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Vivo is a Chinese smartphone that mainly deals in mid-range to high-range mobile phones. Vivo smartphones are known for their beautiful design and capable cameras. Vivo Y20 is a standard smartphone with an impressive camera set up, fast charging facility, long battery life and standard expandable storage space.

The device flaunts a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. However, the screen aspect ratio offered by the device might not be convenient for some. Vivo Y20 price in India starts from Rs. The lowest price of Vivo Y20 is Rs. A shipment of Vivo Y20 smartphones caught fire while being transported to an aircraft, with the fire taking 40 minutes to be put out.

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Vivo Y20A has been launched in India for Rs 11, Vivo Y30 Standard Edition price and specifications have been announced in China. Higher secondary camera resolution: 16 MP vs 8 MP. Lesser weight: grams vs Smaller screen : 6. Higher primary camera resolution: 48 MP vs 13 MP. Higher pixel density: ppi vs ppi. More expandable memory: GB vs GB. Higher secondary camera resolution: 13 MP vs 8 MP. Lesser thickness: 8. Lesser weight: Slower processor: Dual core 2. Larger screen: 6.Get the latest tutorials on SysAdmin and open source topics.

Hollie's Hub for Good Supporting each other to make an impact. Write for DigitalOcean You get paid, we donate to tech non-profits. If you have ever used online stores like Amazon or eBay, you have definitely used the preview feature. It shows you images or videos of the product so you know what to expect before making a purchase. In this article, we are going to examine how to build a single-page Amazon-like preview app with Vue. To build this app, we are going to use a Node server for the back-end and Vue.

Before we get to work, you need to verify that you have a couple of things installed on your machine:. We going to use Vue. You are going to need Vue. You can confirm your installation by running:. If you get a version number as a result then you have Vue. If not, it is recommended that you install the Vue CLI by running:. We are going to use axios to make get requests from one of our Vue. This Listing component is responsible for showing all the products we have in the store and adding a link to the view for the product.

We can see above that once the component is mounted, we make a call to our back-end server to fetch the available products jumanji the next level telugu dubbed movie download then assign them to the product data of the component. In the template above, we list out the products as divs and add an action button that takes you to the single product page itself. The Preview component is responsible for displaying data and images related to the selected product from the previous view.

When the component is created, we make a get request to the backend server to fetch all the data for the particular id and then display the media in the form of a carousel on the right side of the screen. After the post request is made, the model is updated with the data that was returned as a JSON response on the backend. In the template above, what we want to achieve is to display the media for the particular product. If you take a look at when we built the component, we make a request to the backend and then send the response to the Vue component.

We need to know if the media being displayed is an image or a video. So we check in the template.Chandigarh University emerged as leading institution of India for filling highest number of patents in a year. Our Global tie ups with over academic institutions ensure international exposure and opportunities for a career with Universities abroad. Chandigarh University has been raising the bars in the arena of higher education with its exceptional academia, world-class research, and unparalleled placements time and again.

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Colleges of north India. Ranked 1 st as multidisciplinary emerging University in India. Ranked 2 nd as private multidisciplinary University in North Zone. Ranked 7 th as private multidisciplinary University in India. Ranked 11 th in North India Govt.In this article we see an image magnifying effect as seen on many e-Commerce websites.

Introduction In many e-Commerce sites like Flipkart, myntra, and so onwe see image zooming effects when the mouse hovers over the product image. In this article, we will see how to use the JQZoom plugin for adding a zoom effect to images. Extract the files and copy js and the CSS folder to the root directory of your project.

You can also attach the latest CDN from the jQuery site rather than using the jquery Add the jquery. One important thing is that the small picture the bikethumb. Basically we want that when the mouse has hovered over the small image, the image appears larger.

We have ed a parameter in the jqzoom function like zoomtype for the type of effect on mouse hover over the small picture.

There are 6 types of ZoomType effects that we can use. Here we set the lens to true so that the lens becomes visible on the hovering of the mouse over the small picture in other words bikethumb.

We can also adjust the zoom width and zoom height of the magnified image. View All. Anoop Kumar Sharma Updated date Apr 30, In many e-Commerce sites like Flipkart, myntra, and so onwe see image zooming effects when the mouse hovers over the product image. First, go to mind projects and download the JQZoom plug-in. In this example, I will use two jpeg images one small thumbnail and one larger. Now we need to add another script tag to call the jqzoom function.

Next Recommended Reading. Net Core 6. New Features In Blazor With. NET 6. Understanding Thread Starvation in. NET Core Applications. Build And Publish A. Create A. Exploring Numeric Streams In Java. Create A Bot In.LinkedIn is a great way to share news with other professionals in your industry.

Photography: Martini Studios. But they don't work like you'd expect. They're only supported in two specific ways:. The article preview with an animated GIF will look like this:. Go to your Sirv account and download your spin as a GIF:. Hit the icon above the title:.

JQzoom Image Magnifier For Zooming Image

Choose the GIF you just downloaded. You'll see your GIF displayed as an animated image above your article. If it doesn't upload that's a LinkedIn issue that sometimes happensdownload a different size GIF from Sirv and try again. It'll look like this:. Go to your Sirv account and click on a spin. Hit "Enter" on your keyboard and your animated GIF will display within a couple of seconds. Before copying the GIF, you can add some dynamic imaging options such as resizing,text overlays or watermarks.

That's good because Sirv lets you download any spin as a video in a couple of clicks. Go to your LinkedIn feed and click the "Video" button to upload your video:. Your video will autoplay in LinkedIn mobile apps and some browsers including Chrome, Opera and Firefox. However, you can add static images. Either paste an image URL or click the "Images" button under your company post:. Use Sirv to host your GIFs, videos and images. They're instantly ready to use on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and of course your websites and apps.

Create your account now, with 5 GB free space for 30 days, then choose your preferred hosting plan. Was this article helpful? Click here to cancel reply. Get help from a Sirv expert. Contact Us.Are Planning to add a zoom option over your eCommerce products on your website and looking for the best woocommerce Image Zoom Plugins.

Using these plugins your customers can easily enlarge the images of your products and get a better preview of them before they buy them. If you will ask me before buying any clothes or any kind of high-quality artwork products I would love to check their enlarged images.

Most of the eCommerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart they already added bigger size product images on the mouseover feature. The product zooming option will not only help your customers to have a better preview of their product images it will also enhance your sale in your store. There are many kinds of zooming options available in WordPress. You can either use normal zoom, lens, or a new popup window for images. You may also be Fomo Pluginsabandonment cart pluginand multi-vendor Plugins.

WooThumbs let you assist your E-Commerce website to show the detailed view of the product that you sell there.

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A featured packed WooCommerce Plugin for Zooming experience allows you to establish the secure and more advanced quality images of any product. Throughout this kind of image with Zoom alternative assure your customers about that product very well. Get access to WooThumbs easily by configuring some settings and making your site easy to navigate as well.

WooThumbs perfectly fits into the WPML accessibility that ultimately assists translating systems all the way.

jQuery Script - Free jQuery Plugins and Tutorials

Compatible with multiple devices effectively which let your customers utilize the pinch-and-zoom features for advanced image look-through.

Allows establishing a variety of Zooming images effects such as follow, inner, and outer. MagicToolbox is an amazingly perfect Woocomerce extension that enables the website to visualize the image along with zoom alternatives. Set your online store nicely integrated with a lot of generic products display that satisfies your customers before adding it cart for purchasing.

Define the looks of any specified image of products as hereby you may modify the effects and size accordingly. As a perfect WooCommerce plugin, MagicToolbox enables every required feature such as being SEO-friendly, altering the image size, being highly responsive, and so more. Provide your customers with an enhanced zoom experience by the expanded the view of every product that is available on the website.

This amazing plugin allows site visitors to zoom your store products on mouseover from different angles to see the smallest of the details with ease. You get the liberty to place the zoom box to get the best positioning on your layout.

In case the zoom feature is not required for a product or a category, then you can simply conceal the Zoom Box. The Carousel behavior can be customized with the offers multi-device adaptation functionality. The plugin allows you to position the thumbnail with the custom templates. Once uploaded, any larger version of product images gets auto-resized throughout the website with WooCommerce.

The plugin features SEO optimization and has a high-security feature that does not allow a copy of the image. The position, size, and transparency of your watermark can be managed.

Even, you can combine video with the Zoom features. The Zoom comes with features such as the option to activate or deactivate the magnifier, plugin activation on handheld devices, and the option to set zoom box width and position.

This plugin also features extensive documentation and free demo version installation to test it before you buy it. Image magnification and setting up the zooming features can be easily done with the plugin. Incredible transitions, side arrows, fancy box popup, magnify popup and 5 unique magnify lens options impart amazing zoom effects.

WP Image Zoom offers an extremely intuitive WP admin interface by creating a magnifying glass on your image in a simple manner.If you cannot access the head section of your page, reference the files elsewhere such as the main content of your page.

To control the magnifier width with your mousewheel, also add variableZoom parameter as true. Set cssClass parameter to mz-show-arrows :. Choose how gallery thumbnail images are highlighted.

By default, a sleek line displays under each image when selected. For a complete shaded highlight please set cssClass parameter to thumbnails-style-shaded :.

For mobile devices smartphones in particularglobal parameters can be overwritten with the mzMobileOptions variable:. Download now. Your email has been saved. Thank you! It's easy to zoom images on your site Getting started If you use one of these platforms, click your platform and follow the instructions:. Download Magic Zoom Plus trial. Unzip the file on your computer and FTP the magiczoomplus folder to your website directory on your serverkeeping the file and folder structure intact.

Reference magiczoomplus. Get inspiration from these examples or use the wizard to choose your perfect settings. Circle Square. Zoom on click Always zoomed. Zoom Magnifier Off. Blurred Dark White. Once Always Never. Zoom on hover Zoom on click. Caption top Caption bottom Caption is off. Enter your email to start download. When and how activate zoom in expanded view. I have to create a function to like elevate the specific area wherever the rectangular box move. Example: Flipkart product zoom functionality the. › watch. image zoom on hover like flipkart codepen Full Demo of Zoom effect on Images. { left: 20px; top: px; } Enter fullscreen mode. to. In many e-Commerce sites (like Flipkart, myntra, and so on), we see image zooming effects when the mouse hovers over the product image.

In this. [This thread is closed.] I want to create Products Magnifier Zoom Copy To Copy Like in my webisite is it possible to do code in jquery. In many e-commerce site (like flipkart,myntra etc), we have seen image zooming effect on mouse hovering the product image. This is a demo of Drift, a simple, lightweight, no-dependencies JavaScript "zoom on hover" tool from imgix.

Move your mouse over the image (or touch it. Image Zoom by unknown from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery! Download Free jQuery Image Zoom, Inner Zoom, Magnifying Glass Effect A tiny image magnifier jQuery plugin that adds a zoom effect to any images like.

WM Zoom is a jQuery plugin that creates a magnifier overlay on top of your image and displays the high definition version beside it. When opening, Drift always pulls the zoom image URL from the specified sourceAttribute.

If you want to make a "permanent" change that will persist after. Zoom Image like Amazon and Flipkart Using Swiper API of Ionic 5 by using Ionic Modal with custom Controls - GitHub - mallajay/IonicZoom-image: Zoom Image. Jquery Image Zoom Plugin Examples. Basic Zoom. The zoom works with either one or two images. Two images are recommended for the zoom to work the best. Magic Zoom Plus offers 3 ways to zoom images: Zoom, Magnifier and Preview. Zoom. By default, it will zoom on hover. Your code will look like this:

module or reference for image magnifier. example: like amazon and flipkart, when we hover on a product image, the image will be zoom in. A responsive image zoom component designed for shopping sites. Image zoom is an important product feature for merchants, What I like most about this plugin is that it has a clear changelog and is.

A Jquery Image Zoom Plugin. Fully Customisable; Coloured Tints; Fancybox Gallery Support; Variable zoom on mouse scroll; External Controls; Window Zoom. Most of the eCommerce websites nissan frontier steering angle sensor reset Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart they already added bigger size product images on the mouseover feature.

AJAX-ZOOM is a jQuery responsive image zoom & pan software with degree / 3D object rotation / product view, mouseover zoom extension and other.