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Every car has different output depending on mileage, engine conditions, wheel size etc. As you certainly noticed, your holden rodeo become significantly slower when your Air Conditioning is on this because an AirCon system needs power to run and that power is provided by the engine.

Many holden drivers feel frustrated while driving with their AirCon on when a simple overtake can easily become a nightmare and a full throttle is a natural reaction when they feel their holden is not capable to perform as they expected. This because a diesel engine is meant to deliver a strong " pull " and tow force at middle ranges RPM even on a full throttle the car is not capable to complete an overtake if driving on a gently sloping road with a medium load onboard.


This will incur in unsafe driving conditions and much more fuel consumption. If its true that more Torque gives more " pull " and tow force, its true that less throttle is needed to move your vehicle, so we burn less fuel overall. We estimate an average of litres of fuel saved every A close estimate features an average of kg of Co2 reduction in the atmosphere every A modern holden is a result of a very complex technology and when it comes to modify the ECU Engine Control Unit a little error could easily lead to serious engine damages.

You might agree with us. We have a truly passion for cars. Our workshop is equipped with latest technologies for Electrical and Mechanical services, we source our tools worldwide and we are constantly training our technicians. HiTech is a major repairer for most of Insurance companies in Australia for any car brand or car model. When it comes to tuning a modern vehicle it is very important to have an overall experience with cars, it is very important to be able to diagnose and fix any potential problem besides tuning skills and tuning equipment.

Thank you guys. Got my amarok tuned by the guys and it runs so much better than before. Improved throttle responsea lot more torquemore bhp and better fuel economy. Definitely recommend. Thanks Gary for an awesome tune. Turbo lag gone and acceleration is insanely quick. Remember this post when you see an SQ5 leaving you for dead at the lights…these guys can hook you up with a fantastic turbo diesel tune — highly recommend!

Gary was Fantastic everything he said was true the extra power from the remapping of the computer was worth the money spent also was given a courtesy car as mine needed to get the clutch done would highly recommend them.

Had my colorado 7 tuned here a few weeks ago. I highly recommend Gary from DTA when it comes to diesel tuning well any sort of tuning actually due to his experience, honesty and expertise. He has all the latest equipment for dyno tuning and has made my amarok much more enjoyable to drive.

My ute was in there for a major electrical issue which Gary and his team also fixed in great time with expertise and honesty. I asked Gary if he could do a deal with me after the major electrical repairs done on my truck were complete d and got him to fit me in last minute before Christmas for a tune at a great price.

I tow a 3 tonne tipper trailer regularly for work with my Amarok and had found the Amarok to labour with the trailer hooked up pre tune. After the tune I gained a fait bit of extra torque and horsepower which has made the Amarok a great tow vehicle. Also having 1 tonne of material in the back of the tub the other day made barely a difference in the performance and it pulls so much harder and the boost comes on much earlier making the acceleration much more punchy.

Very pleased with Gary and his team and highly recommend him for any sort of tuning let alone diesel tuning. Also check out Hitech Automotive for his great c channel load calculator servicing!

Very professional service my ecu remap is working great totally different vehicle turbo lag almost totally gone much more responsive highly recommended. Great staff. The ecu recalibration on my coloardo the car runs so much better heaps more power and better on fuel percent recommend. This shop will help you with your car power and efficiency. Gives you a decent price on your car remap. My Hilux got 27hp and looks like use less fuel to run.

DTA operations are carried exclusively in our state-of-the-art Dyno room where our tuning team is constantly testing and tuning cars.Offering increased drive-ability of your vehicle for a number of uses. Easily install the Diesel Power System in less than 30 minutes.

Easy to remove or bypass for vehicle servicing. A bypass plug is included with every module to remove the module without removing the module harness if desired. There is no need for complicated laptop tuningyou can adjust the fueling using the dial on the front of the module to modify for additional mek substitute enhancements such as larger exhaust systems, to get more power or to tune more for economy depending on your application.

Every diesel engine optimisation module is made to demanding German quality standards using German manufactured military grade electronic hardware. Customers experience an increase in power Torque and Kilowatts while decreasing fuel consumption when driven accordingly.

Power figures at motor are to be used as a guide only. Whilst care has been taken to provide an accurate figure, results may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Please note - for all wire-in modules, the use of HID spotlights and headlights will damage the diesel power module - refer to warranty page. Backed by an Australian Distributor. You've made the right choice - with Diesel Power.

Log in or Create account. Cart 0. Menu Cart 0. Installed in less than 30 min. TUV testing of a tuning module includes: Verifying the use of quality materials in the manufacture of an automotive product. Emissions standards are similar to the original manufacturers standards. No danger in the fit or use of the product.

Verifying that stated power and economy figures are accurate and are not misleading. In the case of a tuning module, TUV approval means the product complies with European legal exhaust-emissions standards. More from this collection.Improved Power and Torque means better acceleration, throttle response and a more enjoyable drive. The TDC Chip increases torque available and efficiency at the given engine speed.

This means that a higher gear can be selected, and less gear changing is necessary. It is equipped with plugs compatible with those on your vehicle. There is an adjustment screw on the side of the box which has been factory preset to provide moderate power improvement. Product is made in Germany. Price includes GST, tax invoice supplied. Gareth Hamill through trademe — September 13, So I was a little sceptical that a little black box could deliver such gains. But the real benefit is in the way it drives.

Fuel saving will be c. BTW great trader prompt delivery. Gordon — December 1, John — December 1, Stephen — December 1, Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Available for all Colorado and Rodeo Models from Maximum gains for the 3. Enjoy the drive! How it Works.

Additional information

John — December 1, works a charm, thanks. Stephen — December 1, Top Trader with a top product ,took 30 sec to fit and a noticeable difference. Add a review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Would like to leave a review? Follow the link and let us know what you think. Tried to install myself over the weekend and didnt read the instructions properly, went in to see the team and they installed for me for free aswell as test drove with me and taught me all about it.

Highly satisfied and recommend. Went to the shop and they installed it on the spot free of charge. Made a massive difference and the customer service was great. Really would recommend this product. The Musso was pretty zippy stock standard, however I wanted some extra torque for towing our 2. I actually hadn't towed the van before the chip, however it towed it easily.

I had the chip on position 5, which seemed to be just right. The Musso was slightly better at Normal malabar brodeur without towing, I noticed an improvement of approx 1 litre er km with the chip. I am very pleased with the results, and have found the guys at Diesel Chip Tuning to be very easy to deal with and extremely helpful.

I would certainly recommend the product. Car was a slug. Absolutely useless at moving anywhere, even patiently. This box just turned it into a new car. Medium setting was like WOW. High setting has me grinning ear to ear. Stoked AF. Was originally very skeptical but took the plunge in the end. Worth every penny Wish i hadnt procrastinated and got it earlier. I brought my TDI tuning chip about 8 months ago, at first I was a little skeptical but since then I have measure performance on my Toyota Fortuner 2.

Fuel consumption is marginally better about 1. I run the chip on setting 3 although top end speed hasn't increased certainly the pulling power has improved and this was the reason I brought it in the first place, I coupled the chip to an I Drive throttle sensor which I run on U2, along with the extra engine torque the throttle sensor delivers it all little quicker, if I require an extra snap I can still use the Toyota power button on the consul, all in all happy customer.

Hooolly crap, WOW!!! The difference is insane, wasn't expecting that much! I have power on tap now and a big smile on my face. Have had the chip in for over six months now WOW what can I say I use to need a airstrip to overtake someone now I can go around three cars at once no joke this thing is amazing I use to struggle to up hills to the point it would nearly be easier to put in 4X4 to get up now I can hold km up most hills it exceeded my expectations considering I thought it was a lot of money if it doesn't do much I was wrong best money I ever spent cant recommend enough.

I made a booking a week ago to have the unit fitted by Dan and James and this was fitted the following day at their work shop. This vehicle has a common rail sensor in a fairly inaccessible position which necessitated removing the left front wheel and working through the inner wheel arch.

Dan managed this despite a still hot engine and working on his back,he persisted and with his never say die attitude succeeded after 15 or so minutes.Return to Engines and Exhaust.

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Skip to content. Ra rodeo 4jh1-t chip Getting the best performance from your Isuzu, the in's and out's.

Ra rodeo 4jh1-t chip by isuzurob » Mon Oct 17, am I have a 04 spacecab rodeo have tried 2 different chips with not much improvement to fuel use or power, would like to know what chips and results people have had, also maybe where you got it from and price, truck is just under 4 tonne. Re: Ra rodeo 4jh1-t chip by solace » Wed Mar 01, am I would be interested to know what chips you have tried? I have used ecu chips in Auckland and superchips nz both gave very good results. Re: Ra rodeo 4jh1-t chip by isuzurob » Mon Jun 05, am Have tried dp adjustable chip and think the other 1 was a tdc chip, truck struggles to do over km and has no torque.

He had fitted a chip but was not seeing a huge improvement. It had a broken bolt in the exhaust manifold for the EGR so drilled that out and put two studs in instead and placed a blanking plate at the EGR as well. Found the viscous fan hub was faulty so removed it until the new one comes in this was causing a huge lag on the engine. He said it showed a much better response on the trip home. Quite often just fitting a chip is not going to make that much of a difference due to other things requiring attention first.

Re: Ra rodeo 4jh1-t chip by isuzurob » Sun Oct 01, am im a mechanic haven't just fitted chip, have removed cat, fitted big exhaust, removed egr, tried 3 different airflow meters, swapped injectors, has had good service history, it doesn't smoke at all needs more fuel, have another ra rodeo 2wd with a modified vp44 pump and no chip and it hauls.

Re: Ra rodeo 4jh1-t chip by westerntrucker » Fri May 03, am Hi there Im new on here so far on my 05 RA rodeo I have fitted full 3 inch exhaust EGR blocked off service up to date and its going well, I am however looking to boost low rpm power or just across the whole rpm range as mine is sluggish off idle quite notably so.

Im open to any other mods being suggested I feel as though something is holding these engines back as Ive just come out of a 1kzte Prado and that had better low rpm power Im fairly certain there is potential lurking in this engine. Re: Ra rodeo 4jh1-t chip by isuzurob » Mon Mar 09, am Sorry for late reply, the issue is he injector pumps dont deliver enough fuel, the truck that was low on power I just fitted a new injector pump with different programming in the top of the ecu making it hp use to be able to get hp but that programme was deleted, truck goes much better but still lacks fuel, I have a 4jh1 with a 12mm manual pump on it and it goes amazing better than 3.

Board index All times are UTC. Advertisements by Advertisement Management.By manufacturing less engines and being able to control the output with software, the production costs are much lower.

By altering the software parameters in your ECU, Diesel Tune NZ are able to safely unlock the potential Torque and HP that already exist within the vehicle, making your passenger vehicles much more pleasurable to drive and your heavy machinery more productive and fuel efficient. Whether it be fuel efficiency and increased towing capacity for your truck, or more power and torque for your farm vehicles, Diesel Tune NZ are able to offer a customised solution for your petrol and diesel engine requirements.

However, the process of recirculating a percentage of exhaust gas directly back into the engines intake system often clogs up the vehicles intake and lowers the efficiency of the engine. We can take preventative measures and also provide solutions to systems that have already failed and are in limp mode. DPF diesel particulate filter is an exhaust based filter used to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

As with any filter, a DPF needs to be maintained in order to function properly. A poorly operating DPF system is doing more bad than good. A blockage can cause restrictions in the exhaust, leading to back pressure and excessive heat which can cause expensive damage to other engine components. This will not only affect the performance of the vehicle, but also affect your vehicles fuel economy.

Some modern DPF systems can use up to 2L per KM just to maintain a clean system, hence burning more fuel to reduce emissions. Diesel Tune NZ provides fast and simple solutions for those vehicles plagued with frustrating DPF faults and failures. Up until now the only solution for the operator was to call the mechanic and pay the call out fee to get the fault repaired so they can continue on their day.

Fitting one of our emulators to your truck gives you a fail safe system for when such faults occur. This keeps your truck at full power allowing you to finish the job and get to your dealer to repair the fault in your own time, when it is more convenient for you. You then simply switch the unit on and it will emulate the correct operation of the system giving you full power back to continue on your day, saving you downtime and the frustration of missing deadlines.

This is a huge safety issue for the drivers and other road users as well. P: M: E: craig dieseltunenz. Shape Created with Sketch. Enter your vehicle details to see the gains you could get with Diesel Tune NZ. Offering diesel tuning solutions from farm hack to fleet. Contact us. Give us a call to discuss the best option for maximising the performance of your vehicle.

AdBlue and SCR solutions for your truck. Shop CanLogic Products. Contact us today! Contact Us. Dealer Login. Get in touch to find out how Diesel Tune NZ can unlock the potential of your vehicle P: M: E: craig dieseltunenz.Get in contact with us! Diesel Tuning Brisbane are your first choice for improving the performance, torque, fuel efficiency and performance for your Diesel vehicle. Diesel Turing Brisbane offer premium services and are committed to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clientele by providing professional services in the aspects of Diesel performance, tuning, and system fault finding and repair.

As a result, a high percentage of our local, and interstate business is from repeat customers and referrals. Diesel Tuning Brisbane can tune your vehicle to suit your needs; whether that be for improved towing, outright performance or fuel economy for your fleet — we have a solution for you — all tailored in-house, with the latest tuning equipment and state of the art chassis dynamometer.

Call us: 07 Torque is the ability to transform the rotational force of engine power physics practical experiments pdf for class 11 forward driving motion. The more Torque an engine can reliably produce, the more efficiency there is for us. Diesel engines produce more torque at low engine RPM. Petrol engines produce more Torque at higher engine RPM.

A vehicle with more torque needs less open throttle to maintain the same speed at the same condition, resulting in. In most cases, this is the power figure that the manufacturer states, now available to you at the wheels, rather than the engine itself. With more torque available and improved thermal efficiency of the engine possible after tuning, less throttle input is needed to maintain same cruising speed, which it means that less fuel is required to be burned.

Often a system failure causes major inconveniences and expensive dealership repairs for vehicle owners. We are able to provide repair and replacement solutions for these systems at a fraction of the dealership costs. As certified Bosch Diesel Fuel System Technicians, we can also provide you with solutions for all your Diesel Fuel Injection needs, from filter replacement, Injection Pumps and Injectors, to full system overhaul.

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This is our core business, not an extra service, but the service we specialize, and excel in. Diesel Tuning Brisbane are your first for enhancing the performance and efficiency for your Diesel vehicle. Our scope covers specialist tuning and diagnosis to full system overhaul and repair. As Diesel tuning and repair specialists, vehicle owners throughout Queensland entrust Diesel Tuning Brisbane with ECU Remap and Chip Tuning, as well as advanced fuel system and mechanical diagnosis and repair.

Facebook Youtube. If you need customised performance, talk to our experienced team at Diesel Tuning Brisbane. A vehicle with more torque needs less open throttle to maintain the same speed at the same condition, resulting in Less fuel burned, A more responsive vehicle, A safer vehicle due to improved response. With more Torque and Power after tuning, the differences are very noticeable right away. We increase power and torque in safe areas, to ensure maximum reliability.

DPCHIP electronic diesel tuning device “Custom tuned” to suit your selected vehicle. OEM Style harness cabling to attach DPCHIP to engine. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Diesel Power Module Performance Chip Holden RA Rodeo Di 4jh1tc at the best online prices.

Discover how to quickly and safely increase performance of your Holden Rodeo by up to 40% with our proven plug-in diesel tuning chip. Rodeo RA DI Pre 4x4 Diesel Power Module Tuning Chip. $ More info. Make 4 interest-free payments of $ Zip now. would like feedback from anyone who has fitted a dp chip or steinbauer chip to a holden rodeo 3 ltr turbo. cvnn.eu › products › diesel-chip-tuning › holden › rodeo. Holden Rodeo Diesel Tuning Chip More power across the range providing upto 30% increased BHP.

By moving the power to the lower rev ranges increases your. Diesel Power Modules has been manufacturing and developing performance chip modules in Germany for over 20 years. With this experience, we have developed a. Holden RA Rodeo DI Pre 4x4 Diesel Power Module Tuning Chip - Diesel Power Modules Tuning Chips - More Power| better fuel economy| cleaner engine|. DPCHIP electronic diesel tuning device “Custom tuned” to suit your selected vehicle.

OEM Style harness cabling to attach DPCHIP to engine. Detailed DPCHIP. The Direction-Plus™ Performance Chip suits a wide range of diesel vehicles and it is ideal for towing heavy loads and for an all round power increase. No.1 Australia's Diesel Performance Centre.

Outstanding custom dyno tunings for Holden Rodeo. +29hp +58nm. Holden Rodeo 3L Turbo Diesel STEINBAUER Performance Module. $1, $1, or 4 fortnightly payments of $ with Afterpay More info. Holden Colorado / Rodeo TDC Chip Available for all Colorado and Rodeo Models from Fuel savings of 1ltr / km. Try for Free with our. SW Diesel performance chips are designed to give unparalleled torque and power. Holden Rodeo D (kw / bhp / nm). Order Now. I have discussed fitting a chip with the diesel mechanic in my area and he advised the only one he would recommend and guarantee was the.

Passenger Vehicles / 4WDs, Holden, Rodeo, R4 TD, 96, Passenger Vehicles / 4WDs, Holden, Rodeo, R4 TD Autom. Check out User Diesel Chip Reviews to Make the Right Choice! RA Rodeo 4x4 dualcab auto Just received and fitted my tuning box, took it for a run. Chiptuning Holden Rodeo VCDI hp Racing Box, the best for your diesel common rail car. You can increase power and toque thanks to the technology of. AFTER TUNING. INCREASE. %. Engine Power. 96kW (hp). kW (hp). 19kW (25hp). 19%.

Engine Torque. NM (ft-lb). NM (ft-lb). 62NM (46ft-lb).