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Judge Andrew Valdez ruled late Thursday that an uncle and aunt who are not part of the polygamist Kingston clan will have temporary custody of the year-old girl and the year-old girl will be in a foster facility.

Both girls will be able to visit their mother and siblings. Valdez said the two girls, as well as their eight siblings, had been abused and neglected by their father and their mother had been negligent in protecting them.

Valdez said all 10 children of Kingston and Heidi Foster, who have gone by the surname of Foster, were entitled to be named Kingston and also were entitled to inheritance. The two girls were taken from the home after they allegedly were threatened with beatings for getting their ears pierced. The girls have been in state custody for more than two months. The trial started May In it, the state accused Kingston and Foster of a decade-long pattern of abusing and neglecting their 10 children.

Foster has been investigated by the Utah Department of Child and Family Services at least three times sinceand found each time to have neglected her children by not providing enough supervision or a clean home. There were several other allegations of criminal activity that came up in court, Valdez said, including polygamy, incest, inbreeding, falsifying documents and violation of protective orders.Death Notices.

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Toggle navigation. Historical Notices. Contact Us. Our Team It is our goal to provide a warm, homelike atmosphere in which to gently support those needing our services at a very difficult time in their lives. Meet the Team.By 25, Prunty was married and a mother. Her dream had brought her to a nearby McDonald's--and to polygamy. Standing in the restaurant, her head swimming with the odor of french fries and the strangeness of the moment, Prunty met the young redhead who would become her husband's second wife, her "sister-wife.

Then and there, her husband sealed the three-way union, pulling an heirloom ring off of Prunty's finger and sliding it onto the hand of his new wife. According to their beliefs, polygamy was the pattern for eternal and celestial joy. But it sure didn't feel like it to Prunty. Few people in Utah want to talk publicly about modern-day polygamy, which is believed to be practiced by tens of thousands of Mormon fundamentalists from Mexico to Canada.

Estimates put the number of polygamists in Utah at around 30, some in remote communes and scores of others in Salt Lake City. Local officials, who are frantically rebuilding Salt Lake City and polishing its image for the Winter Olympics, don't ask or tell. Leaders of the 10 million-member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which repudiated plural marriage more than a century ago, swiftly and secretly excommunicate anybody caught engaging in it.

But last spring, Prunty and a handful of other ex-wives of polygamists decided to speak up. In March, they formed the group Tapestry of Polygamy, by all accounts the first support group devoted to helping women escape polygamy.

The group has a hot line and a Web site--www. More than three weeks ago, a year-old girl was found abandoned, belt-whipped and severely beaten in remote Box Elder County, northwest of Salt Lake City. The girl said she was trying to escape a 7-month-old forced marriage to her uncle. She reportedly was his 15th wife.

John Daniel Kingston, the girl's father and her husband's brother, was arrested. Authorities charged him with felony child abuse. All three were members of the Kingston group, a polygamist clan that calls itself the Latter-Day Church of Christ and reportedly has more than 1, members. Tapestry of Polygamy knows the Kingstons well; two founding Tapestry members, Rowenna Erickson and her daughter Stacy Erickson, left the Kingston group in Rowenna Erickson's father, a former Lutheran from Chicago, and her Mormon mother had abandoned orthodox Mormonism for the more radical message of Charles Eldon Kingston, and joined his growing empire shortly after its founding in Rowenna Erickson was born inand grew up passionate about her faith.

Inshe married her older sister's 247 iptv url and bore him eight children. Raising them was a struggle; to help make ends meet, she watched other children in the group for 32 cents an hour and collected aluminum cans. But she dutifully received her husband's visits every other night, and it was not until her children were grown that she began to doubt what she was doing.

Why would he let us suffer so much? Like most fundamentalists, the Kingston group rallied around Smith's 19th Century doctrine of plural marriage, understood by the church to be a revelation of God. In part, the theology of polygamy harkened back to the family histories of Bible figures such as Abraham and Jacob. In part, it was fueled by the Mormon doctrine that spirits are waiting to enter our world and prevented from reaching higher planes until they do. That makes it the duty of each believer to bring as many children into the world as possible.

Smith and successor Brigham Young preached that doctrine, Young accumulating 55 wives during his leadership. But polygamy also brought intense pressure from the outside world, including a series of federal laws and Supreme Court decisions prohibiting plural marriages. Finally inMormon President William Woodruff issued a manifesto declaring that he would np 131 pdf by the law of the land, preserving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and paving the way for statehood for Utah in Bythe church began excommunicating its polygamists, but many hewed to the belief that Smith's revelation was the true word of God and Woodruff's was not.

As they were driven from the larger church, they formed their own sects, often resurrecting the early Mormon practices of communal businesses and finances and a hierarchy in which women are not permitted to make even mundane decisions.When it comes to racist Sunday school lessons, the polygamous Kingston clan could teach the Ku Klux Klan a thing or two.

The teacher added a drop of dye to the water, and the children watched as the blackness slowly spread. This racist display was no one-off. Jessica said she and other children of the Kingston clan — a group also known as The Order, the Davis County Cooperative Society, and the Latter-Day Church of Christ — dropped the N-bomb all the time, as did their parents. Obsessed with the purity of their bloodline and empowered by a sense of entitlement on par with the divine right of kings, the Kingstons have made incest the cornerstone of a self-serving theology that loathes non whites, fosters homophobia and abhors government authority.

The Order can rightly claim discrimination by mainstream Mormonism, but this is due to its embrace of polygamy, which the LDS church officially abandoned in in order for Utah to become a state. The renunciation of polygamy is now church doctrine, and the Mormon church has a policy of excommunicating polygamists. Kingston forebears were among those who suffered this fate. But for waw cracked servers part, The Order and other fundamentalist sects believe the LDS church exists in a state of apostasy for abandoning what they see as a bedrock principle of their faith.

Elden continued the tradition. Brother Elden died of penile cancer indespite the best efforts of some family members to burn away the cancer using acid.

Elden had predicted that he would be resurrected from the dead, so clan members kept his body on ice for three days, to no avail. His seven sons and two daughters by LaDonna Peterson, the second of his 13 wives, are reputed to be the inner circle that runs the cult. He orchestrated all unions within the cult, which was maintained with classic mind control techniques, corporal punishment, fasting and bizarre dietary practices. Ortell died inbut his progeny continued the polygamy, the inbreeding and the marriages to young female teens that he instituted.

Three of his wives are his half-sisters. One is a first cousin. Two are nieces. Similarly, his older brother John Daniel Kingston has had 14 wives, four of them his half-sisters. Another is a first cousin. Like polygamy, incest is a third-degree felony in Utah, and as with polygamy, convictions are rare.

Polygamy and the Kingston Clan

Over the years, state law enforcement and the courts have sporadically addressed the incest in the Kingston ranks.

Her disobedience incurred the wrath of her father Daniel, who took her to a family ranch near the Idaho border and savagely beat her. The girl, who as an adult would unsuccessfully sue the clan, then walked miles to the nearest gas station, where she called the police. Daniel was arrested and eventually spent 28 weeks in a county jail for felony child abuse. David was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the incest, but served only four before being paroled.

Inanother clan member, Jeremy Kingston pleaded guilty to incest for taking year-old Lu Ann Kingston as his fourth wife. Jeremy was nearly 10 years her senior at the time. As part of a plea bargain, Jeremy spent just one year in prison. Young told Intelligence Report that his company has sold weapons, with the approval of the U.

Spokesmen for both the U. The company was founded in with an investment from family members. Young denied that The Order was racist or taught any form of bigotry, and said he had people of all races working for him.When she was 15 years old, Julianna Johnson was forced to marry her year-old nephew, Jacob Kingston.

She was his second wife. Known to insiders as the Order, the Kingston Clan, which is headquartered in Utah, is lead by Paul Elden Kingston, son of the late John Ortell Kingston—who, in addition to being one of the first leaders of the Kingston's Latter Day Church of Christ, was also Julianna's biological father. The Order and FLDS bear some striking similarities: The respective founders of both sects split away from the mainstream Mormon church in order to continue the practice of polygamy, which was formally outlawed in the LDS faith in the late nineteenth century.

However, the Order is much more integrated into contemporary society. While members of FLDS live in an isolated community and choose to dress in easily identifiable, modest and rather old-fashioned garb, Order members wear modern clothing to blend in with gentile society. Order women are also encouraged to make up new last names for themselves and their children so as not to be identified as polygamists, whereas FLDS wives all take their husband's last pardini sp rf manual. Unlike FLDS wives, who have historically lived together with their husband and sister wives, Order wives live on their own with their children and are expected to hold jobs and pay their own bills.

Both groups preach that women are the property of their husbands and fathers, meant to follow men's orders in every area of their lives: whom to marry, when to get pregnant, whether to pursue an education.

Still really just a child herself, Julianna spent the first few years of her married life alternately staying with her mother, her sisters, and eventually with Jacob's mother, her mother-in-law. Around this time, Jacob's father, John Daniel Kingston—who is married to 14 women, including a few of his own half-sisters—had pled no contest to charges of child abuse, incest, and rape. As a result, Jacob "was really nervous about doing anything… because he didn't want to go to prison," Julianna says.

But as soon as Julianna turned 18, Jacob began trying to get his youngest wife pregnant. It's kind of an unspoken thing. One of Julianna's older sisters had died in childbirth at age Julianna, who was born with severe health complications and had undergone several invasive surgeries, was unable to conceive, angering her new husband and mother-in-law.

Born into a community that places singular value on women for their ability to bear children, she felt trapped and alone. But I'm a person, and I deserve more. You're more favored if you are having a child every single year. If you don't, it's like, What 's wrong with you? Four years into her marriage, after begging and pleading for a place of her own, Julianna was allowed to move into her own apartment, paying rent with the money she earned working at a Kingston-owned coal mine and copy shop.

Alone, she began visiting chat rooms and talking with non-Kingston guys online. Then she called a brother who had already left the Order and asked him to help her leave, too. She now makes a living cleaning houses and driving for Uber and Lyft.

By the time she was fully gone from the Order—and cut off from most of her family—Juliana was only 21 years old.

Shortly after she left, Julianna received a letter from Jacob. And that's always stuck with me," she says. She still struggles with the feelings of worthlessness beat into her after years of emotional neglect in her loveless arranged marriage. Like, if I feel like someone has done me wrong, I would probably just let it go, because I don't want the confrontation," she says.

Not everyone who leaves the Order does so willingly. It's been five years since Val Snow, who is gay, was kicked out of the sect: Half a decade ago, his father, John Daniel Kingston, showed up to the Kingston school where Val worked as a self-described "lunch lady" and screamed at his son, grossly normal medical definition him in front of all of his co-workers.

He was the worst person to me. It's rare for a Kingston member to be kicked out, but there are exceptions. It's one of the worst things you could do. If you willingly leave the Order and turn away from its teachings, "you're basically spitting in God's face; it would be better if you were never born. The Order has all sorts of conspiracy theories regarding homosexuality.The two boys pulled into the driveway and shifted the green Honda into park.

It was February in Salt Lake, cold and gray, and in the foothills above the city, a low fog hung over the mountains. They sat there for a moment, warming their hands against the sputtering heater. Then one of them exhaled slowly, his breath shuddering in the cold air. It was time. They were finally getting even. The well-kept yellow house sat on the corner of a tidy cul-de-sac called South Bonner Circle surrounded by a black wrought-iron fence.

From the outside it seemed like a typical suburban home, offering few clues of the secrets that were contained inside. A passerby might catch a glimpse of children in the windows, but for the most part, the Young family kept to themselves.

Their neighbors had no idea that the family were prominent members of the Kingston clan, the most powerful polygamist cult in America — and one of the most dangerous. This article appears in the June 23, issue of Rolling Stone. The issue is available now on newsstands and in the digital archive. The clan, known privately as the Order, runs what prosecutors believe is one of the largest organized-crime operations in Utah, overseeing its far-flung empire from a string of secret locations and backrooms.

On the surface, the operation is legit: From Salt Lake, the Order controls some businesses spread out over the Western states, from a casino in California to a cattle ranch in Nevada to a factory that makes lifelike dolls in Utah. According to people who have left the Order, the cult exploits its 2, members as virtual slave labor and hides profits from tax collectors.

Children born into the clan make up much of the labor force. Boys work its coal mine and stack boxes at Standard Restaurant Supply, a massive discount store.

They are paid not in cash but in scrip, an arcane form of credit used by the Mormon pioneers that can only be redeemed at company stores.

Robert Kingston

The teenagers sitting in the driveway on South Bonner Circle that afternoon in knew the operation well. They belonged to the Order and had toiled in the cult for years. One of them approached the front door while the other kept a lookout.

Then, moving quickly, the boy at the door let himself in and got to work. In the kitchen, he opened a closet and popped a hatch in the floor that led down to a dark, musty basement. There, stacked on the concrete floor, were crates filled with bars of silver. He snapped the padlock on the first crate and began stuffing the silver ingots into duffel bags, lugging them back out to the waiting Honda.Estimated read time: minutes.

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Justices said 3rd District Court Judge Elizabeth Lindsley only erred in not allowing expert testimony from a child psychologist during custody hearings. Lindsley barred the testimony because Kristin Brewer, director of the Guardian as Litem's office failed to give adequate notice that they planned to call psychologist Doug Goldsmith as a witness.

Politicians hanged in effigy at protest at B.C. legislature reflect disturbing trend: expert

But in an unanimous decision, justice said the error was "harmless," because it did not violate the children's due process rights and because Goldsmith had testified at previous hearings. Brewer declined comment on the ruling Friday, as did Assistant Attorney General Carolyn Nichols, who represented the state.

The state's custody battle over the children of Heidi Mattingly and polygamist John Daniel Kingston began inafter a dispute between the parents and their two eldest daughters, who had pierced their ears without permission.

The girls were removed from the home, sparking allegations of child abuse that led to the removal of eight other children several months later. Two boys were returned to Mattingly after six months. Six other children were returned in August Mattingly and Kingston, who have a total of 11 children, voluntarily relinquished their parental rights to the two oldest girls, now 15 and Lindsley closed the case in December. She took over the case in June when Judge Andrew Valdez recused himself after death threats and an altercation between his son and Kingston supporters during a protest outside a downtown courthouse.

Kingston and Mattingly are not legally married. In court, Kingston claims to be legally married to Rachel Ann Kingston, with whom he has 12 children. He is believed to have more than children with 13 other women. The Kingston clan are leaders of secretive fundamentalist religious sect in the Salt Lake valley which practices polygamy. The group owns nearly Utah businesses, ranging from ranches and dairies to the restaurant supply companies.

KSL homepage. News Coronavirus. Southern Utah. John Ortell KingstonMay 19, Idaho, United States. August 25, (aged 68) Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. A teenage girl removed from the polygamist Kingston clan because she was abused Polygamist John Daniel Kingston, leaving court Tuesday.

(Photo courtesy Shanell DeRieux) John Daniel Kingston, front center, Bill W. Stoddard signed as the officiant until his death in March. Utah's polygamous Kingston clan mixes incest and white supremacy with Similarly, his older brother John Daniel Kingston has had 14 wives.

Sermons in the Daniel series

Kollene's father, John Daniel Kingston has 14 wives, For Two Years Before Her Death, Actress Looked Happy And Healthy In Last Photos. John Daniel Kingston, 44, had been charged with second-degree child abuse, which brings up to 15 years in prison. SALT LAKE CITY -- A juvenile court judge has ruled that two children fathered by prominent polygamist John Daniel Kingston were abused and. Around this time, Jacob's father, John Daniel Kingston—who is married One of Julianna's older sisters had died in childbirth at age David Ortell Kingston, her uncle and the brother of John Daniel Kingston, posted bond of $10, after turning himself in.

Polygamist John Daniel Kingston, left, in attendance at a memorial for the 13. sltrib. The Salt Lake Tribune. 7k followers. InJohn Ortell Kingston died (Rivera). polygamy and its potential consequences is the case of John Daniel Kingston and his 16 year. Kingston was born into the family and was told by her father, John Daniel Kingston, one of the clan's leading figures, that she would become.

John Ortell led it for nearly 40 years until his death. He is representing John 3 Daniel Kingston, Carl's cousin and Paul's older brother. He noted that the underlying cause of death, eclampsia, had persisted for an ``unknown He also is the youngest brother of John Daniel Kingston, Obituary for John T Molloy | West Shokan- John “Jack” Molloy, 91, formerly of West he was employed by The Kingston Trust Company before.

The death occurred Tuesday, December 28, of Daniel Francis Mullin, Bernadine Mullin-Splude (John) and Patricia Ryder-Burbidge (Richard). Charles Elden Kingston founded the sect in after death of of John Daniel Kingston and his former 7th wife Shirley Hansen). Last year, a year-old daughter of John Daniel Kingston was forced to marry On Johnson's death certificate, attending physician James B.

Burns wrote. City of Kingston for several days, but attention to the cemetery soon disappeared. A letter to. Kingston's Mayor, John Heitzman, explaining.