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The ath10k firmware images are available from linux-firmware. Latest firmware images can be downloaded from ath10k-firmware. First download the firmware image from the links above. In this example we use firmware Then just copy that file as firmware Then reload ath10k or restart the system and you can check if the new firmware is in use.

Because firmware changes between versions we have introduced firmware API concept to ath10k. This makes it possible to support different versions of ath10k. The first version. Firmware images are in separate files: firmware. There's no FW IE support. Deprecated since March and removed on March Embedding both firmware and otp images into same file firmware Firmware meta data provided through Coil box spring IE. Added in commit 1aa dated Sep 27for Linux 3.

Deprecated, no new firmware releases use this anymore. Adding support for Added in commit 24c88ffb7 dated Jul 27 Added in commit 4a16fbec1cd0a dated December 17th Added in commit cf35e March 25 Workaround for board id being zero on QCA hw3. Added in commit aad1fd7f April 19first release v4. Also for QCA hw1. Added in commit fc8bf79 Februaryfirst release v4. User Tools Log In.

Site Tools Search. Sidebar Users main page. Vendor Support. Driver Development.Under windows it is working normally and is displayed as QCA61x4 network adapter. The only difference is where to put the fixed WiFi driver. And I searched Google for a long time but I got nothing useful. There is a patch available to add support which is reported to work at least on OpenWrt but that requires building from source.

There are five files in total, including: board. Re: help installing backports for atheros qualcomm QCA wifi driver. Update to latest ath10k-ct driver. Backports project can be used to run latest ath10k driver on older kernels. This page is intended to describe the support status, capabilities and functional restrictions if any of the ath10k-ct driver. The stability of the driver and the firmware has been greatly improved in that time. Presuambly the idea is that, if things like this used DT which mine doesn't, I presumethen ath10k could get the calibration data via DT.

Just edited ar71xx. The feature is enabled via a new module parmeter. For example, the license for ath10k firmware is incompatible with GPL. I have confirmed that the card supports monitor mode but the compatibility page says nothing about the ath10k driver. Threaded context can be scheduled efficiently, thus creating less of bottleneck during Rx processing.

This can be solved by updating to the latest kernel currently 4. Other clients connect fine. On top of that latest ath patches are The ath10k firmware images are available from linux-firmware. Everything went fine and the install told me to reboot. Debian Bug report logs. Then wireless ac will work on the qca pci card that the tp-link archer c7 and other devices use. I'm certainly doing something wrong, but not sure what.

I think dmesg will describe it better then i can. Relevant dmesg chunk at driver load demonstrating that only 2. Showing ath10k Firmware Load Successes. B backports-ath10k The CT Disable MU txbf features. Created attachment [details] dmesg As the title says. Delegated to: Kalle Valo. I've tried the three steps you said. This seems to work as a workaround, but for me feel like it should be unnecessary as this was working out the box and I believe is still a regression in the drivers power The developers responsible for this Qualcomm Atheros In some cases the driver is not enough.

This bug was first seen since the last kernel upgrade from 4. SteamOS 2. You can also help by testing and offering code contributions.Login [x] Log in using an account from: Fedora Account System.

Red Hat Associate. Red Hat Customer. User Changes. Page Help! This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Description mike UTC. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Keywords :. Reported: UTC by mike.

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If docs needed, set a value. Attachments Terms of Use Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Wifi adapter does not work. It worked with the prior version the linux-firmware package.


How reproducible: Upgrade to package linux-firmware Upgrade to package linux-firmware Expected results: Working wifi adapter. Additional info: uname -a Linux sys-net 4. Approximately 4 four weeks from now Fedora will stop maintaining and issuing updates for Fedora It is Fedora's policy to close all bug reports from releases that are no longer maintained.I've a dual boot Ubuntu What happens is wifi connects to the network successfully and I can connect to the internet.

However, after a few seconds, even though the network manager still says it is connected to the network, I cannot ping anywhere. Restarting the Network manager with 'service network-manager restart' reproduces the problem: online for a few seconds and then no connection.

I seem to have the correct driver firmware. I'm suspecting the network card goes into powersave mode the line about Limiting TX power None Link to a FAQ. This question was expired because it remained in the 'Open' state without activity for the last 15 days.

Ubuntu Here's some diag info uname -r 4. Revision history for this message. What is the output of: sudo lshw -C network; sudo iwlist scan egrep -i 'ssid chan' Thanks. If you boot to Windows then shutdown. Then cold boot to Ubuntu is it OK? I'm still having this problem. Anybody has a recommendation? Ask a question. Edit question. Subscribers Subscribe. Subscribe someone else.

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I found different methods online, like the git repo of kvalo or reinstalling linux-firmware, but neither worked, my kern. Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group.

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Viewed 5k times. I'm on DNS[1]: Improve this question. The third line of your paste shows that a suitable firmware file was found and loaded. There is something else wrong aside from firmware.

I suggest that you give us a paste of the result of the wireless script so we may investigate further. Please see: askubuntu. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer.

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That was a hardware block in the kernel module.I went over there and searched for ESP Lots of posts suggest that this is a known problem over there, too. Someone who knows I have a few more things to check.

I have an archer c2 with openwrt in my garage. An esp32 and a sonoff mini are connected to it. And none of them are suffering packet loss.

The openwrt version is the same but C7 has some newer packages. It seems like proximity may quell the syndrome. You may want to also try putting the ESP further away from the AP to help guard against false-success.

But I have a sonoff mini in the same room as the main router, the C7 and it also suffers packet loss. Luci version is different, and I will check if there is something different on wireless configuration.

Makes sense. My reluctance towards the stock firmware is mostly due to device tracking. With openwrt I am able to track both android and iphone wife reliably with an acceptable delay. I did for a while, but desiring to be independent of as many variables as possible, just changed to the mobile-app and device-ping methods of tracking, and they seem to be working out fine for me.

Mainly I was just using tracking to tell me when we were both away, or not, which was a factor in some automations. I submitted it as a bug report, because nothing should fail that ungracefully for such a common use-case as that.

But I digress. Congratulations on so closely identifying the probable cause of all these woes. Now we will know what to look for when they release an update to OpenWRT.Open sidebar Ahmad Haris linux-firmware Commits bfd3. Hide whitespace changes Inline Side-by-side. View file bfd3. No preview for this file type. Except where prohibited by the open source license, the content of this notices file is only provided to satisfy Qualcomm Atheros's attribution and notice requirement; your use of these software components together with the Qualcomm Atheros software Qualcomm Atheros software hereinafter referred to as "Software" is subject to the terms of your agreement from Qualcomm Atheros.

Compliance with all copyright laws and software license agreements included in the with the Qualcomm Atheros software Qualcomm Atheros software hereinafter referred react speedometer as "Software" is subject to the terms of your agreement from Qualcomm Atheros. Compliance with all copyright laws and software license agreements included in the notice section of this file are the responsibility of the user.

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Name: ath10k-firmware-qcax; Version: ; Description: ath10k qcax firmware\\ \\; Installed size: kB; Dependencies: libc. I asked this question back in January [here] but got no response so I will try again here.

Later firmware versions have since been been. › Freifunk-Spalter › packages › issues. when running falter beta4 on the popular unifi ac mesh, we need to switch to classic firmware for s mesh support on both radios. opkg. mkdir -p /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCAX/hw/orig mv The ath10k firmware from Candela is based on the firmware from QCA, but has quite a few.

Download ath10k-firmware-qcax-ct packages for OpenWrt. Download ath10k-firmware-qcax-ct-htt packages for OpenWrt.

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ath10k firmware; Update firmware; Firmware branches The firmware is searched from directory ath10k/QCAX/hw under the system firmware directory. /ath10k/QCAX/hw/./ · · firmwarebin · firmwarebin_ · firmwarebin_ · firmwarebin_ update the qcax firmware to firmwarebin_ According to LEDE Forum, the new firmware supports mesh mode.

Also, it seems to have several. The ath10k firmware images are available from which In this example we use firmwarebin_ from QCAX. This patch updates the QCAX firmware to the latest revision firmwarebin_ found in the official ath10k-firmware repository.

[OpenWrt-Devel,1/2] ath10k-firmware: Update QCAX firmware to Message ID, git. List of package versions for project ath10k-firmware in all repositories. base, ath10k-firmware-qcax-ct · abc60, firmware, [email protected] Binary firmware for Atheros wireless cards. QCAX board configuration, version 1 (ath10k/QCAX/hw/ * Qualcomm Atheros QCAX firmware.

ath10k driver ath10k is the mac wireless driver for Qualcom Atheros QCAx family of Download ath10k-firmware-qcax-ct__x86_ QCAX!hw!firmwarebin: firmware_loading_store: map pages failed Dec 17 turris kernel: [ ] ath10k_pci qcax hw ath10k board bin ] firmware ath10k!QCAX!hw2. 0: org Ubiquiti LiteAP AC. x kernel i had to install the ath10k driver through backports. ] firmware ath10k!QCAX!hw2. co> To: [email protected] Once we have the correct board file we will update the link.

] Linux version 4. ,6 +,14 @@ This firmware will NOT be used unless the standard ath10k-firmware-qcax is un-selected since the driver will try to.