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This cc 4 stroke engine is very smooth with broad power. Type your email below to get this guide on proper riding techniques sent right to your email inbox! The forks and shock are like any trail bike in the cc class — soft and comfortable for low speed riding. It also handles better on the trails over logs, rocks and terrain because the larger diameter wheels roll over obstacles more easily.

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These dirt bikes are very similar, but blowpipe missile case KLX has a slight advantage in power, as well as having electric start.

The DRZ weighs less, if you prefer a lightweight bike. The Yamaha may have a slight performance advantage in stock form, but an exhaust and jetting will make them really close. The TTR is more widely available in the used market. A used one, depending on your local market can be from Are you a short adult or looking for your teen to learn how to use the clutch? The DRZ and L are great transition and beginner bikes. Even a simple exhaust upgrade with some jet tuning will make a noticeable difference.

The fastest way to become a better and safer rider is to get some formal training. Click here to learn how. Tags: dirt bike reviews trail bike. I help riders learn to safely ride off-road with confidence so that you don't crash and get injured, even if you don't have a lot of time to practice. December 9, August 5, April 20, Skip to content Get Started.

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The aftermarket exhaust is designed to allow more airflow to pass by significantly less restricted than the stock muffler does. Also, generally the mid pipe and head pipes of most aftermarket systems are larger diameters than stock which allow for added airflow to pass through quicker. Running lean generally means that your motor is not getting enough fuel to balance out the added airflow and equates to your motor and exhaust system running at higher-than-normal temperatures.

When a motor is running lean, it is not getting the ample amount of fuel that it needs to function at its best. This leads to increased overall exhaust and motor temperatures and also decreased overall performance. It is never a good idea to run a motor or our exhaust at higher-than-normal temperatures since it can lead to failures down the road. Generally the tell-tale signs while riding are popping and backfiring, especially on deceleration.

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Hotter motor temperatures and a whitish firing end of your spark plug are also good indicators. When we refer to proper tuning, we are referring to adding enough fuel to compensate for the added airflow. The biggest increase of airflow will come from the less-restrictive aftermarket muffler s and not the head pipe s.

Given that, your motor will still run lean and requires proper tuning. This is an incorrect assumption.

Just because your stock exhaust system has an O2 sensor in it does not mean it is self tuning. The stock O2 sensor is an emissions compliant component that keeps the vehicle running at The O2 sensor makes the vehicle run lean during idle, low RPM and steady cruise. By eliminating the O2 sensor, we are able to richen up the low end with our TFI Power Box and then fine tune the fueling for acceleration and full throttle now that the performance mods exhaust have been added.

By eliminating the O2 sensor and correcting the fueling, the vehicle should run cooler, have improved low end torque and overall smoother drive-ability. You need to properly remap your fuel system in order to add fuel to compensate for the added airflow of the new exhaust. We sell fuel controllers known as TFI Power Boxes for many of the fuel injected models that we offer exhaust systems for. Our TFI Power Boxes come pre-set with a middle of the road setting already compensating for the aftermarket exhaust.

Our boxes are designed as plug-and-play units that plug directly in line with your stock injector harness. The plastic clips on the ends of our Power Box wiring harnesses make it easy to unplug your stock harness and plug our clips directly in line. The only other thing aside from routing the module to your desired location would be hooking up the ground wire; usually the best place being the battery.

We recommend taking it to a certified mechanic or someone that you feel comfortable with working on your vehicle. You need to re-jet your carburetor in order to add fuel to compensate for the added airflow of the new exhaust. Every model is different and will require different jetting specs according to various factors like altitude, the exhaust system that you have, air box modifications and the use of aftermarket air filters.

Since it is nearly impossible to have exact jetting specs for every model while taking into account the various different potential setups, we have made a great effort to have jetting specs for as many models as possible. Please call us to find out what specs we have determined for your particular model.

This way, we can work to give you the best recommendation for jetting on your vehicle. Big Gun exhaust systems are warranted against manufacturing defects for material and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase from Big Gun or from any authorized Big Gun dealer, distributor, or exporter. During the warranty period, the warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective products. The warranty shall be void if the exhaust has been mounted on a vehicle and run, or it is determined that any alleged defect is the result of misuse, neglect, abuse, or modification of the product.

There is no warranty for how the exhaust sounds i. There is no warranty on exhaust with regard to any form of discoloration or bluing which are caused by tuning characteristics i.

Proper tuning is a must! If you have a carbureted vehicle, proper jetting is required. For more information, check out the Tuning tab.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Made from. Our sleek muffler design also allows for maximum clearance to avoid your exhaust from hitting the rear brake caliper.

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Jetting Chart. Yamaha TTR Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Yes, all our parts will fit the and L. The only difference between these two bikes is wheel size, front disc, rear sprocket size 51 verses 57 for the L modeland spring rates. Everything else--frame, engine, seat, tank, body work, etc. It is probably a toss up, but the stock fork springs are so soft that the bike is almost unridable. We have fork and shock springs available now.

Second biggest problem is with the stock exhaust system. It is totally corked up and makes the bike really slow. Our exhaust system makes a huge performance difference. The third biggest change is the carb kit. The stock carb is simply too small.

What about the shock? The stock spring is pretty soft on the shock too. It isn't as far off as the fork springs but it is soft.Dirt Bikes. Reduces low and high speed wobbles. By Sean Klinger. Inlet cam timing has been revised, alongside both air intake and exhaust system for much stronger mid-range torque and power. The Re: Airbox mod - Wow! This gave me noticeably more torque in the low to mid RPMs, a smoother idle, and better throttle response — even without an ECU flash.

Any mod that increases flow will only exacerbate this lean-ness. You could easily turn this into a light adventure bike. Remove the airbox lid and the muffler end-cap both of which are immediately obvious and the restrictor in the inlet manifold. Both left and right airbox covers are precision-cut and hand-finished and easily install using the OEM hardware. Report item. Inexpensive, lightweight, and nimble, it is built for both on and off-road riding.

Available from Roodt - West Coast Parts. Model Overview. Re-jet the carb. Older engines drew air directly from the surroundings into each … Posts.

Ultrasonic carb bath. I had to open it wide, then collapse it as I fed it around hireright pending front of the airbox boot, then install the screw loosely.

Toll Free Fax Two airbox mods: Install foam air filter and prefilter; Cut corner off of airbox near battery to allow more clearance for the electrical cable harness. I checked the plug a few times after the change to make sure I wasn't too lean. Cover Option. Fun and nimble, the Metropolitan's performance is more about convenience and gas mileage that speed.

Since Boltzman's constant and the air box volume don't change, that leaves only the temperature and the pressure. A trouble condition on the external power supply will never interfere with the rest of the system.

Will fit from it will also fit aftermarket slip on systems. I've got a few questions about the mod though: 1st: will there be any problem with dirt getting in this open hole where the snorkel used to be? R 1, The owner has replaced the airbox with a set of pod filters. As stock, the CRFL is mapped very lean. Handguards, Headlights, bar pads, tank caps, chain sliders, fork gaiters and much more!

Air-box mod. Suspension Front. Seat height is mm, 20mm taller than the CRFL for a better view of your surroundings. The dealer who sold me my Aprilia Tuono R is a bit of a racing junkie and has recommended the following mod. A cheap and noticeable upgrade over stock. The bike still benefits from Honda's two year warranty, two years roadside assistance and of course our The DR-ZS is the latest version of the motorcycle that's the foundation of the modern DualSport movement.

From air intakes and suspension systems to racing seats and performance chips — we have it all Shop our flash deals and save big on great accessories. Why accept that from your bike? Hi, I race a DRZ in the mini bike races and have found that people are pulling away from me on the straight DRZ Stock exhaust mod. cvnn.eu › watch. Suzuki DR-Z exhaust? Just got a Suzuki DRZ and was wondering if It would hurt the performance if I took the baffle out of the.

cvnn.eu › suzuki-drzparts. Shop thousands of Suzuki DRZ Parts at guaranteed lowest prices. cvnn.eu is your destination for DRZ OEM parts, aftermarket accessories. Find OEM and aftermarket Suzuki performance mods at low prices with free shipping ver $ Suzuki DRZ Mod Upgrade Parts to Increase Performance. Get the best deals on Exhaust Systems for Suzuki DRZ when you shop the largest online selection at cvnn.eu Free shipping on many items | Browse your.

I really would like to know what I could do to make my drz faster. will give you more power along with an exhaust rev box and filter. Kit Includes: Main Jets, Pilot Jet, Needle Adjusters, Nylon Spacers, Drill Bits, Intake Air Box Modification, Exhaust Header Modification, Muffler Modification.

Suzuki DRZ Performance Carburetor Jet Kit Custom Designed to your Exact DRZ Exhaust Modification; DRZ Tuning Tech; DRZ Bike Specs. With minor modifications (fork springs, shock spring, exhaust) the DR-Z/KLX is probably better than an equivalently modified TT-R When both are.

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I am looking to get a little more power out of my DRZ but don't want to put a full exhaust on it. Where I live (stunt). This part fits the following ; Motorcycle, Kawasaki, KLXL,; Motorcycle, Suzuki, DRZ, Suzuki; DRZ The key to getting your built DRZ/KLX motor to make big power. Intake is 32mm (stock 30mm); Exhaust is 28mm (stock 26mm). Pro Circuit T-4 Exhaust System Kawasaki KLX/L / Suzuki DR-Z Fits your Suzuki DR-ZL Twin Air Air Filter Suzuki DRZ / L BBR SUZUKI / KAWASAKI KLX / DRZ BBR BBR ALUMINUM FRAME CRADLE BBR PERFORMANCE EXHAUST SYSTEM BBR FORK SPRINGS BBR SHOCK SPRING Kitaco Takegawa.

Suzuki - DRZL Good Mods - I know its a dirt bike. but any mods are welcome has one. k&n makes a filter that fits my ttr so it should fit a drz Suzuki DR-ZL Motorcycle Reviews on Cycle Insider (24) After a KX carb, Pro-Tec exhaust and air box mods, this bike had enough power to get into. I also own a drz and have swapped front sprockets between bikes. I asked him about mods and this is what he said (the engines he.

FMF PowerCore 4 Slip-On Exhaust Suzuki DR-Z / Kawasaki KLX Out of Stock Twin Air Air Filter Suzuki DRZ / L