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I have been getting lots of emails and inquires about medical examination for GCC countries. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bharian i wanted to write about this important issue to help more people and aware them. They have very strict and some stupid guidelines no offense but there are for medical exam. Just to note one thing every country have right to protect its citizen for diseasesthreats etc.

Now in my opinion GCC countries do have very valid reasons to be more strict for medical exams for these countries. These Asian countries have high rate of infectious diseases and low health care services.

I will say NOa big NO. This one is the most stupid guideline they made, there are others. Now what they should have done in this specific case. Well they GCC copy west in everything why not here.

That means if someone even have TB he will not be unfitthey will give him treatment guideline once treatment over, take medical again and get the visa stamped. Excellent way to handle these situation, UK citizens safe from infectious disease a person can travel to other part of world.

UK or west have laws which consider humane consideration utmostand these GCC countriesI wish they treat us Asian labor as human. Any how back to pointso GCC made rules to be strict on medical so they can prevent these diseases. Did they succeed, I dont think so, its opposite. Now no medical required for these visa types. Please amend these rules, these are man made, there are some guidelines which have no benefit to GCC countries itself. Do some study, how IOM or other world organization dealing with immigrants and medical issues, adopt the best practice.

The above case I mentioned is the classic example, there are many like these. Anyone can get sick and disease, please have rational attitude. As there will be again medical in Saudi Arabia or where you are going. This way you will have end to end solution.

I wrote this to GCC health ministers, high official level, even the person who draw these stupid guidelines, instead of thinking rationallyhe asked me send us your medical exam.

He thought i am begging to get my medical clear. I was talking about others those do not have many options. Five to six, even more depend on one person in these countries. I will still try best to change these stupid rules. The only thing is we have to think broadly. In fact they feel proud in telling that we made most unfit cases in the country, our graph is good. Their center may blacklist or stop like that. In some cases yes its black and white, you cannot give everyone FIT report, but cases like old PTB, vitiligio, eye issue should not have problem… I am optimistic InshAllah with the help of you guys we will change these guidelines.

Short term solution talk privatelyotherwise go to other countries than GCC. Any suggestion or feedback do post it here its your blog. It will help others. Always help those who are in need no matter what there faith, skin color is, love and peace to all. Please, i need some advice from you. Thank you so much.Forget about scanning and printing out forms. Use our detailed instructions to fill out and eSign your documents online.

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By use. By industry. By integration. SDKs Node. Login Free trial.Press book an appointment button. Choose the country, the city and the travelling country the medical center will be assigned Automatically as per the city. Fill the payment page, please note that the expiry date is year then month YY MM and make sure that all credit card are entered right, press pay Button.

You Get the slip for the medical exam, please visit the medical center at the earliest to do your medical examination. If the nationality is Egyptian, the expatriate must enter the ID national number. The system will not go to the next page until the number shown in the screen below is entered and marked, I agree that all information entered are correct as shown on the page below.

Try to pay again using another card.

Gamca Appointment for Kuwait

Check the internet network or try another internet browser. Please send the issue to support gcchmc. From Medical center Tab, 2a83 bmw select the country and the city, all medical centers for the determined city will be displayed. You can also enter any medical center name, and the medical center details will be displayed.

Why is GAMCA Necessary for Oman and Other Gulf Countries?

From the check candidate status tabenter that passport number and the Nationality or the slip number. Change of city is possible after the expiry of the current appointment slip, and the validity of the slip is 21 days. After that you may generate new slip with desired city. In case if the applicant entered wrong data like passport number, name, nationality, professiondate of birthvisa number and datepassport expiry datepassport issue datepassport issue place by the following instructions:.

The applicant should Contact the medical center and ask them to submit change request as change candidate details or as change Medical exam request.

Ask the medical center for the change request number and change request submission date. The applicant should visit the medical center at the e arliest, if possible, visit the medical center directly after generating the slip.

Yes, he can. He should select the country that he wants to do the examination in it and select his nationality. In case of fit status, applicant can rebook an appointment after 3 months from the modified date not the examination date. In case of unfit status, applicant can rebook an appointment after 6 months from the modified date not the examination date. Please try another Browser.

Make sure that you have stable internet network. Contact support gcchmc. Hepatitis B Surface Antsgen Poutive. Hepatitis C Antibody — postive. Microfilaria and Malaria. Any abnormal chest X-ray manifestations including, but not limited to:. Renal failure. Liver failure or hepatic insufficency. Heart failure. Uncontrolled Hypertension. Uncontrolled diabetes.

Different types of cancer. Psychiatric and neurological disorders.Abu Dhabi: The six Gulf Cooperation Council GCC member countries last year bannedforeigners from entering their territories after they failed medical fitness checks, according to a report by the GCC health council.

The GCC expatriate labour screening programme registered three million people through the new electronic intra-GCC countries link to check expats.

However, from foreigners seeking residence visas to a GCC member state, from seven Asian countries, were asked to produce a health fitness certificate, attested by an authorised agency in their countries.

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan are the countries whose nationals must produce an attested medical fitness certificate before coming to any of the six GCC member countries. GAMCA is a mandatory medical examination that expatriates have to pass before travelling to GCC countries for employment, applying for residence visa or higher studies. The medical fitness report of each individual is generated by the medical centres. They can travel to your destination country after receiving a positive GAMCA medical report from authorised gamca centres.

Expatraites are re-examined when they arrive in the GCC countries and those found unfit are banned from entering. The report indicated that 17 per cent to 20 per cent of medically unfit expatriates entered the GCC countries before introducing the screening programme.

The percentage gradually decreased to approximately 2 per cent after the introduction of the immigrant screening programme, and then to 0. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. This section is about Living in UAE and essential information you cannot live without. By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Monday, January 3, All Sections. The medical fitness checks have been in place in the GCC countries since Ex-employee gets 7 years jail for raising his salary.

Kuwait deports 50 expats every day; 18, in past year. Jharkhand education minister to sit for Grade 12 exam. Kuwait encourages citizens to leave UK on Omicron fears. Watch: Snow blankets Tabuk mountains. Latest In. Prince Andrew accuser's deal with Epstein to be public 7 minutes ago. UAE: Sheikh Hamdan shares video of lightning 38 minutes ago. How to be happy this Know 15 simple points 45 minutes ago.

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Gamca gcchmc Medical Slip Report Online

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Dear Reader, please register to read gulfnews.Know more. Beena Kumari V. Case of the complainant is as follows: The complainant Shri. Anilkumar is a driver by profession and he was employed in Muscat from September to May He was issued with Kuwaiti-visa on and he approached the 1 st opposite party -Gulshan Medicare for examining his medical fitness and the 2 nd opposite party Dr.

Poulose conducted medical examination on and certified him 'unfit'. In the chest X-ray of the complainant the opposite parties found Fibrosis and the opposite parties refused to return the original visa to the complainant despite repeated demands.

The 1 st opposite party extracted an unreasonable amount of Rs. Thereafter the complainant underwent medical examination at Aster Medicity. His chest X-ray was taken on and CT Scan on and he was found perfectly fit on the above examination. The complainant made a complaint to the District Collector, Ernakulam and on direction of the District collector, Dr. Karthik Balachandran of Ernakulam General Hospital also conducted a detailed examination of the complainant on and certified that that the complainant is not suffering from any ailment at all.

Further the additional District Medical officer reported that the license of the 1 st opposite party is liable to be canceled since the medical certification was unjustifiable.

The complainant vide Lawyer notice issued to the 2 nd opposite party demanded the return of his visa which was due to expire onto refund the examination fee of Rs. In reply notice dated the 2 nd opposite party put the blame on the Radiologist concerned and intimated the complainant that he can very well collect the visa from the Kuwait Embassy. The 1 st opposite party in their reply notice dated vindicated their certification and blamed the complainant for conducting medical examination by unauthorized agencies like Aster Medicity, Ernakulam General Hospital.

The complainant submitted that on complainant's visa lapsed and he lost the opportunity to go abroad and to take up employment abroad because of the faulty medical certification done by the 2 nd opposite party and in view of the refusal of the1st opposite party to return the Visa. Had the complainant gone to Kuwait, he would have drawn an amount of Rs. Thus this complaint is filed claiming the following reliefs. The complainant claimed Rs. The complainant further contended that he sustained a loss of Rs.

The complainant claimed the above amount towards compensation for the loss of job occurred due to false certification.Medical exams are a standard requirement for employment, especially for overseas jobs. A visit to the laboratory to check for stool, blood, and urine sample plus other tests is one way to find out whether or not an applicant has a clean bill of health and can perform tasks as demanded by the job.

Just like a police clearance to clear a job applicant from any criminal record and poses no security risk at work, a medical check-up also helps an applicant get medication. This is even if he or she is ruled ineligible for the job — in case abnormal findings are discovered from the test.

Usually, a medical exam is among the last to be submitted by a job applicant, and most likely, those who reach this stage get the job. But by no means, a physical and laboratory check the least important one. So for those who are not yet familiar with medical exams, how they are being administered, and other things they need to know, note the following:.

Some countries screen for infectious tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases or chronic infections HIV, heart ailmentand others screen for mental illnesses. Candidates with chronic renal failure, hepatitis failure, congestive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cancer, psychiatric disease, and a few other diseases are also unfit to work abroad.

Although candidates for jobs are often allowed to undergo medical exams in agencies other than suggested by employment agencies, dealing with those not accredited by government bodies such as POEA or DOH might render results invalid. Devote one whole day for medical exams and defer other appointments to another day. At designated clinics, medical tests for OFW applicants are subject to several criteria, including fecal, blood and urine, EENT eye, ear, nose, throatX-ray screening, and vision tests.

Their vital signs, such as pulse, blood pressure, weight, and height, are also recorded. Psychological and physical examinations may vary depending on the clinic. Laboratory and professional fees may vary depending on the type of tests required but cost at least P2, or above.

Applicants often shoulder these fees. Since each appointment lasts for the whole day, an applicant is expected to bring samples of stool and urine. Sometimes an earlier appointment with a family physician or dentist to assess medical conditions may help get favorable results.

It is also possible to get a second or further check. For example, if the initial blood pressure reading is above lending club allowable level or blood sugar is elevated, another test can be requested. Before this is done, a dosage of medicine may be prescribed.

Be aware of prior instructions such as pre-exam fasting and follow them. In such a case for fasting blood sugar FBSan applicant needs to fast eight hours before the medical exam procedure takes place. The results of your medical exam are valid only for three months. Another round of tests is needed if you defer your fiberglass resin mixing ratio chart application by at least three months.

Sometimes agencies partner with different medical laboratories and do not honor results from non-affiliated medical exam providers. Therefore, be prepared to do so in case you decide to switch to another agency for whatever reason. Once you receive your medical certificate, be aware that it has a validity of only three months. Health checks may come after qualifying interviews, proficiency tests, and submission of requirements, but it nonetheless impacts the employability of a job candidate.

Once its results show signs of health conditions considered significant in carrying out the job or overall well-being of a worker deployed abroad, the job offer may be withdrawn under such reasons.

Worse, a worker who is already elsewhere may risk getting deported under the same circumstances. Whether you are applying for a job abroad or not, maintaining a healthy lifestyle eating healthy at the right amount of food, exercise, and sleep is a must.

A healthy worker is a productive worker. Log in to leave a comment. Sign in. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Monday, January 3, News Overseas Filipino Workers.I firstly thank you for the clarifications that you have been providing to all the expatriates in Kuwait and appreciate the efforts put in by the newspaper. I am an Indian working as an engineer in a private firm on a KD salary.

Qatar Guide

My query: I got married around 5 months back and have got a family dependent visa issued for my wife. I had couriered her the visa and asked her to proceed for medical formalities. On receiving her medical report from the diagnostic center, she was declared medically unfit due to a small right calcification spot in the chest X-Ray.

Please confirm if this is true? I spoke to some of my friends in Kuwait who advised that once she my wife is declared unfit even if it is due to some past infection which could have been probably in her childhood, the concerned screening authorities will not entertain the CT scan results and stamp her visa as unfit and she will then be banned from entering Kuwait as all her details would be there in their data base.

How can I solve this problem as there is absolutely no active infection present and I assure that any test done even in Kuwait will not show presence of any infection.

I am even ready to give an undertaking required i. I just want her to visit Kuwait once and stay with me even if it is on visit visa. Is there any consideration shown by the screening authorities in India appointed by Kuwait government?

Gamca/Gcchmc Medical Test 2021- Ultimate guide

Should I ask her to send me her reports and have the same verified by the specialists in Kuwait and submit that report to the screening authorities in India prior to the expiry of her family visa. Please advise as I am really worried. Name withheld Answer: Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. Once you have been declared medically unfit the information is entered in all the computer networks in Kuwait and you will not be able to get any sort of visa.

Once if we are declared as unfit can we take the treatment and apply for the dependent visa after 6 months? Will they approve it? Previous 14th Jun. One comment. Gamca medical Unfit report validity Sunday comment Box cvnn.eube all relevant questions and answers about Gamca medical checkup and. Hi Bayo, If you have been certified as medically unfit on a GAMCA medical test results, then getting an employment visa across any GCC. › Is-it-possible-to-pass-the-GAMCA-medical-test-if-anyon. Guys, it's very difficult to pass fitness test through gamca. If you have a very small scar on your lungs you will be made unfit by gamca center though you. › gcc-medical-guidelines.

Once you unfit in GAMCA medical test then you will ban for the life time. You can't go to GCC Countries on a work visa.

If once I got unfit in GCC tests for. Also agent said that your medical report is not valid now, its is only valid till three months, and Saudi embassy / consulate will not entertain. Gamca clinics release list of diseases that make unfit to work in Mideast My husband has sent the Yellow letter of my visa and it's validity is for 9. If you are unfit, ask the docter at the medical center if the problem can be solved with medicine, if he says yes then follow the prescroption, apear for. The GAMCA medical test validity period for Saudi Arabia is only 3 months.

It means you need to stamp your visa on passport within 90 days of issuance of. The GAMCA Medical Test is valid for only 3 months. Stamp your visa on your passport as soon as you can, as you are only allowed to do that. Screening system reduces unfit workers coming to GCC crountries from GAMCA is a mandatory medical examination that expatriates have to. gamca gulf approved medical centers association is an association created to provide medical examinations to expatriates intending to join.

Gamca Medical Test check up Online Appointment, How to Book Gamca/GCC Medical Online gamca status showing Unfit and result valid upto 20 march On receiving her medical report from the diagnostic center, she was declared medically unfit due to a small right calcification spot in the. Candidate should hold a valid passport with minimum validity of 7 months. If the candidate's medical test result is UNFIT then the candidate is eligible. If your Gamca report is unfit then You are banned from entering any GCC go for examination at any time before the expiry of the slip which is 21 days.

As and when the complainant was found unfit, the visa of the complainant was as per the direction of of GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centre Association). How come you are aware of this statement issued by the Kuwait Embassy in India?

I was palnning to get her on Visit Visa after Expiry and after. These are known as GAMCA or GCCHMC Medical Centers. Then enter your valid passport number, select nationality as India or Pakistani.