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OEM clutches with KWI upgrades can handle up to 38Psi of boost, but any additional power can cause big, expensive problems. For cruising and daily use, use side A, for racing, use side B. You can adjust the ramp angle by adjusting the clicker style bolts. The higher the number, the higher the RPM. Adjustments made to the clickers must be done in opposing pairs to keep the clutch in balance.

For example, one set of opposing pairs can be set to two, while the other set of opposing pairs can be set to six. You can also adjust the RPM by adding or removing Allen weight screws and washers. Weight must be added in opposing pairs to keep the clutch balanced. It can even be tuned easily on the trail using simple clicker style adjustments. Cart 0. Sign In My Account.

Add To Cart. Facebook 0 Twitter. This is even more of a problem with launch control. Stock Can-Am X3 primary clutch crankshaft taper can only hold HP 45Psi of boost before it will slip and destroy your clutch and crankshaft. Stock Can-Am clutch is not very attractive Existing billet clutch tie braces are bulky, cumbersome, and makes changing the drive belt a pain.

The need for an attractive, strong integrated scatter shield for protection from belt failure By using a custom KWI modified version of the TAPP primary clutch paired with the following options; Patent Pending KWI Cranklock Mod, Float Mod, newly redesigned RF2 tie brace you can expect to completely solve taper slip issues, clutch shaft flex, scatter shield safety, and motor to gearbox flex.

Under most circumstances, only slight adjustments will be necessary. Adjusting The Ramp Angle You can adjust the ramp angle by adjusting the clicker style bolts.The Evolution Powersports Can-Am Maverick X3 reflash will give your vehicle more power as it improves performance by optimizing the air fuel mixture along with the turbo boost. The reflash stages range from completely stock to cars with full exhausts, bigger injectors, and wastegate modifications that allow for higher boost pressure and thus more power.

State of Tune. Wheel HP. Engine HP. Fuel Octane. E85 Ethanol. Extensively tested in the dunes as well as by desert racers for tremendous power and reliability. Turn-key performance for all driving styles and terrain. Stage 6 — Up to HP with our bolt on turbocharger and tuning system. The ultimate dune setup featuring instantaneous boost response and neck snapping performance.

Engineered for speed and designed for power hungry enthusiasts. Stage 7 — Up to HP with our fully built CC engine and custom turbo setup featuring a Syvecs stand-alone engine management system. Built for extreme off-road enthusiasts where performance has no limitations. The ultimate performance upgrade for the Can-Am Maverick X3. Learn more at www. EVO Stage 7.

No related posts. Jon Crowley. You Might Also Like. STAGE 1. STAGE 2. STAGE 3.Let's face it the real reason we do it all is for the passion and fun of the sport and the pure adrenaline we get when we put the machines to the edge. So without further a due let's look into what makes the beast capable of gaining more HP for every day out of pocket expenses.

Performance Tips for Can-am Maverick X3.

That is a major increase that is tuned to be safe, efficient, and mind-blowing behind the wheel! So how do we get here We have compared and tested against the competitors "stage 3" tuning to show that the standard HP to HP ECU flash is superior to those other claims.

We wanted to further our bolt-on power options and improve upon inefficiencies that are found in the stock Can-Am components. Now with a great base and some new supporting mods, we can proudly offer this incredible HP kit! The horsepower kit requires improvements to the airflow, fuel delivery, boost requirement, and of course ECU tuning. To achieve the full HP or rwhp on our Mustang Dyno, we tested this vehicle using octane.

The higher the octane, the slower the fuel burns preventing dangerous knock and then providing good combustion. The first major modification required is a set of the Vivid Racing Injector Dynamics injector set.

These plug and play injectors provide the necessary fueling needed to take the horsepower to these levels. Simply put, the stock fuel injectors are not enough.

To take advantage of the The stock wastegate is not strong enough with just adjusting the wastegate rod. It will not deliver or hold this kind of boost. Once the boost is set in the ECU and requested, it is the wastegate's job to immediately deliver and hold that pressure. The Agency Power wastegate is designed to do this as explained here.

You will want to set the wastegate with a mighty vac to psi crack pressure or crower camshaft specs 2 full turns tighten from neutral. Another key component is the Agency Power intercooler. As seen on our intercooler testing articlethe larger core helps keep charge air temperatures down and prevent potential knock the stock intercooler can cause. Designed as a bolt-on and using the stock fan, it is an integral part of the package.

The Agency Power intake might look like a typical "air intake" but when it comes to this type of power, it is needed to help the turbocharger breathe every bit of air it requires.

The increase in boost demands more airflow and the factory intake system just cannot deliver. In fact, as we tested on the standard HP tunethe Agency Power intake added 8 horsepower because of it's flow characteristics. Another component that is extremely important but does not have to be brand specific is the catless race pipe and muffler.

The simplicity of this part allows anyone to use a cat delete style pipe with or without the stock muffler. The less restriction you have coming out of the exhaust side of the turbo, the better.

Hp tuners polaris

However, this can result in some serious noise. These 2 exhaust options are switch operated to go from mild and quiet to blaring race loud when you want it! We also recommend running our Agency Power blow off valve and y-pipe. This allows the built-up boost pressure to vent out from the pressure tube to eliminate any compressor surge or turbo failure. These are a very simple installation and recommended even for those with just basic bolt-ons and a tune.

Lastly, none of this is possible with out proper tuning. What is amazing about this package as it is all done on the stock engine and stock clutch. With a proper clutch tune, you can still gain another horsepower. As you can see from the dyno chart, we have 3 options which are all included in this package.

The hp requires all the above parts mentioned and using octane fuel. We have a slightly tamer file that runsThis Exhaust is by far your most popular exhaust system. The Sport Exhaust will give you the best performance and best sports car sound with out being too loud.

The Treal Performance full 3-inch exhaust systems will outperform any other exhaust. It will outperform by a notable margin any other exhaust on the low end to mid-range.

It's 3-inch full flow exhaust will let the turbo spool up faster, which will increase low end power and torque! We have seen gains of over 10hp to the wheels down low and 7hp gain at peak power over stock! No other exhaust will make more bottom end torque and horsepower in a drag race launch or low-end pull. Unlike many other systems that are too point group of sf6 or sound like an RZR, this one has that sports car sound with the performance growl you are looking for.

Treal Performance exhaust has a killer look to it! Very nice all stainless which exits out the center this system is a top selection in on looks, performance, and sound. Run this with or without the rear plastic cover. The sound is not obnoxiously loud like you may think a full 3. Treal Performance has designed all their exhaust to be able to mix and match different front and rear sections.

If you buy a Treal Performance exhaust and decide you want a different sound quieter or louder you can contact Treal Performance or one of their vendors to buy add on replacement sections that have or don't have a resonator or muffler. Here at Treal Performance we pride ourselves on providing high quality products that give the highest performance, look the best, and that our customer can be very glad they have on their vehicle.

We are happy to say we have been able to that again with our intercooler kit for the X3!!! We have CAD designed the intercooler to maximize the flow and cooling ability and still be able to bolt in to the factory location and give you the ability to still run the factory top cover as well.

Our end tanks and shroud have a sleek design that are CNC cut for a consistence and precise fitment on every intercooler we build, they are TIG welded in house in the USA! Treal Performance intercooler has been built to withstand over 55lbs of boost!!

No more needing to worry about the tanks coming apart like the factory ones can do! Our intercooler core uses a Bar and Plate construction with a dense louvered fin design on ambient air path and dense offset fins on charge air path for maximum cooling and performance, rated for over hp! Our core size is We have also paired up a powerful inch Spal high performance fan with our intercooler and come standard with our Intercooler for the X3.

The two of these together gives a winning combination that will outperformance the competition!! X3 Turbo R what a beast! But we are here to make it better faster meaner. Our pump gas tunes have been tested at both sea level and altitude and have proven to be reliable and fast. Putting down stock wheel HP is an impressive number. I have seen lower stock wheel Womenand dog numbers out there but one thing to remember is that the X3 will not make power to its potential until it has some hours and miles on it.Coming from the factory with bhp, the is up from bhp that was in the Beating out the competition with performance as well as convenience in flashing with our OBDII Diagnostic port tool watch here.

So what is different in the versus the ? The basic changes in the are a different intercooler, larger fuel pump, and an upgraded ECU flash. When comparing the file changes between a tuned and the stock X3, it seems like BRP did what all tuners were doing to get more power.

However, with the upgraded hard parts, this still allows for more room to gain power on the Can-Am X3. Even for those that buy the upgrade power kit from a Can-Am dealer, you can do the ECU flash. Both year models do use the same Bosch ME Basically a flash or stock file will not work on a So what did we test?

The car was filled with 91 octane pump fuel and our ambient room temperature was around 85F. With the vehicle strapped down, we did several baseline runs logging the vehicles air fuel ratio and boost levels.

Our tests start and stop by MPH which runs from 12mph to 80mph. Our baseline tests were consistent at rear wheel horsepower.

Take x. The boost levels had an initial spike to 16psi but were mainly running at 14psi or just under 1.


Doing the performance calibration for the Can-Am X3 requires a lot of dyno runs, logging, and testing to get the optimal performance. Our first goal was to get a good upgrade on the stock vehicle. When it comes to AFR, turbocharged vehicles always come in lean like the graph shows but then level out. Our target is about Boost was increased almost 2psi across the curve as well from about During testing we tried to increase boost pressure higher with a Plus 10 and Plus 20 percent file on the boost with no changes happening.

Thinking that the stock cat pipe or exhaust was restricting the boost pressure, we put on a temporary straight dump pipe off the turbo watch video below. Continued testing realized no change in boost pressure, yet a small increase in power. The increase in power is because like all turbocharged vehicles, they need NO back pressure. However without a muffler system they can get loud!

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Turbos like no restriction and to just dump out of the exhaust housing. This allows the turbo to breathe the best and extract its exhaust flow the fastest.With a pixel density of almost ppi, the display sharpness is sufficient. Price Match Guarantee. Change Vehicle. Handling is class-leading, while all engines offer strong pace and economy. March 26, One such option is the Can-Am Maverick Sport R with its aggressive and angular bodylines, emulating the styling of its Maverick X3 big brother.

Fuel economy is good, with the BMW X3 returning an official combined figure of Made of high impact resistance steel; Easy to install, Mounting hardware included. Full review: BMW X3 review. Performance that defies logic. The car is available in 3 variants, with 2 engine and 1 transmission option.

Learn about specs, features, and more in this BMW X3 review. Available in both rear- and all-wheel drive, the X3 is offered with a mix of diesel and petrol engines.

Forged internals ej255

It is available with all the latest gadgets to amuse, assist and inform, and there's a … Then BMW saw the downsize trend coming way ahead of Mercedes and Porsche, and delivered the X3 — years before rivals reacted with the GLC and Macan.

The Poco X3 Pro sports a 6. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. Shallow Sport X3 boats are typically used for saltwater-fishing, day-cruising and freshwater-fishing. Both are equipped with BMW's xDrive all-wheel-drive system.

The only con could be service, which I've heard is good in Delhi Narayan Sir's thread is a good source of information. Get the real truth from owners like you. Combining off-road capability with the sleek agility of a street jogger our all terrain X3 SPORT comes standard with, dual rear suspension, front wheel adjustable tracking, one touch recline and harness system, independent seat and canopies and is suitable for newborns and toddlers.

More like the X2, and pretty much tangle-free.Burnett tests a lot of different products on the these rides and modifies his pre-runner X3s to be more like his race X3s. With up to 48 more horsepower than stock and larger-diameter tires, the CVT clutch needs tuning and attention, so Marc uses Airdam clutches in his race and pre-runner X3. Airdam has many options for fine-tuning each CVT to the motor mods, tire size, riding style and personal preferences.

Mixing and matching can do a lot to change ratios. A CVTech primary and Airdam-machined secondary provides to percent-lower gearing with a super-tight belt pinch.

See www. The Yosh slip-on also saves weight percent reduction with a smaller stainless steel can and puts out a throaty sound The carbon fiber cover for the three outlet tips is cool too. See your BRP dealer or www. Burnett went with Stage 4, which requires plus octane fuel for the 20 pounds of boost with waste gate mods and flow-matched injectors. This mod really wakes up the X3 and X3 Max, boosting horsepower to plus with a full exhaust, and making it accelerate much harder on its way to plus-mph top speeds.

This kit makes horsepower and runs on Pemex Nova with octane booster in Baja. These eight-ply tires have a mounted diameter of Running fronts on all four corners enhances handling, reduces loads on rear hubs and saves weight.

With inch tires, Burnett sets front and rear ride height on his X3s and Max X3s at 16 inches. ForX3 X rs and rc Mavericks eliminate the third rear spring. When increasing spring preload, be sure to measure how much it takes to achieve a inch ride height and then adjust cross-over rings the same amount, front and rear.

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Burnett feels that the Fox IBP shocks ride in a harsher damping range with the recommended 14— Front piggyback 2. These calipers lock up the front wheels under hard braking. The tubular rack has bottom plates for latching cargo and side plates for mounting work lights, along with multiple front and rear mounts for LED light pods.

See your BRP dealer. The extruded aluminum housing and durable polycarbonate lens are Baja-tough, and the watt lights produce 35, lumens while drawing The military-grade black anodizing matches the X rs well, and B2s are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and are completely rebuildable.

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You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. He knows this, its not his first forum RODEO. lmao. Can Am Max X3 POOR MANS MINI TROPHY TRUCK. Even though the EVP Hustler was a mere horsepower when we drove it, it was still a formidable machine with massive acceleration.

the Can Am X3! We have been running these in our HP Maverick for the last 8 months and they are bulletproof! These are a must for + hp engines. Maverick X3 DS TURBO RR Starting at $22, Transport and preparation not included. Commodity surcharge of $ will apply. Commodity surcharge of $ will apply. Performance; Desert / Trail. can-am-red desert-tancarbon-black octane-blue. hp ( hp / lbs). Engine Type, 52 hp / 41 lb-ft, Rotax® ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) cc Maverick X3 X DS Turbo RR Tan & Red - Can-Am.

CAN-AM MAVERICK X3 TURBO HP IC INTERCOOLER TUNE PACKAGE fins on charge air path for maximum cooling and performance, rated for over hp! Treal Performance Can Am Maverick X3 “Sport” Turbo Back Exhaust System air path for maximum cooling and performance, rated for over hp! Power Red Billet Radius Rod Plate w/ D-Ring Can-Am Maverick X3 CAN AM MAVERICK X3 DESERT STORM TURBO SYSTEMUp to HP! Commodity surcharge of $ will apply. Maverick X3 RS Turbo RR top features; FOX† PODIUM RC2† shocks with bypass, Trophy truck inspired.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo HP Max R Engine Motor Block at the best online. Billet Aluminum Strengthens Block Assembly 30% Eliminates Premature Bearing Wear Recommend Beyond HP Stress Analysis Field Tested Rated for HP. Racing Torque Horsepower Power ECU Module for Can-Am Outlander R AUTOVIC Primary Clutch Puller Tool For Can Am X3 Commander Outlander.

CAN-AM Maverick X3 MAX HP stm32 ethernet example Eliminates most harsh engagement of clutches · Eliminates belt slippage · Provides better back shift/down shift · Increases. Research Can-Am Maverick X3 TURBO prices and values at NADAguides. Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo R ATVs For Sale: 4 ATVs - Find Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo R ATVs on ATV Trader.

Performance parts for can am maverick x3 xds and xrs by pwrtune. X3 Stage 3 Package: Intake and ECU Tune +HP. Stage 3 ECU Reflash with. Can-Am ATVs and side-by-side vehicles are manufactured by BRP / Bombardier Recreational Products a Canadian company, once part of Bombardier Inc. Founded in. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more. Find the trade-in value or typical listing price of your Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs Turbo R at Kelley Blue Book.