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Whatever reasons you got, in Xcode Turn your code into a snapshot: Codeshot creates a beautiful image of your code snippets. Perfect size for Twitter. The default file format is mp4, but you also save it as Animated GIF right out of the box without finding other tools. To save our video as a GIF, you follow the same steps in How to record a video.

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After finished recording Step 4. You have a few options to control your GIF file and the appearance of the simulator. You can find the option in Simulator preferences. Xcode I will update the post again if there is a change in the public release.

If you don't have Xcode beta right now, you can record a video with the command line. There might be several reasons that cause this error. I will share one solution that fixes the one that happened to me the most. If you enjoy this article, you can subscribe to the weekly newsletter. Every Fridayyou'll get a quick recap of all articles and tips posted on this site.

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Slow, laggy Xcode? Maybe it’s not (just) Xcode…

Thanks for reading and see you next time. Sharing the article is also greatly appreciated. An easy question that you might overlook. Learn this simple fact together in this article. Articles Tags Newsletter Book. Sponsorship Become a patron RSS. Get it now! You may also like Take a screenshot and record a video in iOS Simulator Learn how to do all of this without any external tools.

Simulator Video. How to fix "Build input file cannot be found" error in Xcode There might be several reasons that cause this error. Enjoy the read? Next Does Swift enum retain its associated value An easy question that you might overlook.Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Issue description: If you try to run a Godot exported game in Simulator, the game is very slow, and it doesn't require be a big project, just have a character that moves left and right, is very bad to play like impossible to test if everything is alright with iOS project.

Ps: I already disabled "Slow Animations" but it only affects things like "native" to iOS, the performance of the game continues horrible. This project doesn't lag too much because doesn't have much thing, but if add a AnimationPlayer you will notice the lag.

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. Tried with both Macs and both versions of Godot. Simulator is unusable and very slow fps using a test project of just a spinning red cube in front of a camera. Sorry, something went wrong. At this point, it seems like the simulator is using software OpenGL emulation of some kind. Has anyone ever gotten usable performance from the iOS simulator in any Godot version even 2.

Also, has anyone gotten better performance from other game engines running in the iOS simulator? If anyone could provide an actual MRP without the need to change it in any way and test Godot 3. Calinou the iOS simulator was working great with over 60fps. As for better performance using other game engines I do not know but using SceneKit it is not far off native speed I would guess. When was it working great? Which machine and which Godot version were you using? SceneKit probably uses Metal under the hood, which would explain it's performance.

Expo ios simulator not working

Simulator is probably just uses software OpenGL emulation so that probably explains where the problem comes from. Can you also try running this project on older Godot versions? Like 3. It works only for Metal, so I guess this is the source of a problem, since Godot is shader heavy afaik. But simulator performance does not affect real device anyway. Checking out Godot 4.

But I would recommend finding someone with iOS device, just to be sure. Tested on both simulator and device. On device there is no performance drop on both iPhone 8 and iPhone XS.Anyhow, try this workaround: - delete I am using Xcode Ask Question Asked 3 years, 7 months ago. However, every time there is a new update on iphone, it won't work anymore as xcode is also required to be updated.

I have xcode App Center team has to perform some work on their side to make sure that new Xcode versions are available in App Center Build. Then: Open Xcode and select Create a new Xcode project. Your game requires a preview video to be shown in certain parts of Google Play. Click "Tools" in the menubar. I'm a software developer working primarily in Elixir.

You would then need a competent programmer's editor, and you can still build hand-coded cocoa applications. Really the bond order of s2 that Apple is giving us a few days extra notice this year! No Xcode 13 Release Candidate available yet, but I expect that'll come either later today or within the next few days Lastest vs We recommend you use the default ruby.

Xcode should automatically generate the preview on the design canvas. As I recall, there were a few issues related to Big Sur and M1 support that were resolved in Xcode CocoaPods can help you scale your projects elegantly. Hi folks, I downloaded the Xcode 13 and created a new project, named Read output. Hit Command-x to cut or Command-c to copy. Although currently JetBrains Rider does not provide a designer or a previewer for Xamarin forms, you can still benefit from code analysis, coding assistance, and debugging features in CVB.

Unfortunately, the timing conflicted with the release of NativeScript 7 which caused lots of confusion. Select a folder to create your app and select Create. A new agent-type has been released for the macOS platform with Xcode 13 preinstalled. After adding UIApplicationDelegate in the new swift ui app, the previews stop working. It could corrupt Xcode 9's Simulators black screen as I described in this discussion. Learn how to uninstall.

See your teammates Preview not loading. Enter Swift as Language and choose Next.Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. We have spoken to Apple who said we cannot upgrade it to an SSD Drive, because it could break the motherboard.

We cannot afford a new Mac at the moment so I am looking for a solution to make these programs run faster. Possibly install them all on an external Thunderbolt drive?

Unfortunately, the choice of internal storage for your model iMac was the worst possible, in that the GB hard drive you have installed was a rpm model. So, to answer your question as asked, you can in fact replace the hard drive in your model iMac if you want, although Apple does not 'officially' consider the storage i.

However, to be fair to Apple, upgrading this is extremely difficult and I would not recommend anyone having a go at it unless they're experienced or are very technically competent. Based on your specs, your iMac has the model identifier iMac14,4 you can double-check this via the About This Mac option under the Apple Menu - click the System Report button. Instructions on upgrading your storage, along with videos, are available here.

There are no additional memory slots. In other words, this cannot be upgraded whatsoever. In terms of external storage, the fastest option would be to use an SSD in an external enclosure connected to one of your Thunderbolt ports. Here are some example options. However, you'd have to factor in the cost of the SSD and enclosure and decide whether that money would be better put towards a different Mac?

The fact is that your model iMac is not really suited to heavy work as it's throttled by a lack of both processing power and RAM. Also, as a test, I used a mid iMac with a GB hard drive installed and launched Xcode and compiled a few builds to the simulator and in all instances these were a lot quicker than the 15 mins you talk about.

Of course, without compiling the same code this is not a fair comparison. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Asked 5 years, 1 month ago. Active 5 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 3k times. Improve this question.November 13, Bignox. After a few hours of panic and disturbing tweets, it became clear that the problem had to do with app notarization. It has the highest compatibility and fluency of almost every apps and games. So that you find it comfortable working with.

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Here is the list of the title: Solution for not unzipping the file of Mac Version.You will simply need an accessible outward facing IP address or Port-Forwarding rules in the router. I tried in incognito mode, cleared my caches, disabled all installed extensions, and made sure hardware acceleration is enabled too.

About This Game. I've been using expressVPN for couple of months and usually i connect the host machine to the VPN and then i'm also able to have my guest machines under the VPN, but it's happening that now every time i connect to the VPN the … This is a list of notable games using a version of the Unity engine. Recognize line-ending conventions for Windows, Mac, and Unix.

This started for me almost a year ago. Select the non-indented entry, you will see Media in the name. One might think, echoing the footsteps of Thoreau, the sublimity of Big Sur, would inspire a sense of peace and unity in the perceiver, however, Jack is reminded of the transitory and ephemeral nature of life and mankind, plunging him into an existential crisis. Go to the "My Seats" tab. The Overflow Blog Podcast An oral history of … pscheper, we would love to see Apple Silicon support in Vuforia as soon as possible, Unity development on native Apple Silicon is a much more enjoyable experience on Mac.

Requirements for Unity Connection 14 are different from requirements for Unity Connection Select Unity Plus or Pro. Click the button labeled Erase in the menu which will bring up this window. Earn 10 reputation not counting the association bonus in order to answer this question.

The WhiteSur theme gets plenty right. Hopefully a reinstall helps you. I uninstalled the application, saved the keycode and attempted to reinstall. DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.

I took a look at the app you linked to, it seems to be a 32 bit app. It is on macOS Big Sur, Logitech G Pro Wireless. MC won't open following upgrade to Big Sur. Be the first to review this business. Shell and Tools. More information. December 12th, One is iMac the other MacBook Pro.

All games listed here have an article linked to them. For 15 days, you will live as a ninja. Run the app from Xcode in the created simulator This issue reappears on Unity Unity, WI Display line numbers when comparing and merging files.Wednesday, June 2[ Tweets ] [ Favorites ]. When running app in iOS In comparison launching installed app in simulator - 2 seconds, launching app on the real device iOS I have noticed that our regular dev lifecycle has tanked significantly since updating to It takes up to 10 seconds to xkc the debugger.

If I run the app without attaching the debugger automatically it flies. This is reported as starting with macOS Running an individual unit test used to be almost instantaneous. Now there is a delay of 10 seconds or so between launching xctest i.

Sampling the process shows that xctest is waiting for the access call, as it tries to load my test bundle. Meanwhile, the tccd process pegs the CPU. The test bundle and all the frameworks that it links to are code signed. The delay occurs on three different Macs, one of them a clean installation. Another Xcode Update : Ashley Bischoff :.

Just as an eensy correction to the quoted article—I believe that Full Disk Access may have been introduced in macOS There was a recent change committed to LLDB's debugserver that claims to address a performance regression due to a change in macOS It's not clear when it will make it into an Xcode release. Thanks for this informative post.

Same problem. My project is very simple and code size is very very small. I didn't run into this problem until I upgrade my os to Big sur 13 Answers. In the iOS simulator, at the bar on the top. › questions › iphone-simulator-suddenly-started-runnin. The Xcode 9 simulators were already really slow (running at about 10 fps on this iMac), but now with Xcode 10 they have become even slower.

In fact, it's worse. › flutter › flutter › issues. I'm experiencing severe performance issues running my app against iOS simulators. They gradually become slower and slower which results in. Godot version: stable OS/device including version: OS: (19H15) Catalina Xcode: (12C33) Simulator: iPhone 12 (). Xcode needs powerful machines, especially for Interface builder, storyboards is very slow. And you really need 16 GB memory and as fast hard disk as you can get.

iOS Simulator is very slow on M1 Pro. I recently acquired a 14" Macbook Pro with M1 Pro (10/14 cores, 16 GB), coming from a Intel 13". Press command+T in the simulator, it disables the Slow animations "feature". Source: I made a very simple test game to try on iPad. Its only 7mbs and very simple. Tried it with the iPhone simulator on XCode and its full of. In the iOS simulator, at the bar on the top, click on Debug → Toggle Slow Animations (or Slow Animations with Xcode 10+).

In the iOS simulator, at the bar on the top, click on Debug → Toggle Slow Animations (or Slow Animations with Xcode 10+). Chances are you accidentally. Since upgrading to XCode 10 my iOS simulators have become really slow. There's a lot of lag when scrolling in tableviews or scrollviews. Being able to swap between slow and normal animation speed quickly can really increase the developers' productivity during complex animation. Anyone having issues with simulators being too slow?

Even launching on real devices is taking ages. Any solution? Not just Xcode, but the iOS simulator, Interface Builder, debugger You may want to look at what else is running on your machine to see.

Running on a device puts you under much tighter constraints: less memory, less storage, and a slower processor than the simulator.

Hello, i am new to Xcode and new to Swift:slight_smile: Since the new update I have really bad Performance on the Simulator no matter which. The Windows iOS Simulator looks very promising, but it's incredibly slow to respond on my machine.

The demo posted on MSDN using a Surface. I am using xcodemacosappium version The simulator run test much slower than android. Anyone know the reason and how to speed it up?