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Ro02 November Mobile hardware Other. Industry sources claim that the mini LED technology has matured enough and has even entered mass production this year, but it's yet to reach volume production. And why should we care? The mini LED tech can also be used as a support active matrix LED panels, but backlighting for LCDs remains the main focus because it's easier to produce and the cost is considerably lower.

Besides, the performance gains over conventional LCD panels are said to be mind-blowing. Sources say that brightness, contrast, color reproduction and power conservation is far superior to today's LCDs and can even compete with AMOLEDs while keeping the production cost in check. Take a standard smartphone, for example - a 5-inch phone display incorporates about 25 LED units while the mini LED backlight can feature 9, to 10, units.

This would result in much better HDR thanks to the far more granular control. On one hand, the current OLED panels are still better at this due to their ability to dim individual pixels, but on the other, mini LED-backlit displays can still meet the extreme requirements to process local dimming when displaying HDR content.

But the latter is still hard to produce, a hassle to repair and needs adjusting the CRI color rendering index to match the one of the currently existing displays.

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To achieve this look we simply blend your selected design and material with a frosted acrylic panel of choice. The local installer builds the frame to receive the panels and adds the LED strip in the field per the buyers specifications.

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What is the difference between edge-lit and back-lit LED panels?

Designer Panels. Treillage Collection. Tracery Collection. Planter Collection. Partition Collection. Specialty Collection. Inspired by plaster-based Tracery, our large format, swooping designs provide enhanced beauty and texture to any wall or ceiling.

We Designed a partition collection that is available free standing or hanging using solid or semi-transparent materials. They are light weight, quickly installed and the smooth surface makes them easy to clean. We are extremely fortunate to work with some of the top design and architectural firms from around the world. They integrate our products into a number of interesting applications beyond our core offerings.

Brochure Gallery. Brochure Designs Gallery. Brochure Assembly Manuals video. Specialty Products Backlit Panels. ContactMarble room decoration backlighting DC 24V led panel light backlit glass panels. Cheap Super bright led backlight panel. LED backlight panels are available in any size, shapes Including Radii with eight different illumination levels. Lower Power Consumption LED backlights have a lower power consumption than traditional backlighting sources.

Manufacturer v high lumen v dimmable 38w led backlight panel led panel lights. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample. Secondly, during the guarantee period, we will send new lights with new order for small quantity. Can I have a sample order for led panel light9 A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.

How to proceed an order for led light9 A: Firstly let us know your requirements or application. Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order. Aluminum driver back light 60w xmm x xmm x 60x60cm 60x60 Led backlight panel backlit with lens SMD For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend them to you or we can discuss the solution including re-call according to real situation.

Integral Panel Accessory Surface Mount Box Backlit Panels 1200X600

Lattice ceiling surface 60x60 x 60w slim square frame flat backlit backlight led light panel. Top sell led panel 60x60 40w 48w led Square flat panel lighting. How to proceed an order for led panel9 A: Firstly let us know your requirements or application.

The excellent led backlight panel displays on Alibaba. They come with attractive discounts that make them valuable, providing unrivaled returns on investment. They are available in an enormous collection that holds a large variety characterized by different sizes, shapes, and lighting colors. This ensures that every shopper comes across the most ideal led backlight panel for their space. The led backlight panel options listed on Alibaba. This makes them ideal for any space because they complement other home and office decors to give an aura of elegance and class.

They are easy to install and maintain, primarily because of their creative designs. The innovative technologies they incorporate gives them long lifespans, which ensures that users enjoy many light hours. These fantastic led backlight panel ranges shine significantly brighter than other lighting sources. Therefore, they consume lower amounts of electric currents and enable users to save money on their electricity bills.Their thin, lightweight design features 4 knockouts to provide easy installation in both retrofit and new construction applications.

In the past, hot spots and yellowing have been concerns with LED back-lit panel light fixtures. These features allow the lumen output and color temperature to be selected with a simple switch. This versatility offers significant SKU reduction. Keystone also offers edge-lit LED panel light fixtures. Keystone offers complementary lighting layout services for our products, to help take the next step in bringing your project to life.

We can provide answers to your lighting questions to determine how many fixtures you need, what types of lamps are best for your applications, and how to save the maximum amount of energy, all within budget.

By utilizing industry leading lighting layout design software, we provide accurate and dependable application renderings. For new constructions or retrofit, simply provide Keystone with a few key project details, and our lighting designers will get to work on your request.

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Review and Records: With reasonable notice, you will provide sample copies of uses of images to Keystone Technologies. You must keep record of all usage of images including details on client usage. Keystone Technologies may request and audit such records periodically.Backlit and edge lit LED flat panel lights are both very popular these days for commercial and office lighting.

The new technology allows these flat panel lights to be manufactured very thin, and open up options for end users to choose how to light up the spaces. And what are the advantages and disadvantages of them? The first LED panels used edge-lighting. The light is produced from the sides of the panel and passes through the light guide panel LGPthen refracted downwards into space.

The advantage of the edge lit LED flat panel lights is undoubtedly their thin size. It allows them to be mounted on a variety of surfaces, such as underneath cabinets or on concrete ceilings. Structure of Edge lit LED panel light. While for the backlit LED panel lights, the light source is on the back of the panel, so we usually need to keep some distances between the light source and the panel.

By this, we can win a uniform brightness on the surface of the panel. For this reason, the backlit panel lights are a bit thicker than edge lit panel lights, usually 30mm or thinner at current technology. Backlit LED panel lights are always more efficient than their edge-lit counterparts. Whereas the light created by the LED chips in an edge-lit fixture has to travel through the entire volume of the diffusing panel. While the light from the matrix of LED chips in a backlit panel light only travels through the thickness of the diffuser material.

Light losses within the fixture are lower, meaning a higher delivered lumen output. While the effect of the light redirection is another reason that many people prefer the edge lit flat panel lights. For many offices and other commercial applications, these edge lit flat panels can be the perfect light source for their various spaces. There are two trends are being watched carefully. On the one hand, the lumen output of the LED panel lights is driving ever higher. At the same time, the unit cost of panel lights is going the other way, with some panel lights being offered at embarrassingly low prices.

We are all aware of ridiculously low prices on LED panel lights available on the internet. The guidance on buying any type of LED luminaire stands: a lighting supplier with a decent reputation to maintain will be able to provide full, certified, photometric performance data of its fixtures.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. There are a lot of options out there.

But choosing LEDs means you are off to a great start towards energy efficiency! Backlit Panels. The key difference between Edge-Lit and Backlit panels is where the LEDs are located and the way that light disperses from each fixture. But what does that mean for you? As the name implies, this type of panel light has LEDs that are placed on the edge of the frame. Slim Profile — Measuring as thin as half an inch gives these slim panels a sleek appearance. Flexible Install Options — They can be installed in standard drop ceilings but—thanks to that ultra-thin frame—they can also be surface mounted to ceilings or walls, as well as suspended using junction box or cable-mounting kits.

Instead of digital screams reading passage indirectly, like edge-lit panels, LED backlit panels have LEDs lined up on the back of the frame.


The LEDs point downward, shining light directly through the lens. Lightweight — The minimalist, but durable, design of these panels makes them lightweight, so installing overhead in drop ceilings is easier to manage. Deeper Profile — Backlit panels require deeper housing, making then about twice as thick as edge-lit alternatives. Because of this, they are only intended to be installed in drop ceilings.

Below are two application photos; one with an edge-lit LED panel installed and the other with backlit panels.

The backlit panels have a strong downward light output and affordability, while the edge-lit panels disperse the light more and are more versatile when it comes to installation options. Now that you know the key differences between backlit and edge-lit options, you can pick whichever works best for your office, retail store, healthcare facility, or other commercial building.

LED Panel Lights

Feel free to check out our selection of panel lights. Or, to find out more about the best lighting for your application, reach out to our team of experts! Call: Toggle Nav. Tube Lights. Strip Kits. Screw-In Retrofits.

Edge-Lit vs Backlit Flat Panel Lights – What are the Differences?

Vapor Tight. High Bays. Ceiling Lights. Shop Lights. Grow Lights. Flood Lights. Pole Lights. Wall Packs. Canopy Lights.The Integral LED x surface mounted box is designed so that Integral LED x panels can be installed into a surface where it is not possible, or not wanted, to fit as a recessed luminaire. Its simple features gives easy and secure installation with a stylish matt white finish.

Call our sales on: Email support team on: sales directtradesupplies. Log in Create Account Contact Us. Basket Checkout. Product code: ILPA For large orders please phone for a further possible Discount!

Designed for x panels. Delivery Information. Royal Mail Recorded Delivery Charges Work in progress some products have them more on the way if you think your product doesn't weigh that much please phone For orders to Countries other then the UK please phone so we can give you an accurate shipping price.

Returns Policy. If sending items back to us to please include your details in or on the box and the reasons why you have sent it back. Also make sure you send the items recorded delivery. Your goods should reach you in perfect condition but in the unlikely event that there is a fault with your product you can return it to us within 7 days of delivery for a full refund. Faulty goods will only be credited following a satisfactory report from the manufacturer that the fault was with the goods and not the installation.

If the courier looses the item we cannot be held responsible. We are always here for our customers and you can always reach us for the help, advice or guidance you need. Email: sales directtradesupplies. Social Media. Call our sales on: email support team on: sales directtradesupplies. All Rights Reserved. Reg No Vat No: Intelligently designed, Brackenheath's Backlit Panels offer the latest in LED technology providing a superior and efficient light output at a. Customizable LED light panel for backlighting applications.

Our patented technology allows for custom shapes, color, and sizes to fit most designs. Compact LED light panels; Uniform, diffuse backlight illumination; Suitable for continuous and strobe operation; Available in red, infrared and other. Instead of illuminating indirectly, like edge-lit panels, LED backlit panels have LEDs lined up on the back of the frame.

The LEDs point. A back-lit LED panel is made of an array of LEDs fitted on a horizontal plate shining vertically down through a diffuser into the space to be illuminated. The LED Backlit Panels create a thin, bright, and even light source for many applications. LED lights are mounted on the entire sheet, which acts as a heat sink.

The luminaire boasts all the benefits of a backlit panel, with an installation depth of less than 3 centimeters. Illumination. Lighting designers have it easy. The best option for even light diffusion across a display or backlit graphic image is now ready to order, with the LED Light Guide Panel.

About the back lit led panel, which the light source is backing of the panel, we usually need to keep some distances between the light source and the panel to. Surface Mounting Frame for 1'x4' LED Backlit Panels with Emergency. Read more · NPDBLRFK/W.

Recessed Mounting Kit for 1'x 4' LED Backlit Panels. Instead of LEDs 5b workbook answers on the edges that illuminate indirectly, Back-Lit Panels have LEDs on, yes, the back of the frame. The LEDs are pointing. Enquire about our range of backlit panel LED lights, which are perfect options for your office or retail environment.

Find out more today. The Integral LED backlit panels are designed to provide a bright, top-quality and uniform light and are therefore suitable for use in a wide variety of. However, the real saving is in the lower operational costs delivered by backlit panels. Edge lit panels average lumen per watt is between LED Panels are the optimum solution for backlighting. Customers regularly come to us disappointed with other backlighting solutions.

LED strips may be a cheaper. Backlit Panel is the new LED panels generation that, thanks to its constructive configuration, optimize the cost-effectiveness of the installation and.

Enhance Your Surroundings with Backlit Perforated Panels. Backlighting makes your environment more brilliant. Backlighting highlights the structure of. The PB Series Backlit LED Panels balance high output with clean, even light distribution and numerous installation options. They are a stylish troffer.

LED Backlight Panels have many names, such as backlighting panels, backlit panels, edge lit panels and so on. There is the light source in the sides of. In Back-lit models, the light source is behind the panel and travels transversally through it. Let's say, like an old fashioned “light box”.