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The newly-legal cannabis industry spent more than a decade incubating in the San Francisco Bay Area following the passage of Propositionwhen a handful of cannabis revolutionaries largely based around SF passed a medical marijuana law in Hence, the dispensaries in this region are a direct testament to the skills Bay Area cannabis professionals have developed over that time.

Municipalities like Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley are not only home to some of the oldest cannabis clubs in the world, but also some of the oldest laws to govern the way they do business. Much of the time, pre-adult use legalization, these laws and policies were crafted by the dispensaries themselves with the help of progressive city council members and other civic leaders.

These storefronts have always been supported by a spread of the finest cultivators on the planet big and small, with everything from garages to warehouses, and greenhouses to outdoor grows, across the bay, and in surrounding areas, pumping out primo marijuana. For the last ten years that marijuana has been held to some of the highest accountability anywhere, as the cannabis lab testing industry started in Oakland with the founding of Steep Hill Lab.

Through all this, this group of dispensaries has risen to be among the top of the pack not just locally, but across America. Berkeley Patients Group. When not fighting and winning against the feds, BPG is renowned for its level of service and quality. It played home to one of the biggest January 1 parties California saw this past year for legal sales and after 20 years continues to be a model operation for the industry to follow.

The Green Cross. The Excelsior District gem continues to find itself at the top of the pack in San Francisco. Past the glitz and glam of the spotlight and reality TV shows, Harborside is an awesome dispensary, located in Oakland. One could even say better than most. Having graced the shelves of Harborside include fabled short-lived comets of the past decade like Pakistani landrace Pine Tar Kush and Durban Poison, the official strain of the World Cup in South Africa.

The Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley. Another member of the old guard, CBCB got its start as a co-op in the back of an anarchist bookstore before moving to its current location in Also be sure to check out the Classic Trainwreck, arguably the best version of the strain left on the planet! The Barbary Coast. The selection of concentrates is also among the best in San Francisco, especially when it comes to the boss sauce.

Garden of Eden. Garden of Eden specializes in great pot with limited flare. Keep an eye out for really exceptional Gelato phenotypes. The Guild San Jose. Guild also offers a wide spread of flowers at reputable prices. Are you at least 21 years of age? The content of this website cannot be shown unless you verify your age. Please verify to visit our site. Skip to Main Content. Share Twitter Pinterest Facebook Email. Berkeley Patients Group When not fighting and winning against the feds, BPG is renowned for its level of service and quality.

Harborside Past the glitz and glam of the spotlight and reality TV shows, Harborside is an awesome dispensary, located in Oakland.

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The Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley Another member of the old guard, CBCB got its start as a co-op in the back of an anarchist bookstore before moving to its current location in Garden of Eden Garden of Eden specializes in great pot with limited flare. Share Twitter Facebook Email. Leave this field blank. Email Address. Remember me for 30 days. Yes I am.The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Spend some time giving your home's exterior some love to create a sense of welcoming - so that your buyers are impressed before they even leave the car!

Before a buyer will set foot inside, they have to be impressed by the exterior of your home. So spend some time making your home welcoming and attractive.

Cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs

Powerwash your siding and driveway, mow the lawn, weed or prune the garden, or plant some bright flowers. Wash your windows, replace old house numbers, or replace a tired mailbox. An extension of your curb appeal is your porch. Tidy up any furniture, buy a new welcome mat, add some potted flowers, and replace your doorknob.

Add a tasteful wreath to your door and leave your porch light on in the evenings, especially if you will be showing at night. Whether you have a large backyard or a cozy balcony, your outdoor areas should not only be attractive, they should be inviting. Help your buyers to envision a lifestyle by adding seating or dining areas such as chair and tables, a hammock, or even a fire pit.

Make sure gardens are cleaned up, the lawn is mown, and any fallen leaves or branches are tidied up. Nothing turns off a buyer like persistent maintenance problems, lingering repair projects, or a home that's just not clean! Don't lose out on a sale for an easily preventable reason! Nothing is more intimidating to a buyer than walking into an incomplete project!

No missing floorboards, crooked shingles, cracked windows, or any other sign that anything needs to be replaced or repaired.

Your home should appear in good maintenance from top to bottom. Take some time to go through your closets, shelves, cabinets, and counters to clear out anything that's taking up space or making your rooms appear cramped, crowded, or dirty. Donate clothes, partially empty your closets and cabinets to make them appear larger, even rent a storage unit for furniture that is too large, unsightly, or mismatched.

It might not be the most fun part, but it is an absolute necessity that your home sparkle. Get all those hard-to-reach places, scrub dingy tiles and grout, deep clean the showers and tubs.Finding and acquiring medical cannabis in the Bay Area can be a daunting task for atypical users like seniors.

Here The Chronicle reviews the best dispensaries in the Bay Area for seniors — places where the parking is easy, the atmosphere is inviting, and the service and products are top-notch.

Berkeley's Best Dispensary

Stepping into Apothecarium, next to Whole Foods on bustling Market Street, is like visiting an upscale fashion boutique. As soft music plays, patients thumb through a menu no products on display at the counter while budtenders counsel their medical needs. Order histories are logged in a computer, to keep track on subsequent visits.

Mass transit-accessible and wheelchair-friendly; no dedicated parking for disabled people. This is potentially the least sketchy set of clubs in the universe. The two Harvests one on Geary Boulevard and one off Mission have reset the bar for interior design, with tons of natural light and an open, friendly layout new patients will love.

In-store patients encounter a very clinical yet modern and relaxed environment with polished concrete flooring, reclaimed wood furniture, and a smart, friendly staff. Joining takes minutes, but unfortunately there are no chairs when waiting in the sometimes long lines to reach the counter. The popular, busy club has great deals on flowers in their Marigold line, and a really deep selection of everything else.

Senior discounts are available, and they deliver through Meadow; plus they have a new spot open on Haight Street Mission St. Senior discount: 10 percent off in-store orders Sunday, delivery orders Monday; hospice and hospital patients every day. The Green Cross excels at keeping costs down and selection high at its often-packed retail store on Mission Street just south of Interstate The shop is very accessible by Muni, and offers free off-street parking in the lot across the street during nights and weekends.

The Green Cross excels at the patient focus, starting with the immaculate street-cleaning program and several outside security folks who help with traffic.

Elemental Wellness, like all San Jose dispensaries, is located in an industrial district. East of Highwayit sits in a nondescript office-park building — clean and spacious, with high ceilings, dim lighting and polished cement floors that combine to lend a warehouse feel. Patients wait in a winding line for friendly, relaxed budtenders, who preside over counters with glass cases of flower, edibles and vaporizers on view.

A nursery tucked in a corner affords patients a place to purchase clones to grow their own medicine. A pickup service is available for returning patients who preorder.

Airfield resides near Mineta San Jose International Airport, in a district with big-box stores like Costco that keep the streets busy night and day, not deserted after dark. Berkeley Patients Group has been a model dispensary for well over a decade, and in some of the darkest times for cannabis, BPG has been held up as what a model dispensary should look like.

BPG gives away free medicines to the most needy each month. Keep an eye out for the All-Star Jack Frost, an award-winning sweet, energetic varietal.

Nevertheless, the acclaim is well earned. It delivers. And be sure to check out the San Jose and forthcoming San Leandro locations. Tons of mass transit options and an equally big selection make this licensed Oakland dispensary worth checking out. The urban effort from Natural Cannabis Co.Would you like to learn more about the natural areas around Bassendean and contribute to their re-vegetation and restoring biodiversity with native plants?

You will work with a small team at the BPG GroCentre preparing seedlings and also re-vegetating riverbank and wetland areas. BPG undertakes native plant propagation, weed removal and planting activities throughout the year. BPG is a community volunteer group that operates on a part-time basis. No skills are required and tools are provided. BPG works with a range of other groups with kindred aims as well as organisations both locally and within Australia.

Find out more and visit their websites. Thank you! Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch soon. Get Involved Would you like to learn more about the natural areas around Bassendean and contribute to their re-vegetation and restoring biodiversity with native plants? Come volunteer with us! Get Informed BPG works with a range of other groups with kindred aims as well as organisations both locally and within Australia.

Get In Touch. Last Name. Would you prefer to be contacted by email or phone? Anything you'd like to tell us about your availability or interest in volunteering?

Links to other groups.Never mind Reefer Madness, seniors are the next big cannabis consumers Katie Bernstein on December 3, From the outside, the blocky, concrete building looks like the kind of place you might go to get a package shipped or a document notarized.

Inside, as a guy working security chats with a front desk employee checking IDs, a skunky whiff of weed floats by, indicating that this is, in fact, a place to legally buy a bewildering number of cannabis products. The glass cases inside are stocked with dozens of varieties of corpulent, furry cannabis flower packed in zipped packages or rolled up into joints; tins of CBD mints and candy weed gummies; and bottles and jars of tinctures and topical rubs.

At Magnolia, you can even consume or vape onsite. This is a marijuana mecca. More and more older Americans are using cannabis to soothe a litany of aches and ailments that accompany a long life. Insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety are just a few common afflictions that seniors are turning to cannabis for. A study published in Drugs and Aging from researchers at the University of Colorado concluded that cannabis use by adults over age 65 is increasing more quickly than among all other age groups.

The study also found that between andthe rate of past-year marijuana use among those over 50 increased by Even still, some older adults still feel a stigma against using cannabis.

The same study surveyed people over 60, some of whom said they were reluctant to discuss cannabis use even with their doctor. Many preferred to pay more to buy it recreationally, instead of receiving a medical card from a provider. After she and her husband moved to California 15 years ago to be with their kids, she took a job working as a hospice and long-term care nurse. The BPG staff has been advocating for access to medical cannabis since its inception, and was involved in the fight for state legalization.

Today, Goldsberry is the executive director of Magnolia. As she recovered, she was left with chronic pain and insomnia. Her daughter begged her to try cannabis, but she spent a couple of months doing research, first.

How to Deal with Daily Operational Challenges at Your Cannabis Dispensary

And once she tried it, it worked. Now, Blaser is becoming the reason many customers come to Magnolia in the first place. She was written about in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Some seniors come for help with insomnia, some for anxiety, and some for lack of appetite. Some have been sent by doctors who suggest that they try marijuana to treat chronic pain. And she said many people have had an experience similar to her own.

She will ask about their current medications and previous medical issues and evaluate how these might be affected by using cannabis. Laurie Vollen, a slight woman wearing a boxy blazer, turtleneck and a silk scarf, is deftly explaining the difference between cannabidiol CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol THCthe two primary active compounds in the cannabis plant. THC is the main psychoactive component and is also the one responsible for getting you stoned.

Vollen is presenting a PowerPoint in a dim basement room to a small crowd of silver-haired women and one middle-aged litres boot size who smells faintly of marijuana. Her interest in cannabis was sparked several years ago when some of her patients told her that they were substituting cannabis for anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and insomnia medications like Halcydol, Prozac, and Klonopin.

In fact, she considers feeling high a side effect of taking too much. In her talk at the Oakland library, she cautioned her audience about finding the right dose. But she was careful to note that taking too high a dose can cause anxiety. As she clicked through her presentation, she told her audience about a double blind, placebo-controlled study on pain relief performed by Mark Ware from McGill University Health Centre, and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journalwhich concluded that inhaling a low dose of THC three times a day can alleviate chronic pain and improve sleep.

So Vollen works with patients to record their dosage and increase the amount slowly and deliberately until they find that sweet spot. As she concludes her library presentation, the audience members have questions: One woman asks about inflammation.

One is a caretaker for her husband and wants to know how cannabis would interact with his medications. The stoned man says he wants to get down to a dose that is medically effective, and quit getting stoned everyday.Like lots of San Francisco, everything feels very new.

Across the bridge on the other side of the bay, however, things could not be more different. Berkeley is home to two of the oldest marijuana dispensaries in the country, and the region has, for the most part, put function over form.

Delivery options are plentiful, and while the dispensaries may not look as good on an Instagram as their SF counterparts, they serve their purpose just as well, and often at a better price.

Berkeley Patients Group, providing medical cannabis as far back asis the self-proclaimed oldest medical cannabis dispensary in the nation. Lucky for us, they have their recreational license and have opened their doors to anyone of appropriate age. This is basically the Cheers of dispensaries: a community staple where everybody knows your name.

Harborside Embarcadero, Oakland One of the largest dispensaries in the country provides more than just a rich inventory. Airlines have frequent flier miles, Harborside has frequent higher miles.

The perfect strain for you and your refined sensibilities. Oakland Award-winning product and huge delivery range make this delivery-only dispensary a no-brainer. When it comes to getting your hands on some kind bud in the East Bay, delivery reigns supreme. Many of the most well-reviewed clubs are delivery only, and, unlike San Francisco, almost every one of them has a delivery option.

T is the gold standard. Like many dispensaries in California, CBCB started first as a purely medical club and then opened its doors to the public with the passing of the new law.

That emphasis on medical safety and healing has remained with CBCB though — they claim to have some of the most thoroughly examined products in California. They even have a library on site with the testing results of their products, along with other marijuana educational resources, and can provide counseling to help decide which product is best for you.

Their sister dispensary, Phytologie, is located in Oakland. Grand Ave. A comparison to Starbucks might not be flattering to some, but their convenience and reliability are undeniable. Their inventory is unrivaled in the East Bay, with prices to match. Plus, there is something comforting in thinking about a future where, no matter where you are in the country, you can find your favorite cannabis club and grab some pre-rolls with your favorite strain to get into the same funny business you do at home.

The East Bay is much larger than just Berkeley and Oakland, but those who are looking to get their smoke on have more than likely had to have traveled the distance to one of these cities, or paid a hefty delivery fee. Jingletown Oakland Relative newcomer provides fast service and quality bud. While they may not have quite the clout as some of the other dispensaries, their delivery is fast and their products and prices are comparable to the older mainstays.

Additionally, their customer service is excellent, and their ordering interface is easy to use, a key factor for those who have just smoked the last of their stash and are scrambling to resupply. The Tri-Valley area Amador, San Ramon, Livermore sits on the outskirts of the East Bay and is arguably more of a cannabis desert than any other part of the region. There are very few storefronts, and delivery can take an entire afternoon.

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We only carry the highest quality cannabis accessories in our online smoke shop and we test and quality control each item. Monthly boxes full of bongs, dabbing rigs, herb grinders, glass pipes, essentials and gear. The Bay Area's best cannabis products, deals, and discounts since Curbside pick up in Berkeley from 9ampm; free delivery to East Bay from.

Berkeley Patients Group (BPG), named East Bay's Best Dispensary and Best Supplier of CBD inis a leading cannabis dispensary and delivery service in. Berkeley Patients Group delivers cannabis sales to residents throughout the East Bay every day from 9am-7pm.

You can place an order online. Welcome to America's longest-running dispensary and delivery service, proudly serving our community since BPG's consultants specialize. Berkeley Patients Group is a cannabis dispensary located in the Berkeley, California area. See their menu, reviews, deals, and photos. star average rating from 40 reviews. (40). dispensary·Medical & Recreational.

ClosedOrder onlineCurbside pickup · View menu. Medical marijuana dispensary, doctor and medicine directory with reviews. Search medical cannabis menus by price, strength, flavor, treatable symptoms.

Happy Holidays from your buds at BPG! Shop with us this season + we'll wrap your weed — whether for you or your loved one — plus, you get this sweet. Learn about THC, CBD and other cannabis extracts that are quickly becoming more accessible.

and an ID card sent to your home. cvnn.eu Cannabis Clinics, Cannabis Dispensaries. Special Hours • Closed I used to go to BPG exclusively, way back when they even had a delivery service. Three up-and-coming cannabis entrepreneurs discuss their starts in the on having the biggest legal concentrate menu,” Walton said.

Even curbside pickup has been stopped. The order means most of Berkeley's cannabis businesses will close as they don't have delivery service. Berkeley Patients Group cannabis dispensary in Berkeley, CA - menu, reports, BPG is a medical cannabis collective organized to serve patients in the. Congresswoman Barbara Lee entered the occasion into the official Congressional Record, while State Senator Nancy Skinner awarded BPG a.

The BPG staff continually donates to and fundraises for Berkeley nonprofits Berkeley Patients Group curates a highly critical menu of cannabis goods to. Keywords: berkeley patients group, bpg, cannabis products, berkeley patients group menu, bpg menu, Cannabis Deals, Marijuana dispensary East.

BPG has maintained relationships with those folks for decades now, and you can see the results on its menu. And there is something for every. Apart from their vast menu of options, this team is notable for its Berkeley Patients Group, or BPG, are in the cannabis delivery. BPG is one of California's largest and most The new 4, square foot View BE Collective's marijuana menu, daily specials, reviews photos and more!

BPG named one of the best #BayArea #dispensaries for #seniors by really would like to see some left coast extracts pods on the menu here soon!