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The students addressed on the tapes spend the entirety of the episode season trying to come to terms with her death. The show was quite graphic in its portrayals of teen tragedies: it featured an instance of horrific sexual abuse, and the finale ends with a two-minute long scene of Hannah slitting her wrist in the bathtub, later to be found by her parents. In a case of life potentially imitating art, year-old Bella Herndon committed suicide three days after she binge-watched 13 Reasons Why.

Her dad, John Herndon, told reporters that Bella has been bullied since middle school and has struggled with depression. We put her in a new school. She had new friends. They were coming over. She was interacting with them, it was very positive. This is wrong. Our hearts go out to these families during this difficult time. We have heard from many viewers that 13 Reasons Why has opened up a dialogue among parents, teens, schools and mental health advocates around the difficult topics depicted in the show.

We took extra precautions to alert viewers to the nature of content and created a global website to help people find local mental health resources. Part of the worry over this show concerned a dispute of exactly what effects its gripping depiction of teen suicide had on real audiences. Was its attempt at realism and dramatic portrayal effective berglund commercial twins reducing kaundal belongs to which caste allure of suicide?

For instance, after Hannah committed suicide, her high school locker was turned into a memorial. Such an action may be understood by some students as glamorizing an act of suicide. Even the central narrative device of Hannah leaving tapes explaining how she was mistreated by students and peers was also criticized, since it seemed to display suicide as a possibly legitimate or effective form of revenge.

Given such concerns, suicide prevention specialists had advised the producers to not release the series. The first season aired despite these complaints, and plans were set for another season of 13 Reasons Why. Netflix has also launched an accompanying website 13ReasonsWhy.

Recent studies exploring the effects of both seasons of 13 Reasons Why have added oxygen to the controversies surrounding this show. Critics of this show continue to ask—is such a realistic and gripping narrative the best way to address the tragedy of teen suicide most effectively?

More case studies and media ethics resources can be found at www. They can be used in unmodified PDF form in classroom settings. For use in publications such as textbooks and other works, please contact the Media Ethics Initiative.

Toggle Navigation. SpringVol. Share This. Follow Us. Discussion Questions: Should have the creators of 13 Reasons Why written and produced the show in this specific way?

Jay Asher, Author of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why,’ Files Defamation Lawsuit

Why or why not? What are the important ethical decisions that must be made by a show depicting teen suicide and mental health issues? What are the conflicts between artistic or aesthetic values and ethical values in this case?

Must good art always have positive effects? What if an artwork created negative consequences among those watching or listening to it? How should an artist balance the value of creativity with concerns of social benefit?As the school mourns the death of Hannah Baker, her friend Clay receives a box of tapes with messages she recorded before she committed suicide.

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Just click on the icons to get to the download page. It's a scene as painful to watch prophet ian ndlovu it is graphic: A year-old girl climbs into a bathtub with a razor.

We see her slice into her skin, we see the blood pour out, hear her cry and struggle to breathe. Then she is still. The suicide of the heroine in Netflix's new popular series "13 Reasons Why" shouldn't come as a shock, since it's depicted in the final episode of a series built around the character's death.

But knowing that it is coming doesn't make it any easier. That stomach-turning scene has triggered criticism that it romanticizes suicide and prompted many schools across the country to send warning letters to parents and guardians.

The show's creators are unapologetic, saying their frank depiction needs to be "unflinching and raw. The episode drama, co-produced by actress and singer Selena Gomez, is based on Jay Asher's young-adult bestseller about a high school student who kills herself and leaves behind 13 audiotapes detailing the events that led to her death, including sexual assault, substance abuse and bullying. Per usual, Netflix released all 13 hours of the series at once — on March 31 — leaving suicide prevention specialists worried teens might binge the entire series without a chance to fully absorb the issues and ask questions.

They also say they wish the show would consistently flash the National Suicide Prevention hotline. Netflix and the show creators point out that several mental health professionals were consulted and they offer a minute show called "Beyond the Reasons" that delves deeper into the tougher topics portrayed, as well as a site with links to resources.

The show is rated TV-MA, which means is may be unsuitable for children under 17, and three episodes that contain explicit material have "viewer discretion advised" warnings. But some mental health professionals are going further, with the National Association of School Psychologists declaring, "We do not recommend that vulnerable youth, especially those who have any degree of suicidal ideation, watch this acid forums. Critics of the show argue that depression and mental illness — keys to understanding suicide — are rarely mentioned and the fact that its heroine, Hannah, gets to tell her story after her death sends a potentially dangerous message.

They're also upset that the school guidance counselor depicted on the show seems to blame the victim. Read also: Caitlyn Jenner talks of suicide, secrets in new book. The Jed Foundation and Suicide Awareness Voices of Education joined forces to create 13 talking points for young adults and guardians to discuss while watching the series, including warnings that the way the counselor is portrayed is "not typical" and that "leaving messages from beyond the grave is a dramatization produced in Hollywood.

School systems across the country are alerting parents, making them aware that their teens may be streaming the series, urging them to watch it with them, and providing information to help them talk about it. In the upstate New York community of Grand Island, school administrators warned that the series "sensationalizes suicide. In Maryland, principals in the Montgomery County public school system noticed teens talking about the series and wanted to make sure parents had resources to handle tough questions.

A warning letter and links to resources eventually went out to all 35, middle schoolers. If you're a young, growing mind being informed by what you see, this could have an impact," said Derek Turner, spokesman for the district.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide was the second leading cause of death for children and young adults ages 10 to 24 in Helen Hsu, a clinical psychologist in Fremont, California, whose work involves suicide prevention in schools, helped shape some of the "13 Reasons Why" scripts.

She said not showing Hannah's suicide would be almost "coy and avoidant" and that medical studies aren't definitive about the risks of suicide contagion. Plus, there are already graphic how-to guides online. What I really emphasized in the script writing was I said. While suicide has been depicted on TV shows, the youth of the roles in "13 Reasons Why" is pioneering. It has clearly struck a nerve: The show hasTwitter followers and 2.

Gomez, who has talked openly about her own mental-health struggles, said she was braced for a backlash: "It's going to come no matter what. It's not an easy subject to talk about. But I'm very fortunate with how it's doing. Yorkey said creators wanted to tell a young adult story in "a more honest way that it has ever been told on television.

You can keep quiet about them. You can keep kids from watching shows about them. It's not going to stop them from happening in kids' lives and you should be talking about that.A few weeks ago, Netflix released the second season of the popular teenage high school drama, 13 Reasons Why.

The show got mixed reviews after the first season was released last year. Backed by international singer, Selena Gomez, it claimed to address issues of mental health in teenage students. Recently, the premiere party for the second season was cancelled in the wake of the Santa Fe school shooting, with concern being raised that it might be insensitive. The show follows the story of Hannah Baker, who leaves 13 tapes distributed to several of her classmates, explaining the reasons that led to her ending her life.

Yes, what you do does have an impact but they also show unhealthy ways to deal with it. From the first episode itself, I was looking for some way where they are talking and showing how the person is dealing with it. Even without the memes, as a person who is suffering from mental illness, I felt the show totally portrayed it in a manner which is more triggering than helping spread awareness.

The show focuses on a very one-dimensional aspect of mental illness. I feel suicide and the rape has been used for shock value and entertainment purposes rather than actually address such issues. But I feel that they have addressed none of it. The trigger warnings have only been added after the backlash received by people, so most of the damage has already been done.

It starts of by implying that bullying leads to suicide. However, no one factor leads to suicide. It offers very little insight into the psychology of suicide. I definitely think the show can push somebody off the edge to actually commit suicide. It certainly trivialises the brevity of suicide. The show portrays the idea that a lot of thought goes into a suicide attempt - like, so much thought that one would have the time to make tapes about all of the ways that they have felt wronged.

The suicidal mind thinks all hope is lost. There have been multiple cases of imitation suicide after the first season aired. A year-old Peruvian man took his life and left behind tapes for people in his life, just like in the Netflix hit show.

During an investigation, police found a goodbye note to someone named Claudio and another note with instructions to deliver tapes that he'd recorded on his computer, according to the local newspaper. Sensationalising the very real struggle that people face for views is depraved. If it's really about creating awareness and starting conversation, then why is it not also bringing comfort to those who experience mental illness.

When asked to other people going through mental disorders about the show, they explained who they refrained from watching it because it may trigger them for the worse. And every time one reason is shown. Mono casualty can lead to copycat suicides. Further, She seems to blame others for her act. Again, while there maybe external factors, the show depicts it like she had no choice but die by suicide.

Soon after the release of the first season, many mental health professionals as well as NGOs said the show was too graphic and demanded that the show put in content warnings for people susceptible to mental health issues. With the release of the first season, social media was filled with posts and tweets criticizing the show for glamorizing something as grave as suicide and triggering people who were suffering from a mental illness.

The portrayal of a mental disorder in the mainstream media through a show that essentially caters to the young adult generation, which is easily influenced should be well curated and thought through. If a show triggers the exact audience it claims to represent, is it really for the cause? The Art of Making Rose Water 12 hours ago.Redeemable aspects don't make this show less frustrating. Read at your own risk! I've binge watched every season of 13 Reasons Why.

I watched the first season as a fan, fascinated by how visceral Hannah Baker's Katherine Langford story was. I watched the second as a fan and as part of my job, cramming in episodes quickly in order to try and form a cohesive thought after the jaw-dropping Season 2 ending. I also binged Season 3 in order to talk to the series' stars about the most controversial aspect of the season, but I decided to take some time before writing a review for this set of episodes.

I've had over a week now to think about where 13 Reasons Why started and where it has ended up. To be honest, my feelings are still pretty mixed.

My editor asked for the Cliff's Notes version of my thoughts and I likened my relationship to this show to my feelings about Taylor Swift: There are some amazing hits here, but if you start thinking about it too much, it gets problematic real fast.

What's most frustrating about this show is that it so obviously has the potential to be great, but it frequently squanders it for the sake of a cliffhanger or plot twist, or worse, the inability to go the distance with the bold choices it's made. Bryce's story is built on flashbacks of his final months as he finally began to reconcile with the damage his string of rapes had done to the people around him. Monty's backstory was peppered in, revealing that his aggressive behavior stemmed from surviving an abusive, alcoholic father at home and his own repressed homosexuality.

That leaves the possibility of either of them finding redemption after their horrific acts in the black desert online population two seasons completely mute. It was a brave conversation to start, but it means nothing when the conversation is cut short for the sake of plot points.

The way in which both Bryce and Monty are killed and the lack of justice for either of the murders was a messy conclusion to a frustrating season. The attempt to humanize Bryce and Monty wasn't the only issue in Season 3, it was also how the show attempted to do it.

The new season brought in a new character, Ani Grace Seifto be the unreliable narrator of Bryce Walker's death. Ani was not a hit for fans on Twitterand her presence objectively made the beginning of the season more confusing than it needed to be as Ani's voiceover didn't match the actions she was taking on screen.

It's hard to like someone you're being shown you can't trust, and it's hard to immerse yourself into a story that's being told by someone you don't like.

However, an outsider was the only way to show Bryce through a sympathetic lens because everyone else on the show was too close to the horrific actions he took in the first two seasons to give him the space to reconnect with his human emotions.

Was the audience supposed to forget about the scene in Season 2 when Bryce got an erection just talking about Hannah's rape just because Ani didn't know about it? Ani's problem wasn't just that she was willfully oblivious to Bryce's dark nature, but her newness to the situation made her being the framer of the Season 3 story as frustrating as waiting for Clay Dylan Minnette to finish Hannah's tapes in Season 1.

There were too many questions being asked that could be easily answered if the series just got to the point. Let's not talk about who didn't kill Bryce when it's obvious Ani already knows who did it.

Surprisingly, nothing to do with Bryce or Ani was the most frustrating thing about Season 3. That honor belongs to the same person who won it in Season 2. Tyler Devin Druid ended last season by showing up to Spring Fling with a duffle bag full of semi-automatic weapons and was prepared to shoot everyone at Liberty High he felt had hurt him.Netflix has gained enormous popularity Globally due to its original shows and movies in popular genres like Crime, Drama, Mystery and Supernatural.

One such most-watched Netflix Show is American Series 13 Reasons Why, based on the best-selling novel of the same name. The series highlights the murder mystery of a high-school girl and 13 reasons behind her death. The mystery begins when a year old girl Hannah Baker commits suicide after facing sexual assault, bullying and lack of support from her friends. Blaming her friends for her death, she left a pouch of recorded tapes for Clay Jensen her close friend. She mentioned 13 reasons why she is committing suicide and how her friends and faculty involved in her death.

As Clay listens to the tapes and clues Hannah left behind for him, he learns some shocking revelations about their school, friends accumulation distribution thinkorswim faculty.

Season Recap : After the suicide of Hannah Baker, her crush Clay Jensen receives a pouch of recorded tapes by Hannah in which she mentions 13 reasons why she is committing suicide and the people behind her death who lead her to do this.

In the next tape, Hannah blames her best friend Jessica for her decision because Jessica refuses to believe in Hannah and thinks she is responsible for her breakup with Alex. Not only this, but he also objectified Hannah and ruin her reputation in school. Another character responsible for Hannah suicide is Tyler, who stalked her all the time, took her photo of kissing her friend Courtney and spread it in High School. Another person who humiliates Hannah is Marcus.

On their one-dollar date, he tries to make a move on Hannah in front of his friends. Similarly, Zach, Ryan, Justin, Sheri and Bryce also humiliated Hannah and assaulted her in a way or another, about which she mentioned in her tapes. She also blamed Clay for leaving her alone after their kiss and Professor Kevin for not taking her suicidal thoughts seriously.

13 Reasons Why

Season Recap: After listening to all the tapes, Clay realises the injustice done with Hannah in Liberty High School and decides to make all the tapes public to let everyone know the truth. But the testimonial of Bryce and other students protect school by showing a negative sexual image of Hannah.

Bryce, after raping Jessica, Hannah and even Chloe, gets only three months of trial as a punishment. Justin blames himself for Hannah death and goes in depression. Just when Tyler about to kill everyone, Clay calms him down. Season Recap : Season three revolves around the coverup of death of Bryce Walker and who killed him actually. Season 3 begins with the entry of new character Ani who initially formed an uncomfortable sexual relationship with Bryce but later ended up dating Clay.

Jessica becomes the president of an activist group for sexual assault survivors and continues her kinky relationship with Justin. Finally, she broke up with Alex to be with Justin, which breaks Alex emotionally.

He starts selling and consuming substances, and Bryce bailed him out of jail.

13 Reasons Why: Don't Worry, Hannah's Dad Is Still Around!

After his breakup with Jessica, Alex starts using steroids with the help of Bryce, and both come closer. Tyler finally recovers from the sexual assault trauma he faced by Monty in Season 2, and everyone supports him when he finally speaks up about it. Frustrated Zach brutally beats Bryce on the field, leading to a massive fight.

Both Alex and Jessica witness him drown, and Deputy Standhall helps them to cover up the murder. But Winston knows that Monty is innocent and seeks justice for him.

Will Winston find out the real cover-up story behind Bryce Death, or will it stay the mystery? It will unravel in Season 4. Season Recap : Winston joins Liberty High School and forms a bond with the gang, especially with the Alex as both comes very close to each dars e nizami. Jessica and Justin broke up, and he starts taking drugs.

After the walkout by the entire school, prom gets cancelled. Some of the members of Gang opens up with their parents about their secrets like Clay confesses that he is behind some severe school vandalism.

Tyler confesses his bisexuality to his dad, Justin admits that he has relapsed and Alex reveals that he is dating Santorini. Just when everything was going positive, Justin collapses, and it reveals that he has AIDS due to drug usage and prostitution. Index of /Data/Tv Series/englishnew/13 Reasons Why/./ s01/ Mar - s02/ Mar - s03/ Mar - s04/ Mar. 13 reasons why.

Release Date: Genre: Drama, Mystery Description: Teenager Clay Jensen returns home from school one day to find a mysterious box lying. Follows teenager Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her life. 13 Reasons Why. Index of 13 Reasons Why Season 1,2 and Latest Season 3 Download or Watch online. Latest episodes of in p & p quality with direct links. Index of /Media/Series/13 Reasons Why/./ Season 1/ Apr.

13 Reasons Why · Release Date: · Genre: Drama, Mystery · Description: Teenager Clay Jensen returns home from school one day to find a. Index of /ftpdata/Movies/tv series/English/13 Reasons Why/Season 1/./ Jun M Download 13 Reasons Why Season 1 (Hindi Dubbed) Complete (Web-DL p p p HD) Dual Audio | 13 Reasons Why S01 | Netflix | All Episodes [ हिंदी.

13 reasons why p download, 13 reasons why series download utorrent, index of 13 reasons why season 1,13 reasons why mb, 13 reasons why hindi dubbed. Check the index of 13 Reasons Why Season 1, 2, 3 & 4 with a quick recap of all four seasons with cast details, download and streaming. Index of /serial/ Aug cvnn.euS03Ep. Jun 13, - 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Download p p p, index of 13 Reasons Why.

Index of 13 Reasons Why Season 1, 2, 3 & 4 Watch & Download Online for free and Checkout Review, Cast & All Episodes details here. High school student Clay Jensen lands in the center of a series of heartbreaking mysteries set in motion by a friend's tragic suicide.

Browsing tag. Index of 13 Reasons Why Season 1. DramaMysteryNetFlixSeriesThriller · Download 13 Reasons Why Season 1 Dual Audio. Bye · Get the IMDb App · Get the IMDb App · View Full Site · Help · Site Index · IMDbPro · Box Office Mojo · IMDb Developer. Index Of 13 Reasons Why Season 1 (In Hindi). 13 Reasons. 13 Reasons Why is an American teen drama television series originally developed for Netflix as limited series by Brian Yorkey, based on the novel.

13 Reasons Why is an American teen drama streaming television series developed for Netflix by Brian Yorkey, based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by. Index of 13 Reasons Why [Seasons 1 To 4 All Episodes]: Download or Watch Online Free in High Quality.