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As is the case with almost any hobby or community, ultimate is loaded with jargon and slang that can make it sound like it has a language all its own. Notice some jargon or alternate definition that is missing from our list? Submit the term and a definition to editor ultiworld. Looking to learn more about the basics of our sport? Check out more in our Ultimate Fundamentals series.

Want to see how to use this vocabulary is used on or site? Ace: An offensive player at the front of a vertical stack in charge of catching thrower-initiated passes to the break side, or making continuation cuts after a reset throw. Air-bounce: A throwing technique that causes the disc to bounce on the air and rise during its flight, completed by imparting downward pressure on the top side of the disc at the point of release.

Normally done with a backhand grip. It can create more of a floating disc flight. Alpha: An offensive player that is tasked with trying to get open in isolation, often in an endzone setting. Anhyzer: The shape of a throw that begins its flight with the top of the disc facing toward the thrower but is angled to flatten out or turn later in its flight. Around: A throw — often, but not necessarily a break throw — that goes to the side of the marker that is opposite to the force side.

Assist: A pass that is caught for a goal. One of the fundamental offensive stats in ultimate. Backfield: The area of the field behind the thrower relative to the direction of offensive movement. Backhand: A fundamental throw in ultimate that is released with the kitchenaid serial number year of the hand facing the target.

Backing: Downfield defender positioning behind the offensive player relative to the thrower, prioritizing denying a deep cut away from the disc. Bait: A technique used by defenders that deceptively makes a throwing window appear open to encourage a pass, only for the defender to then disrupt the throw once it is in the air.

Banana cut: Motion from an offensive player without the disc that is characterized by a rounded path rather than a sharp change in direction while attempting to get open to receive a pass. Barbecue backhand: A throw that is released with the back of the hand facing the target where the entire throwing motion takes place on the same side of the body as the hand throwing the disc as opposed to winding up across the body.

An invitation to participate in a tournament. These can either be awarded by the event host or earned through qualification to the next round of a playoff structure, such as a USAU College toms supercharger ls430 Club Series.

Blade: A pass, usually a forehand, that is thrown with the disc released at a steep, even vertical, angle and remaining on that flight path. Block: To intercept or knock the disc out of the air on defense that creates a turnover. The most basic defensive stat tracked in ultimate. Bookends: A goal scored by a player whose defensive play or block earned the team the scoring possession. Box-and-one: A type of junk defense where one player plays 1-on-1 defense against a single offensive player — typically the most threatening player — while other defenders play zone.

Bracket: 1. A defensive technique in which two or more defenders in a matchup defense scheme cover two or more distinct spaces on the field usually deep and under. Break: 1. A score by the team that started the point on defense.

Conceptually similar to a break in tennis. Break side: The area of the field restricted by the mark. A throw to this area is called a break throw. Brick mark: A location on the playing field, centered between the sidelines and a set distance from the goal line, where out-of-bounds pulls can be initiated by the offense.The view of the Alaska Range, the joyous feeling of wind on my cheeks, and a buoyant sensation of wild abandon are forever stitched in my memory as the perfect bookend to a perfect day in the park.

Leno also appears locked in at left tackle, and Cosmi or Lucas could be the other bookend. In fact, her surveillance became the bookend s to all of his appointments. It served as an unsettling bookend to a college sports year that began last summer with the flap over Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy wearing a One America News T-shirt.

These weeks, and especially fast days that bookend them, are about remembering the experience of loss. Farm kids are educated early about the events that bookend life.

And it became a sort of bookend to my first experience with him. Before I could follow, Nan had dropped the bookend and flung herself into my arms. She held a heavy bookend poised to strike at Ashe, who was in front of her, moving stealthily forward. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! We could talk until we're blue in the face about this quiz on words for the color "blue," but we think you should take the quiz and find out if you're a whiz at these colorful terms. Words nearby bookend bookcasebook clubbookcraftbookcrossingbooked upbookendBooker Prizebook gillbook groupbookiebook in.

How to use bookend in a sentence The view of the Alaska Range, the joyous feeling of wind on my cheeks, and a buoyant sensation of wild abandon are forever stitched in my memory as the perfect bookend to a perfect day in the park. Rebekah Taussig April 28, Time. Nathan Lane's Final Musical? The Scapegoat Richard Maples.Many of you are proud thrift warriors see that definition below, too!

While you may casually be using these pieces of lingo as if they were everyday conversation, the reality is that much of how we communicate in the thrifting world is a special language only understood by a small percentage of the population.

Read her piece on the Trend of Thrift! Just leave a comment with your thrift jargon of choice in the comments below. So, fellow thrift warriors, are you with me?

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Can we make the largest, most collective source of thrift jargon this Internet has ever seen?! Adopted by thrifters who frequent Goodwill often and desire to nickname their thrifting haunt.

Thanks to Goodwill Huntingg for this contribution! Pieces are consignment stores are curated for top quality in material, trend relevance, style and affordability.

Using a verb, i. Can be music similar to that of a workout or a motivational mix. It can motivate or demotivate you depending on your personal tastes. Usually on Wednesdays. Said thrift warrior always carries thrift tools, thrift travels regularly and keeps very high thrift standards.

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Thrift warriors are examples of secondhand gurus. THRIFT TWIN: When shopping at the thrift store, you spot an individual in the same shopping section as you wearing a similar outfit, with a cart or basket filled with similar pieces, and more often than not, checking you out with a skeptical eye.

Beware: Thrift Tricks are definitely not for kids. THRIFT TOKEN: A mostly useless miscellaneous piece of thrift store merchandise that wins an affectionate place in a thrifters heart because it was found on the day of a particularly fun, successful or happy thrift shopping day. Said thrift token is placed in home as a reminder to pleasurable thrift adventures of past, present and future.

The thrift creation is inspired by what you see at the thrift store and mixed and matched with other pieces you find to purchase or already own at home. Repurpose relates to the act of buying a piece of secondhand material and reinventing a new purpose for it that is relevant and interesting to your life, such as using flower vases for bookends or china as wall decoration.

THRIFT STORE RAGE: When shopping at a thrift store, individual is overcome with anger due to an unpleasant shopping environment that might be a hypothetical mix of screaming children, absent supply of carts, crowded aisle, obnoxious music and a broken air conditioner. Thrift store rage is provoked by a variety of elements and can be a seriously ailment. It is recommended to leave said thrift store when the onset of thrift store rage is felt, to prevent further damage to yourself and others.

Thrift rushes can be addicting and also harder to achieve following each thrift store visit.Basically, do-it-yourself means that instead of hiring a professional to do a specific job or buy products from a shop or craftsman, you do that job or make the products yourself without the direct help of an expert. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is relying on the internet to teach you everything you need to know to be successful. What does DIY mean in subtitles?

Do it yourself. DS is short for dear son or dear son. It is part of the Internet language designed for use on forums, social networks, emails, and captions. Definition of do it yourself.

Some people use DIY as a healthy way to get away from the stress of everyday life. Another interesting phenomenon in DIY is the desire to share your creation. Since then, the term do it yourself has taken on a broader meaning encompassing a broad range of skills. DIY is associated with international alternative rock, punk rock and indie rock music, independent media networks, pirate radio stations and the zine community.

What Does Dyi Mean Query. What does it mean to do it yourself sexually? Do it yourselfYou may also be wondering what a home improvement store is? What does CBJ stand for? What does AMP mean sexually? What does DT represent sexually? Definitions include: Deep penetration during sex. What does Dfk mean in jargon? What does FAW mean on Snapchat? Do it yourself What does DS language mean?Click HERE for the our latest news.

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Even when adventures are small in the cosmic scope, the terminology of thrilling exploits promotes a life lived at a high pitch. This go-to glossary for the philosophical explorer delves into these contradictions and insights through more than five hundred terms, from A-OK to zoom.

Semiotician Joshua Glenn sourced terms from Shakespeare, military and biker jargon, hip hop and surfer slang, survivalist and gamer subcultures, comic books, extreme sports, and beyond to ask questions about meaning and selfhood. This diverting survey, paired with copious illustrations by the acclaimed cartoonist Seth, is introduced by Mark Kingwell in a thought-provoking essay. This third instalment turns its lens to the language of risk, excitement, and journeying into the unknown, taking readers on their own semantic adventure.

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Filmsite: written by Tim Dirks.

What does it mean when someone calls you a bookend?

Search for:. Facebook Twitter Email. Example: Marli Renfro, a hired double for Janet Leigh for test scenes in the shower scene in Psycho Example: Mira Nair's Monsoon Weddinga modern Indian film set in current-day New Delhi, echoes the Bollywood spirit with typical traits including music and dance, romance, and comedy. Also the Best Picture winning Slumdog Millionaire Example: A microphone boom stand from the late 40s.

Example: a bootlegged DVD version of Star Warsmastered using an Asian release of the special edition laserdisc. Examples of bridging shots include: falling calendar pages, newspaper headlines, railroad wheels, seasonal changes, and maps, such as the transitional travel maps reminiscent of serials in Raiders of the Lost Ark Film Terms Glossary Illustrated B - 2. Film Terms Glossary. Cinematic Terms.

Definition and Explanation. Example if applicable. Examples: Sweet Sweetback's Badasssss SongSuperflyand Ralph Bakshi's animated Coonskin ; a documentary titled Baadasssss Cinema from the Independent Film Channel by filmmaker Isaac Julien examined the early 70s and the phenomenon of blaxploitation films. Examples: The term was first applied to Steven Spielberg's Jawsoften acknowledged as the first blockbuster; James Cameron's Titanic was also a massive blockbuster hit.

Examples: in Jurassic Parkthe name of a common dinosaur Stegosaurus was spelled incorrectly; in the cafeteria scene at Mt. Rushmore in North by Northwesta boy extra in the cafeteria of Mt. Rushmore plugs his ears before a gun goes off; or in The Invisible Man when Claude Rains strips to avoid police, he leaves visible shoe prints in the snow; probably the most frequent flub in films is the appearance of the boom mike.

The background is then replaced or matted in post-production by chroma-keying or optical printer, allowing other footage or computer-generated images CGI to form the background image; sincemost films use a green-screen.

Example: the view of Xanadu's gate in Citizen Kane Example: Hitchcock used this filming technique for almost all of Rope Examples: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof removed the stage play's references to homosexuality; Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a 'bowdlerized,' prudish and sterilized version of the original Grimm fairy tale, with darker and more adult content.Jane K. Dickinson, Susan J. Guzman, Melinda D. Maryniuk, Catherine A. Kadohiro, Richard A. Close, Martha M. Diabetes Care 1 December ; 40 12 : — Language is powerful and can have a strong impact on perceptions as well as behavior.

This document represents the expert opinion of the task force. The literature supports the need for a language movement in diabetes care and education. There are effective filma24 romance of communicating about diabetes.

This article provides recommendations for language used by health care professionals and others when discussing diabetes through spoken or written words—whether directed to people with diabetes, colleagues, or the general public, as well as research questions related to language and diabetes. It has been well established that diabetes is a complex disease that is challenging to manage on a daily basis.

There has been abundant discussion recently 12 about the patient experience, communication, and questions about how to make life better for people with diabetes. While information exists on how to interact more effectively with people living with diabetes 3there is very little discussion about the language we use in these encounters. People experience both diabetes and the language of diabetes in context.

Language is the principal vehicle for the sharing of knowledge and understanding 4. Words are immediately shaped into meanings when people hear or read them 56and those meanings can affect how a person views him or herself. Language lies at the core of attitude change, social perception, personal identity, intergroup bias, and stereotyping. The use of certain words or phrases can intentionally or unintentionally express bias about personal characteristics e.

This is also true of language referring to persons with diabetes, which can express negative and disparaging attitudes and thereby contribute to an already stressful experience of living with this disease. On the other hand, encouraging and collaborative messages can enhance health outcomes 8.

How we talk to and about people with diabetes plays an important role in engagement, conceptualization of diabetes and its management, treatment outcomes, and the psychosocial well-being of the individual.

Offensive term for twins or other co-multiples, implying that they are not individuals. Hey, Mary-Kate and Ashley, come be in this picture! Yeah, one on each. Noun. bookend (plural bookends) A heavy object or moveable support placed at one or both ends of a row of books for the purpose of keeping them.

Bookends meaning Plural form of bookend. (poker, slang) An ace and a ten as a starting hand in Texas hold 'em as the cards are the first and last in a top. one of two things occurring or located at either end of something else: two events that served as bookends to my career. verb (used with object). In literature and rhetoric, bookends are two similar or identical passages at the beginning and end of a work (like actual bookends). The literal meaning of bookends is two (usually matching) objects weighted and placed against each end of a group of books to hold them.

Want this question answered? Be notified when an answer is posted. Request Answer. Add your answer: Earn +20 pts. Q: What does bookends mean is jargon? As you've probably noticed, the slang synonyms for "bookend" are listed above. community over at Urban Dictionary (not affiliated with Urban Thesaurus). It is often made of stone, metal, or wood. But bookend can also be a verb. In this regard, to bookend means to occur both before and after a. Notice some jargon or alternate definition that is missing from our list?

Bookends: A goal scored by a player whose defensive play or block earned the. Hey Tom. Quick Serve Restaurant. Now you have a new piece of jargon. Like. Bushel definition: A bushel is a unit of volume that is used for measuring Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Language Lover's. Blog. But, what does the term 'bookend' mean in the first place?

You can start your speech by sharing your initial struggles and challenges in terms of a. англо-русские словари. english-russian dictionaries. computer english-russian dictionary · dirty english-russian vocab · english russian slang dictionary. This article presents a view of occupation as the principal means through which people develop and express their personal identities.

Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science A book or periodical published in two languages, sometimes because both See: bookend. Here is the official dictionary of all vocabulary, terms, lingo and Bookends. When you make a nice D, run upfield, then catch the next pass to score a. Each week in Bookends, two writers take on questions about the world enough persistence we can make his language surrender its meaning.

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