Ford freestyle lunging

Federal safety officials are investigating complaints that the Ford Freestyle crossover vehicle can lunge unexpectedly when driving at low speeds. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has received complaints involving through Freestyles. Eighteen minor crashes were reported with one minor injury.

Stepping on the brakes firmly stops the car from moving. The investigation covers aboutFreestyles which have three rows of seats. Regulators will decide if a recall is necessary. Forgot Password?

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Complete Signup Wheels.We began receiving complaints in regarding these vehicles in addition to the complaints received by the NHTSA. Consumers report repeated instances of the vehicles either stalling in motion or suddenly surging forward when accelerating from a stop, posing a serious safety risk to vehicle occupants, other motorists and pedestrians.

Some drivers reported intermittent vehicle stalls and surges as they enter traffic from a stopped position or while driving at highway speeds. As the problem was initially intermittent, the drivers continued to operate their vehicles in this condition, eventually to the point of keeping one foot on the brake while stopped and the other on the gas pedal to keep the vehicle running.

Obviously, dilated pore of winer removal so is dangerous. In our complaints, the problem was diagnosed as a failed throttle body, with trouble codes P and P present in the on-board computer system, indicating the electronic throttle actuator control system was stuck open and closed, respectively. In these cases, drivers reported no warning signs prior to the initial failure or prior to subsequent failures.

They report no damages, carbon buildup or other mechanical interference on the failed parts. We trust that the NHTSA will investigate and take the necessary steps to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.

There are also complaints regarding sticking throttles or throttle body failure in models, all of which apparently use the same "drive-by-wire" design. This issue is separate from a recent recall involving other Ford Escape vehicles for the model years, which use a conventional cable design in place of the electronic assembly that seems to be the root cause of the failures. It is important to note that a "drive-by-wire" throttle is generally safer than conventional throttle cables, as any failure of the system will result in a 'limp home' or reduced power mode.

Unfortunately, the predisposition for failure is causing these vehicles to go into this reduced power mode. The unpredictability of the repeated failures coupled with driver actions of applying both the brake and gas pedals simultaneously puts motorists at risk in this case.

We do not recommend applying both the brake and gas pedals simultaneously as the failure may suddenly go away, causing unintended acceleration and possibly a crash. Some websites allege that other late model vehicles, such as the Ford Windstar, Ford Mustang, Ford Fusion, Mercury Mariner and Mercury Milan, exhibit the same condition and have an identical or very similar throttle body. NCCC received no complaints from owners of those vehicles.

Ford has issued several technical service bulletins TSBs for various models throughout the years for issues relating to electronic throttles. NCCC believes in accountability for all consumer products, even when accountability means a loss of money for the manufacturer.

Companies should stand by the products they sell, not abandon them to the consumer's pocketbook. NCCC encourages consumers to continue reporting this defect and other safety defects to NHTSA so that their vehicle information can help identify defects. Getting the word out may not help you with your particular issue, but you may be able to help others before they experience the same problems. Share this article with your family, friends and colleagues.

You may help them learn about the defect and keep them from becoming another statistic. Ford has issued an extended warranty for defective throttle body assemblies and sensors for 10 years ormiles from the data of original purchase. For vehicles past this time limit, the warranty is valid until January 31, We regret that we are not able to offer any specific guidance for consumers experiencing this issue. The investigation is now closed see updated information below and the time limits for the extended warranty has expired for many vehicles.

You may success with filing small claims actions through a local court or by hiring a private attorney.Total reports: Mileage was miles. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. May 11, May 26, May 17, June 18, Feb 07, June 04, June 21, This Happens Pretty Frequently. May 09, June 30, I Have A ford freestyle With 96, Miles. I Could Not Believe It!

June 22, Apr 06, Oct 27, July 03, May 16, Lunging And Stalling In July 04, July 06, The Contact Owns A ford freestyle. The Manufacturer Was Not Notified. The Failure Mileage WasJuly 08,The NHTSA chose to investigate the Ford Freestyle after receiving complaints that the crossover was lunging forward at very low speeds when in gear without either the brake or accelerator pedal applied.

The complainants pointed out that the brakes being applied stopped the car right away, but if you were sitting with the vehicle in Drive or Reverse and did not have your foot on the brake pedal, the vehicle could suddenly lunge until you had time to react and hit the brakes. Also, reports claim that this lunge could be more severe if the vehicle has the air condition running or if the steering wheel is turned to full lock all the way to one side.

The consumers who filed these complaints about the Ford Freestyle claimed that their vehicle suddenly rolled forward, as far as ten feet, and in 18 cases, an accident occurred. In one case, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle when it lunged in a driveway but the only injury sustained was a bruised knee. This problem differs from those displayed by Toyota in the fact that the Toyota unintended acceleration issues occurred at higher speeds where these Ford problems hitting the Freestyle are occurring only at low speeds - speeds at which the vehicle is easily controlled and stopped by the brake pedal.

This Ford Freestyle investigation applies to aroundvehicles and should the NHTSA find some sort of fault with the Freestyle to cause these unintended lunging problems, Ford could be forced to issue a recall to address the issues. The number of additional complaints that come in coupled with the NHTSA findings will help Ford and the Feds decide whether or not a recall is necessary.

Skip to main content. Visit Torque News homepage for more stories. Automotive News. Ford News and Reviews. Subscribe to Torque News on YouTube. Comments Jeri wrote on May 17, - am Permalink. I have experienced this too, almost hit the car in front of me, I just took my foot off the brake and it lunged forward.

I also almost hit a man crossing in front of me when I took my foot gfxpeers login the brake at the bank It happens alot.

Please email when this gets recalled. Thank you! Kaye wrote on August 5, - pm Permalink. I have had a problem with my Ford Freestyle too.

It lunges in both forward and reverse. I have had it fixed once and it did well for around 6 months and now it is doing the same thing. I have also noticed when it does this the tool light comes on, and the transmission is very rough. Hopefully they will recall it and the dealers will know how to fix it.

Otherwise I love the car. Dan wrote on May 17, - pm Permalink. I have the same problem.Ford Freestyle owners have reported problems related to gasoline fuel system under the gasoline fuel system category. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Freestyle based on all problems reported for the Freestyle.

Lurching & Surging

Me and my wife carpool on third shift to our jobs. Upon backing out of the driveway in reverse, the wrench light came on, and an error reading" failsafe engine mode". I was able to make it to work, however I couldn't go fast at all no more than maybe I'm seeing online many with this year and model need or have had new throttle body's put in with no luck coming from it.

I'm hoping there's a recall because I have two children and a wife to get around in this one car. I wanna know what the recall is on it if one at all is available. Why haven't they corrected it yet after all these years of problems and so many complaints?. Vehicle lurches when brakes are applied in forward and reverse. Happened many times. The wrench indicator light came on also when this happened. This happened many times when we first purchased the vehicle.

I checks threads on the internet and saw this as a common problem. I personally cleaned the throttle body as shown on youtube by a gentleman and it fixed the problem for awhile.

This happened recently to my wife as she was leaving her work parking lot at low speed. Lurched when put in gear with brakes applied. Car felt uncontrollable. We see that an investigation on this problem has begun so I would confer with other vehicle owners. More times and dates than I can remember that lurching has taken place. One time I had to slip it into neutral to stop the car and apply the brakes.New UPATE: Ford has sent a letter saying they will repair the throttle body, or reimburse you if you paid to have the work done.

Up to 10 years andmiles. I got a full reimbursement for the work done on my car. And nearly plowed into the car and pedestrians in front of me.

If I asked you to name the make and model of the car involved in the above incident, I doubt the Ford Freestyle would leap to mind. But that quote was from an owner of a Ford Freestyle, and it is just one of many that can be found with a simple search on the internet.

Like you, I knew nothing about issues with Kentucky rock identification Freestyles, and other models with similar engines. It has been a great car. We wanted something reliable, smaller than a full size SUV, but with room for three kids and luggage.

The Freestyle fit the bill. Imagine my surprise when we were on a family trip, states away from home, and the car began to lunge backward as soon as I shifted into reverse.

I did not want to be on the highway with whatever this was. I suspected it was a transmission problem. We headed to the nearest Ford dealership.

Ford Freestyle Fuel Injector Replacement

At first there was some confusion about what was wrong, and I finally got on the phone with a service tech from another dealership. When I described the problem, he immediately knew what the problem was. It was like he had diagnosed this multiple times. A few minutes later I knew exactly what needed to be done, and how much it would cost. I needed a new throttle body. I bought a recent model car, for more money than I had ever paid for a car before, with a certified pre owned warranty.

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I was reeling a bit. Plus, very quickly it became clear that this was not just a couple of cars with this problem. Several people reported over 3 months waiting time for the part. One reported that there were orders ahead of his. Basically, during the last part of no one could get a throttle body for their Freestyle.

Another reported that the part numbers for the new throttle bodies are different, and the factory that made the old one has closed. It was obvious that there was a real problem with the throttle body in these cars. And I began to realize just how lucky we were.

The complaints mentioned cars at intersections suddenly lunging forward. At the very least we could have been stranded in the summer heat with my children. One forum member posted a service bulletin from December of If normal diagnostics lead to an electronic throttle body ETB replacement, refer to the following Service Procedure. This new calibration is not included in the B41 CD. NOTE: The information in Technical Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do the job properly and safely.

It informs these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or provides information that could assist in proper vehicle service. Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Contact a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealership to determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to supercede this information with updates.However it's doing, Project Titan appears to have been slowed now that Ford has hired the project's top executive, the Guardian reports.

The president has eschewed masks during public appearances, including a visit to a mask factory in Arizona, and As long as everything else worked, drivers should Ford says The year-old Mulally is credited with saving Ford from financial ruin after being hired away from Boeing in Fields, who has been running He was Ford Motor Co.

Ford helped steer the family business for Ford today announced a recall onFord Escapes over a potentially deadly sticking accelerator defect. It comes following a local TV investigation into Eighteen minor crashes were reported with one minor injury involving through Freestyles.

The auto giant expects to add 4, factory jobs in and another 2, inalong with about coordinating positions, as demand continues to grow for Mulally will soon seek official approval from Ford's board to pull the plug, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. Mercury was created in by Ford says it benefited from cost-cutting, debt reduction, and popular cars and trucks like the Fusion sedan and Escape SUV. It's also enjoying customer goodwill for avoiding bankruptcy and refusing federal aid, And unlike many front-seat airbags, the belts inflate with The company lost A report of a jump in home sales eased investors' worries about one of the economy's biggest trouble spots.

They responded by buying stocks across the market, lifting the major indexes New sales figures show that Americans boughtvehicles in June, the Wall Street Journal reports. Ford and Toyota both declared Breaking News. Rival Hires Away Apple's Car Boss Doug Field will lead Ford's technology efforts Newser - Apple has been working on a car project sincebut little is publicly known about its progress; the company hasn't acknowledged its existence.

Ford Asks Trump to Wear Mask for Michigan Plant Trip He says he'll think about it Newser - President Trump has been told to wear a face mask when he visits a Ford factory in Michigan Thursday—but it's not clear whether he plans to comply with the directive. Ford Sold 2 Models Knowing They Shifted to Neutral on Road Focus, Fiesta accelerated into intersections, documents show Newser - Ford launched and kept selling its Focus and Fiesta models, insisting they were safe even when their transmissions would slip into neutral on their own on the highway, an investigation has found—or make the car accelerate on its own into traffic.

Ford Motor Co.'s Freestyle crossover SUVs are being investigated by the U.S. auto-safety regulator after complaints about unintended. WASHINGTON (WWJ) The Pet preform neck standard Highway Traffic Safety administration has opened an investigation into reports of Ford Freestyle crossovers.

Ford Freestyle Menu use this link to support! Engine revs and tries to lunges when applying the breaks. The Ford Freestyle crossover is being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration following complaints about.

US: NHTSA opens probe for ‘lunging’ Freestyles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened a preliminary investigation into Ford's Freestyle wagon after receiving. The NHTSA chose to investigate the Ford Freestyle after receiving complaints that the crossover was lunging forward at very. The NHTSA investigation arrives in the wake of a reported complaints of Freestyle models that can lunge forward at low speeds when the.

With the phrase "unintended acceleration" still fresh in our minds from the Toyota fiasco, it appears that Ford has now added a variation of.

The agency said the seven-seat family haulers can lunge up to 10 feet when the driver's foot is not on the accelerator or firmly on the brakes. The Ford Freestyle abnormally lunges forward even when drivers didn't have their feet on the gas pedal says the reports. Ford Motor Co.'s Freestyle crossover SUVs are under investigation by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration following Worried your Ford Freestyle might have a throttle recall?

Great news, Vehicle History has your back. Here's everything you need to know. Today I researched the extended warranty for throttle body repair for our 06 Ford Freestyle. Called Ford dealer and company and they said I was 5 months.

My Ford Freestyle has been having issues with it lunging forward or backward when I am either stopped or driving at a slow speed. Ford Freestyle lunging forward, stalling out, and check engine light wrench icon light coming on. It was dangerous to be on the road because of the. have had the rear brakes replaced twice. throttle body went out at 54, miles, and now the whole transmission has been pulled some kind of bearing is out.

Freestyle. Automatic transmission; 50, miles. Car would lunge when put in gear. Took to the dealership and they cleaned the throttle. Washington, D.C. -- Federal safety officials are investigating complaints that the Ford Freestyle crossover vehicle can lunge unexpectedly when driving at.

Federal safety officials from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are investigating consumer complaints that the Ford Freestyle crossover. Federal safety officials are investigating complaints that the Ford Freestyle crossover vehicle can lunge unexpectedly when driving at low.