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Monterey County was notified on October 13, that a contractor, Seneca Family of Agencies, a vendor providing behavioral health services to Monterey County clients was subject to a security event involving possible unauthorized access to the personal data of County clients.

We have become aware of a fake letter containing references to Merced County Human Services Agency that is circulating on social media. It includes the faked signature of a state official. It also tells clients that if they test positive, their children will be removed into foster care. The letter asks people to visit a website, as well. We have alerted the appropriate county authorities for investigation. If you receive this letter, please disregard it.

State departments and county human services departments NEVER will ask about your health status in connection to an application for benefits. Similarly, children must be subject to abuse or neglect to enter foster care. Children cannot be put into foster toya todoroki dabi just because a parent may be ill.

If you have helpful information about the source of the letter, or if anyone has questions or concerns about the authenticity of materials from the Department, please contact us at: or piar dss. We would appreciate your assistance in protecting Californians during this difficult time. Online www. Drop off documents only at the following locations: S. Rides to Palo Alto and all outreach efforts are postponed until further notice. Click HERE for more information.

Oprima AQUI para mas informacion. Just call and a worker will be available to assist you over the phone. There is an EBT scam to steal your benefits! Your county and the state will never text or call you requesting your personal information such as your EBT card number and your personal identification number PIN. With this information someone could steal your benefits.

Existe una trampa relacionada con EBT para robarle sus beneficios. For more information please visit www.Collected from the entire web and summarized to include only the most important parts of it. Memorial Day is about celebrating the fallen veterans of all American wars.

According to Soledad Police, the chase started in Greenfield at about a. The fire was initially reported to be burning at around five to seven acres. December 23, Jorge Thielen Armand. Police said a year-old was killed Friday night in the aftermath and have identified a vehicle involved as a dark-colored Nissan Altima.

A history of glories and defeats, of silver mines, family intrigues, vineyards, wineries, and fascinating cities whose splendor faded over time. The Dog Fire started on May 11, Memorial Ceremony a. Our agency is a professional organization committed … Medicenyeiner.

It […] Last Update: July 9,p. However, it quickly spread and as of 8 pm on July 5 it stood at 1, acres and zero percent containment. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Fire details. The Vineyard is the story of Mauro Larrea and Soledad Montalvo, two strangers whose destinies will cross in the second half of the 19th century, leading to their lives changing forever.

Officers attempted to stop the driver using a spike strip on Highway in Soledad. Fire Station 18 Replacement. Sunday, near Soledad Canyon Road and Highway Graduated from Panama School inand inshe came to Los Angeles, California, to attend California Business College, at this moment, she is attending Cypress College where she is under the intensive … Descubre en TikTok los videos cortos relacionados con soledadhhu1.First because of a lockdown involving allegations of gladiator fights, in which prison guards send two rival gangs to the same recreation yard knowing they'll end up fighting.

CDCR has said those were attempts at peacefully resolving conflicts, and has since ended the program. Now, the pandemic means Davis and her family won't get to see her husband for Christmas again.

I know I won't see him, I won't hear his voice," she said. On Saturday, Davis and about a dozen others rallied at CTF, saying the prison is hypocritical in its lack of proper care and protocols for the coronavirus.

The group called for more humane treatment of inmates as well as the release of some prisoners to create safer conditions for both staff and those incarcerated. Mandatory staff testing is taking place at CTF every seven days. CTF is also following a day modified program and meals are delivered to inmates' cells.

The suspension of in-person visits has been grueling for inmates, said Davis, who declined to identify her husband because of fears of retaliation. Neither she nor several other women protesting have been able to see their loved ones in person since March. All staff is required to wear N95 masks, which are also provided to inmates in addition to "regularly" distributing cleaning supplies, with more available upon request. But staff members weren't always wearing masks, and inmates aren't getting those needed cleaning supplies, Davis claimed.

Those phones are unreliable, Davis said. She said the video visits, which are being implemented this week, are hamfisted. CDCR acknowledged that those in quarantine and isolation aren't allowed to have video calls. Depending on the prison, the availability of internet access may be limited to only a few areas," CDCR officials stated. Davis also said the mailroom is swamped when she calls in and CTF is failing to give timely notices and updates online about the inmates.

However, CDCR officials say the canteen and packages are being offered to the population, with mail "processed and delivered on time. Davis worries about her husband's and other incarcerated individuals' mental and physical health — her husband told her "people are cracking" when they last spoke a week ago. Joe Szydlowski is a multimedia journalist for the Salinas Californian who covers local government, crime and cannabis. Follow him on Twitter at twitter.

He can be reached at Joe Szydlowski Salinas Californian. View Comments.California prisoners released video recordings of two prisoner fights they say were set-up by officials at the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California. The videos were provided after Shadowproof published reports on a hunger strike at the state prison in Corcoran over arranged prison fights at that facility.

Warning: The following videos contain violence. Audio has been removed to protect identities. Viewer discretion is advised. One video, which prisoners say was recorded on February 14, shows six prisoners approaching each other on the yard while corrections officers gather a short distance away.

Three are white prisoners. The other three are members of a rival group, the Bull Dogs, according to prisoners. Tear gas is fired directly at the prisoners as the fight begins.

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At least ten corrections officers stand aside as prisoners brawl in a cloud of gas. More officers pool onto the yard but maintain some distance. Another recording shows a fight between a much larger group of white prisoners and Bull Dogs, which prisoners said was recorded the following day.

Even though prisoners from these factions told officials that making them to program together would lead to violence, and even though the two groups fought the day before, they claimed prison officials forced both groups to share the yard.

Once again, tear gas erupts as prisoners fight. Multiple shots ring out. Roughly a minute-and-a-half later, over a dozen officers enter the frame, some with weapons pointed at prisoners. They yell at the prisoners to get on the ground.

Although they risk identification and fear retaliation from prison officials, prisoners were adamant that Shadowproof publish the videos. They argue the fights are not isolated incidents, but rather, they constitute a larger pattern of practice within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation CDCR. Several explanations have been offered for why the prison forces these groups to share the yard. At Corcoran, family members told Shadowproof the warden is on a power trip, refusing to let prisoners decide which groups can and cannot share the yard.

Family members have gathered outside Corcoran to protest the fights and demand an end to the restrictive lockdown conditions, which prisoners have been forced to live under since September. Latest News Prison Protest. Brought to you by our readers Shadowproof is a financially independent news organization.

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From behind bars, hear three stories of transformation

Beyond Prisons: Gladiator Fights Feat. Go to mobile version. Open toolbar.Activists are alleging guards at the Correctional Training Facility CTF in Soledad and other state prisons are pitting inmates against each other to justify lockdowns, accusations prison staff flatly deny.

But guards are doing nothing of the sort, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Instead, they are using "incremental release" to slowly reintroduce inmates to programs after restrictions are imposed in a "modified program" after an incident, CDCR said in a written statement.

Two fights were filmed on an inmate's cell phone camera Feb. Guards used pepper spray to stop the fight. No one was injured and no inmate-made weapons were found, CDCR said.

The following day, 25 inmates began fighting at Facility C. Sbenny choices inmate suffered scratches and abrasions.

No one else was hurt and no inmate-made weapons were found, the statement said. I heard of one in the LA County Jail," he said. More: Salinas residents march to 'Stop the Violence'. Martinez said he didn't see any of the alleged gladiator fights or the incident that led to the lockdown. Subscription Panel. He noted that, as a native of Michigan, he is not familiar with gang structure or culture. For the first month, it was almost complete confinement to the two-man cells, including for meals, he said.

But after about a month the Bulldogs were isolated to their own area and guards began to lift some of the restrictions in phases. They also were allowed some time on the yard, he said. But being on a modified program is not the same as being on a lockdown, CDCR said in its written statement.

As defined by California law, a lockdown means the restriction of all inmates to their cells and dorms and only happens on rare occasions. More: Salinas Valley Prison inmate who yelled 'No regrets' gets life for slaying cellmate. But CTF atomiswave retroarch the only facility facing such allegations.

California State Prison — Corcoran has also been accused. About a dozen loved ones of inmates as well as the IWOC turned out at Corcoran Saturday to protest the alleged gladiator fights there. Like CTF, those inside Corcoran point to the Bulldogs and the gang's unwillingness to make peace with rivals. Other inmates have asked that correctional staff separate known Bulldog gang members from the others on the yard.

Inmates at CTF also wanted the Bulldogs isolated because they were the only ones causing problems, Martinez said. We were all wishing they could send the Bulldogs somewhere else.

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Compared with other prisons, Martinez said he found CTF guards to be professional and the prison pre-Bulldogs "calm," noting the yard had grass and flowers. The staff I knew, I could never, ever see them staging these gladiator fights and making bets on them.Its first national broadcast debuts Tuesday, April 26, on the public television show "America Reframed. What does it take to maintain that balance of human beings on both sides of the bars?

It was a way of bringing people past the fear and the stereotypes. Schwerin says she didn't encounter many obstacles as a white woman filming in the prison, despite the fact that the setting was so male-dominated and racially charged.

The challenges of filming inside, says Schwerin, were more mundane: not being able to schedule interviews in advance or control the lighting for them. Schwerin began filming soon after a U. Supreme Court settlement in ordered California to stop housing prisoners in racially segregated cells. The film shows how resistant both prison staff and inmates were to housing inmates of different races together. One of the lieutenants in the film brought his family to a screening.

I would have so much better understood the challenges he was facing when he got out. Search-Icon Created with Sketch.

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CDCR confirms large fight at Correctional Training Facility in Soledad

Save Article Save Article. The California Report. Sasha Khokha. Apr 24, Failed to save article Please try again. Photo: Alison Raaum Schwerin says she didn't encounter many obstacles as a white woman filming in the prison, despite the fact that the setting was so male-dominated and racially charged.

KQED Stay in touch. Sign up for our daily newsletter. Enter Email Address Sign Up.California authorities have ordered the closure of state prisons for the first time in nearly two decades: Four are destined to be shut down in whole or in part, and three more are being discussed for possible closure.

Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy is slated to be deactivated by Sept. The Susanville prison — one of two in the area — has about 2, inmates and 1, staff members; Deuel about the same.

The closure of the two state prisons was included in Gov. Three more institutions apparently are being considered for closure, although there has been no official confirmation. The steady population decline has stemmed in part from courts ordering the overcrowded prisons — at one point they were holding twice the number they were designed to hold — to shed inmates, as well as sentencing changes approved by voters and in the Legislature.

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Jerry Brown, transferred state inmates to local county jails, and ultimately led to the drama nelydia of prisoners who were serving sentences for nonviolent crimes. As of July 14, California had 35 prisons holding 98, inmates. The figure includes women but excludes people on parole, or in juvenile detention facilities and fire conservation camps.

When parolees and others are included, California has about ,00 people under state supervision. By one estimate, the numbers reflect a decline of more than 20, prison inmates from the year before. The closure of the prisons will result in the relocation of both inmates and staff to other prisons across the state. Newly signed legislation enables former inmate firefighters to seek firefighting jobs upon release. The prison officers who guard the inmates received pay increases through the new budget, and there may be buyouts and retirements to help soften the blow.

Currently, about 30, officers guard inmates in the state prisons and youth correctional institutions. Often, closures occur much to the dismay of the cities that host prisons. These facilities are regularly economic strongholds in otherwise economically depressed regions. In Susanville, for example, prisons offer some of the highest salaries in the city. Advocates for prison closure often call for the institution of economic agendas preventing cities from being reliant upon prisons for success and growth.

When the structures are abandoned, however, it is uncertain how the structures will be converted to other uses. Recasts lede to conform. Want to see more stories like this?

Sign up for The Roundupthe free daily newsletter about California politics from the editors of Capitol Weekly. Stay up to date on the news you need to know. Twitter Facebook Email. Sign up below, then look for a confirmation email in your inbox. Support for Capitol Weekly is Provided by:. SOLEDAD — The South Facility at Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad will close by July due to a decrease in the. GET LOCAL BREAKING NEWS ALERTS. The latest breaking updates, CTF Soledad currently has 4, inmates down from a high of 7, in SACRAMENTO.—Today, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is announcing changes aimed at improving both the credit-earning.

Soledad – Today, CDCR hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at Correctional Training Facility (CTF) for the first Veterans Hub in the nation with.

CTF Soledad inmates' loved ones say prison isn't giving adequate COVID-19 care

The incident is still under investigation, and the agency did not release any more details. News. Avery Johnson. Avery Johnson is the Digital.

Ctf State Prison (Soledad), Soledad, CA. likes · 1 talking about this · were here. Local business. At the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad last July 20, a group of with his daughter, Alayeh, has been released from CTF-Soledad. Activists are alleging guards at the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad and other state prisons are pitting inmates against. For Alice Davis, 37, visiting her husband meant driving from the Central Valley to the California Training Facility (CTF) prison in Soledad.

Formally known as Correctional Training Facility, the prison reported its first cases of COVID two weeks after the assault. CTF prison is. Correctional Training Facility (CTF), commonly referenced as Soledad State Prison, is a state prison located on U.S. Route5 miles ( km) north of. and the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad will close by June Stay up to date on the news you need to know.

Breaking news that state workers need to know. Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California Institution for Men in Chino. Sgt. Aug 27, · Salinas Valley State Prison in Soledad. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) announced in a news release.

SinceThe Vanguard has provided Davis and Yolo County with some of the best groundbreaking news coverage on local government and. Protest rally outside CTF Soledad, US, Soledad, CA - 5 miles north town of Soledad; RSVP for car caravan meet-up instructions.

COVID News & Updates CONTACT INFORMATION. Corrections Federal Credit Union 5 Miles North of Soledad Highway Soledad CA Three men incarcerated at a prison in Soledad, California shared what transformation means to them while filming "This Is Life with Lisa. “My House” – Art: Roy Cortez, CTF Soledad, created as part of the California Arts in Corrections program, administered by the William James.

The Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California, talked her way into spending seven years filming inside Soledad prison.