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Cisco Ramon turned back towards the control panel where he spent most of his time, and looked at the monitor that was focused on the cell where they had recently locked Barry. I think I need to eat. He leapt away from the panel and barged past the others. Iris turned to look at the screen, her hand quickly moving to her mouth as she saw the object of her newfound romantic interest sprawled on the floor, his body jerking slightly in the close confines of the cell.

Cisco hurriedly typed his complex password into the wall mounted panel housing the controls to the cells buried deep in the bowels of S. Hearing the satisfying acceptance chime, he quickly entered a set of instructions then hurriedly reached for the bag as he turned towards the portal. He could just hear the mechanisms moving the secure chambers around over the pounding of his heart. Cisco dropped the bag as the door slid open to reveal Barry standing right behind it, apparently in perfect health.

Do you know how worried I was? Cisco, about to reply, blinked, and was instantly facing an empty cell. He turned around, to find Barry facing him still, but franklin county inmates mugshots standing between him and the corridor. Barry had pulled up his cowl during the transition, and Cisco took a single step back from the Flash before realizing he was moving toward the cell.

Suddenly, the Flash arched forward towards Cisco, a grimace of pain appearing on the exposed parts of his face. Cisco stumbled back another step as the Flash fell to the floor at his feet. Cisco looked back and forth, his mouth agape, from Joe to Wells to Barry, realizing that once again, they had all betrayed him. There were a few more arguments, none of which were overly animated.

The group seemed disheartened by the whole affair, and each was struggling with their own particular feelings regarding this new betrayal. Two more injections of sedative were given to Barry by Wells as the group finalized their agreement. Cisco was uncovering a large object, pulling off multiple canvas tarps and tossing them aside.

There was an audible sigh from behind the machine, followed by Cisco coming forward to stand next to the older scientist. Relieved when there were no objections, he continued explaining.

Instead of sucking the Speed Force out of Ba…the person inside, it now blocks the Speed Force from getting to them. Basically, it would make a speedster powerless. I hate it, but I agree.Barry is alone after he stopped the reverse flash and the singularity.

Ronnie and Eddie is dead and Barry had pushed his friends away to keep them safe. One day something arrives in earth and changes Barry's life. Disclaimer, all characters are own Barry walked into the Cortex in Star Labs after switching on the power to the building. He lifted up a chair that had fallen over and put back where it should be. He sped around and gave the place a quick clean up. He hadn't been in Star Labs since the day the singularity happened. No one from Team Flash had been in the building.

Barry had disbanded team Flash and pushed all his friends away as he believed that having them close was putting them in danger by having them as part of his team. He blamed himself for Eddie and Ronnie's deaths and he didn't want to lose anyone else that he cared about. Barry sat down on one of the chairs and spun around on it whilst he tried to think of something to do.

He quit his job as a csi as being there just reminded him that Eddie was gone. Barry rubbed his eyes and yawned a little. An alert went off for a robbery in progress. Barry sped into his suit and of to catch the criminals.

Later on, Barry walked into a rebuilt Jitters for a coffee. He stood in a queue and waited until it was his turn to order. He felt someone two him in the shoulder which made him jump a little. He turned around to see Iris laughing. Barry smiled a little and said "hey Iris". Iris smiled and said "hey Barry, sorry for scaring you".

Barry nodded and said "it's fine". Iris said "are you coming over for dinner later Barry, me and dad miss you". Barry smiled a little again and said "yeah, ok I will". Iris said "awesome, I'll go see him and tell him you're coming over for dinner". Barry nodded and smiled a little.

The two ordered their coffee and sat at a table.She and Barry couldn't be more grateful to their friends at Star Labs for all the help on this. Valerie is a criminal - a thief. Let's hope that Harry's friends will manage to calm down Harry in time to save Barry and to not upset Ginny. Great heroes have great villains. Knd wally and kuki moments. It is also available on FanFiction. One being her little sister she has had to raise since the death of their parents, the other being the hand she was dealt in "Alright Barry, they're on the first floor, so be ready!

For his predecessor, see Wally West. He is able to generate a strong enough vortex to slow his fall and discovers that the new Flash is actually Wally West. The story focuses on Barry Allen a. Barry woke up to a soft knocking on his bedroom door. Barry was never planning on telling his friends about his past. It looks a little Both run off in separate directions. She spots Barry and instantly knows it's Sebastian. Wally West is Alive. Spoilers ahead for The Flash Annual 1. Frankly, by Flash season 6 the Flash team has gotten way, way too big with all its members.

He lost Eddie in a brave sacrifice and because of that a paradox occurred which was began to rip apart his city. He is a founding member of the Justice League of America. Until Iris decides to cheat on Barry with someone Barry considered a brother. Most of his crimes were in attempt to win the heart of a lady. Barry thought him and Iris would be together forever. Answer 1 of 4 : Currently Wally West is faster than Barry. Barry wasn't even sure what it was that made Wally dislike him so much.

We start in the year in a black and white flashback sequence, in this sequence we see Barry. Unique The Flash clothing by independent designers from around the world.

Wally takes Barry back to his apartment and reveals that Iris also knows and both ask how Barry knows who Wally is. What will happen? Will he be forgiven? Will the Warblers find out?

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Requests are Fanfiction.Well not exactly Barry Allen, but a bizarro, scarred, evil version of Barry Allen. This time remnant ended up sacrificing himself to stop Zoom and save the multiverse.

Savitar explains in episode 21 that Barry creates several time remnants in their battle four years in the future. Savitar kills all but one of those time remnants.

Broken and alone, that time remnant seeks revenge. The time remnant realizes God feels no pain and decides to become one. He becomes Savitar. Barry Allen basically created Savitar to stop Savitar. He wants to have control of all of time but he needs two things to happen. First he needs to kill Iris so Barry will be driven to darkness and create him.

As for the second thing he needs to do?

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There are plenty of theories out there, but it seems Team Flash does have a plan to stop Savitar. Brand has been hard at work on building the device Barry will use to trap Savitar in the speed force. It needs a lot of energy in order to work — more energy than the sun in fact.

How is Barry going to find that much energy? It probably has something to do with the glowing red orb at the end of the episode and King Sharkwho is seen lurking nearby.

Mic has ongoing coverage of The Flash. Check out our main Flash page here. By Alex Rabinowitz.Toggle navigation Novel Online. Caitlin woke up early with a sleeping Barry on her shoulder, she smiled and carefully lifted Barry"s head and put it down on the floor, Caitlin was surprised that Barry didn"t wake up at all.

Caitlin left the room and went to the cortex, everybody was there. Caitlin: Good Morning. She said while yawing. Cisco: Good Morning to you too. He said taking a sip from his coffee. Joe: So how was Barry? Caitlin: Actually he was great he didn"t wake up. She said still surprised. Joe: Well it"s a good thing tha. Joe was cut off hearing footsteps. Everyone looked in the direction where the footsteps were coming from and it was Barry sleeping walking.

Barry sleep talking : Mom Everyone was shocked that Barry was sleepwalking and talking. Barry sleep talking : Help He said before collapsing on the ground. She screamed while running to him. He said pointing at the bed. Cisco: Maybe if I try to vibe, I can see what he is seeing. Caitlin: Good idea. But then, Barry woke up slowly, groggily and he sat up, but remembered what happened yesterday. Barry: Did Iris really- He said choking upon his words.Since Lilian stabbed him.

And the day Lilian died. Kara never loved again after that day, and every single day she visited Earth 1. To Barry' Barry groans and flops to his side.

But Barry it's been a week. And for all you know she might just be trying to push you away. Ok that sounds bad, but, either way you still need to talk to her. Barry doesn't move and Cisco sighs.

We'll find a way. I promise. Oh crap, ok someone should probably check his apartment. Cisco goes over to contact Wally and ask him to check Barry's apartment as Caitlin goes over to sit by Barry.

You okay? Well actually seeing how you are I guess I really can't say you're okay considering you're in- this situation. Barry doesn't move.

How does Barry Allen become Savitar? Twist revealed in 'The Flash' season 3, episode 21

Caitlin tickles Barry in a spot of where Iris showed her that is guaranteed to make him sit up. Caitlin laughs and Barry tries to lie back down but Caitlin blocks his back with her hand. You need to get up some day. What's really bothering you? As much as I love someone, I end up hurting them in some way. Linda, Patty, Iris, Kara. I hurt them in so many ways, by not telling them I'm not the Flash, Iris was killed, and Kara, I'm going to have her suffer everyday knowing that I could die and she could lose me again.Thank you to everyone following this story.

Enjoy, Jaymes. Tags: breathlessgirl ps: does anybody else want to be tag on any new chapter? Part 1 - Part 2. What are you doing here?

She turned her head toward the voice, noticing Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Joe and Iris West, all sitting around the table, enjoying their evening. She hugged each of them, a small smile on her lips. She was happy to see them, but she felt guilty to be about to crush their fun.

Oliver had just left Starling with Anastasia, saying it was better if Caitlin heard it first from a friend and was also prepared to see her sister. They wanted to avoid a crisis at all cost. The Star Labs scientists looked at Barry, their eyes traveling from their friend, to the detective, to Iris. For her, Barry was just a forensic scientist and Caitlin and Cisco were the ones helping him get back on his feet after being in a coma for nine months.

Felicity let out a shaky breath, not exactly knowing how to break the news. She took a seat, right in front of her friend, and put the file on the table. I went to Star Labs first but Dr. Do you need my help with something? She took a deep breath, slightly nervous when she noticed all eyes were focused on her. You know me, I always go deeper in my research so I … I dig into your past.

She grabbed the piece of paper from her file and put it in front of the scientist. Her happy smile had disappeared and, instead, her face was tainted with grief. After eight years of searching, they declared her dead. We were called for an abduction. We never found any proof other than the depositary of the sister. It was her birthday, she was just eleven and I was fourteen. Our parents were always working. She stopped for a second, wiping her tears.

Cisco put a comforting hand on her shoulder, encouraging her to tell her story. So, I told her I would take her to buy her a dress. She was so happy. We actually spent that entire afternoon together.

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Then … we were going back home and she told me a man was following us, that he was watching me. She took my hand and we ran. She stopped next to a trash can, opened it and told me to hide inside.

D the man. When … after eight years, when the police declared her officially dead, my mom broke down. There was still hope as long as nobody was saying anything, and that hope was the only thing keeping her alive.

She was … devastated. The Flash belongs to CW, Geoff Johns, Dc, etc. Savitar was stunned. He stared down at Barry Allen's dead body in front of him.

You're always going to be alone Barry. Those words rang in his head continuously. It was true though. The universe really did hate him. Barry works alone, but Cisco and Caitlyn have roles in this story as well and work with Team Supergirl and Team Arrow - Barry was never. Alone Barry heard Captain Singh shout at him from his office. Barry hurried down the stairs with a file in hand.

Fanfiction. Barry is alone after he stopped the reverse flash and the singularity. Ronnie and Eddie is dead and Barry had pushed his friends away to keep.

Fanfiction. SEQUEL TO YOU'RE MORE THAN MY SUPERFRIEND, YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING It's been 3 months since Barry had died. Since Lilian stabbed him. He got to spend it with both his parents and that alone was wonderful. Barry then later fell in love with Caitlin; in this alternate reality. Barry and Caitlin. Barry Allen Needs a Hug · Barry Allen is The Flash · Barry Allen & Iris West Friendship It's Barry's birthday but he just wants to be alone.

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An AU centralised on "snowbarry", where Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow, two students of Central City High, are casted to be the lead roles in their English class.

31 years old. Fanfiction writer/fan who loves many fandoms. A few of them being; The Flash, Bridgerton, Watcher, Stranger Things, Marvel and DC. NOT spoiler. Browse through and read "barry allen" stories and books. Mendacious || Flash x OMC. 6 days ago scalding hot water · Fanfiction Not Alone|Barry Allen. Browse through and read the flash cw stories and books.

Not Alone|Barry Allen. February 4, LakeOfSakura Choices (An Arrowverse Fanfiction). Number One: Watch the show, read the comics whichever part of the Flash fandom you're in. Second: Which characters intrigue you? Which ones do you see.

Barry said The Flash is. properties of brittleness nookies chicago reservations bat family fanfiction nightwing lonely. Trajectory 42m. Snowbarry is the het ship between Barry and Caitlin from The Flash fandom. tells them to do whatever they want to her as long as they leave Barry alone.

As usual, Cisco was alone on the late shift, monitoring their prisoner's vitals. He looked over the readouts, noting the stress levels produced by Barry's. Scars. “Felicity? What are you doing here?” Barry Allen asked as he opened his front door to the young computer geek.

He. Cliché - Barry Allen Summary: You're alone on Christmas eve and you he was The Flash your feelings for him just grew for him even more. the flash fanfiction barry blamed for flashpoint Born on Krypton to Superman's The things we see, the things that we face, no one can do this alone.

This is a three part fanfic centered around Leonard and Barry. He often hugged it as he cried, in his room, alone.