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Feeder cattle traded fully steady across the board this week on the front end cattle. Medium quality cattle were trading higher this week as several local orders were participating to get cattle bought prior to the Holiday shut down.

On behalf of all the staff and management of Winnipeg Livestock Sales we would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season. Please see the following regulations to know what is permitted. If you are wanting someone to come look at your cattle then please call one of our field reps and we would be more than willing to come give you an idea on value.

Horned cattle are beginning to be discounted more and more all the time.

USDA Market Reports

If you want your cattle to bring a premium price they must be horn free. If you are planning on selling calves in the next month or so, please call ahead to book your cattle with us. If we know how many cattle are coming it allows us to inform buyers so they can have adequate trucks available. You can also vist their website www. Producers that leave their calves intact until spring will always be discounted for cattle that appear coarse headed or having heavy tassles that will indicate they are stags or improperly castrated.

If there is any doubt or question on how gundham x sonia do it properly then please contact us and we will be happy to help!!

Feeder Cattle Steers Over lbs.Brussels Livestock Market Report. For the week ending December 9 th Email us at cindyf brusselslivestock.

Second cut cattle Holstein steers and heifers Bulls Cows sold steady. Lambs sold steady. Sheep sold higher. Goats sold steady. Friday - Calves sold steady with second cut selling on an easier market. Connell Farms Inc of Palmerston consigned 10 head. Cows: There were cows on offer:. Good Holstein Cows. Medium Holstein Cows. Veal: There were head of veal on offer. Beef Veal. Good Holsteins.

Sl Heavy Holsteins. Medium Holsteins. Reuben S. Martin of Wallenstein consigned 8 head. James Vanderheide of Mitchell consigned 13 head. Under 50 lbs :.This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales.

Number Alan Newport Sep 09, Marketing studies continue to show cow-calf producers can significantly improve the value of their calves at auction by management strategies. Britt Hicks, area extension livestock specialist in the Oklahoma panhandle reviewed several recent market studies and says a variety of things such as calf body condition, castration, horns, fill, health, group selling, genetic selection and modification of breeding objectives can have significant effect on sale price at auction.

Sam Houston State University researchers collected data from nine Texas livestock auctions on 1, lots with 7, head. All selling prices are given in dollars per hundredweight of live weight.

Selling price of calves increased incrementally as lot size increased. University of Arkansas researchers collected data from 14 Arkansas auction barns in on 38, lots with 79, head. In one paper, the effect of management factors on selling prices was evaluated and in a second paper, the impact of genetic factors on selling prices was evaluated.

All prices are reported as dollars per hundredweight of live weight. The results were similar. Preconditioned calves again sold for a higher price than healthy calves.

In the genetic evaluation, 20 breed or breed groupings were evaluated based on phenotypic expression, which was a subjective identification of breed, color and USDA frame and muscle scores. Heavier-muscled calves sold significantly higher than thin-muscled ones, with No. One other study in Oklahoma and Colorado evaluated the pricing and value of large, medium and small frame calves when taken through slaughter and found the small calves are overly discounted.

In the end, those researchers said, net returns were greater for small-framed steers than for medium and large steers. This turned out to be an unjustified discount based on their actual performance. These researchers concluded that producers who manage small-framed cows may need to consider retaining ownership of small-framed calves to optimize their profit. Studies show "black" still matters but not as much as a host of other factors.

Suggested Event. Jan 19, to Jan 21, Hide comments. More information about text formats. Text format Comments Plain text. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Leave this field blank. Sponsored Content. Load More.Cirencester Livestock Market. Situated off the A Swindon to Gloucester Road taking the Spine Road Junction signposted to South Cerney and the Water Parks, take the sharp bend exit signposted Driffield and the market is located yards on the right hand side adjacent to Countrywide Stores.

Regulations Update. On Monday 19th July some restrictions have been lifted and it has been left to individuals as to how they act. Coronavirus cases are still at high levels and we ask you to act responsibly, keep your distance, sanitise your hands, wear a mask if you feel it is required. Common sense is required at all our sales.

Market Vendors:. You are now allowed back into the market to watch your stock sold, we ask that you still reduce your time in market and please try to restrict the number of attendees from one household. The calf sale has returned to the calf ring and we ask vendors in both rings to stand back to allow social distancing between purchasers. Market Buyers:. The screens around the sale ring will remain in place and the office will remain being served at the windows.

Again, please try to restrict the number of people attending the market to allow Social Distancing between each buyer. Thank you for your Co-operation. The Store Cattle Sale is a catalogued sale and is available by fax or e-mail on the Monday prior to sale.

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These sales also include Sales of Organic Cattle Sales - Licencesed to sell Organic Cattle every Tuesday at Cirencester Market in conjunction with usual store cattle sales closing dates for entries to the Organic Section must be to the Auctioneers 3 days prior to sale - accompanied with Vendors Trading Schedule and Transfer document. The storage cattle is a catalogued sale and is available by fax or e-mail on the Friday prior to sale. TBlicensing apha. As such, short notice requests may not be issued in time.

Cattle can enter an Orange market if they have tested negative within 90 days of a new or repeat herd test, even if reactors are found reactors must be removed from the holding prior to applying for a licence.

New ear tagging regulations came into force on the 1st January and are as follows:. To be used in sheep sold for slaughter or stores.

Market Reports

Cannot be used for Cull ewes. To be used in all breeding sheep ewes or ewe lambs if destined to be not to be slaughter within first 12 months of life. To be used for Historic flock including cull ewes. The eAML2 helpline number is Next Sales - Thursday, 13th January Sales Times - Tuesday's.Do you have high-quality Red Angus calves to marketing?

Learn more about our tagging programs and their associated premiums. A program that embraces proven reproductive and genetic management practices which, in turn, lead to high-quality, long-lasting females! ProS is an all-purpose index that covers economically relevant traits across all aspects of the beef supply chain from conception to carcass. Red Angus females are in high demand from commercial producers far and wide.

Learn more about the clear favorite of the beef industry.

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The latest issue of the groundbreaking publication that connects the Red Angus commercial and show segments with thought-provoking commentary. Registrations, transfers, inventory and weight updates and many more important functions can now be completed by members online and in real time.

Due to the numerous natural advantages with which the Red Angus breed is endowed, and based on the continued philosophy of the Red Angus Association of America, it appears that a great breed has come into its own and has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Ranch Tested. Rancher Trusted. Jan More Details.Calf Sale Reports:. Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Your browser is out-of-date! Cattle - 6 Jan Sheep - 6 Jan Cattle - 12 Jan Sheep - 12 Jan Store Cattle - 13JAN Sheep - 16 Jan Cattle - 19 Jan Sheep - 19 Jan Cattle - 26 Jan Sheep - 26 Jan Cattle - 2 Feb Sheep - 2 Feb Cattle - 10 Feb Sheep - 10 Feb Cattle - 16 Feb Sheep - 16 Feb Cattle - 23 Feb Sheep - 23 Feb Sheep - 2 Mar Cattle - 9 Mar Sheep - 9 Mar Sheep - 16 Mar Cattle - 23 Mar Sheep - 23 Mar Cattle - 30 Mar Sheep - 30 Mar Cattle - 6 Apr Sheep - 6 Apr Calf - 7 Apr Cattle - 13 AprBuyers know your calves by their history and connect that to your name.

Not preparing or knowing how calves perform after weaning keeps a lid on sale prices. To the south, Joplin Mo. After cattlemen get into a routine, the buyer sitting there has most likely been purchasing your calves for a long time. Since postweaning performance depends so much on genetics, reputations for commercial ranchers often link to their bull suppliers. Your management may determine the best marketing channels. Livestock auctions are the traditional way. At a basic level, you can load them up and take them to town a day or hours before the sale and wait for your check.

Anyone can sell there, and it may be the only option for small operations or groups of uneven calves. Livestock auctions often provide much more sophisticated services as well, and remain a solid way to build a reputation, Moore notes. The average U. I tell my customers all the time, do not chase markets. Try to hit those high times with your calves if they fit.

For example, a pound steer sells well just after Thanksgiving because it will be an April fat steer. The market traditionally sees finished cattle selling highest in February through April with lows from July to October. Most calves arrive in the spring and sell after weaning in October and November. People who sell then are always hitting a bad market. Marketing professionals provide insight beyond what the typical farmer or rancher has time to judge regarding short- and long-term opportunities.

A step up is to include that market manager earlier as you research options because livestock auctions regularly promote premium-quality offerings. If you decided to put those calves in a video auction the timeline advances several weeks or more, the sooner the better. He stays in touch with customers throughout the year, especially in marketing seasons to make sure he gets the video work lined up and calves where they need to be.

Mother Nature can sometimes swoop in and steal the show just before a sale or video, taking calves from full to wrung-out in short order. And they need to look their best for prospective buyers, says Moore. Capturing calves at their best on camera means choosing the right age and size, and fitting the shoot into open weather. Video auction sales include a price slide to ensure fairness because weights are estimated for the future delivery.

A listing might say calves will weigh dermatillomania bottom of feet lb.

Surprising Factors Can Affect Auction Prices For Beef Calves

The slide would add a similar amount to the price per pound if they were 40 lb. Yard managers comingle cattle from widely different sources, and successful adapting takes strict adherence to vaccination regimes. In an industry where health maintenance is the highest cost, it pays to work with your veterinarian to develop a vaccination program for any preconditioning period and ready for whatever comes next at the feedyard.

There are opportunities to share their resume when alerting the sale manager your calves are coming in, and again when checking them in. On the video auction, that information is in the auction book and read off before the cattle sell. Either way, the key is to contact the sales agent in time for them to help sell your calves so as to get the most value. Those who go the extra mile may do well to set up a direct marketing channel with a feedyard.

Conversations with your sales reps can help find the program that is most relevant for your management and genetics. Farmers often ask if they can own farmland in an IRA. Cattle Indexed by Cattle Class.

Bulls · Cows · Cow and Calf Pairs · Bred Heifers · Replacement Heifers · Feeder Cattle · Stocker Calves · Other Class. NILE Club Calf Sale Report Averages: 72 Steers sold - $2, High Selling Steer - $9, Sold by: Jhett West - Sheridan, WY. Sales of Feeder Cattle are reported at local auctions.

Information is collected and reports are listed by state. Alabama; Arkansas; Colorado; Florida. Live Cattle Auctions. Streaming video and audio directly to you from the sale barn! Register as a buyer and bid online! X Y & Z Club Calves & Broz Cattle Summer Born Select Sale - TX. Jan Minnaert Show Cattle Follow Me Sale "OKC Edition" - OK. Jan Discover All Beef Cattle For Sale in Ireland on DoneDeal.

Buy & Sell on Ireland's Largest Beef Cattle Marketplace. Kansas Livestock Foundation 40th Annual Club Calf Sale. October 2, Kansas State Fairgrounds - Hutchinson, KS. p.m. All the latest mountain calf sale news from Stock & Land. Marketing professionals encourage ranchers to have conversations with calf sales reps to help find the program that is most relevant for.

Regardless of the size of the herd, for cow-calf producers this means knowing the cost per pound of calf sold. The best way to make this determination is to. Feeder Calf Sales Consignments are required for each sale.

Consignment and Tag Request Forms along with sale information are available on the NEW website at. GYMPIE CATTLE SALE · CATTLE EXPECTED · Steers · Heifers · Cows · Cows & Calves · PHONE (07) an innovative online auction platform for the ULTIMATE show cattle buying and selling experience.

Stangl Shorthorns Open House Bull and Heifer Sale.

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When calves leave beef cattle operations, 90% of the calves are sold via sale barns (Troxel and Barham ). For herds with 0–50 or 50–99 cows, sale barn or. Online Calf Sale Thank you for helping R-CALF USA succeed in its mission to improve domestic cattle prices and to maintain a healthy, viable cattle. Machinery ; 15/12/, Carlisle, Borderway Store & Weanling Cattle Sale ; 15/12/, Wooler, Wooler Prime Sheep Sale ; 15/12/, Carlisle, Borderway Calf Sale.

Saturday Calves Sale commencing at am ringside and online Ring 2 Calf Collection Service Available Enter Your Cattle Online Below. Today, King Ranch continues to breed our Santa Gertrudis cattle with the original focus for which we created the breed in Proud to be an American Sale. Monday Night – Breeding Sheep Sales/ Tuesday- Store Cattle Sale/ Friday – Dropped Calves, Weanlings, Dairy and Sucklers/ Pedigree Sheep & Cattle Sales.

To. The Weaned Calf Sale saw an average of £3, for nine bull calves and £3, for 27 heifers. Breed Secretary, Will Ketley commented.