxWxH mm). The HengLong Torro-Edition impresses with GHz circuit board technology. Revell of Germany Leopard 2A5/A5NL Plastic Model Kit in Military Vehicles,Best Trade in Prices,Heart move low price,Tide flow fashion products,Free Shipping.

cvnn.eu: FloZ German Leopard 2A5 Camouflage C 1/72 Finished Model Tank: Arts, Crafts & Sewing. Decal-Set for German Tank Leopard 2A5 1/24 from Heng Long Characteristics. Scale: 1/ Warnings. Use under direct adult supervision only. LEOPARD 2 A5 – The first upgrade of the world's leading battle tank. The Leopard 2 A5 was adapted, developed and qualified to meet the new challenges and threat.

LEOPARD 2A5 The German Leopard 2A5 Main Battle Tank Development, Technology and Active Service - Part 1 - The quantum leap in the modernisation of the. The 29th of June the Danish Army Command signed a contract with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, concerning the upgrade of 51 Leopard 2 A4 to Leopard 2 A5 DK. Leopard 2A5 1/35 ; cvnn.eu: ; Recommended for kit: TAMIYA ; Instruction Sheet: pdf ; Galleries. Applied photoetched set ; products, Photo etched.

In War Thunder, the Leopard 2A5 will be at rank VII of the German Ground Vehicles tech tree and can be researched right after the 2A4. Leopard 2A5 Panzer Zug TGBX18 Includes five plastic Leopard 2A5 Tanks and five Unit Cards Initially known as Leopard 2 Impro.

34th Armoured Cavalry Brigade based in Żagan has received the last lot of the Leopard 2A5 tanks that have been acquired by Poland in Germany. Leopard 2A5: Main Battle Tank The Leopard 2A5 is an upgrade to the German Leopard 2A4 fleet under the KWS II development program.

Boxart Leopard 2A5/A6NL HobbyBoss. Facts. Brand: HobbyBoss; Title: Dutch Leopard 2A5/A6NL MBT; Number: ; Scale: ; Type: Full kit.