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Sex work in Ghana, in particular Accra, is one of those open secrets. While the practice is frowned upon, if you ask almost anyone on the streets where you can find areas notorious for Ashawos, people could point you in the right direction. In spite of collective knowledge on the whereabouts of sex workers in Accra, it dawned on me that, growing up in the city, I knew very little about these women.

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I had never thought much about them outside the stereotypes and public images they are often assigned. The public perception of these women has never made room for the traumatising or unfortunate circumstances or even deliberate choices that may have led them to sex work in the first place. The all-too-familiar condemnation simply brands them in such a way that expects them to find better, more respectful jobs, in an economy that has a 6.

The public disapproval of these women often touts sex work as something they want to engage in, focusing on the intention behind a job they willingly choose after all, they are supposed to be bad girls. After interviewing 15 sex workers in Accra, my research revealed that sex work for these women is often a stepping stone, a means to a greater end and not as far removed from other work as often thought.

Some of these women expressed discontent with their work, but they were also resigned to their situation in which they lacked opportunities for other employment. With dreams of becoming beauticians, hairdressers and seamstresses, the respondents set their sights on work other than sex work, contrary to the typical belief of many Ghanaians me included previously. Rather than condemning sex workers and the work they do, we ought to focus more on creating opportunities for women, especially when they may have come from difficult backgrounds, and they are eager to apply their skillsets to earn an income.

Organisations such as The Women of Dignity Alliance WODA — the organisation that helped me organise the interviews — gathers sex workers from communities across Accra and puts together regular workshops to educate them on health issues, as well as teaching them various practical skills such as bead- and soap-making, should they decide to shift into other fields of work. During the interviews, some of the respondents had their babies tied to their backs or nearby playing with the babies of other sex workers.

In the eyes of their children, these women are mothers and nothing else. Whether they are recognised for it or not, to these children they are providers, caregivers and sources of comfort. Main photo: jozuadouglas from Pixabay. Ghana is a country rapidly deteriorating into a corrupt, autocratic, place, where women have always been disenfranchised, and are becoming even more so.

The author has done a good job of describing the experienced reality for a group of women caught in forces they cannot overpower, and doing their best to survive, not fully understanding the many ways their basic human rights are being violated. Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days. Search for:. Krista Samson October 30th, Sex work and stereotypes in Ghana 1 comment shares Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

LSE alumni Krista Samson considers the ways in which the lives, motivations and aspirations of these women are rarely considered, which serves to perpetuate harmful and restrictive stereotypes. About the author Krista Samson. Posted In: Gender Society. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Female sex workers FSWs who inject drugs have higher risks of HIV infection due to injection drug use and the array of sexual practices employed.

This study, therefore, is designed to determine sexual practices of FSWs who inject drug in Osogbo, Nigeria. This study was a cross-sectional descriptive mixed-methods design. Twenty-seven FSWs who inject drug were selected from 11 brothels by snowball sampling and interviewed with a semistructured questionnaire and in-depth interview guide.

The mean age of respondents was. Many of the respondents were aware of the magnitude of HIV and some were sex workers first before turning to be drug users. Some respondents were willing to have male clients who do not wear a condom in exchange for accepting more money in return. Many of the respondents reported use of condom, regular talking of herbs, and good personal hygiene as ways of protecting themselves from HIV. Respondents have relatively high numbers of sexual partners. Involving sex workers directly in HIV prevention campaigns will encourage them to look after their health and to access services that could help them.

Higher risk of HIV transmission is determined by frequent partner change or higher number of partners; lack of, low level, or inconsistent condom use; unprotected anal intercourse; and presence of certain types of STIs, especially genital ulcerative disease, as cofactors [ 2 ]. HIV prevalence among sex workers in Nigeria has remained high over the past decade [ 3 ]. Thus, while HIV prevalence among the general population in Nigeria has been declining from its peak of 5.

In a recent survey among most-at-risk populations in six states in Nigeria, over half of sex workers did not consider themselves at risk of HIV infection [ 3 ]. Despite their high-risk sexual activity, many sex workers perceive their risk of HIV infection to be low [ 6 ].

As in most regions globally, many African individuals support themselves and their dependants through sex work, primarily women [ 7 ].

The risks of HIV transmission experienced by sex workers who inject drugs are related to their individual exposure to factors such as unprotected sex with multiple partners or sharing injecting equipment while injecting drugs [ 2 ].

There is evidence from many countries that sex work rates are much higher among female than among male injecting drug users and that female injectors are more likely to have less control over sharing of injecting equipment in a group injection or even with a sexual partner and are more likely to inject after male injecting drug users, thereby increasing their risk for acquiring HIV [ 11 ].

Osun state has consistently experienced fluctuating HIV prevalence since The HIV prevalence decreased from 4. Factors driving the epidemic in Osun State include poverty, multiple sex partners, marital infidelity, high unprotected sexual activities among youths, ignorance, low risk assessment, negative cultural activities such as female circumcision, and migration of people from the high prevalence states that share borders with Osun [ 13 ].

This study therefore investigates sexual practices of female sex workers who inject drugs in Osogbo, Nigeria. Osogbo is a city in Nigeria, the capital of Osun State. Osogbo lies on the railway line from Lagos to Kano renegade lyrics meaning x ambassadors is the trade centre for a farming region.

Most of the population are members of the Yoruba ethnic group. Osogbo is the venue of the annual Osun-Osogbo festival along the River Osun. The population of the state according to the National Population Census figures is 3, including 1, Osun state consists chiefly of the Yoruba people, but with variations in dialects; approximately half of the residents are Muslim, with several mosques in major towns such as Iwo, Ede, Osogbo, Ikire, and Ejigbo.

The recruitment of participants was done using purposive sampling. This implies that the participants were selected because they are sex workers and also injecting drug users.

In-depth interview guide and semistructured questionnaire were developed by the researchers based on the literature reviewed together with input from Health Promotion Specialists at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The questionnaire was used to document female sex workers sociodemographic characteristics and sexual behaviour, while in-depth interview questions focused on drug use, awareness of HIV magnitude and HIV counseling and testing HCTcondom use, and STI challenges.

Two of the researchers moderated all the interviews, while note-taking was done by other research members to complement the audio recording by the moderator. Questionnaire was self-administered before the interview and IDIs were conducted in a quiet space within their brothels.

Each interview lasted about 30—45 minutesand the discussions were audiotaped with the consent of the participants.I have a pair of black really short shorts that hug my ass and go with almost every shirt I own. Anytime I want to feel sexy, I just wear it and it always works because I always look good in them!

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Do you have even a single romantic bone in your body? Take these quizzes.A fter spending 15 months in captivity in a run-down brothel in the Italian city of Torino, Estlcam homing finally saw her chance to escape.

The year-old Nigerian had scraped together nearly 50 euros in tips from a couple of regulars and so one winter afternoon, with her madam absent, she decided to slip out the door. It was her first time outside in months. She stopped at the local grocery store, where she spent everything she had on chocolate and cakes.

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For several minutes she huddled outside, gorging on the sweets and forgetting, just for a moment, the shame, humiliation and torture she had endured ever since arriving in Italy for what a friend had falsely told her was going to be a job selling African food and trinkets. A college graduate with a degree in laboratory science, Wealth, like millions of other young Nigerians, had been unable to find a job in her hometown of Benin City in southwestern Nigeria.

Wealth, who asked to go by the English translation of her first name in order to protect her privacy, agreed to pay the sponsor back out of her wages. Wealth, small but determined, refused to walk the streets. Her madam locked her up in a bedroom and sent clients to her instead. Wealth was forced to service several men a day, sometimes several at once, she tells TIME in an interview. When she escaped, she had worked off a third of her debt.

Another three years, she figured, and she would be free. Wealth is just one of tens of thousands of young women from Nigeria who have been trafficked to Europe for sexual exploitation over the past 15 years, according to the Nigerian National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons NAPTIPwhich was founded in to combat the problem. But it is that primitive oath—the ancient ritual Wealth participated in before she left Italy—that keeps many young Nigerian women bound to the sex trafficking trade, desperately afraid of the curse that might befall them if they break its terms.

Imported for my body: Di African women wey dem dey send go India for sex

It makes the sex trafficking trade particularly lucrative and nearly impossible to prosecute. As long as the bundle remained at the shrine, Wealth would be bound to her oath. If she broke it, she would be cursed. That winter afternoon, as she dusted the last few crumbs of chocolate from her hands, the Italian police pulled up and asked to see her documents. Wealth should have felt liberated. Instead, she was terrified.

But I wanted to pay off the debt. In Januaryforged paperwork in hand, she boarded another flight bound for Europe, traumatized by memories of what she was returning to, but also petrified by the thought of breaking her oath. But the power of the oath is now under assault from an unexpected origin: the traditional ruler of the Edo people, Ewuare II.

As head of the year-old Kingdom of Benin, Ewuare II—who was crowned the new Oba in fall —wields absolute power over the deities and priests who practice juju today. On March 9the Oba convened a meeting of some juju priests and practitioners at his palace to cast a curse of his own.

He then nullified any oaths undertaken by victims of human trafficking and placed a curse on any native doctor or juju priest who carried out the practice. Priests are already pleading with families of victims to come to their shrines to collect their bundles of intimate items. One priest offered to show TIME the oath-taking ritual, if provided with the requisite sacrificial offerings of one goat, one cockerel, kola nuts, and a calabash, but swore he had never conducted one himself, despite the fact that investigators had already identified him to TIME as the oath taker in several trafficking cases.Imagine a year-old girl wey dey for street dey sleep wit 15 men every day to pay her trafficker.

Dis na di kain horror wey Ngozi no be her real name face for several months for one hotel for Lugbe area of Abuja. Ngozi land for ashawo job afta her village neighbour for Anambra State promise her job to epp her pay her school fees if she fit come to Abuja.

I sleep wit 15 men for one thousand naira each to pay my madam," she tok.

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Mercy no be her real name na one of r6 cracked accounts. She say afta she don work for months for her madam, she come decide to run comot but her madam catch her, come use razor tear -tear her bodi. Di area where dis hotel dey for Lugbe area of Abuja, na wan poor rural community.

Di area no get any beta road but plenti kpako hotel full everiwia. BBC Pidgin reporter visit one of dis hotels where plenti girls dey where skimpy dresses and some area boys bin dey outside dey smoke Igbo. Di reporter pretend say im get small, small girls wey she wan bring come work for di hotel.

Di person wey di reporter meet dia say make she just take one room and go bring di girls wey im wan take work for di room. Di person tell BBC Pidgin reporter say make she pay ten thousand naira every week for di room. Demo come tell BBC reporter say if di girls wey im bring come do ashewo work na underage, she go dem tell di girls say make she dey put her age as 20 years or above.

Wia dis foto come from, BBC. Wetin dem tell BBC Pidgin reporter be say di girls wey she bring come do ashawo work go dey pay am between ten and fifteen thousand naira every day as dem dey work. She say di agency don raid some hotel where pikin ashawo dey work and close dem down plus take di owners dem to court.

As dem dey go court, di agency also still dey epp small small girls wey dem rescue from such hotels. Ngozi and Mercy plus plenti other girls wey di agency don rescue dey for one shelter for Abuja where dem dey learn hand work. Trafficking in Abuja: I dey sleep wit 15 men every day to pay my Madam. Paris court dey judge accused Nigerian sex traffickers. Ashawo house for pikin dem boku for Lugbe area.

Paris court dey judge accused Nigerian sex traffickers 21st May Jeffrey Epstein: Di millionaire dem accuse of sex trafficking don die 10th August Dem don bury Bashir Tofa, Nigeria presidential candidate wey die at di age of 74 3 hours wey don pass.Comedian Funny Face is entreating young message dialog box in swt to think through thoroughly when making a choice for a life partner.

A few hours ago, he posted a video from the Accra Psychiatric hospital where he was referred to by a judge for psychiatric examination. This was after the Police had arraigned the popular comic before court for threatening the lives of fellow comics Kalybos and Bismarkthejoke. In his latest video, a visibly disheveled and physically wrecked Funny Face gave valuable life lessons to young guys concerning women.

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Current efforts to advance the capacity of sex workers to recognize and successfully negotiate the risks in their work rarely privilege. Imagine year-old girl wey dey for street dey sleep wit 15 men every day to pay Paris court dey judge accused Nigerian sex traffickers. De one we dem don look · Video, Ikechukwu Oramife: Meet di year-old wey dey build functioning toy automobiles, Duration 2,14 · Video circulating on the internet cites a moment a 15 years old gay boy who dressed as a lady to attract men got caught.

A year-old male house help, Chinedu Obi stunned detectives at the Gender Unit of Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, last week when he. Some of the girls, whose ages were between 15 and 19, disclosed that they slept with at least four men every night, for N1, each. Others, who. ofthe prostitute, although it does address the prostitution of children in its juvenile code] 49 title, imprisoned not more than 15 years, or bothY 5.

I am a year-old man. I had sex with a prostitute, but I used a condom. My ejaculation time has reduced from minutes to a minute. Missing girl 13 years girl found in Oba now at Oba police station pls post until it get to her people Onyinyechi Ikechukwu from Ebonyi State but she live in Be. Located in Jabi district, it is a prostitute's haven; a place where men In the last few years, Abuja has seen a surge in the number of.

A Scottish hypnotherapist was busted in Florida for having sex with a year-old boy who paid her $ for a hotel tryst. Men who have sex with female prostitutes cannot be assumed to be at risk of 15 reported having sex with other men in the past year, and 6 reported. Your browser can't play this video. I Have Been Selling Hot Water To "ASHAWO" For Over 20 Years - Old Lady Reveals DAILY HUSTLE. Lapaz Ashawo Girl Stuck In Hotel After Hot Doğgý Stylę as boy runs away | KanTVDon't forget to give this video a thumbs up, also leave your.

Awareness of human trafficking in Nigeria/Benin city. urges AP Stylebook to replace use of 'prostitute' with 'sex worker', 15 October One told me, "Sometimes you might rape someone: you can go to a prostitute instead." Another put it like this: "A desperate man who wants sex so.AFRIMA · AFRIMMA Video of The Year ;Channel O Music Video Awards, Most Gifted Afro Pop ; · Nigeria Entertainment Awards, Indigenous Artist of.

Clients were only criminalized if purchasing from minors under 15 years of age. Insex tourism was added if offences against minors were committed by. 88 Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sexy dinner ashawo cloths (@everything_xtabel).

A year-old prostitute, who simply identified herself as Hannah, said the cost of room service recently increased from N to N1,