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Its HOME is in the middle of the screen. Where is its head? Where is its tail? Your turtle is lazy. It will not move without a C. C ommand What to do! A rgument How much to do! Here are four movement commands your turtle understands. Try a C. Now write a sequence of C. Regular means: identical 'sides ' and identical 'corners'. Keep trying until you succeed. Can you see a pattern in your results?

Here is how to use it:. The brackets contain as. Try the new command on the triangle and the square. Write those results in the table below and continue for the other 'regular' polygons. Note: You may accidentally discover the 'angle of turn' for another polygon. Be sure to write it in before you forget it. Instructions to the Turtle. Here are two new commands to help you see whether your shape joins up exactly :.

HT - Hide Turtle. ST - Show Turtle. Ask your Mentor how to ' copy and edit' previous tests in the Commander Window. Look at your completed chart on the previous page. Total-trip Theorem : my hypothesis is Up to now you have worked in the 'direct command' mode.

Concentrate on developing 'good style' when naming your procedures. It is best to keep your PROC names short but still meaningful. Creating a new procedure with EDIT.A A compiled language done clear. B An interpreted language done clear. C Both a and b done clear. D Neither a nor b done clear. A Assembler done clear.

B Compiler done clear. C Interpreter done clear. D Both a and b done clear. A Turtle done clear. B Cursor done clear. C Triangle done clear. D Pointer done clear. A Language of Graphical Object done clear. B Language of Graph Oriented done clear. C Language of Graphics Oriented done clear. D Language of Graph Object done clear. A MS-Office done clear. C Windows done clear. D LOGO done clear. A Centre done clear. B Bottom done clear. C Corner done clear. D Top done clear.

B Turtle moves 60 steps forward. C Turtle moves 60 steps backward. D Turtle moves to centre. C FD done clear. D BK done clear. A PU done clear. B FD done clear. C PD done rx7 spoiler. A sets the width of pen done clear.

B makes turtle invisible done clear. C sets the position of turtle done clear. D set the width of the screen done clear. A PD done clear.

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B PU done clear. C CS done clear.For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Flashcards Collections. Documents Last activity. Vocabulary: Listed on each lesson plan. Introduction to Logo Large display see weekly plan with marker pens.

Plastic or card shapes. Individuals record work on a centimetre grid — see below. Main activity On the large display, demonstrate FD Repeat this, then RT What will the turtle do if we enter FD 25 again?

Ask a child to come up and try. Stress the importance of the space between the command and the value. Silsilah suta wijaya these squares? How can we make the turtle go back to the start? Turn has to be determined from the turtle's viewpoint.

Alternatively, we could tell it to retrace its steps. Introduce BK, LT. What is the sum of the angles? What are the angles of the rhombus? How can we measure them? Is there a name for all of these shapes? Pupils may recall using the Roamer. Ask them, 'What did it do? What command did you give it to make it do that?

Give them the How to Others will work on paper.Wiki User. MSW logo is a simple programing language. It gives an idea for programing as it very simple. Repeat [fd 1 lt 1]. To draw a car in MSW Logo you need to type in commands to control the turtle and draw the image. By including a number with these commands you are telling the turtle the length of the line you would like it to draw. There are 3 triangles in a pentagon. A pentagon is a 5 sided polygon. Put a small pentagon inside a larger pentagon Log in.

Study now. See Answer. Best Answer. Study guides. What is Space Wip's Logo. Q: How do you make pentagon in msw logo? Write your answer Related questions. How do you make a boat in MSW logo? How do you make a robot in msw logo? How do you make a tree in msw logo? How you make a castle on msw logo?

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What 3 shapes make a pentagon? What shapes can make a pentagon? How much does the pentagon cost? How do you make a pentagon with 3 triangles? If you have 10 pennies how can you make 5 rows of 4?Great site, Simon! I'm a Year 4 teacher and love using logo too. The possibilities are endless.

Although a little off topic! We each produced the procedure for the Simpsons theme tune then played our tunes individually and then together. It sounded like a polyphonic ring tone! Anyway, thanks for sharing your ideas. Phew, never knew computer studies for a 8 year old was so tough.

I use the internet to search for most of the answers to complex questions. Hi CK this question sounds like it means use LOGO to carry out the calculation and display the solution pretty much like you would in a spreadsheet. The procedure will need to calculate the part of the problem first so put this part of the calculation in brackets ie Then to show the solution use the print or show command.

Hope this was helpful. Thanks for visiting regards Simon. Post a Comment. Pages Blog. Enjoying half term and the chance to just play. Having got my substitution procedure for making a polygon working yesterday, at Andy's suggestion I added another attribute to alter polygon side length so the polygon procedure now looks like this What this means is I no longer need to tell LOGO to draw a particular polygon, However I do need to know its properties, in terms of the number of sides and angles I want it to have, and to decide how large I would like it to be, before I can input these for the turtle to do the hard work of drawing it.

I decided to just play with what I had for the time being and to make a pattern using my polygon procedure and a simple repeat routine, inputting several pentagons that gradually increase in side length before turning through 36 degrees.

Experiences, working with y4 students making "flowers" tell me that this is what they tend to do and get excited by when we explore the environment, having compiled and saved their static polygon procedures, and why not its fun and exciting to see what the turtle draws when he has been programmed.

In this instance the procedure I asked the turtle to carry out looked like this repeat 10 [ polygon 5 50 polygon 5 polygon 5 polygon 5 polygon 5 rt 36] And this was the resultant pattern. When the turtle had finished and put his feet up, I saved the workspace as a "bitmap image," and then opened it in Microsoft Paint. Again in work I have carried out with students this is a task they love to do.

Using the "fill tools" with the Bitmap created in MSWLOGO, students are able to colour the repeating patterns made, and the design you can see at the top of this post was created in this way.This document was uploaded by our user. The uploader already confirmed that they had the permission to publish it. Report DMCA. This Software may be copied and distributed for educational, research, and not for profit purposes provided that this copyright and statement are included in all such copies.

Copyright C George Mills. LOGO is a programming language, pure and simple. There are two models that languages come in, compiled and interpreted. What is a compiled language? In a compiled language the program is written and fed to a compiler. A compiler reads all your code and converts it to an executable form that your computer understands. What is an interpreted language? An interpreted language does not get compiled, instead, as each line is read by the interpreter it executes it.

This is a slow process to execute on the fly like this, but has the advantage of not requiring a complete compile for each change. It's ideal in a learning environment. So have guessed what type of language LOGO is yet? Right, it's an interpreted language; at least this LOGO is anyway. LOGO also has another unique feature not offered in many other languages none that I know of. That is, what's called "Turtle Graphics".

What are turtle graphics? Turtle graphics is a simple and powerful set of commands to manipulate a turtle. Why do they call it a turtle? The first version of LOGO used an electronic robot that resembled a turtle. In the case of a video screen like this LOGO it's simply a cursor or pointer of where the turtle is. What does the turtle do?

It draws, lines mostly, on the screen. The gap that turtle graphics fills is what traditional languages do not. That is, it gives immediate feedback. Immediate feedback makes it fun and easier to learn programming. The purpose of LOGO is to teach young and old how to program. It was modeled after a very popular and power language called LISP.

It is as powerful as any other programming language. Learning turtle graphics will teach the user about geometry and they won't even know it. It's amazing how soon you can introduce the concept of programming once they grasp the turtle concept. Yes, that's the same square. We did two things. We noticed too much redundant code in our first example, so we asked logo to repeat the same sequence 4 times. We also used abbreviated forms of the same commands. But we can still do better.

Logo Interpreter

A square is a popular item wouldn't you say?Running the code above teaches the computer how to draw a triangle. However the turtle will not draw anything until you type the word triangle. This procedure includes a variable so it will draw a pentagon of any size.

If you type pent 70 you will see a pentagon with sides of length Outputs a random number between the two given numbers. Example: rt random 1 rotates the turtle right though a random number of degrees. Use wrap to make the turtle reappear on one side of the screen if it disappears off the other.

Many other online mathematical activities are available free at Transum Software. Level 1 - Basic use of Logo commands to draw shapes. Level 2 - Some more Logo commands to draw more complex shapes.

Level 3 - Use Logo procedures to draw more complex diagrams. History - See all of the commands you have typed into Logo this session. More on Angles including lesson Starters, visual aids and investigations. Clicking on commands will send them back to the input box so you can either run them again or modify them before running them.

Answers to this exercise are available in this panel when you are logged in to your Transum account. Log in Sign up. It is recommended that you do Level 1 before starting on Level 2 or Level 3. You can find w25q32 arduino the left panel above instructions and a series of challenges. Click the blue buttons to move through the challenges. You can use the snipping tool to capture pictures of your work which you can paste into your notes.

Click on the information tab above to see details of the Levels and a very useful 'history' feature which records all of the commands you type into Logo.

Notice in the top right corned of the input box there is a small arrow. Click that to enlarge the input box and transform it into a place where you can type in a number of commands that won't execute until you press the Run button. This version of Logo Logo Interpreter has been adapted from source code kindly made available by Joshua Bell and other contributors. Please send Transum pictures of anything magnificent you produce with this application or describe your programming.


See how complex designs can be produced with only a small amount of code. This competition winner is called Dahlia: repeat 8 [rt 45 repeat 6 [repeat 90 [fd 2 rt 2] rt 90]] The 6 can be replaced with 1 to 7 for other flowers.

Seymour Papert — was a South African-born American mathematician, computer scientist, and educator, who spent most of his career teaching and researching at MIT. He was one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, and of the constructionist movement in education.

He created Logo as a tool to improve the way children think and solve problems. Papert insisted a simple language or program that children can learn, like Logo, can also have advanced functionality for expert users. Is it possible to have a wait command, like the old Logo, to watch the pen draw? Transum: Thank you for your question AV. There is a wait command but it is only available in Levels 2 and 3.

Type the following to see the wait command in action: repeat 8[fd 30 wait 60 rt 45]. OK so this amazing command can only be used in Level 2: repeat [pu fd 5 pd fd rt 89]. To make a awesome circle do repeat [pu fd 30 rt 20 fd 3 pd fd 20 lt 50 fd 20 rt 45 fd 40 lt 60 fd 22 rt 50 pu fd 45 rt 90 pd fd 20 ].

To make a awesome circle do repeat pu fd 30 rt 20 fd 3 pd fd 20 lt 50 fd 20 rt 45 fd 40 lt 60 fd 22 rt 50 pu fd 45 rt 90 pd fd The olympic logo cs st pu fd 40 lt 90 fd pd rt 90 setpencolor "blue repeat [fd 1 rt 1] pu rt 90 fd lt 90 pd setpencolor "black repeat [fd 1 rt 1] pu rt 90 fd lt 90 pd setpencolor "red repeat [fd 1 rt 1] pu lt 90 fd lt 90 fd 70 rt pd setpencolor "yellow repeat [fd 1 rt 1] pu rt 90 fd lt 90 pd setpencolor "green repeat [fd 1 rt 1] ht.

To make the windows logo: to square repeat 50 [rt 90 fd 50 bk 50 lt 90 fd 1] end to windows pd setpencolor "red square pu bk 50 rt 90 fd 50 lt 90 setpencolor "green pd square pu bk setpencolor "yellow pd square pu lt 90 fd 50 rt 90 bk 50 setpencolor "blue pd square end windows ht.

Basic Commands · Forward e.g. forward [makes a line ] · Back e.g. back [goes back ] · Right e.g. right 90 [turtle turns right through a 90 degree. That's a pentagon, just like that big building near Draw some circle shapes here or in your journal. And MSW Logo that calculates Pi to as many. If Logo is not already on your computer, you can get it for free from its makers at Draw “Polygon” ( Divided by Sides).

REPEAT is a useful command when drawing regular 2D shapes. Can you draw: a square? a triangle? a hexagon? a pentagon? other regular polygons? a circle? Draw a square using the repeat command. to square repeat 4[fd rt 90] end 2. Logo Tasks. 1. Draw a square to pentagon repeat 5[fd rt 72] end. to draw-pentagon:length pd seth repeat 5 [ fd:length rt 72 ] end Draws a pentagon "length" pixels on each side, with the turtle.

Step 1. Open MSW Logo software. · Step 2. Type the command "to square" in the textbox named "Commander" at the bottom of the window. · Step 3. Type the command ". So let's create a procedure that can draw all of the shapes above. We'll call this procedure "POLYGON". By the way, in Logo you divide by using the "/" operator. Logo is computer language in which we can do Draw figures Color closed figures Type text Perform simple arithmetic calculations.

Mswlogo downloads. Drawing Geometrical Figures in Logo. Geometrical figures can be drawn using the FD, BK, LT, A Pentagon. TO pentagon. 1. Simple Drawings: · 2. Power of Repeat: Drawing Polygons and Stars · 3. Try to draw these on your own! · 4.

an introduction to logo: drawing, moving, turning, repetition, and basic procedures

arc function to draw circle OR part of a circle. · 5. That is, we can draw circles by drawing polygons with very short sides and many corners. Exercise Test the following programs: repeat [fd 1 rt 1] repeat. An online version of the Logo programming language with mathematical This procedure includes a variable so it will draw a pentagon of any size.

A Drawing window above with a triangle-shaped TURTLE in the center. A Commander window as shown in the following screenshot. MSW Logo Screen. We will write. Answer: The logo commands for drawing the given polygons as follows: As the full angle is degrees so external angles will be /n. Instruction: 1. Open up your MSWLogo Application 2. Using the application draw pentagon as shown on the above picture 3. Use all the command that you have.

MswLogo commands are typed into the bottom (Commander) window. (Issuing the command 'poly 5 ' draws a regular pentagon of size ). Highlighted things are already there in the existing LOGO chapter written. You can draw polygons of different number of sides by using the following. We can use Logo commands to tell the turtle how to move. There are two basic turtle movement Try to draw some simple polygons using turtle commands.

To get started with MSW Logo, you just need to know a few commands: If the turtle draws a pentagon you have correctly loaded the file.