Does seeing private parts break wudu

Question ID: Country: India. Answer ID: Posted on: Sep 1, However, it is better if you make wudhu. However, wudhu is not a condition if you recite the Holy Quran by heart. Hence there is no harm in reading the Holy Quran by heart without wudhu. Related Questions. If I am doubtful about that my wet or dry hand touches to lizard's stool white part of lizard's stool during the fardh namaz with jamat.

Will my hand become najis or not? I live in London and travel quite frequently, sometimes two to three times a month. Someone told me that if you are travelling and you do wazu and put on socks it kind of locks up the wazu on your feet.

Is this true. And if it is, are there some special socks or any type of socks will be ok. Would really appreciate your response on this. Jazak Allah views Q. It is gud to sleep in wuzu. Is tayamum an alternate for gussul under any circumstances like chilling cold n no warm water or sickness like fever etc. When use of water may b threatful. If not what shal a person do? Further if at fajar time gusl is wajib on a person and there is threat of receding the time for farz.

What shal he do? I am facing a problem with my taharah, often I hesitate to pass urine because of this. After passing urine, I try my best to see to it that the last drop of urine is out, then wash with water, after this I walk for a short while on the place where I stand, again wash with water and come out. After coming out I find some small drops of urine passing out, if I wash it with water, there will be a pressure to pass urine again.

Because of this reasons my Prayers Namaz have been missing. But then for all these good things taharah is becoming a hurdle. I feel I donot know the way to achieve taharah, rather than feeling it is a problem related to my physical health.

I strongly feel this problem is due to lack of knowledge in achieving taharah after passing urine. I would humbly request you to guide me to get rid of this problem and pray to ALLAH that my problem of taharah is solved. I am really sorry for having written my such big problematic description. I woke up in the morning and offered fajar prayer in the mosque after doing ablution.

Later I came to know that I had a nightfall. I want to know hindu lund yumstories I have to repeat the prayer and is any sin in offering prayer witout gusul while not being aware of it.

I was doing smoking.Intimacy remains a sensitive topic in Islam. From relationships outside marriage to how husband and wife should behave when they have married. The answer to the question is not exist in Islam, so we have to be careful to find the right judgement.

We can look up at the hadith and other Sunnah. We are here trying to give you some clarity about the answer. Indeed, Islam never forbid any sexual intercourse between man and woman. However there is one absolute condition any Muslim should fulfill: both of them must be legally married. Thus, sexual intercourse will become abundant blessing instead. Abu Dhar Al Ghafari reported: he Messenger of Allah saws said: there is a reward for you [even] in sex with your wife.

Likewise, if he satisfies it lawfully, he is rewarded. Even if sexual intercourse is allowed for marriage couple, there are some prohibition that must be noted. Such as a husband should not ask for sex when the wife is in her period of menstruation. If he ever ask for sexual intercourse, it will become a huge sin for the husband. The second prohibition is not to have sex from behind. It also a severe sin to ever cross the rule. Lastly, many Islamic scholars have voiced their disagreement towards oral sex.

Even though there are no explicit prohibition mentioned in the Quran, it becomes debatable since the act is considered disgraceful. Again, this matter is not explicitly explained in the Holy Quran. There are 3 hadiths mentioning about it. Narrated by Hisham bin Urwa on the authority of his father that Aisha said, "I and Allah's Messenger saws used to take a bath from a single water container, from which we took water simultaneously.

During the menses, he used to order me to put on an Izar dress worn below the waist and he saws used to fondle me.Follow Our Social Accounts. Is kissing and foreplay allowed with wife during fasting. What is the ruling on fast if madhiyy is produced during fasting.

Is having a bath necessary after madhiyy. Also same question regarding ruling on fast and requirement of bath after emisssion of maniyy. May you be rewarded. Wa alaykumussalam, Kissing, touching and embracing a woman whilst in the state of fasting is makruh disliked and prohibited mamnu' when the individual fears that due to being aroused from such he may either ejaculate or become impatient and indulge in sexual intercourse because of it.


Also, in the state of fasting, al-mubasharat al-fahishah is unconditionally makruh, even if there is no fear of ejaculating or becoming indulged in intercourse.

The emission of maniyy semen will break the fast and will also necessitate ghusl if it is due to being aroused from kissing a woman or touching her or al-mubasharat al-fahishah [Radd al-Muhtar; al-Fatawa al-Ridawiyyah]. If, however, the man does not touch the woman but due to arousal ejaculates by merely gazing at the woman's naked body, then the fast will not break. Although ghusl will still be necessary upon him. The emission of madhiyy whilst fasting, whether with or without lust, will not break the fast or ghusl.

However, it will break one's wudu. As it is impure, it should be washed off the body and clothing before praying salah. Kissing and foreplay while fasting Published on Saturday, 10 December in Fasting - Read times. Question Assalamualykum. Answer Wa alaykumussalam, Kissing, touching and embracing a woman whilst in the state of fasting is makruh disliked and prohibited mamnu' when the individual fears that due to being aroused from such he may either ejaculate or become impatient and indulge in sexual intercourse because of it.

Read times. Published in Fasting. Tagged under marriage. Related items Ruling on Talaaq given in writing and during menstrual cycle When and how can a wife demand divorce from her husband? More in this category: « Refutation of permitting smoking and inhaling Ventolin while fasting.Wudu and ghusl both are ritual ablutions; the former is a minor ablution while the latter is a major ablution.

The act of wudu consists of washing the face and the fore-arms, and wiping the head and the feet. One of such circumstances is the daily ritual prayers; and therefore it is important for every Muslim to know the method of wudu and its rules. When you stand up for ritual prayer salawash your face and your hands up to the laffing devils mc, and wipe a part of your head and your feet up to ankles.

The manner of performing wudu as explained below is based on the Qur'an and the authentic sunnah of the holy Prophet as narrated by his Ahlu 'l-bayt and his most reliable companions. The relevant verse of the Qur'an and the ahadith will be discussed in section J.

After doing the niyyat [Intention], pour water over the face from the top. It is not obligatory to wash the parts which do not come within the middle-finger and the thumb; however, there is no harm in including those parts to ensure that all the necessary parts have been washed. It is not obligatory to wash the inside of the eyes, the lips, the mouth, the nose, and the eyelids. If one has beard or mustache, it is enough to wash the hair which are apparent; it is not necessary to make the water reach the inside of the hair or to the skin.

However, if the hair are so sparse that they do not hide the skin, then one should make the water reach the skin. Bald person or those with receding hair-line should wash their face as if the hair were growing normally.

Pour water over the right fore-arm from the elbow to the finger-tips; and using the left hand, wipe the water over the arm to ensure that all the necessary parts are washed. Then do the same with the left fore-arm. The washing must be done from the elbows to the finger-tips and not vice versa. The water should be poured from a little above the elbow to ensure that the whole fore-arm is covered. It is necessary to wash the fore-arms in such a way that the water penetrates the hair, if any, and reaches the skin.

Wiping of the head means to wipe a wet finger of the right hand from the crown of the head to the hair-line. Wiping of the head can be performed on any part of the quarter of the head which is over the fore-head. The act of wiping can be done with one finger only, but it is recommended to use three fingers together. The water must reach the root of the hair. However, if the hair are so short that they cannot be combed then it is enough to wipe the hair.

While wiping the head, your hand should not touch your fore-head; otherwise, the water of the fore-head will mix with the wetness of your hand, and this will render the act of wiping the right foot invalid. Because the act of wiping must be done with the wetness of the hands only. Again using the wetness of the hands, wipe the right foot with the right hand, and then the left foot with the left hand. In wiping the feet, place the palm or the fingers of the hand on the finger-tips of the foot and then wipe to the base of the ankle.

One can even wipe from the base of the ankle to the finger-tips. In wiping the feet, your palms should wipe your feet; it is not enough to move your feet against your palms.


The face and the fore-arms: Enough care should be taken so that all the necessary parts are washed; the wudu will become invalid if any part even though it be equal to a pin-point is left out. The wiping of the head and the feet: As mentioned earlier, the wiping must be done with the wetness of the palms, i. Likewise, the wiping will become invalid if the wetness text chat operator the palms is mixed with the water from other organs of wudu.

What if the palms become dry before one can wipe the head or the feet? In such a case, the palms can be made wet by the water from beard, mustache, eye-brows or the other organs of wudu. What if the weather is so hot that one's face and hands become dry immediately? In such a case, one should do tayammum instead of wudu. If it is not possible to wipe the head or feet with the palms due to injury, etc. However, slight wetness or dampness can do no harm to your wudu unless it is so much that the wetness of palms, while wiping the head or feet, is immediately mixed with it.

What you read above was concerning the obligatory wajib acts of wudu. Now we shall describe the acts which are recommendable mustahab, sunnat during the wudu.Q: Is it permissible for medical students to dissect cadavers?

Does this necessitate performing Wudu' ablution or Ghusl full ritual bath? The Council of Senior Scholars issued decree no. Regarding the ruling on autopsy. It reads as follows: All praise be to Allah Alone, and peace and blessings be upon Last of the Prophets, Muhammad, and upon his family and Companions. Second: Autopsy to check for epidemic diseases so that the necessary precautions are taken to protect people from them.

Third: Autopsy for educational purposes. After a review of opinions, discussion and studying the research presented by the Committee referred to above, the Council decided the following: With regard to the first and second categories, the Council deems them permissible in order to achieve and maximize many interests in the fields of security, justice, and protecting the community from epidemic diseases.

The evil of violating the sanctity of a dead body is insignificant compared to the great public interest secured by this procedure. Hence, the Council agreed by consensus on the permissibility of dissecting a corpse for achieving these two purposes, whether the corpse belongs to a person who is inviolable i. Not subject to capital punishment or not. Dissecting animals does not dispense with the need to dissect human beings, which fulfills numerous advantages as shown by scientific development in different fields of medicine.

Therefore, the Council deems it generally permissible to dissect the corpse of human beings. Part No. Since dissection involves humiliation of the dignity of the dead while the need for this is inexistent due to the availability of corpses of persons subject to capital punishment, the Council views that dissection should be restricted to the corpses of such people and the corpses of inviolable people avoided, in view of what is mentioned. Second: Autopsy does not necessitate Wudu' or Ghusl.

May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions. Doubting that he has undergone ritual impurity. Trimming the nails does not invalidate Wudu'. Dissection does not necessitate Wudu' or Ghusl. What is meant by 'touching' in Surah Al-Nisa'. Emission of white fluid. Chapter on nullifications of Wudu'. Touching or scratching the genitals. Certainty is not removed by doubt. The ruling on performing Wudu' after eating camel fat, entrails and intestines.For both men and women, the ablution would be invalidated by touching the anus itself.

This answer was indexed from Qibla. The website is no longer in existence. It has now been transformed into a learning portal with paid Islamic course offering under the brand of Kiflayn. Does touching the private parts break wudhu At the time of wearing clothes or during drying the body with a towel after bath, my hands get touched with the private parts unintentionally. So in this case, does my ablution break? The act of masturbation is defined as rubbing ones private parts to reach climax and this is not allowed in Islam.

Seek seventy excuses for your brother. Touching Private Parts and losing Wudu. Answered according to Shafi'i Fiqh by Qibla. Original Source Link. Find more answers indexed from: Qibla. Read more answers with similar topics: chest child desire hands private parts Wudu.

Meaning: Seeing men/women ‘private parts’ in a dream

More Answers… Post-Ghusl Exiting of Ejaculate maniyy Shaking Hands with Women Praying on Bird Droppings Combining make-up fasts with the sunna fasts of Shawwal Is it permissible for a woman to visit the grave of her father or a pious person if she observes proper Islamic decorum? Do I need to do Parda from her? Playing survival video games which require you to kill animals and eat them.For any people who fast during Ramadan, doubts arise regarding certain situations and activities that could potentially nullify their fast.

Dr Ali Ahmad Mashael, a Grand Mufti at the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, explains what needs to be avoided during the fasting hours and clarifies some common myths that circulate due to lack of knowledge.

Dr Mashael discusses other situations that many Muslims may face on a daily basis and clarifies whether or not they break the fast, are discouraged, or are debatable. Muslims fasting must avoid aggressive swimming strokes or showering or else their fast cannot be counted and they need to make it up after Ramadan. Their fast is still valid. However, said Dr Mashael, out of the four schools of thought, Al Maliki requires the Muslim to make up the fast after Ramadan.

Brushing your teeth using toothpaste and a brush is discouraged because the paste can reach the throat. The Hanabli school of thought believes it does. Nose sprays can also break the fast if they reach the abdomen, so people should take precautions. As for eye drops, scholars differ on this, so I recommend people avoid it unless they urgently need to take it during fasting hours.

He said that some scholars may disagree about the nose spray just as some disagree that a sorbitrate, a pill placed under the tongue for patients suffering from heart problems, can break the fast. Taking too much can make the person hungry and may lead to breaking a fast. Mashael explained that there are two types of illnesses that determine whether a person should fast or not.

Fasting in this case can deteriorate their health and delay their recovery, this is why it is acceptable to not fast. However, a person suffering from a headache or any other illness that is tolerable can delay consuming their medication until Isha, Maghrib, or suhour. If the pain becomes intolerable, they do not have to fast. The elderly and permanently ill people who require continuous medication are excused from fasting.

Fasting is not only about refraining from eating and drinking. Commenting on the same situation was Khaleeq Ahmad Mufti, an Islamic scholar who explained why it is wrong to engage in such behaviours. It goes against the basic ethics and morals of fasting. Fasting is about disciplinary behaviour, not only about avoiding food.

Dr Mashael and Mufti both warned against engaging in any sexual behaviour during the fasting hours and to be cautious because a hug or a kiss could trigger such behaviour.

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Does seeing a man/woman with swimsuit break the fast?

Residents at the corniche beach in Abu Dhabi. As for chewing gum or smoking, Dr Mashael said they definitely break the fast.

Intimacy between married couples Dr Mashael and Mufti both warned against engaging in any sexual behaviour during the fasting hours and to be cautious because a hug or a kiss could trigger such behaviour. More From UAE. Domestic workers treated to a fun day by Ajman Police. Point of view: Sunday special in the UAE. Massive pro skatepark to open in Sharjah. Abu Dhabi's minute fireworks set three world records.

Watch: Bounced cheques in UAE - law changes from today. Sharjah announces temporary road closure due to rain. Indian expat wins Dh1m in first Big Ticket draw of Road reopened in Sharjah after closure on Saturday. The one who says that it does break wudu' bases it on the hadith which says, "If. Just looking to the 'Awrah (the parts of the body which must be covered: A man must cover from the navel to the knee and a woman must cover her.

Praise be to Allah. Touching the private part without a barrier invalidates wudoo' according to many scholars among the Sahaabah and those who came after. Looking at the private parts does not break the Wudhzu. This answer needs more meat, please elaborate a good answer (see How to Answer). – Sassir. Jul 14 ' › /11/28 › does-wudu-break-if-we-see-our-p.

Does wudu break if we see our private parts/areas or if we see our spouse's private parts/areas? ANSWER: No. (1) Wudhu does not break merely by seeing the children naked or washing their private parts. However, it is better if you make wudhu. For both men and women, the ablution would be invalidated by touching the anus itself. Therefore, touching a woman's chest would not invalidate one's ablution. So, as it is basic hygiene to wash one's hands after touching the private parts, making wudhu is no big deal.

And yes, touching your genitalia with your bare. While some scholars see that a Muslim who touches his private parts should are of the opinion that touching the sexual organ does not nullify ablution. What if one drys the inner part of his/her private parts after ghusl?

What are the things that do not invalidate and break wudu?

of drying one's private parts, one would only break their wudhu if. Regarding the breaking of wudu by touching ones private parts, ibn Umar on a journey and after the sun had risen I saw him do wudu and then pray.

3 – Touching the private parts. It does not matter whether they are the private parts of women or men. Only touching them does not invalidate wudu. * According.

Dear brother, looking at ones private part doesn't break ones ablution, the things that does invalidate ones ablution are: Any release from one's private. Although long known as 'the wudui' verse', Q. 5: 6, as we see, does not use the wudu' expressed in a parallel body of reports showing Muhammad laying.

However, looking at someone's private parts or showing yours to someone else are not one of the things that break the fast. does seeing. Quick Answer: Does Seeing Private Parts Break Wudu? · Does showering break your wudu? · Can you do Wudu instead of Ghusl? · Can we cry in namaz? · What do you say. Likewise, there is no difference between looking at their hands and face and other areas of their body which they usually do not cover.

Ruling A woman. Therefore, it is compulsory to lower gazes and not look at 'awrah. If a person accidentally looks another 'awrah, he should avert his glance. 9 major things to do at the beginning of EVERY MONTH Use of such medicines in the private parts is allowed. There is no text that states.