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My deepest apologies to Rosemary for posting this late. Debbie Golt posting this. In the first programme Donald Macleod chats to composer Errollyn Wallen about her heritage and musical upbringing. She was the first black woman to have a piece performed at the Proms. Inher music opened the Paralympic games.

Wallen writes in a kaleidoscopic range of styles; her music constantly crosses and re-crosses musical boundaries and it brims over with a sense of adventure and delight. All this week, Donald Macleod gets to know Errollyn as she dials into his studio from her Scottish lighthouse where she retreats to concentrate on her work. She was brought up in London to a soundtrack of Ella Fitzgerald and calypso. When she discovered the piano, she had to be begged not to practice. Errollyn's first ever composition was written for her sisters to sing walking to primary school, genesis valtryek hasbro family has since been a thread through her work.

Congratulations to Errollyn Wallen. See also ErrollynWallen. Download Women in Music member Rosemary Duxbury - composer and musician - has scored another success. Not only is a film she composed the soundtrack for been accepted for the Birmingham Film Festival it has also been shortlisted for the Best Micro Short Award.

Birmingham Film Festival runs from November 18thst and details can be found at www,birminghamfilmfestival. Her pieces are often played on American radio and she also has music being performed on Saturday October 30th 7. Mezzo-soprano Patricia Hammond and multi-instrumentalist Matt Redman are giving a cabaret performance of songs from the s and s written by women. It is a piece for solo bassoon, to be played bya post-grad student Hugo Mak in a concert that is being streamed.

Details below. The RAM has been commissioning a series of solo works to celebrate their th anniversary next year. Many new pieces are being played by the students throughout this year and all the commission performances will come out on CD next year. Jennifer's piece is almost certainly 2nd on the programme.For the contemporary female pop star singing is still not seen as deliberate work, but rather effusive labor.

At shows she hangs toward the lip of the stage, pushing lungfuls through her pipes, swaddled in reverb, fog, and purple light. The blogs might describe her as wistful or ethereal or pretty. She might be called a chanteuse, even a seductress. We listen to women the same way we look at them. Watch the audition episodes of shows like American Idol and the Voice. Their limits contribute to their charm. They have never experienced their voices as obstacles to creating masterpieces.

Of total Best New Album reviews, 93 percent have been written by men. Like the affective labor women provide for no extra compensation in service or caregiving roles, like mandatory barefaced cabs from behind an espresso bar or politely socializing with aggressive men as a waitress, singing is not seen as deliberate work, but effusive labor.

Male songwriters and producers shape the female voice into a consumable product, laboring to refine the raw materials that women supply. Weeks before the release of her second album Kala, M. One month later, Jessie Ware received the same honor for her debut Devotion. Tying the disparate sounds together are Okumu, who co-produced and played many instruments on nearly every track, and of course Ware herself, who co-wrote all but one song.

Her voice is a marvel throughout, often gaining power by holding back or briefly teasing its scope while staying faithful to melody over melisma. Meanwhile, in his review of Channel Orange, Dombal grants Ocean agency over his artistic work even though, like Ware, Ocean shares songwriting credits with other producers on every track.

When a woman apparently hangs in the air as she sings, never engineering but simply existing, critics evaluate her music on the basis of their ability to access her emotionally. The voice, at least, is honest. Um, can I get back to you on that? In the long tradition of atonal, weird, female vocals contemporary female pop artists sow confusion in the language men use to review them.

On the album from the Swedish electronic duo The Knife, Silent Shout, Karin Dreijer Andersson lacerates her vocals with a mesh desixnxx r net digital effects.

She shifts her pitch, dipping into a range that would normally be perceived as male, then spiking into unearthly squeals. She layers herself, multiplies herself, obscures herself, grapples with herself. By supplanting the pleasure of consuming the female voice with discomfort, Andersson complicates the role of the female singer.

The bubbling pop utopia on her breakthrough album Visions braids her vocals deep into the music. She keeps her lyrics indistinct, her voice shrouded and strained.

She hits breathy lows and broken highs, never in error, but in service of her complex songs.We want to say a huge thank you for all your nominations, celebrations and kind words about others, it's been so inspiring to read them all. Congratulations to everyone on the list, and everyone who received a nomination! With the challenges we've all faced this year it's important to take time to celebrate the things we've achieved and the people who inspired us.

December update: The programme is almost complete! Keep an eye on shesaidso. Women and gender minorities working in the music industry have until July 20th to apply for a chance to join the programme as a mentee. This Women's History Month we're super excited to officially launch our brand new channel with a curated mentoring series in partnership with TikTok. Listen back to the recording, now available on Soundcloud.

We teamed up with. We want to hear from YOU, our community. Hit us up at hello shesaid. Our events have moved online! Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest updates.

In we teamed up with YouTube Music to launch she. Click here to submit your music to our Spotify playlist! We are a global community of women and gender minorities in the music industry.

Updated monthly, sometimes bi-weekly :.Jun Posted by jukeboxheroine. I have taken some time off from it, and realized that I enjoy and perhaps am better at other avenues which promote the respect, equality, and exposure of female musicians. I will keep it up as a reference and archive for readers, but I do not plan on posting in the future. I also made a lot of great contacts and had the chance to listen to a lot of awesome music. But like so many things in my life, it is time to move on and focus on other things.

So, Sisters, keep doing it for yourselves! Posted in Quick Riffs - News. May 1. This is the question I have been asking myself lately. And well, heck I gotta do it. Starting today, May 1,Jukebox Heroines will be on a temporary hiatus.

This is not due to a lack of love that I have for all things women in music. In addition to that, I have very little energy, and have developed really bad eating habits cupcakes do not a breakfast and lunch make. Plus, volunteering and general life-doing things like laundry wow, laundry is sooo not rockstar, ugh, needless to say I lack enough hours in the day. So, I gotta prioritize. In hopes of learning the ins and outs of the music biz, I took on this internship, and hopefully, that paired with my new album will kick my musical ambitions into gear.

But in doing so, some things need to be put on the rock and roll back burner. Hence, the blog will be on a rockbatical. If anyone would like to volunteer to write and maintain the blog for the next few months, by all means let me know! If I decide to end the blog, I will also let you know. I just want you all to know that I have tremendously appreciated your submissions, kind words, and support of women in music. I have learned so much, heard so much, and gained so much from the amazing talent that has passed through this blog!

Please continue to support women in music, as I will in many and varied ways. Apr We lost another amazing female musician this week. She was the front-woman for the British punk rock band X-Ray Spex. Photo via bjacques. Jukebox Heroines is officially closed as a blog. The blog will remain up for archive purposes.

Thank you! Jukebox Heroines is where you will find the latest news about women in music, ranging from rock, pop, metal, punk, garage, indie, dance, to riot grrrl. Special features include album reviews, theme analysis and criticisms, new music videos, chic mix playlists and more! Blog at WordPress.

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Meet Brittany McKay aka B. Rose, a Las Vegas-based singer-songwriter known for mesmerizing crowds with her powerful voice, energy and stage presence. Enveloped by the amazing musicianship of her band consisting of young up-and-coming local artists, B.

Rose has been making waves in the Las Vegas music scene for many years now. Watch Video. Mandy learned to sketch faces in a college art class, and loved to draw her nieces and nephews.

She did not pursue painting until she moved to Las Vegas 7 years ago and became inspired by the scenery of the area and regional Southwest. At the urging of friends and family, she began selling my work in spring Six months later, she was a full time artist.

Learn more about Mandy's journey below and support this talented babe! Leather Couture is an avant-garde, luxury leather line of impeccably handcrafted accessories and handbags.

Indie Is Not A Genre – A Music Blog That Doesn’t Trust The Hype

Each work from Leather Couture is handcrafted and assembled in processes that can take anywhere from several hours to several days to produce. The designer, Jessica Galindo, hand-selects treasures she connects to and that reflect her aesthetic. Kristel Nazareno. With both a cosmetology and barber background, Kristel J. Nazareno specializes in services from fades to cutting long length and styling. Kristel has made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry, pushing against boundaries, and serving up signature hairstyles with a woman's touch.

The married duo, along with their talented staff, are custom clothiers and sample makers for businesses, clothing lines, and public figures. They have also created their own brands of clothing, Shop Originals and Goddess, both consisting of all hand-crafted and custom designed pieces.At the end of the day, genres and the kind of people who are usually associated with them are always shifting and expanding.

I like to believe that the more knowledgeable and aware people become of the importance of inclusion, the less division we will see in musical genres and subcultures. After all, music is the universal language. It is one of the first things we created together as a human race and for that reason, it is one of the most profound means of communicating.

Sandy: Absolutely. We want to be as intentional as possible about whose voices we are amplifying. Other times, a friend might recommend an artist that they just discovered online or that someone else told them about. Of course, I think The Wild Honey Pie has great taste but that in itself is biased so who's to say the right way to find the next promising artist. Those kinds of things are so tough to predict and so much of it really comes down to seizing opportunities and always being there, being ready for people to listen to your music and hear what you have to say.

Sandy: Ah, I love listening to other people talk about how they discover music—especially when the answer is so different from mine. Live music is my everything. There is just something so special to me about experiencing music in a room with other people. Nothing beats that for me. Also our whole team is as diverse in their music tastes and discovery methods as Andrea and I are but the one thing that we all share is that passion.

We have been blessed to find ourselves in the company of deeply brilliant music lovers. Andrea: There is no doubt that the act of sharing music is intimate—showing someone a song you love is revealing something personal about yourself.

Many of our most formative memories are often linked to a particular song, record, or musical artist. Welcome Campers feels like the act of sharing music with a friend or family member over and over again—that same feeling ties the whole weekend experience together. Without the intimate space of only people in a cozy summer camp, that feeling would simply not be attainable.

The vision for Welcome Campers is about maintaining that sense of intimacy and human connection that is often sacrificed when a festival or music event becomes too big. For that reason, the only way we see expanding the event is likely by producing more weekends and more locations. Growth for Welcome Campers will have to look different for us. This is definitely an exciting time for The Wild Honey Pie and we have some really awesome ideas of what expansion might look like for us in the future.

Wherever it takes us, we know it will be as intimate, unique, and thoughtful as the rest of our events are. Back to what Andrea was saying about memories and music—music really does define moments and so much of what makes this how to get free gems in wildcraft memorable is that every piece of Welcome Campers has its own soundtrack.

Not only the live performances but Andrea curated the playlists that will play for the rest of the weekend as well which will be equally as inspired as our lineup. From Welcome Campers to our dinner party concerts across the country, our experiences are meant to be intimate and unique and to give music fans the opportunity to connect with their favorite artists beyond traditional performance parameters.

We want you to have dinner alongside the artist who wrote the song you played on loop all winter. We want you to play dodgeball with the artist who wrote the song that helped you out of a bad breakup. We want to create spaces that allow for that genuine connection. Andrea: I would say rather than looking at other existing festivals for inspiration we turn to certain life experiences that we can all relate to on a human level i.

That being said, I think the feeling and dream behind some of the first festivals for popular music i. As a very new, up-and-coming act, my band Fake Dad is beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to play in such a uniquely special event with such warm and welcoming people in the most serene setting imaginable.Through the results of the study, we better understand the uphill journey creators face, and hear from them first-hand about their experiences and perceptions, from direct forms of discrimination through to the endemic issues of under-representation, unconscious bias and damage to confidence.

Some are self-managed, running their own labels and production companies. Others are signed to labels or establishing themselves as songwriters, navigating their way through a complex, male dominated industry. The challenges and barriers facing women in the music industry are becoming more recognised thanks to the work of a growing number of networks and industry groups. However, these challenges and barriers are still there, remaining poorly understood and unsolved.

Many female creators, when asked what they thought has changed in recent years, agreed that transparency and discourse have improved — but also hold the view that real, material change remains harder to pin down. To that end, the report sets out priorities for progress based on what women creators around the world say they need now and in the future, to make the music industry more welcoming to women, and so that women creators are better represented, recognised and rewarded for their talent, ability and achievements.

We partnered with MIDiA to figure out, when the barriers to entry are low, why then are os x unrar still so grossly underrepresented?

The study reveals the main reasons behind why female creators feel unsupported and identifies key areas of improvement. It arms us with the information we need to do better. Within the music industry, we collectively have a responsibility to change mindsets and behaviors in order to create a better environment for all women in our community.

Ultimately, mixed-gender work environments will benefit from the separate and diverse skills of different genders — this seems to be the key message from women creators. The findings of this study articulate a systemic inequity in the music industry today, requiring thoughtful consideration, commitment to change and courageous action. This survey was done in Februarywith a carefully designed survey distributed on the web, assisted by a variety of music industry associations networks and influencers working directly on issues faced by women creators.

For more details on the survey and the composition of its respondents, see the appendix. TuneCore, owned by Believe, is the global platform for independent musicians to build audiences and careers -- with technology and services across distribution, publishing administration and a range of promotional services. TuneCore Music Distribution services help artists, labels and managers sell their music through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, TikTok and more than download and streaming stores worldwide, while retaining percent of their sales revenue and rights for a low annual flat fee.

TuneCore Music Publishing Administration assists songwriters by administering their compositions through licensing, registration, worldwide royalty collections, and placement opportunities in film, TV, commercials, video games and more. The TuneCore Artist Services portal offers a suite of tools and services that enable artists to promote their craft, connect with fans, and get their music heard.

Believe is a world leading digital music company, helping artists and labels to build their audiences and careers, at all stages of their development, in all local markets around the world with respect, expertise, fairness and transparency. Blog Music. Share this article. Content Creators. Cultural Trends. Comment on this post Comment.

Company name. Job title. Comments Anne. It's great that the music industry is taking a closer look at barriers to entry and success for marginalized groups. That said, it's disappointing that this feminism is not intersectional. In the past year we witnessed what many hoped was an awakening of mainstream groups to the trauma and often insurmountable obstacles black and indigenous people in the United States face.

Girl Gang Music is a curated community and network of women and nonbinary humans within the music industry. We are songwriters, artists, producers. Independent Female Musicians, Women in the Music Industry, + more. Promoting and Supporting Women in Music. favourite tracks of the year and a sprinkling of festive tunes from female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ artists.

Reviews, interviews, candid analysis, and news of women in systemic pathology notes pdf indie music industry.

Loud Women. Blog | UK · The Rock Coven ; Lucy McCourt. Blog | Influencer | Playlist | UK · DIY ; Wild Honey Magazine. Magazine | Colorado · A Way.

I started this blog inmainly for myself, to keep up-to-date with the woman I found it so important to find inspirational female musicians as well. Enveloped by the amazing musicianship of her band consisting of young up-and-coming local artists, B. Rose has been making waves in the Las Vegas music. Posts about Blogs written by loudwomen. 43 Posts.

Blogs, LOUD WOMEN community, Music Herstory Campaign To Get A Woman Headliner at Download SheBOPS is the Top 20 music blog exclusively covering women in music.

Since our conception inSheBOPS has been awarded a TopTop 50 and Top THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can you speak a bit on your musical background? Has music always played role in your life? DAISY DRAPER: Music has always been a part.

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Shopping for eco-friendly kids toys has proven to be a challenge. That is why we have compiled a list of environmentally and socially responsible kids toys.

The blog covers everything between mainstream to experimental hip-hop. Angellyrics is a female indie-underground music artist. about female:pressure - network of women*, AFAB, transgender, transfeminine, transmasculine, "Why are there so few women in the electronic music scene?

Most of all, please continue to support all musicians in this time of need as well as women and girls everywhere- thank you to music for giving. Women in Pop is a print magazine focusing solely on female musicians. We profile their stories, their music, their craft as well as explore the herstory and. The festival is produced by The Wild Honey Pie, a music blog founded in by Eric Weiner which developed into a platform for music.

Getting Started As A Female Singer Song Writer · Read More. November 23, • Equality, diversity & inclusion, Festivals, Music industry, Musicians. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 7, other followers. Email Address. A blog series on women composers from the past and present · Timbre, Titles, and Inexplicit Influences: Blair Boyd on Composing Dim shapes grow clearer for alto.

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