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The import game functionality in Kenshi is a particularly useful tool to fix various issues you might encounter within the game. Be it dealing with stuck characters or undoing the damage you have done on your relationships, importing might often be your first step. But how does it work exactly? Essentially, what Import Game does is, take your current Save File and recreate the whole world of Kenshi for that specific file to put in. What exactly is being taken from the Save File completely depends on which sub-options you pick when importing.

What it definitely will take with you:. When importing your game, you can also check some other settings that all have their own functions. This will reset the position of every member in your squad.

They will appear essentially where your camera is currently positioned at. This is extremely helpful when your character is stuck and should be one of the first measures against that.

Importing buildings essentially means that all buildings that you have either bought or built in your current save file will be imported and re-created into the new world.

This includes outposts as much as buildings you have bought in cities. As you might have guessed, this simply imports all the research that you have done on your current save file up to this point. All the technologies you have unlocked will be available in the imported game. Naturally, if left unchecked that means you will have to research everything again.

The world of Kenshi has many specific unique NPCs. Some of them can have a lasting effect on the world and change the world state of Kenshi, while others are simply unique companions for you to recruit. This means that if you have killed a specific leader About kino99 uzeh a faction, they will be dead in your new imported game.

This means that you could potentially recruit unique NPCs into your squad again and also that the world state has reset to its original form. If in your current save you have improved or destroyed your relations to a specific faction, importing relations will keep them at that level. This counts both for hostile and friendly relations. If you import a game where that happened, you will keep said values in your new world. Mind that unticking this will not reset relations that already start out at a hostile level.

Resetting relations means they will be reset to the base state of the game. When you start a new game in Kenshi, you can configure a couple of settings that affect the way the world works.

Importing a new game lets you adjust these settings anew, just as if you have started a new game. This sets how long it takes characters to get hungry. A higher number means it takes longer, therefore they need less food to get by.Post Thu Mar 24, pm. Post Fri Mar 25, am. Quick links. Lo-Fi Games Community Forums. Post Thu Mar 24, pm Forgive me if this has been suggested before: I think it might be a good idea for the game if we set up a place where players could upload their "Character Exports.

It would be nice to encounter some Hungry Bandits with different hair. While I realize the Devs have a lot on their shoulders with the upcoming Beta release, perhaps we the players could pitch in a bit and help out with our favourite creations in the Kenshi world.

As of version 0. Anyway, it is just an idea. One I think Lo-Fi would like, as would his devoted players. Now, back to the game! How wonderful it would be to see everyone else's characters. I figure a lot of folks don't even sculpt their characters. But, then again, I bet a lot more do, because, it adds a heck of a lot to the overall experience of playing Kenshi.

It would be great to have individual Bosses to defeat with individual appearances created by players. Maybe the faces and bodies we make in the current version can help to achieve that in the coming Beta.

Either way, Kenshi is a great game. I am so happy to see how far the game has come in these last few months. I am excited to see everything that Kenshi has set out to be is being realized at long last and I wish nothing but the best for those who made it.

Post Fri Mar 25, am Dropbox or google drive would work for now. Do you believe the sexes should be equal?

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Oh heavens no. Then Men would become unmanageable Current computer specs. Post Fri Mar 25, am its a good idea but might want to wait. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests.The Main Menu is the first actionable screen which players see upon opening Kenshi.

Many buttons here are also available through hitting Esc while in game. Options range from a poor man with a dog, or a man hated by the Holy Nation that has a sword and a thousand cats! The money cats. Your options range from a homeless traveler with a canine companion, to a traveling Trader with a pack animal, to an armless left-for-dead traveler that was dumped in the middle of a desert!

The choice is yours! Difficulty depends on your option. NOTE : Does not delete any saves that you previously had, so you can start as many games as you want. Opens up a list of save files to Import. Importing a save allows you to modify some options in the " Advanced " area. Opens up the Options Menu. Allows you to change a variety of things including Font Size, and modify settings that have to do with the game graphically and audibly.

Also includes a subsection that allows you see what mods you currently have enabled, which can be useful to avoid save-file corruption or overlaps. Credits for Kenshi! Includes the famous " Chris Hunt "! Lots of great people. Kenshi Wiki Explore. Artifacts Changelog Modding Old World. Races Human Hive Shek Skeleton. List of Animals Fauna Robots. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Main Menu. Edit source History Talk 0.

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Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. Make a save with your characters. Dismiss characters you don't want through the squad tab. Make new, separate, save.

Import appropriate save. All unique npcs respawn on every import. Importing will bring your faction relation with you. If you are looking to merge characters frome different saves I don't know how or if it is possible. You can make them in the FCS, then maje that into a personal mod.

You only not able to transfer tech and buildings with that way. Tommygun View Profile View Posts. If you are talking about importing characters from multiple different saves it is possible, but complicated. I have noooo idea what problems this could cause in the future, so be on the safe side.

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Start by loading your main save and creating an empty squad Name it "Import and then save. I'll call this save file "Target". Load the save containing the character s you want to move to "Target". Make a new squad Name this one "Import" as well and put the character s in it.But this game can prove difficult even for the most experienced player and progress can often be very, very slow. Updated By Benjamin Baker On February 25 th All these years later, and even with several mods installed Kenshi can still be a difficult game.

Going from lonely wanderer to ruler of your own empire is no small feat. To help with this here are some additional cheats that can make the early part of the game faster and make managing an empire much eas ier. Hunger can be an annoying problem to deal with in the beginning of the game, or when out exploring and your funds are running low.

Your hunger range is with a value of three representing hunger in-game. You could also alter the NU value which determines hunger regeneration with a 1 value, equaling NU in game. Take Over The World is a mod that allows you to conquer and claim towns for your own use. While it sounds incredibly fun, it is also very much a cheat as you can use an army to remove problematic factions and nearby threats. The Incredibly popular mod Recruit And Squad raises the limit on the size of your squad from 30 to an astounding With squadmates you can turn over a handsome profit farming, crafting, mining, manufacturing, and engineering.

Bandit attacks, wandering hostiles, and other threats will be a thing of the past when you can have bodyguards following you around. It extends the number of days after which a contract will expire, giving you more time to fulfill them. This makes the game much easier and you can complete contracts at a more leisurely pace.

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In global game settings find the race your character is, locate the xp stat values and modify the multipliers. Depending on what you set them to this can dramatically speed up how long it takes to train skills. It does require struggling through the game initially, but it makes restarting less of a hassle.

The best weapons in the game are Meitou quality crafted by the legendary weaponsmith Cross. These rare weapons are held by high-level bosses and only a handful exist in the entire game.

If you want to have more than a handful of these legendary weapons you can implement the import save cheat mentioned earlier. Simply kill the wielder of say a Meitou Katana, store the weapon in a chest in your base, then import your save to a new game. Now you have the Meitou Katana at your base and the person you killed before is alive and well with the same weapon in their possession.

A cheat expected to be in every game is surprisingly not easy to implement in this one. At the time of this article the easiest and best way to give your character invincibility is to download a mod called Zatoichi, the last samurai.Time to take a look at a full list of Nioh 2 Character Codes that you can use for your next character in this action role-playing game!

Nioh 2's character creator is pretty intensive, but if you aren't looking to spend a whole lot of time creating a character, then utilizing one of these codes is a great way to have a good looking character without used steiner mower parts the work. If you aren't sure how these codes work, we're also taking a look at how-to use them!

It's really quite simple, all you need to do is witcher eskel daughter up the character creation page and look for the input character creation code.

Once you've arrived at this menu, look for a character down below that you like and enter in the code. Make sure you match it exactly, especially when it comes to lowercase and capital letters!

Once you've done that, it will load up the look you wanted as a brand new character. Here's a look at some great looking characters that you can import into your Nioh 2 game! I did not create these, but I have credited where possible to make sure that the people who did will be known. Ciri is a pretty famous character now with The Witcher game franchise and the large role she played in the third game.

She's even more popular these days due to the success of the Netflix The Witcher show. If you're looking for a quality look for a female character, you can't go wrong with Ciri! He's a pretty famous character and is known for his skill with a sword. He also utilized a particularly interesting katana that has a reverse-blade, which has the sharp edge on the inward curved side of it.

Source: - Code: Na? Harley Quinn has become very well-known as of late. She is notably very connected to The Joker and the world of Batman. Speaking of The Joker, you can also make a pretty convincing character that looks very similar to this famous evil villain! Metal Gear Solid is one of the premiere franchises in the gaming world and Solid Snake is one of the most iconic characters around.

Have him put down his guns and take up a sword for a change of pace in his ability to dispatch enemies. It's a very graphic duel, so beware before seeking out video of it! That's all the codes we have for now, if you have some you'd like to see in this post let me know in the comments!

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File size: On Steam Workshop. A lore-friendly mod where plastic surgeons can now perform radical surgery on your characters to remove bounties they may have acquired. Surgery cost has been put to 10, cats for balance reasons. This is to discourage players from clearing bounties over small crimes and it is best suited for bounties that are permanent above 10, This mod works out of the box, no imports are required.

Changes are basic and should be safe to uninstall for whatever reason. The default cats facelift which takes you to the character edit menu and removes slave status. I hope you find this mod useful. Please leave any feedback if you feel this should be balanced differently. Since my character does a lot of crime related things, I feel the punishment of 10, cats for a major screwup an adequate punishment after putting in the effort to avoid the authorities and to find the surgeon while paying a relatively moderate fee.

Mod has now been updated to also allow guild surgeons to provide the same service for the same price. If you liked this item, please rate it up on Steam Workshop page. Request new mods and games Request mod updates. More games coming soon! Is it possible to import just one of my characters with high stats When creating a character in Kenshi, the import/export buttons just. › app › discussions. is it possible? i have characters i want to keep from some saves. Don't warn me again for Kenshi. View Page.

How do i export and inport my character???

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"\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kenshi\data\character\bodies\export" I apologize in advance for not knowing the path in other. bod2 file and drop it into your "Kenshi\data\character\bodies" folder, after that, on the character creation screen select "import" and select ".

What does Import Game do? · Your characters · The character's stats · Gear of the characters · The current position of your characters if “Reset squad position” is.

"Import Buildings" imports all buildings (this includes outposts, This allows you to save time with new characters. When you need to use a Kenshi Game Import, there might be a few reasons to do so. When your characters are stuck. When you find a character. An AI fix that should stop characters running off for no reason sometimes. Added a few missing armour crafts; fixed 2 inaccessible towns (import. Kenshi is a fun sandbox game that dumps the player's character into a hostile you can implement the import save cheat mentioned earlier.

no barkeep, no thieves guild nobody. Whats more is I discovered my wanderer character actually OWNED property in the hub that my other save.

When you select a character who is being carried by another player character, you will give orders to the carrier instead. How does one go about deleting the pre-created characters (e.g. 01FIGHT) that are occupying space in the import character list? Fixed the "reset position" for game imports; Fixed some characters being invisible when dead or paused; Fixed outnumbered characters causing.

Fixed the import issue that the PRS imports incomplete all sections of Support “UTF-8″ and “UTF″ as character set on DAISY import and ToC import. “Import Research” imports all research (i.e all of the stuff in the tech tree that your characters have. This mod works out of the box, no imports are required. The default cats facelift which takes you to the character edit menu and.

Kenshi Genre: Role-playing - Strategy - Open World Works on: Customise a solo character or a whole squad and train them from puny. Kenshi - скачать программу последней версии для Windows 7 и 10 можно -Fixed crash if character model failed to load due to missing skeleton file.