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With the power of prophecy by their side, they decide to join forces with detective trio L, Near and Mello to prevent Yagami's and Amane's murdering sprees. Far away from this awful notebook, far away from the Yagami household, far away from Light himself. In fact, just about the only thing that held any interest for him or for Light now, was the sex. Lightxl Note Amino. L felt himself about to explode. A place for you to request all kinds of Death Note imagines!

Any character and any situation is accepted. One thing you didn't know what that you were on top of him. You were one of the very few that help with the chores around the Orphanage. Misa invited you to a party to celebrate your promotion in the Kira case.

Disclaimer: I don't own death note. Well, they still suck but not as much anymore. Yet, right now, as he stared at the monitor he felt like he suddenly could understand why the claim had been made. Light has always had a certain power over people, but after meeting a mysterious young man named L, He learns there's more to it than meets the eye.

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Originally on Wattpad. Possible Lemon in later chapters!!! Your watched as your entire family was m3e1 by Togi Syga, a mass murderer. Nightmare x reader x dream lemon. Reader is a death note holder. Lightxl Stories Wattpad. Requests are open. Light was having a hard time keeping quiet, as was L.

Miss you every day. He didn't have very many letters left, considering most of them died, including F. Watari has passed, I will morn his death. Amane Misa. Hot Anime. She just moved into the town so she didn't know anyone. Mira receives a call from her adoptive father, Watari that he wants her help for solving the Kira investigation in Japan. Yona was the beloved princess of the Kouka kingdom.

Discover more posts about death-note-x-reader.Includes: Ciel, Sebastion, Lizzy Elizabeth and others. I WILL take requests. I find I fun to see what people come up with. This is my first one on Angular log viewer. I will do Claudia was in her assigned room in the dead of night, the wind from her open window caused her long red hair to shift away from her face showing her tears.

The crimson blood dripped from her fresh cuts to the ground, she dug the tip of the knife into the base of her wrist and pressed harshly into her skin and pulled the knife as quick as she could.

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Her world began spinning and her door burst open as she hit the floor, Claudia woke up in a hospital bed and slowly sat up. The curtain around her bed was thrown back revealing a pissed Sebastion, she sighed and mumbled. This wasn't the first time this has happened she's ended up in the hospital many times before all for the same reason, self-harm. Claudia listened to the same lecture for seemingly the millionth time, though how it ended she had never expected.

Once her lecture was over a soft yet surprisingly loving kiss was planted on her lips. The youthful girl's cheeks erupted into a deep red as the black-haired male that stood above her said. The girl nodded in agreement the last thing she wanted to do was to explain to her parents why she had gotten fired. Months had passed and Claudia hadn't even thought about her blade that was until today. Her significant other had shattered her heart and cheated on her, she was incredibly emotionally fragile as it was the break-up and discovery sent her into a depressive and suicidal episode.

She found her blade and stood in the light of the candle, she slowly dragged her blade across her skin as she was her door flee open. Mey-Rin stood there and screamed in horror, the thundering footsteps sent the brown-haired girl farther into her episode.

As she heard Sebastian's cry for her to stop instead of listening to she shoved the tip of her blade into the base of her wrist. She pulled it to her elbow before she collapsed to the floor. Sebastian went to her and grabbed onto her as he did the others left and he began to cry, the small girl placed her hand on his cheek as she softly said. In a year you'll forget I was gone since I'm not really something to be dwelled on". You are someone to be dwelled on! I love you"!

Claudia heard him and as she drew her final breath smiled. A funeral was held for Claudia after a few weeks. Sebastian was the most devastated out of everyone, her parents didn't even show up. Once everyone had left he laid a black rose on her chest and kissed her gently. As he walked away from the open coffin the wind softly blew, a faint "I love you to I'm sorry" was heard which sent the demon into a fit of despair.

This was a request made by sanspapyrusfrisk1. Again sorry. School and stuff came up. Anywho I did finally update and I now feel horrible, sicker, and about to cry. I'm gonna go now BYE!!!!!

The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Black butler one shots requests closed and on hold by OliverWrites Black butler one shots requests closed and on hold Table of contents. Ciel X Modern-time!The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Darling I love you ciel x suicidal! Reader Darling I love you ciel x suicidal Start reading. Hey peeps this is my ciel x reader story hope you like it. Just do you know it's a little depressing but at the end it's good.

All Rights Reserved. Table of contents Last updated Oct 06, Chapter 1. Get notified when Darling I love you ciel x suicidal!

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You may also like. Fathers creepypastas x reader. A very popular model and singer is adopted. Eveyone loves her. But what they dont know is Ticci Toby x Mute Reader. This is my first story so be gentle. William Afton x Reader. As you make your way across the "new" city you settle into, You bump into your brother's best frien You and Ava went to the mall, but when you were leaving, yo Ticci Toby x Suicidal reader.

Pierce X Reader. Inferno Asch x reader. You played together For You - Ticci Toby x Reader. The dep Orphanage a creepypasta fanfiction. Swearing and lemons. More details.CharacterXoc and CharacterXCharacter. I told you so many times that this is how you pronounce Chaffeur! Your [ Hair length ] [ Hair color ] hair was a complete mess, yubo delete message came from france and so is your parents but you moved to London because of your grandmother's will to pass her mansion and tittle on to your mother and then you.

You weren't a noble when you were at france, you lived a comfortable life there and so does your parents have but after you were in London your parents attitude changed. You did what you were told as your mother then put books ontop of your head, you couldn't count since you lost track but it was heavy " [ Name ], now walk over to that bookshelf and back to me.

Try not to topple all the books down, got it!? You made it through the bookshelf and felt relieved, you were turning around when. After you were done you took a bath like your mother asked you for, as you were dressed by your maids in a [Fav.

It was dinner time and your mother have set you up for some valuable suitors, and that's were you met your abuser and Future husband. His dirty blonde hair and matching dark yellow eyes will haunt you for days, his fake sweet and gentleman attitude pushed your mother to say " He's the one!

You were now a full married woman to Henry Tarrant, you inherited the name of [ Lastname ] and you inherited the mansion that your grandmother passed on.

Henry Tarrant didn't love you at all, as he only used your tittle and money to get whatever he wanted. Ganool 21 even threatens to end your life and make it look like an accident, he even physically abused you so that you wont leave him. You wanted him literally out of your life, but you couldn't do anything but let it happend. During the year, your father died from an assault which ended up with murder while you were at the murder scene and crying your eyes out you saw something at the corner of your eye someone in red and holding out a chainsaw!?

You walked to the man and red before tapping him " E-excuse me sir, why are you carrying a chainsaw? What are you, a shinigami? A deserter? You dont want anything to do with him so you decided to walk back to your husband, but before you could start walking he got ahold of your wrist " Hey, before you go. The Name's Grell Sutcliff, what is yours darling? The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Sebastian x Angel! Grell X Suicidal! Reader [ What makes you Beutiful ]. Ciel x reader x Alois [London bridge is on repair].

Ronald X Will'sDaughter! Bard x Sebastian daughter! William x Reaper! New Reading List. CharacterXoc and CharacterXCharacter aloistrancy blackbutler blackbutleroneshots cielphantomhive claudefaustus grellsutcliff hannahannafellows oneshots ronaldknoxx sebastianmichaelis theundertaker williamtspears xreader.

Send to Friend. Story continues below. Promoted stories.Includes: Ciel, Sebastion, Lizzy Elizabeth and others. I WILL take requests. I find I fun to see what people come up with. This is my first one on Wattpad. I will do Jisatsu Tasukete, a young girl who had only just turned fourteen, stood over a small cup like bucket. Blood from bvb her freshly made cuts 3 gauss map and continued fractions off her arm and fell into the cup, she felt nothing at all from the cuts many people would've been crying but she wasn't.

The physical pain was canceled out by the emotional pain she felt. She slowly rose from her spot and dumped the cup out. She had hot water in her room as she always requested it, she poured it over her cuts then wrapped them before pulling her sleeves down. The soft material slid over the fabric covering the wounds on her arms. A knock came from the door and a soft voice rang. You're mother requests you meet the Phantomhives". The brunette girl opened her door and becane to, calmly and quietly, walk down to the large front room of her house.

She stood there with a fake smile on her face, should anyone pay attention to her they would've noticed the glint in her eyes that would show every now and then. She the door opened and her life olivem 400 friend entered, she had a small genuine smile as the young Phantomhive walked up.

Her hand recieved a gentle kiss as she was asked. In a soft voice she replied. She nodded and quietly walked off as the adults began to talk, a few silent tears ran down the girls face as they walked to the small section of garden that was their's.

They made it there only to find the older Tasukete there with her fiance, seeing her there sent Jisatsu into a fit of tears. She wiped them as quick as they came, Ciel tried to calm her down and rubbed her back. The smaller girl gripped his shirt and coat and she sobbed out.

She she she she took it. W-W-We've had it forever"! She was held tighter as gentle kisses were placed on her head. The older Tasukete spoke with venom. The younger stopped making any kind of noise and more or less went limp against her friend. She stay in his embrace before quietly saying.He was arrested at the end of the fourth season for turning the island into a highly-contaminated toxic waste dump.

An owl scratched at Hermione's window and she opened it. Silva x Reader Forced Lemon So, like father like son, Silva would be as yandere But after that my parents haired a babysitter for me. Molten freddy x male reader lemon. You're much smarter than your peers, Smarter than girls of your years, I'm afraid you know too much, my dear, I have to force you to keep quiet. Jan 13, — Read nightmare x reader lemon from the story au sans x reader lemons by monzca monzca wixes with reads Nightmare x killer forced lemon.

Fnaf 4 X Reader Lemon Wattpad. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Lemon Road. Finally, the door to the hidden room Robert had opened. You stepped up to the door knocking on it. And yes I cropped those 4 chibis. You had a long day, and all you wanted was to sleep for the whole night. If you manage to make a FNaF x Reader story, you will become player of the week! Remember these icons for when you're making a FNaF x Reader story.

I won't judge at all, just as long as it's FNaF related. Note: this quest will fail if not completed before. You groaned as you sat up. You Can't Leave. She read the letter and smiled. I was finishing up cooking some food as I made mashed potatoes. Originally posted by nanakorobiyaokii. Underfell Grillby X Female Reader Lemon Forced Stinky Girl Wattpad human bendy x reader lemon part 2 Just another Goldren Freddy x Reader story that's really old and full disclaimer, I wrote this Abused Child reader x plushtrap It's been 3 years since the incident coimbatore matter area number she is forced to take the job b.

Start here » Dabi x reader forced lemon Yandere x child male reader.

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Love Ron, your boyfriend. The sky above you is deep mauve, while the sun is sunken below the clouds. He was letting the two borrow it for their little conversation. In this group you can create any FNaF x Reader story just in a discussion. Jethro Gibbs x Jack Sloane. Soon stood the monster, full power. You walk across the beach, your feet sinking into the muddy sand. Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant! He wears a long, black robe with a v-neck line and shadows running down his arms, obscuring his body like a shadow.

With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, teacher germany x reader lemon will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many human bendy x reader lemon part 2 Just another Goldren Freddy x Reader story that's really old and full disclaimer, I wrote this Abused Child reader x plushtrap It's been 3 years since the incident and she is forced to take the job b.

Have fun. Crimson drips from your forehead. A pair of lips started kissing my neck passionately but at the same time sweetly. Springtrap x male reader lemon wattpad. He first appears in Snowdin Forest bristlenose pleco youtube the protagonist exits the Ruins. Chaos still reigns and rules the streets, but Loki sends his subordinates to put an end to this and gain order again.You have always been bullied at school but one day you find ciel phantomhive laying in the road having an asthma attack, you care for him and you become great friends You are a 20 year old noble girl who happens to be walking in the middle of the night in London.

You parents don't tell people that your their daughter and they don't even let you around other nobles or wear the attire. While you are walking you meet Ciel and Seba You are the first Grim Reaper who is a women and is Grells underling, Helping Grell with his work she runs into Sebastian and Ceil what will happen when you fall in love with a demon who is supposedly not be able to feel emotions?

Will he over come the stereotype or will you forever be alone? This story is about an ordinary young woman, or so you would think. Little does she know that this encounter could change her l Make sure you have watched Black Butler: Book of Circus before reading this book so you know what is going on.

You have long light brown hair and brown eyes. You are Jumbos sister and have been apart of the Noah's Ark Circus ever since you w She is surprised when she finds out that a mysterious raven is following her.

I don't own any anime that happens to be in this story, also any references to other stories are completely co-incidental. You've found yourself wandering the streets of London, you have no where to go, no way of getting food, the only thing you have to drink is the filthy water on the street.

I do not own you, or any of the characters in this story. Hey peeps this is my ciel x reader story hope you like it. Just do you know it's a little depressing but at the end it's good. Trigger warning! Not a one-shot I do not own black butler, nor you.

All I own is Caliber,and the plot. You're just an innocent, pure angel that had your life taken away too soon and too tragically. You didn't have a choice to live or die, but those who commit suicide have that power of choice in the weapon they hold.

Upon request from a shinigami, William T. Spears, your job is to help those that wish to die. You mus Living in a manor with eight other sisters, -most whom seem to hate you- a father wanting to force you into marriage, and new members arriving at peculiar times isn't easy.

Honestly, you can't wait until your father allows for you to leave this home behind and start a life of your own, but that seems like it'll never What happens when black butler character somehow transport into our world?

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Reader x Sebastian x Claude x Undertaker x Grell. Reader x Sebastian] Not just a typical 21st century girl anymore, am I right? Maybe this "anime" is a little more realer than you had originally thought. Maybe because you are in love with an anime character that is a demon who then transforms you into a demone Playing by her own rules, it leads her to a manor and a precarious situation with a demon, a snobby Phantomhive, and more danger that she anticipated.

There was no such thing as fate, but when a series of even I don't want to live if it means I owe you my life! If you know whose it is, HMU so I can credit them! You, the reade You were captured by Alois and hidden in a room where he thought no one would find you.

You were his and there was nothing you could do. That was until a certain demon came to the rescue. Read Grell X Suicidal!Reader [ What makes you Beutiful ] from the story BlackButler { Oneshots } by EmiliaNGNL (Dead-Account) with reads.

xreader. Black Butler x Reader Oneshots/lemons. Fanfiction. Hey guys if you want to request a story for black butler be my guest i am open to suggestions and don't. Read Sebastion X Suicidal Reader from the story Black butler one shots ((requests closed and on hold)) by OliverWrites (Oliver) with reads. Read Ciel X Suicidal reader from the story Black butler one shots ((requests closed and on hold)) by OliverWrites (Oliver) with reads.

gxb. Y/n Midford is the twin sister of Elizabeth Midford. Very much unlike Elizabeth Y/n is quiet and doesn't scream in Ciel's ear every time she. Read Don't You Dare Forget The Sun (Ciel x Suicidal!Self-Harm!Reader) 4jj1 injector pump from the story One-shots(Drabbles)[[REQUESTS OPEN]] by PlutiaWrites (Bunny). might be triggering. Hey peeps this is my ciel x reader story hope you like it.

Just do you know it's a little depressing but at the end it's good. 『Under Extreme Editing』 After a rather rough childhood, (Y/N) had met a rather special boy who generously took them in and cared for them.

This is a black butler lemon requested by chayanutlagoutatzis Thank you for your comments and votes love yall. In this one its multiple lemons of bla © K Read and find out. ciel · sebby. +5 more. Slayer Delivery (Demon Slayer x Modern Reader) by Akariqueen Undertaker x (suicidal)reader. Most Impressive Ranking Other Rankings. # 6 undertaker out of stories · # 10 kuroshitsuji out of stories.

Suicide Is Painless (Ciel x Suicidal Reader). K 37 3!Trigger warning! Not a one-shot I do not own black butler, nor you. All I own is Caliber,and the. Darling I love you (ciel x suicidal! Reader). K 1K 7. Hey peeps this is my ciel x reader story hope you like it. Just do you know it's a little. The girl from another time.

(Ciel x Suicidal reader) Black Butler fanfic. Story November 22, Celaena Thorval · Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Black Butler. Ciel x Suicidal!Reader (Black Butler). Your mind In the state of trauma. I say Ciel deserved it, calling me a "whore* and all that, disrespectful brat.

and right after my parents die too! OMG! Reply. (A/N this is just a feels rant so it shouldn't be good. I also wrote this in the middle of the night, on my phone. Please forgive me?). About wattpad suicidal Black butler x reader. Draco- You were so tired of everything. Warnings: triggers Trigger warning: self harm. The Housemaid's Master ~Ciel Phantomhive x Reader~ You opened the polished Black Butler X Suicidal Reader Wattpad Founded in