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Photo: Robar. Fortunately, Robar has a solution for smaller gun shops that want to provide gunsmith services to customers. It was the first gunsmith shop at Gunsite and provided gunsmithing services to students.

InBarrkman moved his operation to Phoenix and expanded services to include various metal finishing treatments. Some of these toyota c60 transmission were, and still are, quite innovative, especially as applied to firearms. For example, Robar introduced NP3 to the U. More about NP3 later. InBarrkman sold Robar to retired Marine Lt. Freddie Blish, and turned his attention to a new company, Coating Technologies, which specializes in metal finishing for commercial applications including aircraft and spacecraft.

Meanwhile, Blish concentrated on the gunsmithing operations of Robar, which is still housed under the same roof as Coating Technologies. That makes it easy and convenient for Robar to utilize the metal finishing expertise Barrkman has developed.

Robar also has a line of what we will call custom production guns that can be sold off the shelf. Some are guns made by well known manufacturers, to which Robar has added special features or other custom work. These guns are built for competition or law enforcement use.

It is available in a number of models including an AR pistol. And Robar guarantees sub-minute-of-angle accuracy with the PolymAR Through its close relationship with Coating Technologies, Robar offers various metal finishes including bluing, blackened stainless steel, electroless nickel, phosphate or Parkerizing, NP3, NP3 Plus and the newest finish, ArmorLube. ArmorLube is applied by Plasma Technologies, another Barrkman company. Other metal finishes available are Roguard, Poly-T2 which comes in various colors, Cerakote and Duracoat, all of which are applied in house by Robar.

Some of these finishes are very high-tech and have applications outside the firearms industry. Most everyone in the gun business is familiar with blued steel, and it is still widely used. But it has been far surpassed by some of the newer finishes.

Likewise, most are familiar with Parkerizing and the blackening treatment that can now be applied to stainless steel. Electroless nickel, which is tougher than hard chrome, is also a familiar finish.

The NP3 finish has a natural lubricity so it requires, according to Robar, little or no oil and is five times more corrosion resistant than electroless nickel. It is surpassed though by NP3 Plus, which is 10 times more corrosion resistant and retains the same natural lubricity. NP3 is used on the international space station and is applied to firearms with the same equipment and at the same place as the space hardware.

A particularly nice characteristic of NP3 and NP3 Plus is that they are much easier to clean than other finishes, often requiring nothing more than a wipe down with a clean cloth to remove powder residue. They have a matte nickel appearance and can also be used on internal parts, which makes a good trigger job even smoother.

It comes in black, tan, dark green, OD green, burnt bronze and gunmetal gray. Corrosion resistance tests show that it withstands more than 1, hours of exposure to salt spray, and is virtually impervious to solvents, oils and degreasers commonly used on firearms. It is also highly resistant to acids.

Roguard, another finish offered by Robar that also has uses beyond firearms, is a molybdenum disulfide-based polymer finish that increases lubricity and corrosion protection.Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Full Member. Feb 22, 12, 16, Northeast. Looking to get a couple desert tech bolts coated to hopefully smooth them up.

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I see Robar is out of business now. Steel head Feral kitten Full Member. Aug 3, 16, 50, Washington. Birdsong or DLC? Reactions: Fig and deersniper. Have you Tried Hornandy one shot gun cleaner? I works wonders on my savage and makes my nuke run silky smooth! Reactions: Stoweitlash6brshooter and 1 other person. Fig Janitor of the Hide Full Member. Reactions: charnicus.

Jun 2, 1, Colorado. Click to expand Custom Coating Deposit We offer coating services for a variety of items. Our Cerakoted Atlas Bipods have become very popular in the long range precision shooting community.I don't mind paying more for more performance, but I don't like to waste my money on gimmicks either.

Above: Colt BCG refinished with matte chrome finish and nickel boron gas key. The very first AR15 bolt carrier groups were hard chrome plated. This was at the direction of Eugene Stoner, the designer of the AR Chrome toto malaysia a finish well suited to the harsh environment where the bolt carrier group operates.

Chrome is extremely hard which makes it very wear resistant. It also has high corrosion resistance as well as a natural lubricity. Today, other finishes are much more common, all of which try to improve on the original chrome in either price or performance.

In fact, chrome BCGs are somewhat difficult to find today, but worth it if you can find one. Brownells Chrome Bolt Carrier Group. Brownells products are quality through and through. This beautiful chrome BCG is no exception. Built for a lifetime of hard use, this BCG can take all the punishment you can throw at it. Current mil spec for bolt carrier groups in military rifles M16 and M4 is phosphate.

Properly manufactured BCGs with a phosphate finish will still have a chrome lining inside the gas key and inside the carrier where the gas rings ride. Above: Chrome lining inside Toolcraft phosphate carrier can be seen with light coming in from the cam pin slot. The roughness of the phosphate finish wears down to become a smooth surface on the high wear points like the carrier rails.

Rough finish that requires more lubricant to run smoothly. Cleaning is more difficult. Colt Bolt Carrier Group Brownells. Colt needs no introduction. The original, mil-spec BCG! Also known as Melonite, Salt Bath Nitride or simply Nitride, this is a heat treating process that creates a case hardened surface by diffusing nitrogen into the metal surface. The resulting surface is extremely hard which makes it very resistant to wear and corrosion. It is also smooth and slick which makes for smooth operation and easier cleaning.The PTFE is evenly distributed throughout and locked into the nickel phosphorus matrix creating a true and stable composite.

As wear occurs fresh particles of PTFE are exposed to keeo the surface lubricated. This lubrication is available as long as the integrity of the coating is intact.

The autocatalytic nickel matrix provides an ideal supporting medium for the approximately 25 volume percent of rather soft submicron particles of PTFE. As the composite surface is slowly worn away during operation, more PTFE rich coating is exposed to the wearing surface, providing a continuous supply of solid lubricant to the critical areas. Heat treatment is possible to increase the matrix nickel-phosphorus hardness. Substantial improvements in performance have been noted in components coated with the composite.

In some cases the introduction of the composite has made previously impossible processes viable. NP3 is very corrosion resistant, a 1 mil. NP3 has a high lubricity and low friction co-efficient; the life expectancy of parts will be greatly increased due to reduced friction wear. NP3 is qml sort array against corrosion, peeling and flaking.

Coating Technologies, Inc. In CTI hired one of the developers of this process Dr. Paul Ebdon PHD to help train and develop the market for this new technology. The result is an accurately applied, dry lubricated, low friction surface that is extremely hard and resistant to wear.

As wear occurs fresh particles of PTFE are exposed to keep the surface lubricated. With NP3, the innovative engineer can specify surface characteristics that were previously thought unattainable. The uniform thickness and dimensional accuracy of NP3 negates the need for post-plate grinding operations. Thinner, accurate coatings mean reduced cost in materials and handling.

Coatings can be applied to very exact tolerances easing the design and processing problems for engineers and designers. Processing of the NP3 can be done expeditiously on most parts thus allowing for quicker assembly or replacement of time sensitive components.

Components plated in NP3 that have shown wear can be chemically stripped and replated with a fresh coating of NP3, thereby saving on component replacement costs. Importantly, NP3 is competitively priced. Contact CT Today Call us: Electroless Nickel is a time proven technology that accurately deposits hard, corrosion resistant nickel phosphorus onto metal.

One of the greatest attributes of this technology is no matter how complex the shape, the coating thickness remains consistent.

This type of accuracy is not possible with conventional electrolytic plating. Plating is accomplished by using reducing agents in the bath. Sodium hypophosphate fuels the reduction reaction to deposit the nickel along with the codeposition of small amounts of phosphorus.

Heat treatment can increase hardnesses into the Rc range. This composition incorporates approximately 25 volume percent of PTFE into the nickel matrix. The advantages of coating uniformity, corrosion resistance and hardness are providing designers with opportunities to protect and improve base materials in ways that were not previously possible.

The precise uniformity of the deposit enables the coating to be utilized as a true finishing process, with no post plate grinding or polishing required after plating. More Info. Get the NP3 Brochure:. Download PDF. With NP3, the innovativeengineer can specify surface characteristics that were previously thought unattainable.For more information about ArmorLube visit www.

ArmorLube is a unique and advanced, ultra-hard coating that also provides permanent dry lubrication. It can serve a range of applications to enhance the capabilities and extend the longevity of products, but it is particularly well suited to a broad spectrum of uses in the firearms industry.

ArmorLube can improve the performance of hammers, trigger assemblies, bolts, bolt carriers, slides, levers, magazines and numerous other parts in handguns, shotguns and rifles, including semiautomatic and automatic models. The coating is created from a proprietary carbon-based formula, with the carbon component providing a natural graphitic lubricity and an extremely low coefficient of friction — less than 0.

Of special benefit to firearms is the fact that ArmorLube gives a clean and dry permanent lubrication — eliminating the need for oils or greases which can attract and accumulate dust and dirt and cause fouling and jamming.

This coating can extend the life of parts and also extend the periods of optimum operating performance, reducing the need for frequent disassembly and cleaning of firearms. ArmorLube also provides exceptional hardness, up to HV, making it highly wear resistant — and making its low-friction performance longer lasting. In addition, this dry lubrication coating is highly corrosion resistant and chemically inert. A further unique advantage for firearms applications is the fact that ArmorLube can be simultaneously applied to both the inside and outside surfaces of metal parts.

This bathes metal parts in a dense plasma, so that all surfaces — interior, exterior and complex 3D shapes — are coated with high uniformity and at a very high rate, without the line-of-sight limitations of spray-type coatings. The Duralar Emperion deposition system which applies ArmorLube is designed for high throughput in volume-coating environments. Custom configurations also may be created for Bahno ka piyar yum stories user requirements.

The equipment features advanced process control, intuitive operator interface and recipe-driven processes. And by adjusting ArmorLube recipes, this dry lubrication coating can be tailored to specific application requirements. Download Emperion brochure. Replacing Hard Chrome. Duralar Coating Equipment. Serving Many Industries. No liquid lubricants needed Of special benefit to firearms is the fact that ArmorLube gives a clean and dry permanent lubrication — eliminating the need for oils or greases which can attract and accumulate dust and dirt and cause fouling and jamming.

Able to coat interior, exterior and 3D surfaces A further unique advantage for firearms applications is the fact that ArmorLube can be simultaneously applied to both the inside and outside surfaces of metal parts. All rights reserved. Duralar is a trademark of Duralar Technologies. The Company Contact Us.Back in the s, if you wanted a 9mm handgun for serious purposes, your choices were severely limited.

The Glock 17 had just been introduced and was still getting the side-eye from just about everyone, Beretta was cashing in the adoption of the 92 by the U.

Now, if you were a member of the cognoscenti there really was only one choice, the one which had been adopted by the armed forces of over 50 countries, the one gifted to the masses from the hands of the prophet John Moses peace be upon him.

The one, the only, GP Original gun is shown above, and wound up as you see here. We were left to wonder what might have been, had FN continued to develop the pistol, rather than subject it to institutional indifference. Instead of just wondering about it, we chose to get off our arses and do something — as if we needed an excuse to start another gun project.

Even ratty, old military examples of the Hi Power are more aesthetically pleasing than most striker-fired pistols today. Could we keep the features that attract us, while dressing the shortcomings? Follow her on Instagram hipowerprincess.

Down to business. The first deficiency to be addressed was the lack of a beavertail. For those of us with man hands, the Hi Power hurts. Its hammer and frame tang combine to pinch the web between thumb and forefinger, and I can usually send about three rounds downrange before blood starts dripping. To fix this chronic oversight, a chunk of steel is welded to the frame, then contoured and blended by hand until it looks like it came from the factory that way.

Which it should have. To fix the gratuitously bad trigger pull not all of them suck — I have a nickel Mk3 with a crisp, 5-pound break from the factory a Cylinder and Slide sear and hammer were installed and tuned, along with a Wolfe spring kit.

These were teamed with a Garthwaite flat trigger, which allows for better finger placement and feel, as well as a stronger trigger return spring to increase reliability. As a rule of thumb, anything inflicted on weapons design by the French government is a bad a thing, so our magazine safety was consigned to the scrap pile.

Want to save a few bucks? Learn to do it yourself which is something we wholeheartedly endorseor send it to China.We were recently notified that Coating Technologies has decided to discontinue coatings to the retail market to focus predominantly on the Aerospace, Defense, and OEM industries moving forward.

We are disappointed to see this awesome finish be discontinued to the retail market. For the most up to date info make sure you are subscribed to our email list. Metal Finish Pricelist. Metal Finish Order Form. ArmorLube is a very special Duralar coating that combines dry lubrication with exceptional hardness — up to Vickers or more. Plus, it is highly wear resistant.

Created from a proprietary carbon-based formula, the carbon in ArmorLube provides a natural graphitic lubricity and an extremely low coefficient of friction — less than 0. This coating is well suited for applications that require a clean, dry, permanent lubrication, eliminating the need for oils or greases, which can accumulate dirt and cause fouling. In Firearms, for example, ArmorLube is effectively used on dozens of different parts. This unique coating can dramatically reduce the problems of scaling, galling, fretting, and many other friction related issues, enhancing performance and lowering costs considerably.

Black samboga meaning in hindi coatings provide a thin corrosion resistant oxide for ferrous materials. The black coating is both decorative and functional. The oxide provides corrosion resistance without producing any dimensional changes in the components.

The coating can be applied to all ferrous materials including stainless steel. Each firearm restoration job is very unique, please contact us for pricing on your restoration job. Electroless Nickel Plating Electroless nickel plating is an auto-catalytic plating process that yields significant advantages over traditional electrolytic nickel. The lack of current density issues provide a deposit that is extremely uniform in coverage and thickness.

EN deposits provide excellent corrosion resistance, hardness and wear resistance. Electroless nickel can be applied to all common base materials and provides superior protection for light metals i. NP3 is a surface treatment for steel and metal alloys that combines sub-micron particles of PTFE polytetrafluoroethyleneotherwise known as Teflon, with electroless nickel.

The application of NP3 is auto-catalytic, that is, not requiring any form of electricity. This process is preferable to standard electrolytic plating as all active surfaces are evenly plated, which is crucial when working with firearms. Coating thickness can be maintained to within. If wear occurs, fresh particles of PTFE are exposed to keep the opposing surfaces lubricated throughout the life of the coating, which produces a true dry film self-lubricating finish. NP3 will adhere to aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

The Nickel in this finish provides corrosion and abrasion resistance. NP3 is a soft metallic gray color, somewhat similar to bead-blasted stainless steel or titanium. Parkerizing Parkerizing also known as phosphating is a method of protecting a steel surface from corrosion and increasing its resistance to wear through the application of a chemical phosphate conversion coating. Parkerizing is usually considered to be an improved zinc or manganese phosphating process, we offer Zinc Phosphate.

Parkerizing is commonly used on firearms as a more effective alternative to bluing, which is an earlier-developed chemical conversion coating. It is also used extensively on automobiles to protect unfinished metal parts from corrosion. Parkerizing cannot be used on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, or copper. It similarly cannot be applied to steels containing a large amount of nickel, or on stainless steel. Join The In Crowd Sign up to get the goods that so many have searched far and wide to find.

NP3, NP3+, ArmorLube. Amerigun USA has become one of five exclusive distributors for Coating Technologies, specializing in firearms.

ArmorLube™ offers many of the same great capabilities as NP3 Plus plating regarding corrosion resistance, abrasion, and low coefficient of friction — with the.

Armorlube is still be available. Wright Armory is now the exclusive distributor of NP3®, NP3 Plus®, and ArmorLube® to the Firearms Industry. I am thinking about sending my Nano off to have either the Armorlube or NP3 Plus. Anyone with experience with these products? Any advice. ArmorLube is a diamond-like carbon firearm coating that makes traditional wet lubricants obsolete & increases weapon performance, reliability & durability.

Robar has a new finish called Armorlube. As to NP3 vs Hard Chrome, its not even close, Hard Chrome is far more durable and abrasion. Wright Armory is now the exclusive distributor of NP3®, NP3 Plus®, and Armor Lube® to the Firearms Industry for the Western United States. before NP3 or Armorlube will adhere properly. The pricing is the same, just a different coating w/ no tolerance or adhesion issues.

Robar Puts a Gunsmith in Your Shop

For pistols, Armorlube is a good choice for parts that see external wear, like slides. Internals should still be treated with NP3. Robar warranties Roguard, NP3, NP3 Plus, Poly-T2 and ArmorLube metal finishes unconditionally against corrosion and peeling for the life of the.

I had a custom slug gun that was coated in NP3 that I hunted hard for several years. Think hot dip galvanic coatings vs. anodizing. Scott Childress. Amorlube vs. NP What are the pros & cons?

3 yrs Report. View previous replies. Robar Companies, Inc., profile picture. › Forums › Glock Talk › General Glocking. NP3 barrel & internal parts. Front cocking serrations. Armorlube slide. Robar did their grip reduction, NP3'd barrel & small parts. Other finishes like Tennifer, Ion Bond, NP3, and Armorlube are different processes, as well as applied differently, thus do not require.

NP3 Coatings are a True Composite Coating of Electroless Nickel, Phosphorous and PTFE (Teflon). NP3 is a surface treatment for various metals and alloys. ArmorLube is a diamond-like carbon firearm coating that makes NP3 is quite slick but as certain other coatings that are popular. Eventually, all my regular use guns will have NP3 applied.

the following shops will now be offering access to NP3/+ and Armorlube. Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Robar NP3 Coating on my Sig P Review.

What a beautiful transformation! Taking an old scratched up pistol and. I believe Robar has ArmorLube now and Nighthawk and Gunscrafters might Pistol – Some parts will need to be plated with NP3 Plus $