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Ever since the release of Monster Hunter World i heard people complaining about the new themes of monsters like kushala or teostra. And with Iceborne, many Monsters with a remix of their theme are coming.

But i want to hear your guys opinions about that. Oh and please as hard as it sounds we only discuss the new themes compared to the old ones, so dont switch topics in the discussion. The themes should be new, just arguing for things to stay the same especially in such a radically different entry like MHW seems illogical to me. Still though I can definitely understand preferring older themes in some cases, I think MHW's soundtrack is hit and miss.

At least in Iceborne's case I personally really like all the new monster themes I've heard thus far. To make it a bit easier for everyone, here are the themes.

Only poor quality sound and missing music from now on. The other themes are mostly alright. Glav's new theme bits looking really good so far, same with Brachy. I'm excited about Garuga's new theme but that'll probably have to wait until a day after release, depending on how fast people rush the game.

Old themes are on another level than those lame newer ones I hope theres a mod that will replace em. Good thing that they didn't screw up Zinogre theme. The new remix for the dragon are just bad. Velk theme is also boring. AT Nergi is probably the best theme so far. I like the newer themes because they seem overall grander than the previous themes. As for Zinogre, I hope they play more to the guitar portion of it's song seeing as how that alone really makes Zinogre stand out among the other monsters.

The Thunder Wolf's gotta rock! I know this is a realllyyyy old post.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide and list for all layered armor sets! Some MHW armor sets have been announced as craftable in the recent You will need to gather materials from the Volcanic Region of the Guiding Lands to get it.

Most Layered Armor are unlocked by completing delivery quests from the Resource Center. In most cases, Layered Armor can be chosen per the five armor parts you have on your Hunter.


This allows a unique way of expressing your individuality in the game. Their faces also change to the appearance of the Layered Armor, so take note when using these sets. Unlike Full Armor Sets, Layered Armor uses the stats of the uses the stats of the original gear you had equipped!

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All Layered Armor List

By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Because those sites are all too lazy to write their own thing. They copy paste from forums so they have to do minimal effort and earn money from the clickbait. A note for PC players: many of the Guiding Lands armor sets are only available after a few updates, such as the upcoming Rajang update. Only female armor? Male and female ones look completely different. To start crafting these you need to farm in Guiding Lands, and it is only reachable after Iceborne story completion.

All Layered Armor Set List. Tweet Share. Dropped at Random. Better chances when using Astral Armor set. Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Missing Kirin, Vaal hazzak, nirgegante etc Read on.

Most Popular. Article Menu. Top Page Iceborne Latest News. Featured Titles. Staring MR - Tips. MR Break Guide.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Time and time again there have been retellings of many stories. This is one of them. This is a story about a man who decided to flee Fodlan entirely, leaving their past life to start anew, and winds up in another kingdom far from it, packed to the brim with monsters that remind him of certain parts of his past.

He also happened to stumble upon research of other worlds and their modern cultures, along with a collection of items from those worlds. Some just props, but some of them… real. In a world of humanoid, womanly monsters, a young handler works to observe the mating rituals of several species. In this edition, she has the chance to view a teostra and lunastra In this "book" I'll be covering almost every monster from throughout the Monster Hunter franchise, with a some exceptions for various reasons.

I'll be talking about their appearances, abilities, and parts of their known ecology and impact on the world, with details of my own thrown in, like the title suggests, this is Monster Hunter, but in my own way. I read once that MH lore implies hunters are superhuman, created to fight in the Great Dragon War which brought down the Ancient Civilisation.

So I had some feels about that, Dragonblight and the Elderseal mechanic After being transformed into a 'humon' by a wrathful goddess, a Rathalos by the name of Lio Laeus struggles to find a way back to his regular existence as a dumb dragon whilst also making friends with other humons in or around Kamura.

Will he ever become a normal flying wyvern again? Or is our hero doomed to the burden of other peoples' thoughts? Unless you like really kinky shit, find out! Basically the premise of this fic is that Izuku has the powers of the Blazing Black Dragon, Alatreon from Monster hunter, but he can only unlock the ability to control a certain element once he's exposed to a high enough quantity of it.

Also, the dragon element will be One for All. Legend tells of a wyvern made of actual gold can liquefied anything to solid gold with it's breath. And Lupin is determined to find this legendary elder dragon. Familiar faces will show and enemies that are also after the same prize. Will he succeed?

Or is this myth just a hoax? Everything has a heart of gold, you just need to find it. This story mainly revolves around the My Hero Academia Characters, so if you're intimidated by the amount of different Fandoms this story envolves, don't be.

They are mainly used in the MHA world and their universes and characteristics will be explained. Izuku is as much of an outsider to this world as you are. Welcome to the Guiding Lands, the place between mind and matter, dream and reality and the gate to countless Seene mein jalan ki dua. In this land in the middle of all which exists everyone lives one singular person, ww roping chute Meddler, forever destined to meddle in the business of every Dimenion in order to keep them from destroying themselves and eachother.

Although the Meddler thinks he as seen everything there is to see in existence, there is still one young quirkless child which manages to impress him. Impress him enough, that is, for him to be willing to give the child a place in his world.

That childs name? Izuku Midoriya, our protagonist, who is about to experience a reality far crazier than the world he has gotten to know. Together with an unexpected group of friends, this young boy will become not a Symbol of Peace to the World, but to the Whole Multiverse After the defeat of Shara Ishvalda everything seems bright for the New World's Research Commission, until their Sapphire Star goes missing under mysterious circumstances. With the top hunter missing, it seems as though a new investigation is about to begin.What is a Malfestio?

Malfestio is a nocturnal predator that uses its talons and wing claws to attack prey. Like Nargacuga, it sleeps in trees to avoid terrestrial predators. What is Lagiacrus weak to? Element Weakness es Fire. Thunder is a three-star weakness for Nergigante — this is the element you want to use if you can. All other weaknesses are simply the regular one-star rating. Fight a G rank Malfestio for Malfestio. Not sure but you might be needing it to post For Blos, clear all Deviant G rank, the first ones.

That is because it has a resistance to water, but also reduced damage that it would take to other elements compared to thunder.

Another Elder Dragon, introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Gogmazios stands at feet; this towering beast is not to be taken lightly. It prefers to use up close tactics and its sheer largeness to take out hunters. Those using long ranged tactics are also in danger. Lagiacrus was prototyped early in the development of Monster Hunter: World, but was cut from the final game due to animation issues.

Deviant of Diablos. Since Gammoth lives in the cold environment, it might appear in Frost Islands map. He is clearly shown to be more powerful than both in their turf wars, even though they are ties, even though Deviljho and Rajang look good in those turf wars. Nergigante is the strongest normal sized elder dragon. Teostra gets bullied by him in their turf war.

Fated to the alpha jessica hall chapter 11

Monster Hunter World can be played solo. Many people ask whether Monster Hunter World can be played solo. The answer is simple — yes, absolutely. Nergigante is a dragon with a bristly appearance. It has two massive horns similar to a bull.Being a Zinogre was sort of a hard thing in your life. Not like hunting or catching prey. But it was mainly what would be out there to try and kill you that was the problem. Examples being other predators of different spices.

Or other Zinogre when it's around mating season or there's less food. But the biggest threat was the hunters who hunted and killed creatures like Zinogre. You've survived a few times a hunter or group of hunters came after you. But the next one you'd met would be much worse. Right now, you were sleeping under a tree alone while the wind calmly blew on the nice clear day. But, while you were sleeping, another member of your race was being hunted by someone wearing armor.

The Zinogre growled and charged at her, only for its head to get smashed between her large hammer and the ground. She walks past the dead Zinogre to see if there was any other Zinogre around. She peaked over some rocks and saw you. She saw that you had more humanoid features than any regular Zinogre. And you were around her size. She didn't know why, but she blushed just by looking at you.

She then thought about what she said then looked around to make sure there wasn't any other hunter or Zinogre around. She said as she was just using it to lie to herself.

Despite that she already knew what she wanted to do. She moved over the rocks and carefully and quietly moved closer and closer to you while still asleep. She had her hammer ready. Not kill him. I mean Once she got close enough, she lifted her hammer and got ready to slam it down. But the tip of the hammer brushed the leaves of the tree and woke you up. You jumped out of the way just as she slammed the hammer down.

You growled at her and your body charged with electrical energy. No matter, new type of zinogre or not, I'll still take you down. You charged at her melanie krakower death your horns ready to peirce into her flesh. But she moved out of the way with your horns only make a slight scratch on her shoulder armor.

She hit you in the back with her hammer, but you were still standing as you opened your mouth and turned to her to fire a large pulse of lightning at her.

She blocked it with her shield made from zinogre skin. You charged up an attack but it left you vulnerable to any attack she has. She ran at you and hit you in the side with her hammer. You yelled in pain and tried to claw at her face. But she blocked with her shield and she hit you again. But this time it was over the head. You were still conscious but bearly standing from the damage she's given you.Quality kiss-cut, vinyl decal, Male Couple stickers.

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Paris Sticker By Vitta.Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free!

What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived Page 1 of 3 Next Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. WhiteGold 2 years ago 1. Kinda hard to miss the constant screenshots pasted everywhere online.

But I got curious and wondered what the male sets looked like because I never ever once saw it posted. It was baffling to me when I saw it. What IS this? The male set is grotesque. Fitting, I guess? Not sure how the female sets have any connection to anything Jho does ever.

Unless someone on the dev team thinks girl Jhos are sexy. Your name may be WhiteGold, but your heart is blacker than coal - Musa I was salty over this, too. LonelyGaruga 2 years ago 3. Looking around, it seems the general design image might be Super Sentai villains, which would explain the discrepancy in imagery. The female Alpha set also has a Japanese delinquent motif to it.

Blufield 2 years ago 4. Looks like something from WoW. KaizerBlack 2 years ago 5. I'm gonna go and take a wild guess that the female alpha set was based on JhoJho's Bizarre Adventure Someday, someone will best me. But it wont be today, and it wont be you.

SilverHawke27 2 years ago 6. You act like this is anything new?


WhiteGold Topic Creator 2 years ago 7. SilverHawke27 posted It's a self-proclaimed complain topic after all Male armor doesn't seem to always be terrifying at all. Dethuli 2 years ago 8. What's the problem, exactly? Did you want a gimp suit for males or something? Jho sav 17 years old male in a world full of female quirk users but he's different, I am the World Eater (Deviljho x MGE) by DraconianLover Read Male Zinogre Reader x Female Hunter Reader.

from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere (Y/N): my friend was killed and eaten by a deviljho last week. Feb 6, - Monsters can't seem to get enough of this one Hunter named Y/N and would love to get their claws, hands, paws, etc. on him. Aug 1, - Read Harem Part 1 from the story Their Protector (Female Monsters-Monster Hunter X Male Reader X RWBY) by kuejonathan (JonnyQ) with Warning soft vore read at your risk. It was a sunny day the clouds floated by lazily in the blue sky, the sun shined brightly in the sky.

Habitats: Almost anywhere. if it has food, it can have a Deviljho. Many a man and woman has fallen at the hands of these beast women. vampire x fem!reader x male! A female Deviljho finds herself in an entirely new world in the form of a human, yet still retained.

Do they mate like grasshoppers, where the female eats the males head? to stronger and more violent offsprings (both male and female. For Monster Hunter: World on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "[Complain] Savage Deviljho set Male and Female difference, the hell?

Nakarkos · Rajang (Monster Hunter) · Ibirujoo | Deviljho · Rioreusu | Rathalos · Teo Tesukatori | Teostra 【花嫁咩x苍蓝星】心爱的你 by AprilComedy. What is Deviljho weakness? Is Glavenus male or female?

Is Gammoth in MH rise? What is Tobi Kadachi weak to? Why is Deviljho not an Elder Dragon? Only female armor? Male and female ones look completely different. days ago | Report. Dude srsly 3. Missing Kirin, Vaal hazzak. Omega Pre-Serum Steve Rogers x Alpha Female Reader Considering bulk food store lindsay Guild apparently gave you guys a baby Deviljho for study I doubt there's enough.

If her stories can entertain a reader for a few hours, Susan feels that's a success Here's a sample of a 1st person story, with a male main protagonist. Deviljho - Monster Hunter World Deviljho Png Image With Transparent Background Cute Killua Hxh Killugon Freetoedit - Hunter X Hunter Killua X Reader Png. Wild Hunter Female Wild Hunter, Character Sheet, - Maplestory Wild Hunter Png Cute Killua Hxh Killugon Freetoedit - Hunter X Hunter Killua X Reader Png.

Recent readers: 0 First female centaur at least, who knows what a male centaur look's A Deviljho snaps it's jaw onto my armored arm. X's Worthy Opponent, Uses a Perfecter to Prolong His Life (Apollo Geist), albeit a male Gremlin that got turned into a woman as a result of a serum.

He might even show them around town and impress a few female hunters. He had lodged the blade in the alpha male's left eye and he could. I am a Graphic Designer who chose to learn the art of 3d.